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Found 3 results

  1. Settlers are leaving Malto under the care of their Corlander rescuers, and ferried to Alicentia, where a new home awaits. But providing accomodation for so many people in what was nothing but a barren shoreline is no easy task - where are they to live? To see to this need, a young Corlander architect has drawn up the New Haven Housing Projects, specifically designed to provide easily constructed, comfortable living for many people in a short time. Although not the most spacious of quarters, the housing projects emphasis comfort and individuality, giving each house its own style. Being the only quarters available in large numbers, the projects now house rich and poor side by side, adding to the communal atmosphere of New Haven. While time will undoubtedly see some people moving to more grandiose quarters, the projects will continue to provide comfortable and affordable living for the settlers of New Haven.
  2. The evacuation has begun and the people of Malto has gathered at the docks to be shipped out. Most of the populace is anxious to leave and is eagerly pushing and showing to board the boats that are to take bring them aboard the awaiting vessels. Corlander troops are struggling to maintain order, unaccustomed to such temperamental people. Despite Eslandian promises, many Maltoans are still worried that staying will mean risking prosecution and plunder, which has raised their Mardierian tempers somewhat. However, all in all, they are grateful to the Corlanders and willing to listen, so sofar, no serious incidents have arisen. One of the waiting vessels is the Red Friar, an ancient cog of Balondian origin, and the first of the transit boats is just reaching her now, with the captain and don Isaac Montoya ready to welcome the refugees aboard. The Red Friars are an order of sea-borne monks from Balondia, formerly of great importance to the Balondian navy. However, their warlike nature has long since been forgotten (or so it is said) and now they sail the seas as merchants, raising money for charitable purposes. Their ship, aptly named "The Red Friar", was one of the last Balondian warships built before cannons made their debut as the primary offensive weapon of naval combat. This becomes evident in the fore and aft platforms well suited for archers or crossbowmen, with shields mounted for cover. The monks has kept her as good as new by continual care, and she is one of the last of her kind to still sail the seas. While old fashioned and slow, she is a very stable sailor, even in rough seas, and will ensure a safe and comfortable journey to Alicentia for the refugees. As always, C&C is welcome. It was fun to build a ship of a different era.
  3. Gov. Guilder made his way along the dock to greet his fellow Eslandians. "Secretary Bowditch! Captain Whiffo! I hope you had fair seas for your trip. Welcome to Puerto Desafio, and thank you for getting to Isla de Victoria so quickly." "Yes, yes, we had favorable winds," replied Eslandola's Secretary of State. "So, what is the current state of affairs up north?" "Montoya has sent us the Corrie demands, and I have replied with our positions on the matter. I have a carriage waiting to take us up the road to Malto. We have agreed to meet in no-man's-land." "Give me five minutes with that Montoya fellow and he'll see the light!" bellowed Capt. Whiffo. "Perhaps we should keep the good captain in reserve, so to speak," Guilder suggested softly. "Yes, I see your point," replied Bowditch. "He's sort of a human powder keg, isn't he?" "Far in reserve..." added Guilder. Bowditch chuckled. "Yes, let's keep the match away from the powder." Bowditch turned to Whiffo. "Captain, would you be so good as to liaison with Mayor Alkurda and see how he's doing with the building programs here in Puerto Desafio?" "Certainly! I'll whip things into shape here in a jiffy!" replied Capt Whiffo loudly. "There, that's a win right off the bat," declared Bowditch. "Yes, quite so," replied Guilder with a grin. As they walked to the carriage, Guilder paused momentarily to rub his leg. "Pardon me. I'm still getting used to the pegleg." "Quite alright, Willem. You've acquired quite a memento from the war." "Yes, and I don't plan on getting another one." They resumed walking to the carriage, and Guilder continued. "There has been a recent development in Malto." "Do tell." "We may have been wrong about that Lorenzini fellow. My man Calvo has been up there snooping around, and it doesn't appear he had anything to do with the destruction of the Corrie ship." "Interesting..." Bowditch trailed off in thought. "Back home, Lord Damaximus is singing Lorenzini's praises. He thinks he is the key to our negotiation." "I wouldn't disagree. We need to find out more about him. I have Calvo on it. If Lorenzini is on the up and up, as Montoya claims, this might not be too hard to settle." "Let's hope so," replied Bowditch. "Here, let me help you into the carriage." And the journey over rough roads to Malto began...