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Found 9 results

  1. The evacuation has begun and the people of Malto has gathered at the docks to be shipped out. Most of the populace is anxious to leave and is eagerly pushing and showing to board the boats that are to take bring them aboard the awaiting vessels. Corlander troops are struggling to maintain order, unaccustomed to such temperamental people. Despite Eslandian promises, many Maltoans are still worried that staying will mean risking prosecution and plunder, which has raised their Mardierian tempers somewhat. However, all in all, they are grateful to the Corlanders and willing to listen, so sofar, no serious incidents have arisen. One of the waiting vessels is the Red Friar, an ancient cog of Balondian origin, and the first of the transit boats is just reaching her now, with the captain and don Isaac Montoya ready to welcome the refugees aboard. The Red Friars are an order of sea-borne monks from Balondia, formerly of great importance to the Balondian navy. However, their warlike nature has long since been forgotten (or so it is said) and now they sail the seas as merchants, raising money for charitable purposes. Their ship, aptly named "The Red Friar", was one of the last Balondian warships built before cannons made their debut as the primary offensive weapon of naval combat. This becomes evident in the fore and aft platforms well suited for archers or crossbowmen, with shields mounted for cover. The monks has kept her as good as new by continual care, and she is one of the last of her kind to still sail the seas. While old fashioned and slow, she is a very stable sailor, even in rough seas, and will ensure a safe and comfortable journey to Alicentia for the refugees. As always, C&C is welcome. It was fun to build a ship of a different era.
  2. Gov. Guilder made his way along the dock to greet his fellow Eslandians. "Secretary Bowditch! Captain Whiffo! I hope you had fair seas for your trip. Welcome to Puerto Desafio, and thank you for getting to Isla de Victoria so quickly." "Yes, yes, we had favorable winds," replied Eslandola's Secretary of State. "So, what is the current state of affairs up north?" "Montoya has sent us the Corrie demands, and I have replied with our positions on the matter. I have a carriage waiting to take us up the road to Malto. We have agreed to meet in no-man's-land." "Give me five minutes with that Montoya fellow and he'll see the light!" bellowed Capt. Whiffo. "Perhaps we should keep the good captain in reserve, so to speak," Guilder suggested softly. "Yes, I see your point," replied Bowditch. "He's sort of a human powder keg, isn't he?" "Far in reserve..." added Guilder. Bowditch chuckled. "Yes, let's keep the match away from the powder." Bowditch turned to Whiffo. "Captain, would you be so good as to liaison with Mayor Alkurda and see how he's doing with the building programs here in Puerto Desafio?" "Certainly! I'll whip things into shape here in a jiffy!" replied Capt Whiffo loudly. "There, that's a win right off the bat," declared Bowditch. "Yes, quite so," replied Guilder with a grin. As they walked to the carriage, Guilder paused momentarily to rub his leg. "Pardon me. I'm still getting used to the pegleg." "Quite alright, Willem. You've acquired quite a memento from the war." "Yes, and I don't plan on getting another one." They resumed walking to the carriage, and Guilder continued. "There has been a recent development in Malto." "Do tell." "We may have been wrong about that Lorenzini fellow. My man Calvo has been up there snooping around, and it doesn't appear he had anything to do with the destruction of the Corrie ship." "Interesting..." Bowditch trailed off in thought. "Back home, Lord Damaximus is singing Lorenzini's praises. He thinks he is the key to our negotiation." "I wouldn't disagree. We need to find out more about him. I have Calvo on it. If Lorenzini is on the up and up, as Montoya claims, this might not be too hard to settle." "Let's hope so," replied Bowditch. "Here, let me help you into the carriage." And the journey over rough roads to Malto began...
  3. Previous part: another belated party Wether the Royal Engineers were inside or outside Malto, those rumours can not be confirmed nor denied. Time will tell... Anyway, the Royal Engineers helped where they were really needed. The officers turned an old estate just outside Malto to their new headquarters to co-ordinate the aid. The name "Palacio De Desarollo Regional" literally means "Palace of Regional Development". A quick build, C&C is welcome :)
  4. As you may have noticed in my last post, the trio of sergeant Eric was intentionnally accidentally left behind, they are now the sole representatives of Oleon on the Isle of Malto and totally helpless. They have to find a shelter, a well-served table, a hot bath for the lady, in brief, all the comforts of a civilized world, and they are hoping to find hospitality in the nearest town, Malto. After a long and perilous journey through the jungle, they finally arrived at the gate of the city, to find it guarded by a Corlander garrison. Outside the city, they first passed through a tent, full of gentlemen who were apparently arguing about something. - Halt, nobody passes! - My good sire, please let us in, we are Oleander soldiers, we are alone and we are hungry. - Wait there, I should report this to my captain. A few minutes later, a corlander officer appeared on the wall. - Oleanders, this city is a neutral city, we are willing to offer you hospitality but you should hand over your weapons and enter in the city as Oleander citizen, not as Oleander soldiers. - Ok, this works for us, drop your weapons, lads. Well, it seems our sergeant Eric and his companions have find some place to rest.
  5. The court of Oleon, no, not the licensing court , the court of our king Philip, is following closely the situation on the Isle of Malto. Facing the turn of events, the gentlefoks of the court unanimously expressed their desire of providing assistance to the refugees of Malto. A more prolonged inaction should be harmful to the image of our glorious empire. We will mark our presence on sea and on land! A reception plan was approved, which consists of providing accomodation and transportation to Mardieran refugees. An old warship of la Royale was converted hurriedly in a troop refugees transport and set sail to Malto. The ship was commanded by on of best captains of our navy, capitaine Jacques Costaud. As a sign of our true goodwill, the ship is totally defenseless, the guns have been removed, except two swivel-guns. The only representatives of our armed force are the small scout team led by sergent Eric LaGaufre, their mission is to find the refugees and bring them to the ship. So, after several days spent on sea, Eric has landed on the Isle of Malto with his loyal companions (rectification at the last minute: the refugee transport did not landed in the vicinity of Malto port, seems this will cause some political issues, in fact, they landed in a small bay on the North West end of the island and continued through the Jungle). - We must find them, quick, to the jungle. A few hours later, a contingent of Mardierians appeared on the beach. Civilians and rear guards of the Mardieran army. - Nice haircut, officer! - Yep, the latest mode in town, explosive style. - Welcome on board, ladies. There's enough room for everyone, even the cat. - Okay, every on board, en route to Oleander colonies! Aaaand a brief description of the main characters: From left to right: Aresa, an amazon warrior; Eric LaGaufre, sergeant of Regiment de dragons du Roi; Motgris, a native warrior in the service of the King. Captain Salades, officer of the Mardieran rear guard, who lost most of his men in action. Capitaine Jacques Costaud, veteran of many battles and one of the finest seamen of Oleander navy. Thanks for viewing, c&c are welcome! PS: I took the photos early during the day but I was unable to post them any sooner, so, if there is any content in contradiction with the current development of the situation, just disregard it.
  6. Previous part: "A Belated party" Jan Zwartbaard returned to Trador with Prince Azte Hek, crownprince of the Azclaxcan tribes. His hate towards Mardierians was still alive and kicking. Especially after their visit to Mehit on their way home. Although Lakor was the Azclaxcan capital, Mehit was the most important village of the Azclaxcan kingdom. The coastal village is a melting pot between the landbased Azclaxcans and the seafaring Mehuãtajir. But just like Lakor, Mehit was burned to the ground by Mardier troops. Jan Zwartbaard found some survivors in Mehit as well and promised to send help. It was only back in Trador when Jan Zwartbaard heard about the recent events in Malto. Discussing the faith of the Azclaxcans with Lord Maximilian Damaximus, the latter decided the moment came to put the MAESTRO Regiment in Trador in play. The King of Garvey, residing in his property in Trador after the coronation of Lord Maximilian Damaximus as Prince of Garvey, wanted to make up for the heavy bombardements on Malto by his vessels, so he prepared the Royal Garvey Engineers to aid the people of Malto. So only a few hours after the arrival of Jan Zwartbaard, the Colour of the Wind, Purple Reign II, Purple Rain and 2 other Xebecs belonging to Garvey sent sail to Malto to help its citizens. Filled with food, resources and supplies and strong veterans who were eager to help the people of Malto. After dropping 1 Batallion of Elite MAESTRO soldiers at Mehit, for its rebuilding, the 2 vessels continued their trip and arrived the next day. 1 Batallion of Elite MAESTRO soldiers, 1 company of Royal MAESTRO Engineers and 1 company of Royal Garvey Engineers landed close to Malto as Corrington vessels did not let the Eslandolan vessels come closer to Malto. It was a pleasure to see however how much trouble the Corrington vessels had with manouvering in the shallow waters around Malto. Luckily the Eslandolans choosed to sail in Xebecs... The denial of passage should have been the first sign of the arrogancy of Corrington, but Lord Maximilian Damaximus still trusted his red friends and thought it would just be a standard procedure... It was when the rescuers marched towards Malto that they were stopped by a Corrington Commander... "Hold on" the Corrington officer yelled. "If you take another step forward, I shall be required by duty to open fire. I am under orders to protect the neutrality of this settlement with any means necessary, and I am already stretching my authority by meeting you thus. However, my orders insist upon the necessity of maintaining good relations with Eslandola and I understand that negotiations for the status of Nova Malto are underway." Sighing and sending a distraught glance at his Eslandian and Garvey counterpart, he continues: "I will ask you the same I asked your MAESTRO captain yesterday and I appeal to your own sense of duty, in that you may understand that I cannot ignore my orders. I shall have my orderly appoint you a suitable camp site outside the range of my guns, near water, and ensure that you are well provisioned, should you not have brought the means to be self-sustaining. There, you will await negotiations under the flag of truce. I appeal to your sense of right and wrong. Please do not force me to act in what is certain to lead to a diplomatic incidence with ramifications we cannot even begin to imagine... " Lord Maximilian Damaximus was stumbled for a moment. How dares Corrington denying access to an Eslandolan village? "Dear officer from Corrington, as you said yourself, an Eslandolan Regiment is stationed closeby. I have to admit this is new information for me, but a small calculation counts a total of 450 Eslandolan soldiers close to Malto, with a full Batallion closeby at Mehit and a Royal Fortress at Puerto Desafio. That is a little bit more than your 1 Battalion currently residing in Malto, isn't it? But I have always respected Corrington and my relations I have with your wonderfull nation, so I am not going to let things escalate. However, I do have a simple question: Why are the people of Malto seeking protection to an ally of Mardier? It is Corrington who aided Mardier defending the island and who helped Mardier funding their coffers. So why are you claiming the title of "liberator of Malto" when all you did was defending and funding the ones who burned down their own city? Next to me you may see Prince Azte Hek, crownprince of the Azclaxcans, one of the native tribes living on this island. Their capital is just a few miles further and they are massacred by Mardierian troops. They have a bigger right to hate you, Corringtonlander, than you have the right to defend the victims of the Mardierian genocide. Now I have a second question as well, a bit less simple... If you are here to help the people of Malto, and you are here without any self interest, why don't you accept the help we are providing? I got 2 companies of Engineers with me to help the people of Malto. If I look around, there still are a lot of people without a decent roof, without the minimum requirements to live peacefully. One should wonder if Corrington really is helping the people of Malto for the sake of humanity, or because Corrington hopes to expand their Empire. By not letting us in, helping the people who need it the most, Corrington shows its true face to the world..." On the left, the ROYAL MAESTRO Engineers under General Whitedragon... On the right, King Leopaldis IV of Garvey with his Royal Garvey Engineers... Lord Maximilian Damaximus spoke once again "I understand you can not give an aswer to my questions yourself, but think about my words... Thanks to your denial of access, this MAESTRO batallion will have to take a longer tour to arrive at Lakor, and since we are needed there, they should better hurry... The Royal Engineers still want to help rebuilding Malto and the hinterland" And so the troops splitted ways. The last word wasn't said about this... The Royal MAESTRO Engineers (1 company owned by MAESTRO) Thanks a lot for viewing and reading! @Bregir: those 2 questions are for you, I hope you can answer them... Oh and don't play the "Corrington is a democracy blablabla", when you have put us for an ultimatum, your own words were "hoping for a fast answer"... Anyway, I am looking forward to your anwer this evening
  7. As soon as the Battle hardened White Glove Order veterans heard about the disaster in Malto, they set pace towards Malto. Attention! Forward! March! They had been hold up because of Mardiers scorched earth tactic. It was a horrible sight throughout the island. Whatever damage Mardier had done to Eslandola, they had done worse against their poorest. And now to hear that someone have sabotaged humanitarian aid. They arrived at Malto at dawn, to assist and relieve the humanitarian effort, and appreciate the help in these dire times.
  8. Major Oupsey-Daysington smells something fishy Major Oupsey-Daisington had taken a place in the sun, obviously a warrior tribe chair. He was enjoying his afternoon cocktail when he suddenly smelled something fishy. A group of natives fishers came walking in line towards his chair. They were part of the Mehuãtajir tribe. in Eslandola they were known for their fishing and trading skills. Major Oupsey-Daysington It seemed a girl was trying to explain that they offered him fish in subservience. But that was not the case. She was trying to explain that he sat upon the sacred ceremonial master fishers chair. The chair that was only to be sat in by the best fisher in the village. Natives trying to explain their culture to the Corlanders Major Oupsey-Daysington didn't understand a thing and conferred with his lieutenant, who tried to explain the situation, "She seems to be annoyed by our presence, we must go back and get reinforcements stat. Mind you, she is wearing a crown. The only kind of authority we respect, remember". Counting the score While the Mehuãtajir tribe determined who had gotten the biggest fish the Corlanders left silently. As you can see the Mehuãtajir tribe uses a wide array of fishing tools, and know all the different fish types are around the island. Major Oupsey-Daysington could swear something still smelled funny after they left to regroup. And his hat was soaked after laying on the wet beach. Feliz Natividad And lastly, a Mehuãtajir family painting, with the cather of the biggest fish on her rightful throne. Small culture build.
  9. Malto was the smallest of the three Mardierian settlements on Isla de Medio and the one least visited by the upper classes. The negligence and arrogance of the Mardierian elite early on resulted in enmity and some degree of silent unrest from the main populace. During the recent war with Eslandola, Malto has suffered heavy shelling from both field artillery, mortars, and warships, as well as some Garveyan bomb vessels, which has left many of the buildings scarred and damaged. Additionally, as the Mardierian army evacuated, many buildings and stores were set ablaze to avoid anything of value falling into the hands of the enemy. This scorched earth policy served to sow further discontent from the populace, main parts of which were both unable and unwilling to flee to other Mardierian colonies. While the smallest and most plebeian of the cities, its strategic location has made it the main harbour of the Mardierian colony. Fearing reprisals from their new Eslandolan overlords, and the natives who the Mardierian forces are said to have savagely repressed, former Maltoan citizens and refugees from the other settlements have gathered in the ruins of Malto on the north of the Island. Their homes and crops burned, they are left with no where else to go. Former Mardierian Captain Giovanni Lorenzini, foreseeing the plight of his fellow countrymen before the Mardieran withdrawal, has deserted the Mardierian army and now attempts to safeguard his people. Feeling abandoned by Mardier, and fearful of Eslandola, he has turned to the Empire of Corrington for help. Much concerned about the civil rights and safety of the refugees, the crown of Corrington has set in motion Operation Pax Corlandia. This operation aims to establish an independent neutral zone on Isla de Medio in which those disowned by their former masters can seek safety from political prosecution, starvation, looting, and the elements, and establish a peaceful existence. Established on the ruins of Malto, it will be known as Nova Malto. To secure the status of the settlement, significant forces have been committed, both naval and army, most notably a full regiment of the Queen's Mardierian Legion, who has been selected as suitable to protect a populace mainly consisting of former Mardierian citizens. Marching in by Christian West Passing two damaged buildings a section of Corlander troops is being celebrated by the locals and refugees as liberators on their way towards the main square, where the following statement will be read out: "People of Malto, Her Royal Majesty, Queen Anetta of Corrington, hereby declares the settlement of Nova Malto and the surrounding territories neutral ground and extends the full protection of her armed forces, navy and army, to its continuing existence. However, putting aside narrow gains, Nova Malto shall remain independent of the Crown and under its own governance, by the office of a locally elected governor, answering only to the citizens. The governor will be required to act within the stipulations set down in this statement and its accompanying treaties to secure continued neutrality and perpetual attendance to the civil rights of the populace. Nova Malto will remain open for any refugee or settler of any nation, unless explicitly deemed a threat to the neutrality and safety of the settlement. Refugees will be offered the same security and convenience as existing citizens. Until elections can be held, Captain Giovanni Lorenzini will hold the office of governor, his most important task being organising the relief efforts in cooperation with Corlander forces, and consequentially to hold proper and fair elections to either affirm his mandate or find a successor. Her Majesty will be watching developments carefully to ensure all obligations are fulfilled to her satisfaction. To ascertain it so neutrality, Nova Malto shall refrain from raising any military forces, including, but not limited to, militia, irregular forces, or naval assets. A reasonable constabulary force is excepted from these rules. Security will be ensured by the continued presence of a permanent Corlander garrison, currently commanded by Major William Bradley, as well as the additional naval and army assets necessary at any point in time. As a neutral protectorate of Corrington, the port of Nova Malto will be perpetually open to vessels of all nations. Visiting warships will be moored under the guns of Nova Malto to safeguard against any hostility, and shore leave will be strictly regulated to ensure a minimum of trouble. The Governor, the commandant, and the Crown of Corrington each reserves the right to, at any given time and without explanation, to deny any vessel or person access to the port, or any communications with shore, should it be deemed necessary to uphold the neutrality and safety of the territory and its citizens, and to take any measures consistent with its charter to ensure its continued existence. Her Royal Majesty grants her best wishes for the safety and well-being of the citizens of Nova Malto and trusts that you will hold the ideal and principles on which it has been established in the highest regard, serving as an example for others to follow. To relieve you of your immediate troubles, vessels are, as we speak, unloading provisions and medical supplies, offered directly from her Majesty's Royal stores. Long live Nova Malto. Long live the Queen." However, words are not sufficient to alleviate the hardships of war. Elsewhere in Nova Malto, Corlander troops are already hard at work. The Mardierian army left almost nothing intact when they withdrew the Isla de Medio, burning settlements and crops, destroying all critical infrastructure and taking anything of value they could carry. One of the most immediate tasks for the Corlander troops deployed on Operation Pax Corlandia is the provision of basic necessities to the remaining population. They have started on two of the most pressing priorities for the fledgling refugee camp at Nova Malto; access to clean drinking water and food security. Repairing the Well by Ayrlego Drinking water for the settlement of Malto had been serviced by a series of wells that draw uncontaminated water from deep aquifers underground. Mardierian troops had smashed these wells and attempted to foul them by dumping debris in them. Here a section of Royal Marines clears and repairs one of the larger wells. Ploughing the Fields by Ayrlego Re-establishing crops will take longer, but work has already began on ploughing and planting fields that had been allowed to go fallow due to the conflict. Here Royal Marines are assisting a farmer and his young son plough and plant a field with corn. BurnedOut3 by SilentWolf Legos In addition to water and food, shelter was another necessity for those left behind. The destruction by fire had been severe in some parts of the town and countryside. BurnedOut1 by SilentWolf Legos However, some of the building had not suffered structural damage. Boarding up a few windows and roofs would enable some of the scorched houses to be used as temporary residences even if a bit smoky. BurnedOut2 by SilentWolf Legos The troops are busy getting houses prepared for temporary residences as well as aiding in bringing the belongings of the refugees to their new abodes. More buildings will need to be constructed soon...