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  1. CyrodiilWarrior

    Sheriff Marcus has a new office

    Absolutely beautiful! 👍🏻
  2. CyrodiilWarrior

    Planning Western Town

    Also to mention... This is completely new to me and sounds quite interesting. I would have to research more into this. I have thought about the Native Americans. Depending how far I reach with this project, they would not be of main priority, but I feel they should be fitted in. I am no expert when it comes to the Western times, but I would guess a town of a desert would have cactus and not Native Indian (Siuox). I noticed the LEGO Western theme focused on a desert setting, with the tan baseplates. Not sure if that is just stereotypical or it "could" have been set of the southern United States, nearer to Mexico? They were indeed different times. Using a church as a school building as well. I could be wrong, but they seemed like more tightly nit communities. I should research more into land offices. Sound interesting! Sounds sweet! If my town ever grew big enough and I wanted another idea, this would be considered. Sounds good! Nice addition! Train track with a good old train would complete the town indeed! Depending how far I reach with this project. This would not be #1 priority for me, but would be on my mind. Those are nice additions to help give the town life, such as the travelling cart-salesman.
  3. CyrodiilWarrior

    Planning Western Town

    Howdy folks! I am not sure how far I will go with this project, but I have spare space. Even if I only achieve at least one smaller MOC, I will be happy. I suppose cost and part availability is a factor. I am not sure how far I will reach, but I know I would leave big MOCs until last - such as a hotel. Smaller MOCs would be top priority, like a General Store or Gunsmith. For those who know the LEGO Lone Ranger theme, I now currently own x8 cavalry soldiers. Of this theme, the soldiers are navy blue. Only one of the cavalry soldiers have a rifle, but more can be ordered. If you are aware of the LEGO Western theme, the cavalry soldiers of that theme were blue (not navy). It has been a hard choice since I like both types of cavalry soldiers. I thought the ones of the LEGO Lone Ranger theme would be more "professional", but would love to hear your thoughts too. I ordered some parts from LEGO PAB online, since I do not live near to a LEGO Store. I ordered some LEGO pistols with other useful parts. I also ordered some minifigure parts, such as torsos, which I feel would fit a "Western theme". I saw there were candles as well. For those familiar with the seller - One More Brick - they sell custom LEGO creations. A long time back I had ordered from them. I feel some of their creations are cross-compatible with different time periods, say a grandfather clock could be used for a Western setting, a 1930s setting, even a modern setting. I love creations which are suitable for different time periods, where as a modern car could only suit modern times. I think the LEGO crate and box parts would always be suitable, unless one had a futuristic setting. The brown crate boxes can be used for a Western period easily. As a child I mostly focused on LEGO City, LEGO Creator (for parts) and some LEGO World City. I have somewhat touched some other themes such as Adventurers, Spider-Man, Racers, Harry Potter (the Chamber of Secrets), Castle (a cannon), Trains (a train with platform & track). I never experienced any Western but if I had, I would of had hours of fun. Some sets can be somewhat cross compatible like if you were to remove the vehicles and more modern equipment from LEGO Adventurers, I suppose you "could" have Johnny Thunder among the Cowboys. He could be a Western man who seeks ancient relics and treasures. I hope this project turns out well. :)
  4. CyrodiilWarrior

    Planning Western Town

    Howdy folks! As a child growing up, the LEGO City theme has been my most favourite theme. I also experienced some LEGO Adventurers, LEGO Spider-Man, LEGO Creator, etc. I never owned any LEGO Western sets or Lone Ranger sets, but had seen them online. I would save up pocket money, birthday money, Christmas money, to purchase LEGO sets from Woolworths (UK), Moons Toy Store (UK), or Argos (UK). They were "the good old days", indeed. Today I am a AFOL - adult fan of LEGO. Fascination and interest of the Wild West and Western has began to grow since playing - Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018) - by the famous Rockstar Games. It was indeed an incredible historic time period, with a lot of room for imagination and adventure. I would love to someday make a LEGO Western town main street, but seek advice from the Eurobricks LEGO community. If I was to build a Western setting, what should I consider? Any recommendations? What town buildings do you suggest? Some structure ideas include: Saloon Hotel Sheriff's Office Bank Stable General Store Gun Store Undertaker's Town Hall Train Station w/ train Barbers Mine & Mineshaft Hunter's Shack Fisherman's Shack Shack & Houses Fort ? Church & graveyard Addition ideas: Riffles, guns, pistols, dynamite Railway Wagons & horses Cactus
  5. CyrodiilWarrior

    Western (Wild West) Index

    Nice! Sadly some people's photos are no longer avaliable.
  6. CyrodiilWarrior

    [WIP] MILS Train Layout

    Very detailed indeed, nice!
  7. CyrodiilWarrior

    Western Town Citizens

    Yeehaw! 🤠
  8. CyrodiilWarrior

    [MOC] Western Sheriff's Office

    I love it! Great work!
  9. CyrodiilWarrior

    Western MOCs?

    I would love to start building some Western creations myself. Simple but not too simple. Looking for online instructions.
  10. CyrodiilWarrior

    Western MOCs?

    Thanks for the replies, I look forward to seeing more Western. :)
  11. CyrodiilWarrior

    Western MOCs?

    Growing up as a child, LEGO City has been my main focus. With exceptions. My first LEGO City Fire Station was set - 7240. I somewhat explored other sets, such as Adventurers, Spider-Man, World City, Trains, etc. With a childhood budget though, LEGO City was key. As an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO), interest has began to grow for the LEGO Western theme - which I never experienced as a kid. I suppose the game by Rockstar Games - Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018) - has fuelled this fascination. I have seen people's MOCs and they're incredible! I have tried searching tags such as "Western" and have spent a lot of time navigating search results, but I have somewhat struggled to come across what I am searching for. I have seen a ton of modern LEGO towns and cities, but not as many Western towns and MOCs. If any people of the community has any impressive decent Western MOCs and creations, I was wondering if you could link me to some? Searching of forums can be so tedious and searching Google Images, Large Images, only gives so much. The Australian YouTuber - Down Under Bricks - has impressive Western videos too!
  12. CyrodiilWarrior

    [MOC] Billy's Hardware Store

    Like it!
  13. CyrodiilWarrior

    Brickwest Studio: who wants this Wild West set?

    Photos no longer visible, buddy
  14. CyrodiilWarrior

    [MOC] Western

    I hope to see more Western MOCs, but them seem difficult to come across for me in the forum's search.