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Found 7 results

  1. Hi :) Here is the ultimate presentation of my Lego Western City as a travel video. :) I hope you will enjoy watching it. And I'm happy about every feedback.
  2. CyrodiilWarrior

    Planning Western Town

    Howdy folks! As a child growing up, the LEGO City theme has been my most favourite theme. I also experienced some LEGO Adventurers, LEGO Spider-Man, LEGO Creator, etc. I never owned any LEGO Western sets or Lone Ranger sets, but had seen them online. I would save up pocket money, birthday money, Christmas money, to purchase LEGO sets from Woolworths (UK), Moons Toy Store (UK), or Argos (UK). They were "the good old days", indeed. Today I am a AFOL - adult fan of LEGO. Fascination and interest of the Wild West and Western has began to grow since playing - Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018) - by the famous Rockstar Games. It was indeed an incredible historic time period, with a lot of room for imagination and adventure. I would love to someday make a LEGO Western town main street, but seek advice from the Eurobricks LEGO community. If I was to build a Western setting, what should I consider? Any recommendations? What town buildings do you suggest? Some structure ideas include: Saloon Hotel Sheriff's Office Bank Stable General Store Gun Store Undertaker's Town Hall Train Station w/ train Barbers Mine & Mineshaft Hunter's Shack Fisherman's Shack Shack & Houses Fort ? Church & graveyard Addition ideas: Riffles, guns, pistols, dynamite Railway Wagons & horses Cactus
  3. A quick unboxing and review of a sealed 1996 LEGO Western set 6716 "Covered Wagon". This set comes with one minifigure, a horse, a canon, and of course, the covered wagon. I make LEGO reviews in 3 minutes or less. Want to see more quick reviews like this? Please SUBSCRIBE!
  4. Kai NRG

    (MOC) Cow Tipping

    I've always wanted to do a bit of building in a cowboy genre, so I finally made time to do this two-build story. So Jep… tell us about these friends of yours, will ya? When did you say they’re coming? Oh, sometime this morning. They’re city slickers, you know. No telling how long it’ll take ‘em to get ready, or how many trunks they’ll be bringin’, or anything like that. *abrupt knock on the door* That’s probably them! – eh, Jep? Welcome, Bill! Come on in, Charlie! Good to see ya! Bill, Charlie, this is Wayne. *shakes hands* Howdy! *politely* Good day to you as well, sir. *guffaws loudly* Sir! How’s that, Bill? Not bad for your rough-and-readys, eh? *shakes hands with Wayne* And allow me to introduce you to Jack, another good friend of mine. Good to see some new faces out here, gentlemen! A pleasure to be seen, I’m tellin’ ya! What a time we had gettin’ ready for this trip! Didn’t we! What’s doing here in your neck of the woods? Bill and I, we’re up to anything. Shall we vamoose la ranch and pull over some buckin’ broncos, or what’s the program, eh cowboys? *aside* You’ve got some real yuppie friends, Jep. *embarrassed* Oh, it’s all talk. They’ll get over it. *raises voice* Well, in fact, I’m not sure that, with those awful neat outfits… *interrupting quickly* Oh, that’s not a problem! We’ve… Not a bit of it, in fact! Just what Charlie was saying! See, we brought along some… *excitedly* Yep, we did too! And we’ll be ready in no time. Won’t we, just! But… ah… ready for what? Oh, don’t… Just give us a sec! Right! Ready in a jiffy, cowboys! *exit city slickers* Hmm. Okay, well… that was… Don’t know about you two, but I think it’s about time to go cow tipping. *re-enter city slickers* Ta-da! Seriously? *in an undertone* I agree with you about the cow tipping. Well, what d’ya think? Pretty spiffy, eh? Gen-u-ine! Yeah! Yeah, really… Hats, anyone? Oh, we got those! Drrrumrrroll pleeeeze! Dun – Dun – DUN!! Splendid! Now – who’s ready for some cow-tippin’?!? *aside to Charlie* What’s cow-tipping? I dunno. But I’m game. We’re your men! Let’s go! Wait! – wait – it needs to get dark first. Cows don’t tip well until they’re asleep. *raising eyebrows* Oh! Is it that kind of tipping?! Goodness gracious. I’d never thought cows tipped their owners. Especially – asleep! What on earth are you two jabbering about? The cows don’t tip us, we tip them! Oh! My! Got much change on you, Charlie? *aside* Do all yuppies act like this? I think you’d better explain a bit, Jep. Um… right. Yeah. Cow tipping is – well, see, when it gets dark out, cows go to sleep. *animated nods from the city slickers* Standing up. But it’s hard to get a full night’s rest standing up. Ever tried it? Um… can’t say I have… Trust me, you don’t want to. Right. Not pleasant. So we put the cows out of their misery by going out there and tipping them over. So they can lay flat on the nice, soft grass. And get a good night’s rest, so they’ll give plenty of milk the next morning. *aside* Wow. I’d never heard it spun out quite that well. Thanks. So’re you two willin’ to lend a hand? Anytime, cowboys! I really wish he’d stop saying that. It’s settled then! Soon as it gets dark, we head out. *later, after dark* Alright. Here’s the plan. Bill, you take that brown one off to the right. Charlie, let’s see if you can’t tackle the white one near the tree. Ready? You bet! But what are you folks gonna do? Oh, Jep here is goin’ to tip us a stave, won’t you Jep? My pleasure! *whispers* Okay Charlie, now’s our chance to shine! Let’s go it! On the count of three… *groans* They must not have been sleeping soundly… The End Hope you enjoyed it! C&C welcome; I had some fun with these builds, especially the second one. Thanks for reading!
  5. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Western game

    This MOC is a board game which shows a micro Western landscape (maze). Robbers have stolen money from the bank. They have took it to the Robbers' Fortress. You are a brave cowboy and it's up to you to find the Robbers' Fortress and take the money back. During your yourney, you have to complete some tasks sucessfully. If you have completed all the tasks, you will reach the Robbers' Fortress. The game contains four minigames, which you have to complete sucessfully to win the game. You have to roll the ball trough the maze. Overview of the board: Maze in Western landscape by LegoMathijs, on Flickr The first task: Choose the right barrel to fill the water tower. If you choose the wrong barrel. You have to start at the begin of the game. Water tower by LegoMathijs, on Flickr Second task: Help the miner to build the mining machine. Place the gears in the right order to activate the mining machine. Gold mine by LegoMathijs, on Flickr Third task: If you reach the Indians village, you have to back to the bank and start the game again. Be carefull;) Indian village by LegoMathijs, on Flickr Fourth task: Open the correct chest (with the money inside) You'll win the game. If you open the empty chest, you loose the game. Robbers’fortress by LegoMathijs, on Flickr More pictures at Flickr: I hope you like it
  6. buffalo movies

    Red River War

    A short animation about the Red River War, featuring mainly the Comanche Indians, buffalo hunters and the US army. The reason why there is text is for speech is because I am really bad at voice acting! Please give feedback so I can improve...
  7. Clone OPatra

    REVIEW: 70800 Getaway Glider

    Actual set, or just Western parts pack? We're looking at… Set Title: Getaway Glider Set #: 70800 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 104 Minifigures: 3 Year of Release: 2014 Price at Release: USD 13 Browse the pictures? Flickr set INTRODUCTION This set always looked enticing. Not because the glider was great, but because the western minifigures looked terrific, it comes with a horse, and there are some neat rare parts like the cow horns and chicken in metallic. So is this anything more than a minifigure and parts pack? Let's see! BOX The box is small and boxy, with a nice western background. It's a small set, so what you see is what you get. And what you see looks enticing. On the back it seems that the glider is true to its name; it helped Emmet get away. But for some reason the robots ditched their weapons. The top gives us our character names - it seems the sheriff is trying to fool people about his mechanical identity, while the deputy doesn't care much. INSTRUCTIONS The instruction manual is small and comes folded over to fit in the box, both of which you'd probably expect. Plain color scheme, easy to follow, yada yada. Apparently I didn't take a picture of the sticker sheet, but you'll be able to see the four stickers on the finished model. MINIFIGURES As it often happens in small sets, the minifigures are a real highlight. The two western figures are terrific - the sheriff has an awesome new hat mould with extra-folded sides, and a wonderful new gigantic mustache piece that goes around his neck, like most beards. His torso and legs are also wonderful. The deputy also has terrific western printing without any grey skin showing, so it can easily be used for human minifigures. He features the Lone Ranger-style hat, exclusively in brown. Both robots also feature exclusive faces, which help diversify the evil bots across this line. I found it interesting that LEGO reverted to the old pistol mould (as opposed to the megabloks-ish Lone Ranger one), but it's great, since the old mould is really much better. The deputy has the new robot gun that appears in this line, a nice new addition to the LEGO weapons arsenal. Everybody has some appropriate back printing as well. EXTRA PARTS The extra parts are actually worth noting in this set because you get an extra cow horn (and this is only its second and appearance), and an EXTRA MUSTACHE! That's right, an EXTRA MUSTACHE! I was truly thrilled to see this. SET - HORSE & CACTUS In my opinion, one can never have too many horses. The more people you can mount on rides for a MOC, the better. So it's great to get horses in small sets, as that makes them easier to build up in great number. As usual, this one comes with bricks to "make it nude" and a saddle for the sheriff. The cactus is a cute little build, and green is always a desirable color, so I like it. SET - GLIDER Now for the "meat" of the set: the glider. Honestly, it's kind of cool looking, but I think most AFOLs would agree that the parts are more interesting than their sum. I mean, we're talking about five of the new 1x2 slope in dark brown, two of the new clip with hole for rod pieces in grey, two cattle horns, a dark brown barrel, and a metallic chicken. That's some great stuff for a small set. Even the four stickers are useful for western builders. I can't help feeling that this set was actually made for AFOLs craving some western stuff to help build western MOCs. I'm sure it wasn't actually, but it kind of feels like that with all the great parts that are worked in. Not much to see from the back. Plain and simple backside. COMPLETE SET and CONCLUSION Terrific minifigures and a terrific small parts selection for a low price. Need I say more? If you like western at all, go buy this set! It's that simple.