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  1. Padlix

    [LEGO Ideas] Mediterranean Train Station

    Thanks! Yeah European Styles can be very versatile, I could even see this integrated in a caribbean Island Fort
  2. Padlix

    [LEGO Ideas] Mediterranean Train Station

    @Dutch Thriceman I've been to a lot of Places in northern Italy, it's just beautiful, even the tourist Regions, highly recommend it :)
  3. Padlix

    [LEGO Ideas] Mediterranean Train Station

    Cool that you've been to such a Station before! I also love these remote, away from tourist location little Spots in Southern Europe Thanks :) I miss visiting Italy, have you been?
  4. I mean. If Lego would not make Money off of other Cultures the whole Architecture Series would not exist, nor the Chinese New Year Sets. There is a "Traditional German Cottage" on Ideas made by an American which represents maybe 10% of Germany (and we Germans don't care). Native Americans most likely do not have the Infrastructure to represent themselves in Toys internationally but I think they still have the right to be represented correctly. Also it if any Profit would be gained surely there would be Donations to Native Americans. That is really awesome that you lived near a reservation and got to learn about it directly from Natives! In German School we didn't really learn about the Subject though the mistreatment is generally known about. Nowadays Native Americans get more and more forgotten as since the 80s there are almost no new Toys etc. being made about Native Americans. With one exception, the Big German Toy Brand "Playmobil" is selling Toys that depict the Culture insanely wrong by mushing everything together and even using viking tents instead of Tipis.
  5. Padlix

    [Opinion] Review of the new road plates system (2021)

    To be fair, I heard the retirememt Date for Baseplqtes has been pushed to a later Date before, so it's still not 100% sure
  6. Hello my Friends! This Renaissance Inspired Build was made by my Wife and I as we are currently planning out our Lego City and try on doing so by integrating classical European Architecture in as much of the City as we can. These Kinds of buildings just fascinate us when visiting Italy and other Parts of Southern + Western Europe as they are seemlessly used in modern Cities preserving a lot of history and Culture. We would be happy to get some Feedback which we always take serious and consider when making improvements :) Here is the Link to the Submission
  7. Padlix

    Modular Wishlist

    If you can Ignore the German Gibberish you might like this Museum a German Youtuber has recently built. Video Here I for one think that now with the Police Station Lego will finally touch on more Town Infrastructure like bringing us a School or Hospital. maybe even a big College with small Sports Yard. Myself, I would actually like a nice Apartment Complex in Modular Style, with Balconies and a lot of Flowers.
  8. Padlix

    [Opinion] Review of the new road plates system (2021)

    I know this is an unpopular opinion but i think Modular buildings should stand on regular Plates with Studs on the Bottom. It would automatically be level with the new Roads and terraining possibilities such as not entirely Flat City would be more easy. The new roads have tons of disadvantages, yes, but also open up new possibilities. They should have made both roads co-exist. There is an amazing video on Youtube by Afol TV of how a train Track can be seemlessly integrated into the new roads to make a tram track next to the road. Personally i like the Aspect of not having to fill out the broad Walkway on Roadplates since they take a lot of Space, and modulars already come with a passenger lane. with the new Roads it can be decided how broad the road should be with additional tiles as i favor 8 stud vehicles. The aesthetics of that is another topic :D anyway, nice video! There is a rumor going around for Modulars on Baseplates retiring because the current Police Station doesn't come with connection Pins for another Modular on its right Hand Side anymore. Though that might be a bit far fetched I could see them retiring Baseplates since it's even a different production Method than for Standard Bricks.
  9. Yes! I like your View on the Topic! I've been told Native Americans don't want their Culture forbidden to anyone else, they just want it portrayed with respect, diverting from Stereotypes. I've never been too much in the Western Sets aswell but my Wife loved the Idea of a peaceful Tipi Settlement :) She also thinks that it would be valuable to depict these Kind of Cultures in Playsets since that is how Children learn best. If something is only portrayed in history books it would possibly be overlooked by following Generations which would be sad
  10. Thanks for the kind words :) I too think the medium azure in combination with Tan looks so nice :)
  11. @Aanchir We've now added a Preview to the Main Update in the "Update Tab" :)
  12. Padlix

    The Problem with Lotr and Elves

    The Centaur of the current CMF looks pretty Elve like. Despite the horse thing going on down there
  13. Well not an Earth Lodge but a Wigwam standing on a Mountain will be included, we tried to deliver the aesthetics that it is made with Branches and leaves. I think it turned out pretty good with the rounded Shape. Also it will be openable like the Tipis
  14. Yeah the Person harassing us in the Comments also harassed the Creator of "Spanish Colonial Fort" saying his next Set is probably Auschwitz. In reality Auschwitz was never torn down so it can stand as a "Mahnmal" which means it is a memorial to never forget what cruel and hideous actions were performed during WWII. I'm all against wanting to delete history, we should learn from the past not just keep the unproblematic Topics alive. (Auschwitz was one of the Execution Camps used in Germany during World War II)
  15. Please read the PS of the Description of this Post. I asked for Feedback from an Association which represents Native Americans and this Submission was considered good to them. They gave me further Suggestions to Improve but overall it wasn't deemed problematic at all. Native Americans don't want to forbid anyone anything, they just want respect and not incredibly racist portrayals, which this isn't. It's a personal Choice I'd say. I liked all the Pirates of the Caribbean Figurines, I think yellow is perfectly fine but more different Minifigure Skin Tones are just neat imo