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  1. Reza

    My annual 12V layout

    Contemplating at this layout, I became speechless, while think all these MOCs are awesome and at the same time, their style is to some MOCS I had seen.... then I checked the user name: EVANS! :-) Great job as usual @Evans
  2. You did not mean any offense and I was not offended neither. Indeed your message was friendly and helpful and you tried to help. I appreciate this. :-) (many people read my message and did not comment) For admins: I don't know the rules but, please do not ban him :-) Thanks, @Reza
  3. Thanks! I am always pleased for being welcomed, even after few years on this forum :-) I am a established seller on Bricklink (sellers on bricklink are not allowed to sell non-Lego items such as this). I also listed them on Ebay (will be more expensive for buyers because of Ebay higher fees). and I will try facebook. I am not trying to just make money here. I used this thread many times. At that time, nobody sold custom pick-ups otherwise I would love to buy them. I believe many 12v fans would love to know they can buy new replica pick-ups and replace the worn-out ones they have when they open their motors using this thread. So I wanted to comment right here. So as far as it is not against the rules, why not? If you check the messages, people came and commented on this thread once every few years. This is because this thread is very helpful and nothing change about it over time. After my response, another fellow on Eurobrick messaged me this: "Thanks for bumping that thread on Eurobricks, that's a great tutorial on clean replacement job." I have been reading some threads now and then for the last few years. But I don't comment when I don't have anything to say :-) Thanks Vilhelm, @Reza
  4. I have new 12v pickups for sale. Am I allowed to advertise them here? It will be so helpful for those who want to replace the worn-out pickups with new ones.
  5. Reza

    [MOC] Persian Building

    So beautiful! Would you try to recreate the phenomena "shaking minaret"?
  6. Reza

    Repairing 12v train motor

    Have you checked this?
  7. Reza

    Repairing 12v train motor

    I bet you did not disassemble the engine this much. After my last post, I discovered there were two types of housing (symmetric to each other). So it is possible that if you put the motor of one type on the housing of the other type, your motor turns on the opposite direction. I have to do more research and experiments on this but will come back to this topic with more details and some photos.
  8. Reza

    12v train green tray differences

    Evan, I already answered Jaesroe on facebook, but whenever I get some time, I will give a complete description of inner trays concerning trains 7720, 7730, 7740 and 7750.
  9. Hi guys, Long time no see! :-) I have opened a 12v train motor and changed the wheels since the gears were broken. I glued the motor and now, it works perfectly well except that it runs on the opposite direction comparing the other motors. Do you know what is the cause and how I can fix it? My guess is that the gears or generally speaking, the 12v motors are not necessary compatible with each other, but I may be wrong.
  10. Reza

    A new Lego store opened!!!!!

    Anybody knows if this website is still open and active? I tried to open an account but it didn't work and I didn't receive any confirmation email to open and submit an order.
  11. Last year, I missed one auction of boxed train 7710 from Calgary, Canada. The Canadian Ebay being almost useless for buying and finding used Lego, it is even harder to see a vintage train like 7710 with box again. However, I found the photos of that auction (after one hour googling) Here there are: This train was never sold in USA, but was sold in Canada at least since 1981, as we can see the catalog of 1981 in this photo. On north of America, no service pack (for trains at leas) was ever sold in (early) 80s so the service pack 1134 blue battery wagon of 7720 was not available. In these photos, we can see one extra informative photo, in which it says "Four Lego drive wheels have been included in this set. This should be used with the #107 motor set if you wish to motorize your Lego train." In all European catalogs, it was mentioned that one can motorize 7710 using a 12v motor from 7865 and 4.5v motor from 107. See page 12 of this or page 27: This paper has been only seen in this auction from Canada. But why the Canadian 7710 got four extra wheels with black rims below as we know that the motor set 107 had these four wheels anyway? I don't know if it was the Canadian Samsonite who included these extra wheels and the paper? We know that Samsonite had its own way of packaging. The Canadian sets had different boxes than those of elsewhere. Can we say that TLG wanted to include four extra train wheels anyway, as the train rims could perish? (as other 12v sets had extra train rims) Not convincing, because they even made an effort to include an extra informative paper. The answer is simple but interesting: The Canadian 107 didn't have these drive wheels but different ones. The image of the box show a different wheel. One image on the back of the box is also different. See
  12. I am busy but will post the solution soon. (by the way, I have already give you the answer in a private message but I know you want other know the answer too) Concerning the last part of your question " and Why?", I found out the answer yesterday.
  13. OMG! How did you find these?! I am collecting Danish boxes of trains 7710, 7715,... . It is so hard for me to find and buy them from where I am: Canada.
  14. No, I don't. The wheels of each train has been checked since many years ago. Many people bought and sold this train on Bricklink or used the inventories as reference. They wouldn't have missed such an important part of a set, would they? My sincere apologies that you are no interested in this post. I thought it would be interesting for some people. I am referring to something specific. To give a hint, the discussion for this post is already referring to the answer. Back in 80s, TLG sold these sets in certain countires. For example, no 12v train was sold outside Europe (unless by private retailers). Also, for each country, a variation of box were used. At that time, nobody knew about these differences but the managers of TLG. It is now with the help of internet that we are discovering so many odd things. It looks like it never ends. If you are interested in this, you might be interested in the answer of my quiz. I don't know your country (or the country you were used to live in 80s) but what sets did you have in your childhood? If you are referring to the big red wheels of black train 7750, then I am not sure they exists also in black. Nonce in black is for sale on BL. Do you have a photo of them?
  15. Hi :-) I am not talking about those variation of wheels. Those are missing from many sets, including 7735, 7745, 7823, 7816, 7817, 7839,...(what else?!) This variation does not yet added to the catalog of Bricklink or any other website. I know that TLG used red pins instead of black only in (about) 1986. I don't know exactly why. There are rumors that TLG made a mistake or had too many red pins at that time and wanted to get rid of them. Anyway, since 1986, the only train using red wheels was 7715 coming with seven red wheel bricks so coming with 14 red central pins but maybe this single set was not enough to use all extra red pins they had in 1986 and they got too much space in their stock rooms?! :-) But no, this is not the answer. Something is missing from one single set (as far as I know: only one set). :-) ;-)