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Found 16 results

  1. Name: Myzectlan Ownership: The Crown of Corrington (A semi-autonomous city of the Myzec) Location: The hidden valley of the Myzec, Cascadia, Paradise Isles Map: Mayor: Trade Value: See account spreadsheet Town Bank: See account spreadsheet Who can own property in Myzectlan: Anyone Who can freebuild in Myzectlan: Anyone Description: Myzectlan is an ancient city located in a hidden valley deep in the interior of Cascadia. Home to the Myzec people, legend has it the city was cut off from it's parent civilisation hundreds of years ago. Over time, the Myzec have lost the advanced building techniques of their fore-bearers and the city is now an eclectic mixture of the older style stone buildings and newer repairs in wood or mud bricks. The Myzec primarily farm maize, sweet potato and beans in 'floating island' plots or chinampas on Lake Myzec. The meat in their diet includes fish and water fowl and dugout canoes are used to transverse the lake. Very few mammals are farmed in the Myzec valley although there are some pigs and goats. They weave cloth from goat wool and produce leather from animal hides hunted outside the valley. A basket ball type game is a very popular recreational activity. The Myzec are a matriarchal society where most positions of authority are held by women. They are a well developed and organised society and practice a dualistic region where they strive to balance the eagle, which symbolises peace, wisdom and order; and the jaguar, which symbolises ferocity, war and chaos. Original Information: Builds in Myzectlan Please help us out by posting your a link to your Myzectlan builds in this thread. Licensee is listed after the type of licence. Properties: 42/61 Size for EGS purposes - Level 4 'Large Town' Required for Level 8 'City' 19 properties including at least x4 artisans, x1 commerce, x4 factories, x4 residences, x1 education and one Royal. Residences: 4 Myzec House, medium residence, Myzectlan (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Stone House, medium residence, Myzectlan (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Factories: 4 Boat Yard, medium factory, Myzectlan (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Dye Factory, medium factory, Myzectlan (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Artisans: 4 Community Kitchen, small artisan, Darnok (+1 settlement size) Macuahuitl Craftsman, small artisan, Myzectlan (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Amanteca Workshop, medium artisan, Myzectlan (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Commerce: 7 Through the Falls, large commerce, Silentwolf (+3 settlement size) Levanta, small commerce, Myzectlan (via Elostirion) (+1 settlement size) Myzectlan Market, small commerce, Myzectlan (via TomSkippy) (+1 settlement size) Agricultural Market, medium commerce, Wellesley (+2 settlement size) Art and Culture: 14 Tikal Temple, large culture, Ayrlego (+3 settlement size) Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Golden Eagle, large culture, Bregir (+3 settlement size) Temple of the Feline Gods, large culture, Elostirion (+3 settlement size) Throne Room, medium culture, Myzectlan (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Pyramid Ruins Southern Cascadia, medium culture, Myzectlan (via Elostirion) (+2 settlement size) Snake Temple, small art and culture, Wellesley, (+1 settlement size) Educational: 2 Moon Tower, medium education, Myzectlan (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Plantations: 5 Corn plantation, small plantation, Bregir (+1 settlement size) Maize and Waterfowl on Lake Myzec, small plantation, Myzectlan (via Elostirion) (+1 settlement size) Poinsettia Plantation, small plantation, Myzectlan (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Egg poaching, small plantation, Myzectlan (via Ross Fisher) (+1 settlement size) Chinampa on Lake Myzec, small plantation, Corrington (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Mines: Forts: 2 Jaguar Tower, small fort, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Watchtower on Lake Myzec, small fort, Myzectlan (+1 settlement size) Troops: Other Builds: Waterfall in the Jungles of Cascadia, Elostirion Southern Cascadia, Elostirion Patrolling the Grasslands, Ayrlego
  2. Name: Camp Isaac Ownership: The Crown of Corrington Location: Cascadia, East Prio Sea Map: Mayor: None. The settlement is managed by the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy Trade Value: See account summary Town Bank: See account summary Who can own property at Camp Isaac: Any scientific endeavour will be welcomed in Camp Isaac, however non-scientific, foreign endeavours should obtain permission from the military governor first. (A mere formality, simply state your intentions in this thread) Who can freebuild in Camp Isaac: Anyone Description: Camp Isaac is the first Halosian settlement on Cascadia and is located in the only navigable deep water channel in the estuary of the largest river on Cascadia. This river connects a large inland lake with the ocean, and, as the estuary consists mainly of wet lands criss-crossed with small streams, river travel makes up the main mode of transport for the camp, both downstream to the ocean by the deep water channel, and upstream, inland towards the lake. To make navigation easier, a series of lighthouses are planned for the deep water channel, as is a bridge to ensure communication with the mainland. Build on wetlands and mainly serving as a base camp for expeditions into the interior of Cascadia, Camp Isaac consists mainly of tents, wooden huts, and other somewhat temporary constructions. It is renowned for being the starting point for the expedition which famously discovered the golden city of Myzectlan, and named after its founder and member of the expedition, Don Isaac Montoya. Managed by the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy, the camp welcomes all scientific expeditions and offers a perfect place to prepare for adventures! Original Information: Builds in Camp Isaac Please help us out by posting your a link to your Camp Isaac builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the type of licence. Properties: 16/31 Size for EGS purposes - Level 2 'Town' Required for Level 4 'Large Town': 18 settlement points including at least: x4 factories, x4 artisans, x1 art and culture. Residences: 4 Scientific Lodgings, large residence, Royal Society of Natural Philosophy (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Small House, small residence, Camp Isaac (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Factories: Artisans: Commerce: 5 Post Office, medium commerce, Camp Isaac (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Waymart Camp Isaac, large commerce, Mesabi (+3 settlement size) Art and Culture: Educational: 5 Explorer's cabin, medium education, Elostirion (+2 settlement size) Big cat observation post, small education, Mesabi (+1 settlement size) Invasive species, medium education, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Plantations: Mines: Forts: 2 Camp Isaac Palisades, medium fort, Camp Isaac (via Bregir) (+2 settlement size) Troops: Other Buildings: Vessels stationed here: Other related builds: On a ropewalk near Camp Isaac, Bregir The Cats of Cascadia: A paper for the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy, Ayrlego
  3. Dense vegetation climbs the steep slopes of the Cascadian Mountains. Where birds twitter and monkeys screech, where plants flourish and mighty waterfalls roar - this jaguar leaves no doubt that this is indeed the realm of mighty cats.
  4. The southern part of Cascadia is a lot drier than the fertile jungles north of and around the large mountain range where the Myzec people have found their refuge. Yet still there is life on the southern side as well: Both in vegetation and wildlife. Large carnivorous wild cats stride through grass und brushes, seeking their prey - and sometimes stumbling over the remains of the former glory of an ancient Civilization. Explorers from all over the Brick Seas have come to Cascadia to find out more. While some may find glory, others may just fall prey to the feline hunters. Some kind of follow-up to this older MOC: Southern Cascadia
  5. On their way back from Lake Myzec to Myzectlan, the Myzec have to traverse the dangerous jungles of Cascadia. Their century-lasting fear of the felines of Cascadia has forced them to ensure a safe passage through the jungle. Besides some active watchtowers, there are smaller fighting platforms spread all through the jungles. The Myzec call those defensive platforms "Miraforma". A Miraforma is elevated high enough so that the large carnivorous cats cannot just jump on it. A rope ladder can be reeled up, and the weapons on the platform - mainly bows, quivers with arrows and spears - give even the weakest farmers a chance to defend themselves. I felt that the fight against the felines is such an important aspect of Myzec life that I had to contribute a MOC dedicated towards it to this challenge. Also I wanted to try out some new approaches to both rocks (ok, hardly visible in the dense jungle, bot still there) and especially to plants. Some more pictures show: The empty scene without minifigures: The Myzec running towards the Miraforma: And some of my plant creations:
  6. Camp Isaac, established as an entirely pacifist, scientific settlement, was initially unprotected, but wild animals and other threats have led the Royal Pioneers to erect a wooden palisade with blockhouses in the corners. The blockhouses allow for guards to be posted. In order to build the palisades, and to offer a clear view over the approaches to the camp, multiple trees had to be cut down. Camp Isaac's inhabitants could now sleep safely in their tents, not risking tigers, panthers, or... rats sneaking in at night. Will be licensed as a medium fortification.
  7. Elostirion

    Southern Cascadia

    The southern part of Cascadia is a lot drier than the fertile jungles north of and around the large mountain range where the Myzectlan have found their refuge. Yet still there is life on the southern side as well: Both in vegetation and wildlife. Large carnivorous wild cats stride through the high and often dry grass und brushes, seeking their prey - and sometimes stumbling over the remains of a former meal, where vultures have eaten away the last pieces of meat the hunter had left. Most likely the knowledge of the wandering felines is still unknown to the scientists of Corrington - that there are walls on the ground at some places, small and crumbled and overgrown, yet still walls of stone. Whatever may have been there, a long time ago. Vulture has been inspired by this creation
  8. Esteemed colleagues of the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy, It has been my privilege to spend the last few months in the majestic city of Myzectlan on the Isle of Cascadia. There is much here to interest the society, and indeed I have been able to devote some of my time to a study of the large feline species for which the island is known. I have attached some sketches with some preliminary notes for your review. I have identified what I believe are three unique species of cat, although I suspect that two are probably the same species, or at least a sub-species. Further study will be required on this point. I will begin with the two cats that I believe are endemic to the region. Firstly, there is the jaguar. This species is similar to the leopard of the old world, although the examples I have sighted appear larger and heavier and their behavioural and habitat characteristics more closely resemble those of the tigers found in the Mokolei Empire. Next is the panther, which like the panthers of the old world I suspect to actually be jaguars born without the distinctive spotted patterns and to have a uniform black coat. Lastly is the rarest but perhaps most interesting of the big cats, the tiger. Larger and more aggressive than the native jaguars and panthers, Myzec legend says this cat is not endemic to the island, but was introduced by traders from the west at the height of the feline cult that was perhaps ultimately responsible for the decline of their civilisation. I strongly suspect the examples I have seen are indeed introduced species, probably introduced from the Mokolei Empire hundreds of years ago. This theory if proven would indicate the Myzec parent civilisation were strong sailors and traders, and that contact between the New World and old pre-dated recent discoveries. ------------------------------------ Full MOCs: I had a heap of BoBS stuff I was meant to build on the weekend, but instead got distracted with something a bit different. I've been wanting to show off my cats, and as Dirk is about to leave Cascadia, decided that if he was ever going to produce a scientific paper, now should probably be the time! Enjoy!
  9. The newly formed Royal Pioneers were established specifically for colonial expansion and their first mission was accompanying Don Isaac Montoya of the Royal Society to Cascadia, where they helped set up Camp Isaac and joined the expedition to discover Myzectlan. Shortly after this discovery, Montoya was rushed to Isla de Medio to address a diplomatic issue in relation with Operation Pax Corlandia (much against his own will, being so engulfed in the scientific possibilities of Cascadia). The Royal Pioneers stayed behind to develop Camp Isaac and survey the island, as well as establishing roads and paths to Myzectlan. However, Montoya had not returned as expected... Pioneer 1: "Fascinating island, this is." Pioneer 2: "Indeed - it's been hard work carving out all these paths and setting up the rope-walks, but one's got to enjoy the beauty of this place." Pioneer 1: "Don Montoya seemed to enjoy it too - particularly all these wild beasts... Just look at that big black cat sneaking up on that deer..." Pioneer 2: "One wonders what's become of him. He wasn't supposed to be away so long..." Pioneer 1: "Last I heard, he was underway to meet that character... Captain Benjamin Morgan..." Pioneer 2: "Captain Morgan?!?" Pioneer 1: "Indeed... against the warnings of many - and even without a guard..." Pioneer 2: "Oh dearie me... And I had taken quite a liking to the gentleman..."
  10. More than three hundred years ago, the Myzec were at their prime, a highly sophisticated civilization, the undisputed rulers of Cascadia. But prosperty brought another problem: Time. People suddenly had plenty of it available - to think, to develop ambitions, and to start political intrigues. Vohazulan, a minor servant of the high priestess of the Myzec, used his influence among the common people to secretly originate his own religious cult. The "Felinians", as they called themselves, worshipped the large carnivourous cats, the apex predators of Cascadia's deep jungles, as gods. Soon Vohazulan's followers grew in size, secretly raising temples in unfrequented areas deep within the jungle, where they worshipped their feline gods. The Felinians refused to fight the carnivourous cats, and being eaten by a god was the greatest honour the cultists could hope for. While Vohazulan had only strived for political influence and raw power, his cult had soon made itself independent from its founder. Young men who were supposed to become warriors, scientists or masterbuilders, and even young women who were set for their way to religious and political power, ventured into the jungle alone, to become prey to the claws of the gods. Thus having acquired a taste for human flesh, and knowing the ease of obtaining it, more and more cats had become pure maneaters - which had not been their nature ever before. When the great retreat was initiated, at the time when the Myzec retreated into the protected valley and lost all contact to their mother civilization outside, Vohazulan was banned from the city of Myzectlan. While most Myzec believe he has found his self-created doom between the teeth of the largest tiger that had ever been, some fear he had secretly returned to the city, and that his cult may have lived on in the dark till this very day. Most Myzec, however, think only the events around Vohazulan and his cult have lead to the retreat of their whole people into the valley, and thus also to the demise of their civilization. Only in recent years their warriors have started to rediscover their bravery, venturing into the jungles once again, always ready to fight the felines, while the scientists hope that over generations the cats may have forgotten the taste of human flesh. This, at least, is what Halosian scientists have extracted from the incomplete records of Myzectlans history. Quite heavily inspired by this 3d rendering which I found via Google...
  11. A little southwest of Camp Isaac, at the bank of a small creek right within the jungle, elevated upon four logs stands a small cabin. This cabin is owned by Felicia Sandalo (a scientist and explorer sponsored by Román Fontonajo), as a starting point for all her scientific adventures to explore the wonders of Cascadia. And Cascadia had many of these, with her most recent favourite, the yellow wide-mouthed frog. Only some more observations, and she was ready to share her insight with the members of the Royal Society that currently resided in Camp Isaac. Unfortunately she had not yet had the chance to observe any of the large carnivorous wild cats, which were rumoured to wander the jungles of Cascadia, and were possibly also responsible for the cultural decay of the recently discovered Myzectlan. Little did she know that she was in fact the one being observed right now...
  12. Previously... The Curious Case of the Bottled Message - Bregir The Lost City of Gold, Part 1 - Ayrlego Mysteries on Cascadia Part 1 and 2 - Bregir The Lost City of Gold, Part 2 - Ayrlego (Part 3 follows after my build) Micah, Montoya, and Colonel Allcock continued up the river in search of the large lake, using as their guide Montoya's curious letter from the bottle. and the Eslandolian Marderian map that Colonel Allcock had acquired at no small sum. Though they were chilled by the evidence that the Eslandolian's had been slaughtered here, they had no intention of turning around. Micah did not trust the Mardierian officer's account at first, but the evidence has been leading him to realize that there are unscrupulous men (and women) in all nations. Times of war seem to bring out the worst in them. It was not that long ago that Mardier had tried to take Micah's life. If it had not been for the secretive Hannah, he would surely not be on this boat today. What does that lady do? How does she do it? Micah pushed all these other concerns out of his mind and returned to vigilantly scanning the foliage for any hostile party. The party was quite large due to the three groups converging on this single quest. However, it is never good to let your guard down due to sheer numbers. The journey continued for several days without incident. They did see signs of large cats, but never caught a glimpse of them. Occasionally, one would be heard at night. The women did not seem too thrilled about the cats being that close, but they attempted not to show it. Upon finding the lake, a small camp was set up. It was decided a few of the soldiers would stay behind to guard the boats, but the rest of the party would continue on into the highlands. Following the map and the letter, the Corrington party arrived at the base of one of Cascadia's many gorgeous waterfalls. Per the sources, there is a cave and passage behind the waterfall. After a small amount of searching, it was determined that a small path on the right side of the falls was the most likely route for access. It was not easy going as some places were suitable only for mountain goats. Following the path, they spied a small opening behind the fall, but definitely not outside its mist. Alas, the information was true! Behind the opening was a small cavern safe from the treacherous footing and the powerful mists of the falls. The party decided to leave a guard along the path and bring all the supplies with them through the falls. Of course, this was also not an easy feat. Once in the cavern, Montoya and Colonel Allcock began following the written and drawn directions for navigating the pathways inside the mountain. Micah made sure that the entire party made it through the falls and down the right passageway. It appeared that some advanced race of people had widened and secured these corridors and caverns. One could only imagine what kind of people these were. After following the corridors for about an hour, they saw light up ahead. Hurrying along, they exited the mountain to brilliant sunshine, and a glorious site. The mountain descended quickly on this side to a valley nestled in the mountains. The view was unobstructed for an extremely long ways. In the distance, they saw a large city sprawling out. It was too far to tell what kind of city it was, but it must indeed be the place they are looking for. The letter and the map were also in agreement to this conclusion. ___________ We all ran out of time on this collaboration so unfortunately it isn't as fleshed out as we would have liked. (I somehow thought I had until Wednesday to finish.) Though this is the beginning of Corrington's exploration of Cascadia with its mountains and big cats, which Lego has been so gracious to release this summer. As the challenge simply stated that we could have up to three builds, I am going to have to settle with just one build this time around. My computer is working on a better render of the front view so I will add that once I have it complete. For more pictures, see below.
  13. Previously.... The Curious Case of the Bottled Message - Bregir The Lost City of Gold, Part 1 - Ayrlego ------ Part Two - Venturing up river After meeting at Camp Isaac, Colonel Dirk Allcock and the rest of the Corlander expedition proceeded on their journey to find the mysterious city and Dr Albert Brickingstone. As Camp Isaac was situated at the base of a large river delta, the expedition set out in small boats up the main river into the interior of Cascadia. The 'Mardierian' map indicates the source of this river will be a large lake in the centre of the island. It is here the expedition plans on setting out overland into the central highlands to find the city. The river is long and alternates between wide expanses and smaller narrower twists. It is in one of this narrower sections the expedition spies a grim discovery. Human remains are sited on the bank, the remains of armour and helmet are confirmed to be of Eslandolan origin. So far the Mardierian story checks out.... Determined to carry on, Dirk's boat takes the lead, and the expedition continues to forge up the river. End of Part Two... ----- Part Three - Returning the Golden Seal (this section is meant to come after Bregir's and SilentWolf's builds, but we have run out of time to coordinate properly...) After discovering the lost city and; with the help of Dr Brickingstone; convincing the Myzec that the expedition's intentions were peaceful, the leader of the Myzec, High Priestess Zia, takes the leading Corlanders to the temple complex outside of the city where the stolen seal came from. The return of the seal to Zia shortly after arriving helped convince the Myzec of Corlander good intentions. As the guide leds Colonel Allcock, Don Montoya and Lord Micah are astounded when the enter a relatively open space in the jungle and are greeted by the sight of massive step pyramids unlike anything they have ever seen before. Myzec soldiers can be seen at the base, and the High Priestess herself is at the top of the long narrow stair case leading to the top. The golden seal has been returned and as the sun sets, the three Corlanders can be found at the base of the temple. The quest to find the city may be over and, although the city is not made out of gold... it is a cultural goldmine which Corlander scientists will sure to be studying for years to come. Colonel Allcock now must find a way to incorporate the Myzec and their city into the Empire, his work here has just began. ----- As mentioned we kind of ran out of time with Part E, so the story is quite disjointed. We do plan on continuing to build the 'lost' city up over time, and the Myzec are sure to become loyal citizens of the Queen before too long. I'm sure Allcock and Montoya are already drafting the treaty as we speak! When we decide on a name I intend to licence the temple as a large cultural building. As for the builds themselves, After searching the internet for some Mayan/Aztec style inspiration for the temple, I settled on the Mayan Tikal Temple 1 as the model for this build. Originally I was planning on trying an approx. scale version, but when I calculated that it would need to be around 190 bricks tall I decided I needed to scale back a bit! . I think this version is actually much bigger than it appears - the base is 48x64, but as usual with my larger builds, my photography skills (or lack of) fail me. Any hope everyone enjoyed challenge five as much as I did. It was unfortunate that this year has been super busy for me and I haven't had the building time I had last year and wasn't able to enter all categories. Congrats to those who did!
  14. Previously.... The Curious Case of the Bottled Message - Bregir The Lost City of Gold, Part 1 - Ayrlego __________________________________________________________________ Part 1: Dr. Albert Brickingstone It was another brilliant day on Cascadia, and dr. Albert Brickingstone made his daily trip to wash his hands and face at one of the beautiful waterfalls outside the city, something that had long since turned into a ritual for him. This particular waterfall supplied an abundance of fresh, clear, and cool water, and was happily so insignificant that the Myzec had not attributed it to any of their terrible gods, feline, nor avian, which meant that no taboos surrounded it, allowing him to dib as he wanted. However, being outside the secret valley, they refused to allow him to go alone, no matter his assurances that he was perfectly able to fend for himself and that the felines were as afraid of him as he of they. Thus, he was today, as always, accompanied by one of the eagle guard. A strange people, he thought, staring into the water. Even after living neigh on 20 years amongst them, they still considered him as naive as a child, something triggered by his unwillingness (by the Myzec interpreted as inability) to accept the taboos of the lands. And while he had always adhered strictly to a principle of not interfering with the development of the native civilisation, his aid to the sick and hurt had not gone unnoticed, and neither had his suggestions for the agriculture of the Myzec. So while treating him like a naive child in ordinary matters, they also had a certain reverence for him, considering him at least a minor diety for agriculture and medicine. He was awarded every convenience they could spare, and access to anyone and everywhere he wished. It had been heaven for an anthropologist. Dr. Brickingstone splashed water upon his face and peaked at the guardsman and his ornamental avian helmet. The mythos of the Myzec was generally dualistic. The avians, headed by the eagle, represented order, wisdom, and peace, while the felines, ruled by the lion, were the gods of chaos, war, and instinct. But contrary to what one might believe, this did not result in a duality between god and evil. For the Myzec, wisdom and order could, just like chaos and war, represent something good, or something bad. Wisdom could be used for oppression of the unwise, while chaos could lead to progress, for instance. It was a highly fascinating culture. How he looked forward to sharing his findings with his peers. The Royal Society would be breathtaken! But wait? When would they arrive again? Had he given them word to come? It was all a bit hazy - Brickingstone rarely thought of going home - each day, he found a new aspect of the Mysec to study, and he had always thought Corrington would send a delegation some day. He had sent a bottled message, after all. Surely, it would reach the crown at some point, flowing with the western currents? Was it 20 years now? __________________________________________________________________ Part 2: At Camp Isaac It was late at night, and Lord Micah and Colonel Allcock had just arrived at Camp Isaac to link up with Montoya for an expedition inland. Only hours before, Montoya had recieved word from King's Harbour of a curious bottled message from a Dr. Albert Brickingstone. They were now all gathered around the large campfire in front of Montoya's tent, and he was just telling them of the anthropologist who dissappeared so many years ago. "...I remember one or two lectures at the university in Belson. A brilliant and engaging man, I must say, although entirely out of touch with the world outside anthropology. He could hardly handle himself in genteel company, it was said! Can you believe it? Such a brilliant man!" Lord Micah arched a brow and looked to Colonel Allcock, who was struggling to suppress a deep guttural laughter. Both of them had seen Montoya "entertain" a dinner company with the minute details of the intestants of a typhoid stricken orphan right through dessert, but thought it best not to mention it. Afterall, the story of a Corlander anthropolist living amongst natives inhabiting a large golden city did catch their attention. "I am amazed you should have had such news, Isaac. And just now - what a coincidence! I have myself a thing or two to add..." he said, before telling them of the strange offer presented to him by the Mardierian officer. Lord Micah nodded, deep in thought, before concluding: "Two independent sources talking of such a city? There must certainly be some credence to the claim! We must seek it out at utmost urgency- especially if the Eslandolans are on its trail." "But certainly, they would not dare set foot upon Corlander soil? To plunder riches from our lands?" Montoya exclaimed, still shocked by the rumours. "The Mardierians certainly think so... Let me bring the officer here to tell you himself..." Allcock said to general nodding, before venturing off to do so. They spoke and schemed deep into the night and as the sun started to rise, they prepared to break up for departure. "We shall leave by boat to find the great lake." Allcock said before ordering his men to see the boats provisioned. In the meanwhile, Montoya gave directions to young mr. Baker and the master sergeant of the Recon Pioneers, who would accompany him on the expedition in land, and Lord Micah left to gather his men. It would be a numeruos and diverse crew to set off towards the Golden City and Dr. Brickingstone, and should they find it, it would be a scientific sensation to rival the first Corlander settlements in the Prio Seas.... Part 3: (Unfortunately, RL prevented me from having my unlimited build ready in time - it will be added soon (tm) with more to the story of the Golden City. I find these builds a bit "meh" but at least they serve to tell the story - sorry it all ended up being a bit rushed. My brother helped me out finishing these :) ) Continuing the story: The lost City of Gold - Ayrlego
  15. Previously... The Curious Case of the Bottled Message - Bregir The Lost City of Gold, Part 1 - Ayrlego Mysteries on Cascadia Part 1 and 2 - Bregir The Lost City of Gold, Part 2 - Ayrlego Hidden beneath the falls - Silentwolf Beyond the waterfall, in the valley before them, the Golden City panned out. Following the pathways down along streams and rocky outcroppings, they arrived at the city. Micah, Allcock and Montoya walked down the main street towards what appeared to be the main building. In front of it, what appeared to be a (rather tanned) Halosian was standing waving towards them. Underway, they noticed something curious. The architecture exhibited advanced materials and building techniques, but appeared not to have been maintained for a long time. On top of those buildings too ruined for use, simpler structures, often of wooden construction, had been erected. Otherwise, the Myzectlan society appeared highly advanced and well-organised. Approaching the temple, Montoya bowed: "Dr. Brickingstone, I pressume?" he said with a smile. In a fairly archaic Corrish, the man replied in the affirmative and beckoned them closer. "Come hither, good men, and present thyselves - we have much of which to converse!" The female guards stepped aside, and the three men entered the temple with dr. Brickingstone, who would tell them of the Myzec people for the next many hours. __________________ The Myzec have a well-ordered agrarian sector, and haven't known famine for many years. This will be licensed as a small plantation. (32x32) Temple of the Golden Eagle. Slightly fallen into disrepair, but still in active use. Unfortunately, the Mysec has lost the skills needed to maintain the many stone structures erected by their ancestors. Dr. Brickingstone asserts that these skills were lost generations ago when the Myzec lost contact to the large civilisation they were once part of. Apparently, when the wild cats arrived on the island, the Myzec largely stopped leaving the valley. Around the same time, their mother-civilisation experienced a plague, contracted on an expedition to colonize new islands, and almost entirely stopped navigating the seas. At least, that is the myth the Myzec tell. The temple of the Sun is today used both as a place of worship and as the administrative center of the city. Its sturdier construction means it still stands largely as it was built, possibly centuries ago. The Myzec believe in interfering as little with nature as possible, and thus refuses to remove any but the most invasive creep-vines crawling their buildings. Together the two temples are licensedlicensed as a large culture. (48x48) Continuation. The Lost City of Gold, Part 3 - Ayrlego Thanks for the patience - hope you can enjoy the story anyways! :)
  16. Last we saw Montoya, he was setting out from Isla de Medio to escape the unpleasant realities of war and politics and once more turn his attention to the sciences. Now he had arrived at Cascadia, where he met the vanguard of the newly formed Royal Pioneers in the form of the recon section, who are specialised in exploration and reconnaisance. They are now venturing through the jungle looking for a place to establish a base of operations for future expeditions into the heartland of Cascadia. A base that would in time be known as Camp Isaac, named after Montoya. With the pioneers clearing the way, Montoya has ample time to stop and smell the flowers. Or more accurately put, to stop to catalogue and decribe them in the name of science.