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Found 8 results

  1. Count Mesabi by North White, on Flickr Official Press Release from the Wayfarer Trading Company: Private investigators, police officers, adventurers and bounty hunters of the Brick Seas! The WTC calls for justice! The mystery of the heinuos sabotage of the Wolf's Blood in Nova Malto must be unravelled and the perpetrator face his punishment. Therefore, the WTC offers a sizable bounty for the one to discover the truth. Please find enclosed the case file with the current evidence and report to the nearest WTC representative with any developments in the case. Sincerely Count Mesabi Chairman of the WTC Case file: Alright folks, it's time for a minichallenge! The Wolf's Blood was blown up in the middle of the Malto conflict, and I think it's time for people to show off their investigative and creative skills. What really happened? Here are the rules. Fill in the holes in the story and show us what might have happened! Your build must expand on the story so far. Is there a larger conspiracy in play? Has Oleon's suspect escaped? Was another ship destroyed? The story is in your hands! 16x16 minimum base LDD builds are not eligible for prizes The challenge will be decided by a voting thread when the challenge is completed. Voting criteria: Creativity in investigation and in filling in the holes in the story I will not vote in the challenge, except to break ties, or if something "fishy" happens You must be a member of BoBS to vote or participate in this challenge Prizes: 1st Place: WTC will build and license a large property in the settlement of your choosing And, you decide what really happened. Was it an Eslandolan plot? Native interference? Mardierian reprisal? Captain Mesabi? You decide! 2nd Place: WTC will build and license a medium property in the settlement of your choosing (Notice: As I will be leaving for college in September, I cannot promise the prizes to be completed quickly. I will try to have them ready by 2018.) Entries due by October 1st Voting thread will open the next day, and all votes are due by October 7th Post your questions in the thread below, or feel free to PM me
  2. Major William Bradley sat astride his horse, next to an Eslandolan cavalier officer as pair watched Major Bradley's Corlander garrison march to the waiting Royal Navy ships in Nova Malto harbour. The last of the Mardierian refugees had been safely evacuated, and Eslandola had, somewhat begrudgingly, fulfilled their promises to fund the settlement of New Haven for them. With his mission complete, Major Bradley was determined he would be the last Corlander to leave. As his troops marched past, he could not help but be filled with pride at their neat, orderly ranks. Many of the men seemed cheerful and in high spirits, all held their heads high, their muskets resting on shoulders, brass polished to a high sheen, fresh flints tightly locked and scarlet coats well brushed. In fact he couldn't help but compare their disciplined ranks to the gaggle of Eslandolan musketeers and pikemen behind him. The Eslandolan cavalier cleared his throat. "Well Major, it would seem our duties are at an end. I wish you well on your journey, and caution you against any further adventurism into Eslandolan territory." Major Bradley turned to look at the immaculately dressed officer. He was tired of Eslandolan arrogance, their abject refusal to see any other point of view, their hypocritical stance here in Malto.... part of him almost wished that diplomacy had not prevailed.... his men would have shown these fops how a professional modern army fights.... but no, as glorious as that may have been, without substantial re-enforcements, it could have only eventually ended one way. Rather than reply straight away, he simply raised one eyebrow and turned back to his men. He tried to think how Don Montoya might respond, but alas he was a soldier, not a diplomat. So as a soldier, without turning to look at the officer, he replied, "Indeed my duty here is complete, so with that Sir, I bid you good day." Without further ceremony, he turned his horse, which chose this perfect moment to defecate, and attached himself to the rear of the column. He had heard it said that the conclusion of the Eslandolan/Garvey war against Mardier was the beginning of a new era. Part of him whole-heartedly agreed. When he had first set foot on the Isla de Medio, it was in solidarity with Eslandola, but now as he left the island for a second time, he could not help but feel those who once were considered friends were now almost considered enemies... Corrish armies had for generations adorned their practice targets with blue coats, but now he could not help but think those blue coats would be exchanged in the future for green. As they filed onto the waiting transports in the harbour, the sun set in the west - the following dawn would indeed promise a new era for all. ------- A quick build to wrap up the Nova Malto Saga. Alternate view:
  3. The evacuation has begun and the people of Malto has gathered at the docks to be shipped out. Most of the populace is anxious to leave and is eagerly pushing and showing to board the boats that are to take bring them aboard the awaiting vessels. Corlander troops are struggling to maintain order, unaccustomed to such temperamental people. Despite Eslandian promises, many Maltoans are still worried that staying will mean risking prosecution and plunder, which has raised their Mardierian tempers somewhat. However, all in all, they are grateful to the Corlanders and willing to listen, so sofar, no serious incidents have arisen. One of the waiting vessels is the Red Friar, an ancient cog of Balondian origin, and the first of the transit boats is just reaching her now, with the captain and don Isaac Montoya ready to welcome the refugees aboard. The Red Friars are an order of sea-borne monks from Balondia, formerly of great importance to the Balondian navy. However, their warlike nature has long since been forgotten (or so it is said) and now they sail the seas as merchants, raising money for charitable purposes. Their ship, aptly named "The Red Friar", was one of the last Balondian warships built before cannons made their debut as the primary offensive weapon of naval combat. This becomes evident in the fore and aft platforms well suited for archers or crossbowmen, with shields mounted for cover. The monks has kept her as good as new by continual care, and she is one of the last of her kind to still sail the seas. While old fashioned and slow, she is a very stable sailor, even in rough seas, and will ensure a safe and comfortable journey to Alicentia for the refugees. As always, C&C is welcome. It was fun to build a ship of a different era.
  4. Name: Nova Malto Ownership: Eslandola Location: Isla de Victoria, Prio Seas Mayor: TBD Who can own property in Nova Malto: Anyone Who can freebuild in Nova Malto: Anyone Description: After Eslandola's decisive victory over Mardier on the Isla de Victoria, all Mardierian forces withdrew from the island and with them fled most of the settlers of wealth and status. Before leaving, Mardierian troops conducted a scorched earth policy, determined to leave nothing of value behind for the victorious Eslandolans. Left behind however, were the poorer Mardierian settlers and those without the means to flee, or with nowhere to go. Fearing reprisals from their new Eslandolan overlords, but more so from the natives who the Mardierian forces are said to have savagely repressed, these refugees, their homes and crops burned, gathered in the ruins of the former settlement of Malto on the north of the Island. Former Mardierian Captain Giovanni Lorenzini turned to the Empire of Corrington for help. Corlander colonial authorities, fearing a humanitarian disaster on the war torn island, authorized armed support for Lorenzini's proposal of a "free and neutral" settlement and temporarily recognized Nova Malto as a separate entity from the Eslandolan colony of the Isla de Victoria. After intense political talks, Eslandola guaranteed the safety of all refugees that stayed, and agreed to help build a settlement on a Corrington island for refugees that wished to leave (among whom were the aforementioned Capt. Lorenzini); and Corrington recognized Eslandola's authority on Isla de Victoria. Corrington withdrew their troops, and now the Eslandolan settlement of Nova Malto rises from the ashes of the former Mardierian settlement of Malto. Builds in Nova Malto Please help us out by posting your a link to your Nova Malto builds in this thread. Licensee is listed after the type of licence. Properties: 16/31 Size for EGS purposes - Level 2 'Town' Required for Level 4 'Large Town': 15 properties including; 4 factories, 1 artisan, 1 culture, 1 education Residences: 4 Burnt Out, small residence, Silentwolf (+1 settlement size) Entering Nova Malto, small residence, Bregir (+1 settlement size) Mayor's House, small residence, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Dark Alleyway, small residence, Bregir (+1 settlement size) Factories: Artisans: 3 The Wall of Malto, large artesian, Mesabi (+3 settlement size) Commerce: 2 Repairing the Well, small commercial, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Entering Nova Malto, small commercial, Bregir (+1 settlement size) Docks, medium commercial , Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Montoya Arrives, medium commercial, Bregir (+2 settlement size) Art and Culture: Educational: Plantations: 1 Ploughing the Fields, small plantation, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Mines: Forts: 2 Fort Nova Malto, Medium Fort, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Troops: 1 company of the White Glove Order Other Buildings: Vessels stationed here: Other related builds: Food for Refugees, Capt Wolf Support Arrives, Legostone Nova Malto Party, Professor Thaum Another Belated Party, Maxim I WGO-ESL troops responds to the Disaster in Malto, Sir Stig Helpful Corries, Kai NRG Malto Express, Bodi A Passage to the City of Malto, Bodi Café René, gedren_y Viewing the Devastation, gedren_y
  5. Peace talks by North White, on Flickr Darby and Captain Mesabi stood on the ramparts of the fort. "Well, we've had some fun, but I think it's time to leave." Said Captain Mesabi "I'm glad to leave, but what about the saboteur?" Asked Darby "Eh, we can deal with it from somewhere else. Peace talks are over, it's time to go!" He replied They walked into the fort. Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr "Alright, we need to take everything we can, and I mean everything!" Said Captain Mesabi "Uh, won't the Eslandolans be mad?" Asked Darby "We sold them a fort, not a fully furnished fort, now let's get looting!" Captain Mesabi replied They began packing up everything into wagons. WTC Marines stood proudly in their new uniforms Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr "Alright! Let's Go! We have more to pick up in the city!" Yelled Captain Mesabi Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr Later, 2 Eslandolan soldiers came in to inspect their fort. Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr "Aw man, they took everything! We're going to need cannons if we want to defend this place." Said one They went inside Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr "Zeus! Everything is gone!" Exclaimed one. "Is it just me, or do you smell vomit." Said the other ______________ MEANWHILE _____________ Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr "Open the Gates!" Yelled a voice from behind the wall "Only one more day of this, then we're off this rock." Grumbled the Corrington Soldier Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *CRASH* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr FIN Thanks for viewing my conclusion to my part of the Nova Malto saga. Captain Mesabi still hasn't been given his count status IC, but I plan to do this next. All builds are reused, except for the wagon train. C&C appreciated!
  6. Legostone

    Support arrives!

    When Captain Mesabi of the WTC called for aid after the tragedy in Nova Malto, and Eslandola responded in record time. This build marks the arrival of our Regiment there, to help with humanitarian issues as well as help finding the reason for the recently blown up ship.
  7. Malto was the smallest of the three Mardierian settlements on Isla de Medio and the one least visited by the upper classes. The negligence and arrogance of the Mardierian elite early on resulted in enmity and some degree of silent unrest from the main populace. During the recent war with Eslandola, Malto has suffered heavy shelling from both field artillery, mortars, and warships, as well as some Garveyan bomb vessels, which has left many of the buildings scarred and damaged. Additionally, as the Mardierian army evacuated, many buildings and stores were set ablaze to avoid anything of value falling into the hands of the enemy. This scorched earth policy served to sow further discontent from the populace, main parts of which were both unable and unwilling to flee to other Mardierian colonies. While the smallest and most plebeian of the cities, its strategic location has made it the main harbour of the Mardierian colony. Fearing reprisals from their new Eslandolan overlords, and the natives who the Mardierian forces are said to have savagely repressed, former Maltoan citizens and refugees from the other settlements have gathered in the ruins of Malto on the north of the Island. Their homes and crops burned, they are left with no where else to go. Former Mardierian Captain Giovanni Lorenzini, foreseeing the plight of his fellow countrymen before the Mardieran withdrawal, has deserted the Mardierian army and now attempts to safeguard his people. Feeling abandoned by Mardier, and fearful of Eslandola, he has turned to the Empire of Corrington for help. Much concerned about the civil rights and safety of the refugees, the crown of Corrington has set in motion Operation Pax Corlandia. This operation aims to establish an independent neutral zone on Isla de Medio in which those disowned by their former masters can seek safety from political prosecution, starvation, looting, and the elements, and establish a peaceful existence. Established on the ruins of Malto, it will be known as Nova Malto. To secure the status of the settlement, significant forces have been committed, both naval and army, most notably a full regiment of the Queen's Mardierian Legion, who has been selected as suitable to protect a populace mainly consisting of former Mardierian citizens. Marching in by Christian West Passing two damaged buildings a section of Corlander troops is being celebrated by the locals and refugees as liberators on their way towards the main square, where the following statement will be read out: "People of Malto, Her Royal Majesty, Queen Anetta of Corrington, hereby declares the settlement of Nova Malto and the surrounding territories neutral ground and extends the full protection of her armed forces, navy and army, to its continuing existence. However, putting aside narrow gains, Nova Malto shall remain independent of the Crown and under its own governance, by the office of a locally elected governor, answering only to the citizens. The governor will be required to act within the stipulations set down in this statement and its accompanying treaties to secure continued neutrality and perpetual attendance to the civil rights of the populace. Nova Malto will remain open for any refugee or settler of any nation, unless explicitly deemed a threat to the neutrality and safety of the settlement. Refugees will be offered the same security and convenience as existing citizens. Until elections can be held, Captain Giovanni Lorenzini will hold the office of governor, his most important task being organising the relief efforts in cooperation with Corlander forces, and consequentially to hold proper and fair elections to either affirm his mandate or find a successor. Her Majesty will be watching developments carefully to ensure all obligations are fulfilled to her satisfaction. To ascertain it so neutrality, Nova Malto shall refrain from raising any military forces, including, but not limited to, militia, irregular forces, or naval assets. A reasonable constabulary force is excepted from these rules. Security will be ensured by the continued presence of a permanent Corlander garrison, currently commanded by Major William Bradley, as well as the additional naval and army assets necessary at any point in time. As a neutral protectorate of Corrington, the port of Nova Malto will be perpetually open to vessels of all nations. Visiting warships will be moored under the guns of Nova Malto to safeguard against any hostility, and shore leave will be strictly regulated to ensure a minimum of trouble. The Governor, the commandant, and the Crown of Corrington each reserves the right to, at any given time and without explanation, to deny any vessel or person access to the port, or any communications with shore, should it be deemed necessary to uphold the neutrality and safety of the territory and its citizens, and to take any measures consistent with its charter to ensure its continued existence. Her Royal Majesty grants her best wishes for the safety and well-being of the citizens of Nova Malto and trusts that you will hold the ideal and principles on which it has been established in the highest regard, serving as an example for others to follow. To relieve you of your immediate troubles, vessels are, as we speak, unloading provisions and medical supplies, offered directly from her Majesty's Royal stores. Long live Nova Malto. Long live the Queen." However, words are not sufficient to alleviate the hardships of war. Elsewhere in Nova Malto, Corlander troops are already hard at work. The Mardierian army left almost nothing intact when they withdrew the Isla de Medio, burning settlements and crops, destroying all critical infrastructure and taking anything of value they could carry. One of the most immediate tasks for the Corlander troops deployed on Operation Pax Corlandia is the provision of basic necessities to the remaining population. They have started on two of the most pressing priorities for the fledgling refugee camp at Nova Malto; access to clean drinking water and food security. Repairing the Well by Ayrlego Drinking water for the settlement of Malto had been serviced by a series of wells that draw uncontaminated water from deep aquifers underground. Mardierian troops had smashed these wells and attempted to foul them by dumping debris in them. Here a section of Royal Marines clears and repairs one of the larger wells. Ploughing the Fields by Ayrlego Re-establishing crops will take longer, but work has already began on ploughing and planting fields that had been allowed to go fallow due to the conflict. Here Royal Marines are assisting a farmer and his young son plough and plant a field with corn. BurnedOut3 by SilentWolf Legos In addition to water and food, shelter was another necessity for those left behind. The destruction by fire had been severe in some parts of the town and countryside. BurnedOut1 by SilentWolf Legos However, some of the building had not suffered structural damage. Boarding up a few windows and roofs would enable some of the scorched houses to be used as temporary residences even if a bit smoky. BurnedOut2 by SilentWolf Legos The troops are busy getting houses prepared for temporary residences as well as aiding in bringing the belongings of the refugees to their new abodes. More buildings will need to be constructed soon...
  8. Relief efforts were finally winding down, as the Settlement of Nova Malto settled into its new position as a free city. But still a few ships had to unload their precious relief supplies. Captain Mesabi and Account Darby Tyler stood on the quayside, as the WTC Wolf's Blood was being unloaded. "So the Manifest says its carrying gunpowder, alcohol, textiles and mining explosives?" Said Darby "Well, technically mining explosives are just gunpowder and textiles, but yeah." Replied Captain Mesabi So what do we do now? Are troops have to leave to make sure we don't violate neutrality rules!" Said Darby "Eh, don't worry about it." Replied Captain Mesabi "Happy Birthday!" an unknown voice cried. "You say something?" Asked Darby BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!! The Ship had practically vaporized. The Quayside was littered with splinters and broken crates and barrels. There was screaming all around. "Oh Gods! Oh No Oh No Oh No!" Yelled Darby "Pipe down, we've got work to do." Said Captain Mesabi "I think we might be on this rock a little longer than planned..." He concluded FIN Thanks for viewing my build, just a little something I whipped up before the end of the month, I know it's a little simplistic, but it serves its needs. C&C appreciated.