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  1. The whole story: I bought in September a boxed copy of 7745. The parts were in good condition. I stored my Lego collection in last December. Then I opened 7745 in February and checked all parts carefully. I noticed one wire was different than the inventory. I had not seen that wire before so I did my own research on items for sale on Ebay,... At the same time, I was doing investigation for variations of other parts such as hinges (solid or hollow stud), special powering conducting rail 2731a or 2731b or interference-free 3241c,.... I contacted a seller on Ebay of UK and asked about production date of her motor: Her answer: "I have around 5 motors so I have put what ever one you want in. I will check and make sure it's the correct type or change it if you require." That was disappointing as her train would not be original at all. She had too many sets and parts and she might even be a professional seller. However I contacted her again about two weeks later as her train was still for sale, and asked her to send me a photo of the wire that was plugged into the motor. Her response: "Hi, the motor and cables are as per the instruction booklet. I struggle to find what the original parts are as the instruction booklet shows differences to online inventories. I think there was an early release and a later release of this set. Or it may have varied in countries. Please see photos of the book showing identical motor and cables. I have around 7 of these motors in the various sets/ spares I have. Let me know if I can advise anymore. Book is dated 1985. Manual also shows diffused lamps but these are clear lens." That was SOOOO disappointing. I dislike it when the seller gives a different answer than what I asked for. I needed a photo of her own set not a copy of her instructions that is anyway available online. However, I clicked on the photo. It was at this moment that my eyes got fixed and my mouth opened for few minutes. I gazed at the photo of her instructions for some time.... After the initial shock, I got up to check my three copies of instructions of 7745. I found out that there were two versions. I checked all pages. The only difference comes in that wire, both on the main model and on the alternative one: The first instructions comes with the wire 765c28 (together with three wires 766c28). Its Id number is 120419. It was released in 1985. The second instructions comes with the wire 2776c28. This one did not exist on bricklink! I don't know how sellers sold their wire and why nobody had not added it to the database! I recently added it and since then, two sellers have added it to their inventory. :-) The Id of the second version is 120620 and it was used since very early 1986 until the end of release of this set in 1990.
  2. @Carrera124 You wrote here what your favorite train is. I didn't know it went out of race!
  3. I was hoping that someone could point to various instructions for a different set that what I intended (But Carrera124 pointed to slight difference in instructions of 7735). It seems there is only one correct answer. The answer is the favorite 12v train of Christian "Carrera124" :-)
  4. Only three instructions left: 7740, 7735 and 7745 :-)
  5. I remove 7715 and 7760. Now, only 6 instructions remain. Hint: why don't you match the ID of your instructions with those available online?!
  6. I don't know what to call a minor change or what to call major change. Yes! No! It is definitely possible. If one compare his instructions with those available online, then may find the answer. To help further, as my previous quizzes, I have not yet submitted the inventory change request on bricklink so you will not find it by checking the inventories of these sets. :-)
  7. No, the difference is not about the top page of 7735 :-) I remove two more instructions. It is getting easier :-)
  8. I have seen two variations of instructions 7860: 1) For the second release 1982-87, the code of instruction is 113483 ©1981. In the instructions, we can see this variation of "Straight Conducting Rail with Rail Interruption" 3242apb01:{"color":9,"iconly":0} 2) For the third release 1988-94, it is 120622 ©1981 in which we can see this variation of "Straight Conducting Rail with Rail Interruption" 3242bpb01:{"color":9,"iconly":0} 3) What about the first release 1980-81? Is there any instructions for it (do you have it?) in which we can see "Straight Conducting Rail with Rail Interruption" 3242a:
  9. The sets The sets 7720 and 7722 are 4.5v as they come with battery wagon however on the last pages of instructions of 7722 it shows how to change the motor and make it a 12v one. The sets 7710 and 7715 are push-along so you can make them 4.5v or 12v as you wish.
  10. I don't think the printing year can tell much about the version of the instructions. It is more important to check the ID code of the instructions. Like Lego boxes, (almost) all of them have the same copy right year but the content may be different. So what are the ID numbers of the two versions of your instructions 6392? Now, I remove one wrong answer from each row: From the first row, I remove 7750 From the second row, I remove 7727 From the last row I remove 7720.
  11. True. However, I think the answer of this quiz will be interesting for fans of 12v trains. :-)
  12. Very nice! This answer is correct but NOT the answer that I intended! :-) I still don't know how this difference in instructions of 7735 appeared. Both instructions have the same Id number 120418. It could be a mistake that TLG corrected later. I don't know about that. But the answer I have in mind is not a mistake that was corrected in later releases. It would be nice if you upload a copy of the two versions of the instructions of 6392 that you mentioned to me.
  13. If so, which one it is? could you find and send me the links or scans of the two versions? :-)
  14. By instructions, I mean "book" or "manual" or whatever you would call them. In the photo, there are 13 instructions, or 13 books,.... whatever. Each book or instructions have guides to biuld several models. For an example, the instructions of the set 6923 have two versions. Starting from step 15, the design of the device on the top of the model is different between the two versions. Compare I claim that there are two or more variations of a book of a set. Otherwsie, the quiz would be meaningless.
  15. So far, only ONE AFOL has given me the right answer :-) Hi everybody, This one is a real challenge! After the quiz N2 that we had as warm-up, here we are with a harder quiz. I am really curious to know if anybody knows or can find the answer of this one. I would consider a prize for the winner(s). If you are sure you know the answer, please "DO NOT SPOIL", but only pm me. But if you have any guess together with some reasons for your guess, you are very welcome to comment under this post so that we can discuss about it and who knows, maybe we get multiple responses. Here is the question: WHICH INSTRUCTIONS have MORE THAN ONE VERSION? The sets in question are 7710, 7715, 7720, 7722, 7725, 7727, 7730, 7735, 7740, 7745, 7750, 7755, 7760. I believe you cannot find the answer by googling (I couldn't). Good luck :-)