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Found 4 results

  1. Here are recreations from the town of Flatbush Gulch in The LEGO Movie.
  2. Hello, Brickwest Studio, formerly submitted by BrickyBricks82 to Lego Ideas, was given a second chance in the Bricklink Designer Program Round 2 competition. Due to the tragedy on the set of Rust, this set was moved to the Round 3. It had a good chance to qualify for production in round 2 but I fear it could not in the round 3 as a lot people are chatting about the 8 other projects. Only the first five designs to reach 3,000 pre-orders will be produced. I wonder if the fans of LEGO Historic Themes plan to buy a set like this? If you do, maybe we can make it real :) I love this set because it has an Old West vibe ;) What do you think about that? If you want more details, here is the link to the Bricklink Designer Program crowdfunding and the link to the Brickwest Studio project. (I don't know BrickyBricks82 and I have no interest in this project ^^ I just love this set and would like to share it with other people who would like to get one like me ;) )
  3. A little over 10 years ago, I posted a MOC here that I had built: a Western Saloon and Hotel. It has sat proudly on my display shelf all this time. This year, I got the urge to rebuild and update it. Now, instead of just being a fixed, open-backed building, it has a removable roof and second floor as well as removable back walls. A lot of details were updated, the weight of the "HOTEL" font was fixed, and a custom base was added: You can see the whole album here, but I'll highlight a couple specific things here: Back in the day, I used to display my saloon alongside the classic LEGO Western sets Sheriff's Lockup and Gold City Junction, but the scale and level of detail didn't really work, so I decided to build a couple more buildings to accompany it. So next up is a bank! Much like the saloon above, this one has modular construction: the roof lifts off and the back wall slides out. Because the interior has a dividing wall, it can still be difficult to reach inside to pose minifigs, so I also made the whole interior removable. This also has a killer feature: robbers can use TNT to blow up part of the back wall to reach the safe, just like the classic Western sets. This time, rather than sliding dynamite into the building by hand to trigger the mechanism, this one is activated by pressing the plunger on the TNT detonator! Oh yeah, and the safe itself has a simple locking mechanism so that the door cannot open until the bars are turned. Here's the link to the whole album, and here's a few more pics: And finally, one more building to round it all out. I chose to make a trading post, and I wanted to make it very different from the other buildings: more vertical, cooler colors, and more of a "lived-in" or "worn, but not run down" feel. So again you've got modular construction (the floors come apart, the roof comes off, the back walls slide out) plus some unique features. The barn door on the first floor is a functional sliding door that opens to a storage room. The windmill can rotate 360 degrees and its vane can pivot 90 degrees to act as a brake. Also, when its turbine spins, it actuates the water pump at the base! Here's the album link for this one, and here's a few more details: Let me know what you think! Some of my friends are cyber-bullying me into submitting the Bank onto LEGO IDEAS, so I'm taking some extra time to fine tune its play features and story elements to get it all polished up, but maybe expect to see that in a week or so.
  4. Hi to everyone ! Here's my latest work Barber Shop and my first review on Eurobricks. Inspite that I follow this fantastic site for decade, I decided to register a couple a day ago. So there is no time for waiting My favourite MOC theme is Western. Of course , sometimes I made exception, like town MOC and etc. Front view: Details of entrance Backside view Details of the interior: customer waiting to shave off his beard. Chair design I took from "Detectives office" That"s all folks this time. I hope you enjoy this my first short review, I"ll back very soon with new MOC