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Found 2 results

  1. This was not a good day to be Lieutenant McLeod. He had just lost his command, the Otter, and now had to find its owner, don Isaac Montoya, to bring him the bad news. Luckily, he had found passage to Cocovia on the vessel that resqued him and his crew from drowning, and had just now reached King's Harbour. While some might stipulate that loosing one's vessel to a much superior and completely scrupulous enemy was not something to be blamed for, and indeed, McLeod had been trying to convince himself of this for the whole trip, as had the captain of the vessel that picked him up, but he remained stressed. Surely, he would not be facing a court martial, as the Otter was a privately owned vessel, but still - it felt like a blemish on his carreer, and he knew not the consequences. Finding that Montoya was under way to Quinsville had given him some temporary respite, but no resolution to his anxiety. And really, Montoya was not who he worried for. Much more imposing was his friend, McLeod's former captain to whom he was indebted for gaining him his first command, Captain Jno. Cooke. Surely, he would not look lightly upon the loss of the cutter and its cargo? Walking through King's Harbour, everything seemed to remind McLeod of the impending dread of bringing over his news. Ibn al'Sayeed had taken it gently, consoled McLeod and offered him and his crew lodgings at a makeshift inn in King's Harbour, but as McLeod was now strolling along in his own thoughts, he noticed the newly build printers shop, where the Proceedings were being printed. The Proceedings being the official journal of the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy, and its new world editions being printed here, in King's Harbour on Cocovia, could not but be another reminder of his grim faith. He wondered if he would ever be able to take ship again... On the backside of the printers shop, fresh paper was being delivered, and inside the editor was busy setting the types for the newest edition of the Proceedings. It included a working paper by Baker & Montoya on the Cocovian Coral reefs brought in a few days ago by the Ferret packet, as well as the most recent notes on Alberto de Pontelli's recent experiments in flight, and was sure to cause great uproar and interest in the Royal Society. At the same time, his assistant was busy printing the already finished articles, most noteworthily one on turtles by Major Dirk Allcock, and some paleontological notes by Sir James Chase. Here you see a detail shot of my printing press and the table where the editor is setting the types for printing. Thanks for looking - C&C is as always welcome. The building and street is rather basic, but I am somewhat limited in my bricks, and try to make the most of it. I really like how the printing press came out, although we have already seen a few magnificent examples.
  2. As some remarked, Baker was preparing for a dive while underway to Quinnsville - luckily, in a period of calm, they had a chance to survey one of the reefs. While a sovereign monarch on his own quarterdeck, Cooke's authority means little to Montoya once engulfed in scientific endeavour To the Editor of the Proceedings, Journal of the RS of Nat. Phil. Dear Fellows, Luckily, (which I say at the peril of rebuke from my good friend, who is ever in a tearing hurry) we were becalmed in one of the bays on our way to Quinnsville, and we had a opportunity to exploit the diving suit I had procured in Arlinsport long since. While our initial respite was taking up by furious surveying from the seamen, and we could not even procure a boat, when the bay had been measured and sounded meticulously, Cooke graced me with his company and the jolly-boat. On an aside, he has shown a very acute understanding of the physics behind the suit, something I have never managed myself. I knew he was a prodigious mathematicians and astronomer, but that physics came so natural to him surprises me. If ever possible, I shall invite him to join SeƱor da Pontelli's lecture on flight! Young mr. Baker is a natural too, and he fairly glows at the prospects of going down again. And from what I can see, and the specimens he brings up and his descriptions make it clear why. The wealth of the coral reefs around Cocovia is unfathomable, and while our world above the surface still offers many discoveries, it is not to be compared with the novelty and diversity below the waves. Such wealth! I have enclosed a preliminary paper on some of our discoveries and hope you will bring it in the proceedings. Sincerly Don Isaac Montoya Fellow RS of Nat. Phil. Enclosed: "Preliminary findings on the reefs of Cocovia - A study in diversity" - Montoya, Don Isaac & Baker, Charles The wealth of the underwater world is fantastic, as is the colours. And an overview picture Thanks for looking - C&C on story and build more than welcome. Hope you enjoyed it!