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  1. [SR-Ship-LDD] DMDR 6

    That is a brilliant ship, nice colours and hull, but why do the sails look like different shades?
  2. This MRCA was even more profitable for most factions, with only Carno and Romantica not getting better than last time Percent A pie chart Pie And a bar chart Bar And the big table, if you want the details Table I hope this is interesting, especially as I was a bit quicker than last time. If you want any specific stats, or another column then just ask!
  3. Investing - A carrot farm

    Thanks. Don't worry about critiquing, if no one said anything I would never improve much. 1) wow techniques... 2)Great. 3) I did a slightly less aligned build previously (not much) and it was hard to do with my bricks BUT i will try again with jumper plates in the future. 4) This is what i meant in 3. 5) I would have liked to do a shade of red (not the normal one) but lacked the parts. I liked the roof personally. Maybe some detailing like this would improve it? 6) What windows would you/anyone else recommend. I couldn't find any that were 'right' Critical is good. Thanks for being so honest and helpful.
  4. - Yes, I will move the mast soon - I will consider later, as this would be hard to change so late - the decks come off, so this was something i decided not to do this time - windows would be nice, that is something I can do in a moment
  5. Thanks for being honest. I like the look of it with wider yards, but I don't have the parts to put another mast in. If I move the main mast where should it go? (I have no plans as I am not copying a specific ship).
  6. Jonah had done well on his last trading run, so before he set off on another he invested in some real estate. The previous owner had a terrible harvest, but Jonah was convinced the gods would favour him over a heretic. DSCN8389 DSCN8395 DSCN8398 Looks horrible from the other sides but if you really want them... Please tell me what you think.
  7. Alright, I carried on with my ship, and here it is now: DSCN8409 DSCN8402 DSCN8403 It isn't very accurate (mast placement, lack of rudder) but it is my third ship MOC. It also has removable deck sections and a captains cabin and cannons down below. I think it will be a class 4, but feel free to correct me. This will likely get changed - and corrected a lot so keep watching?
  8. [ESL] Blood Diamond

    Wow that's good... I love the grey and brown. Or is that some red? Great ship anyway
  9. Can you submit multiple forms for multiple ships?
  10. January MRCA analysis

    Oops, that's per ship level actually.
  11. January MRCA analysis

    Do you mean this? Average_DBs Yes, this is very comforting. So is this new data! Also I forgot to mention there may be slight inaccuracies due to some ships changing owner and so on. Not too bad though.
  12. January MRCA analysis

    This one took longer, here are the ship levels by faction. Maybe I'll look at what these show tomorrow. Ship levels Glad it helped, I am planning to do it again next month.
  13. That sounds beyond me. Also do you have the MRCA results as excel/google sheets?
  14. What does Gming involve/stand for? Also the Black Flag sounds great (not that I would stoop to piracy)
  15. January MRCA analysis

    Not sure how to do that but it would be interesting. I'll see if I can find that somewhere. Thanks, I found it interesting too.