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  1. Thanks. P.S. a set 7725 on bricklink is seen with motor type 1 with the latest production date of 1980 in my list: 41 0. But I will need to see this again.
  2. The train 7720 came also in a US marked box. I don't know if this has some thing to do with 12V system in US, but TLG had experience of selling 4.5V trains in 70s with trains 180, 181, 182 and 183. I am not sure all were sold here, but I am sure 181 and 182 were in Canadian market. So, TLG made a decision based on their experience they had in 70s. It is worth mentioning that most sets released in 1980 were 4.5V and 12v trains and their supplemental sets. What sets remained for the US market then?! Fabuland?!
  3. So far, the question 4 is almost answered: Based on the data I got, I was expecting to see 7735 and 7745 with motor type 4. I got recently many helps from an Italian 12v lover who has done many contributions in correcting inventories of 12v trains on bricklink. So I told him what I think about motor type 4 and asked him to check his photos. Then he gave me photos of a MISB 7745 coming with motor type 4. This was my face when I received his email and saw the photos It is already added to the inventory of 7745: We need some photos of a MISB 7735 too, but that will come soon. We have some ideas to answer questions 2 and 3. We are closer to answer question 1; a very hard question. Please check your motors if you haven't done so yet. The most important motors are red ones as they are rare. If you have only few motors, even that may answer (or help in answering) one of these question. Do not forget to mention to what set your motor belong.
  4. thanks :-) More and more commented on that thread supporting the split. We are one more step closer to the victory :-)
  5. Thanks freestorm. This was so useful. I like to see and read French catalogs :-) Checking again these catalogs, I got also an idea for convincing bricklink admins to split the motors bb12vb into two subcategory: integrated pin(type 2)/separated pin(type 3) Indeed, the trains , 7755, and then 7735 and 7745 came with motor type 3. But if you check instructions, the pictures don't show that the pin is separated from the rest. However I noticed that in the catalogs you scanned and uploaded, there were newer photos of the black motors showing the separated pins. :-)
  6. MOC - 7720 reloaded (DB E69)

    Great idea! I loved the reversing feature. Would love to see a video of your cat watching it! Please stay faithful to all dimensions,... to the original 7720. your other wagons seems to be longer.
  7. They postponed making a decision. However, if you comment on that link and express your opinion, it would help. Yes I had heard about the material of the pin being different. However, if you have a broken type 3 motor, you want to know what broken motor you should buy (2nd or 3rd type) to replace the broken part. I bought one broken motor in last summer for this reason. (without knowing its type)
  8. Are there several factories? 12v trains were sold only in Europe back in 80s. Were there produced in different locations?! I thought all was done in Denmark.
  9. 7755 With led lights

    Nice job :-)
  10. That was a great help; a very good and useful one. Merci beaucoup :-) Now you opened my eyes to a mysterious inconsistency in 1988. There are black motors of type 3 and 4 both made in 1988!
  11. yes, I didn't carefully this. Are there two boxes or 7853 too? I didn't find this set in any catalog after 1985.
  12. what about 7857 and 7861? I have two versions of their boxes.
  13. For 7823, the box of 1989 seems to be identical to the one of 1986
  14. Sorry, I should correct myself: "Having watched Ebay and gumtree in UK for the last 10 months, I have seen all 12v trains and sets except 7821 or 7750 but the set 7821 appears in the UK catalog of 1983-85." I confirm that the box 7750 does exist only in one variant D/F/NL. I double checked this with few Danish and Swedish train fans. I will write a thread about all language variations of boxes of 12v trains once I get a complete understanding of all variations.. But the number of variations is interesting (if I am correct): 7710: 3 (is there a US version too?) 7715: 3 (is there a US version too?) 7720: 4 (there is a US version) 7722: 4(there is a US version) 7725: 4 7727: 3 7730: 3 7735: 3 7740: 3 7745: 3 7750: 1 7755: 3 7760: 3 7810: 3 (haven't seen a photo of DK/S/SF version)
  15. Having watched Ebay and gumtree in UK for the last 10 months, I have seen all 12v trains and sets except 7821 but I think this sets appears in the UK catalog.