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Found 3 results

  1. Location: Charlatan Bay Type: Medium Factory The WTC had not been well received in Charlatan Bay. The Sight of the massive WTC Judgement had been regarded with disdain. But the WTC had a mission, to establish factories in the Colony. The First had been built by detonating a bunch of explosives in a small cave to enlarge it. There, the WTC worked on a new product. But all was not well. A drunken captain walked up the causeway to the factory, looking for blood. Pants factory by North White, on Flickr "Yah bloody bastards think you can force yer way into Charlatan after what Tyrell did? Well I think not." Said the angry, drunken captain. "Sir, please, we're not looking for trouble." Said the WTC Elite Guard. "Well Mr. Pistol Says you need to go away! Ain't that right Mr. Pistol?" Said the Captain "WTC needs to die!" Said the Captain in a falsetto Pants factory by North White, on Flickr The Elite Sighed. The Captain Cocked his gun. Pants factory by North White, on Flickr It took a quick slash of the blade to knock him back... Pants factory by North White, on Flickr Pants factory by North White, on Flickr Pants factory by North White, on Flickr "Now GET!" Yelled the Elite Pants factory by North White, on Flickr The Sea Rats dropped their remaining weapons and fled in a panic. Pants factory by North White, on Flickr Inside, work continued on the pants. Pants factory by North White, on Flickr Cloth was cut, and sewn into pants. They were piled, and then shipped. Far simpler than most factories. Pants factory by North White, on Flickr And Extra explosives were kept on hand in case of "emergency..." FIN Thanks for viewing my first reparation factory for Charlatan Bay. I read up on the colony, and really liked the idea of the tall cliffs feature of the island. So, I decided to build a cliffside factory, which probably hasn't been done recently. @Kwatchi said I couldn't have my Elites killing anyone (Even in self defense apparently ) So I hope this is a fair compromise. Technically, This is a part of lowtown, though I'd say it's about halfway up the cliff. Storywise I'm happy with it, though I don't think this will make my top 10. C&C appreciated! More pictures.
  2. This is the Asp Explorer spaceship from the video game Elite: Dangerous. Made from over 1400 parts, this model is built to 1:219 scale. It has a nice chunky tactile feel. The Asp featured in the classic 1984 space game "Elite", and lives on with style in the 2014 reboot "Elite: Dangerous" and "Elite Dangerous: Horizons". In-game images of the Asp Explorer Here and some info Here. This was a really fun project. It is a challenging shape to recreate, with all the awkward angles! I tried to get as much detail in as I could, and use the Lego parts in interesting ways. Particularly the thrusters on the underside which face the opposite direction to the surrounding studs. It has a fairly intricate internal skeleton to hold everything together. I have added it to Lego ideas. Please do support it. Thanks!
  3. I made this Scarab SRV (Surface Recon Vehicle) from the video game Elite Dangerous: Horizons. It is built to Minifigure scale, and contains over 450 bricks. I hope you like it. Feedback is very welcome ofcourse. (Also I added it to too, if you fancy supporting it Main Features Two Commander Minifigures - male and female. Movable side boosters - used for jumping over obstacles and ravines, and for self-righting if the vehicle gets stuck upside down after a tumble. Movable top mounted turret with twin-plasma-repeaters for mining minerals, for self-defence, and for data-link transmission. Headlights (x6), brakelights (x2) and reverse light (x1). Twin wavescanner probes at the front of the cockpit, for locating interesting objects. Two salvaged cargo cannisters - the generic blue/grey type. They often just contain tea, but hopefully these ones are full of gold! A spooky black "Unknown Artifact" - no-one knows why these mysterious alien objects started appearing near the "Merope" star system, or why they emit such creepy sounds ... So what is a Scarab SRV? It is a one-person buggy, designed for exploring remote rocky and icy worlds in high or low gravity. It can easily achieve speeds of over 85mph on flat terrain, and is great for doing skids, donuts and low-gravity-somersaults. It can carry two standard cargo units, and can scoop up minerals and resources from planet surfaces. In the game it looks like this, and features in this game trailer.