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Found 3 results

  1. Citizens of the Brick Seas, The following prizes have now been surveyed and are ready for auction with the following minimum prices (50 % of license value): 4A Sleeping Siren 150 4A Blood Diamond 150 4A Cold Heart 150 4A Catfish Supreme 150 3A Damned Carno 125 3A Onishiit 125 3A Cougar 125 2A Symphony of Destruction 75 2A Winger 75 1A Cpastone 38 1A Unnamed 1 38 2A Unnamed 2 75 2A Unnamed 3 75 2A Unnamed 4 75 (5HA Killing Spree and 2A Cargo Hold have been offered as compensation for lost vessels.) The auction will run as follows: Bid in this thread with the name(s) of the vessel(s) and your maximum bid(s). First bids takes precedence. Do not bid if your bid is lower than the existing maximum. It will not be considered. The deadline is the 5th of July (Anywhere in the world). Winning bidders will be charged as follows: 2/3 chance to be charged the second highest bid/minimum price. Only earlier bids will be considered, so there is no driving prices up. 1/3 change to be charged a random number between second highest bid and maximum bid. This is to avoid people placing unreasonably high bids to deter others from bidding. [*]Bids in edited posts will not be considered! If you edit your post, you will have to resubmit your bid in a new post. Please ask any questions you might have here, and I will try to clarify the rules as necessary. Unsold prizes will be sold through the prize courts and total proceeds will go towards the common prize pools, shared between all captains in the squadrons. Sincerely George Robertson Undersecretary of State
  2. Prelude: Drastic Measures Not only in Oleon was the threat of pirates and privateers being noted... And now, everyone with an eye for security and order on the seas (or for profits) has a place to turn! Read though the following and sign up your warship to keep the Sea Lanes safe! __________________ In one of the many ministries of Bellson, the undersecretary was going through the correspondence from New Terra. Being undersecretary was an honourable position, but George Robertson found most of the correspondence wearisome. Someone had to go through it, though, and the secretary himself surely was not going to lower himself to such humble tasks. Lately, a clear pattern was emerging: Pirates and privateers. The Brick Seas was no safe place to travel, and while hurricanes, reefs, and calms were to be expected, the amount of privateering activity was excessive. Complaints even talked of national ships preying on Corlander vessels! It was time to do something, and Mr. Robertson had been tasked with setting up a charter for a joint task force to hunt the privateers down. The secretary himself hoped that Oleon and Eslandola would both join forces, as intelligence suggested they had similar challenges. Perhaps even private contractors would contribute, hoping to take part in the profits of such a venture. ____________________________________________ The Brick Seas Purge of 616 Royal Navies, Trade Companies, and Enterprising Individuals of all allegiances! In recent months, the threat of Pirates and Privateers in the Brick Seas have skyrocketed, posing an extensive threat to honest traders, and complicating the growth and supply of our new settlements. Therefore, we now call upon you to join us in our efforts of purging the seas of these villains, and ask that you contribute warships to a common task force to hunt them down. All contributions will be welcomed with open arms, and we hope to be able to form several powerful squadrons to patrol as many sea zones as possible. These squadrons will be formed as vessels are found available, and each squadron will have a commodore appointed amongst its captains. Further, all participants will have their share of total profits. The prizes will be pooled from all patrols and shared out relative to contribution to the joint task force. The total prize pool will consist of: Gun-money 15 dbs will be added to the prize pool per enemy gun-rating sunk. Up to a maximum of 300 dbs. This cost will be covered by the participating Nations. Bounty from recaptures Vessels recaptured will be returned to former ownership against a 20 % bounty of license value. Auction sales Remaining captures will be offered on auction with a minimum price of 50 % of license value. Prizes Captures not sold on auction will be condemned as prizes, and all proceeds added to the prize pool. The total prize pool will go towards the following: Compensation for losses To encourage private enterprise, participating private vessels lost in this venture will be compensated with 50 % of license value. However, this compensation cannot surpass 50 % of the total sum of the prize pool. Payout After compensation has been paid out, the remainder of the prize pool will be distributed amongst all participating vessels, private and national, regardless of whether they survived the action. The distribution will be relative to the contribution based on rating. (i.e. a 2A will get 2 shares, while a 5HA/5LA will get 5 shares. ) It is our hope that you will join us in our efforts towards purging the seas of this scourge. Signed George Robertson Undersecretary of Trade Bellson OOC: This is a joint project between Oleon, Eslandola and Corrington to stop some of the pirate and privateer threat facing our warships. However, Sea Rats are also welcome to sign up as individual contractors. The task force will not target Sea Rats, but instead the independent pirates and privateers of the Brick Seas. We hope to see many national and private vessels signing up for this venture.
  3. ", my dear friend, you really cannot hold me here any longer!" Cooke said. "But..." Cooke interupted Montoya immediately: "If I hear one more word of a curious beetle or a non-descript turtle, I swear by the gods, I am going to have you keelhauled under your own vessel! It has been weeks since we set out from King's Harbour towards Quinnsville and sir Smaugton has been expecting us for at least a month!" Montoya blushed, hesitated, and discreetly let go of a bunch of feathers, before speaking up. "I have no idea why you would expect such of me..." Clearing his throat he continued "Of course... As you have so often told me, the tide waits for no man..." Cooke nodded with satisfaction "Indeed!" "As soon as we have dispatched the orders I asked you to write up..." As Cooke held up a document, Montoya nodded "Thank you, good sir. I hope you support my dispositions..." "I do, entirely. McLeod will be happy with a new command, and will make a fine captain. And more so, the Justicia is going to be a fine addition to the pirate hunting task force." "Let is be so, and then we are off to Quinnsville..." The "Justicia" is a sistership to the "HMS Kite" (Formerly "War Dwarf") by Legostone. I simply manipulated the colours a bit. Thanks for looking - C&C is welcome, as always. The Justicia will be my contribution to the pirate hunting task force.