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  1. Hello everyone The new ArduTrain WiFi 1.5 version has been released right now! It contains new features that have been suggested by users who are already using ArduTrain Trains Added Description field Added "Reverse" motor flag (like the original LEGO trains controller) Addedd STOP ALL TRAINS button for emergency purpose Switches Switches status are changed in Straight and Diverted, you have to set the servomotor arm position once, only in the Settings section Routines Possibility to execute manual routines Maximum number of steps in a routine increased to 20 Addedd "Disable sensor" step type, which allows to disable a specific sensor for X seconds When a routine is running, and is updated, the current execution stops Routine Configurator Routine duplication Step sequence ordering Managing new step type "Disable sensor" The switch is only Straight or Diverted, no longer the position in degrees For updating your ArduTrain WiFi to version 1.5 you need only to download the two software: Arduino sketch 1.5 and Raspberry image 1.5 from my website and follow the software update guide. Like the previous version, all is free and you don't have to buy extra components for this new version. In this video you can see better explained all the new features: If you have questions or suggestions I'm here! Have fun!
  2. Hi and thanks for all the replies If you have seen the presentation video of ArduTrain WiFi in my website, you can see that there are 4 relays made to control (ON/OFF) PFmotors and lights like an electric switch: if you don't have PF trains but only 9v trains, you can pass one of the two power cables that goes to the tracks through a relay so you can switch ON/OFF the electricity in the rails making trains stop and restart (this is a solution, but ArduTrain WiFi is made especially for PF trains). Yes, I have seen PFX brick and I will not exclude in the future to integrate it with ArduTrain WiFi because my system is based on Raspberry Pi which has the bluetooth connection on board (like PFX brick). I don't have a video that shows a large automated layout because I released ArduTrain WiFi in the half of september, so people (especially in Italy) are starting now to buy components to build ArduTrain WiFi., but when I get one, I'll post it here For now I have this video: Thank you! I want to specify one thing: ArduTrain WiFi is a project I have built for my LEGO diorama and then I decided to share it for free with everyone, so I don't want to push anyone to prefer my system than others, such as 4DBrix for example, which maybe is richer in features. But behind 4DBrix there is a team of people working every day for years (I think), I do another job (actually 2 jobs) and the time I have to implement this project is virtually zero; but in the future I don't exclude improvements such as display in stations, audio noises and so many other great things; i show you one of my experiment (train timetable) : ArduTrain WiFi is scalable because if you are an experiences user, you can modify the configuration and control more than 6 rail switches (for example) and a mobile website let you to control you dirama everywhere without a PC (also multiple control panel running on multiple devices on the same time). I let the system "open" because now there is a "button and sliders" interface, but maybe in the future I can deploy a graphic interface where you can see the track and real-time track occupation, no problem for the system, the real problem is to have the time to develop all; but I'm taking note of all the things people tell me to improve ArduTrain WiFi because when I have a little free time I'm start to thing about the 2.0 version.
  3. Thank you very much! Sorry, in the first post I did't explain well what is protected, now I try to explain better. In my website I have listed all the electronic components that are needed to build my project: these components can be bought everywhere (like Amazon); so I have "protected" only my idea and my software: you can download it, you can use it, you can modify it to improve (if you are a programmer) but you can't sell it
  4. Hi everyone! Few years ago I started thinking about a system to control my LEGO diorama because I did't find any "official" system (I found Mindstorms very expensive for my budget and limiting); so I create a system that allows me to control all the diorama and roll out automations when I show my diorama in fairs and exibitions. These are the features of ArduTrain WiFi: Control up to 8 Power Functions trains (but also 9v old trains with relays) Control up to 6 motorized LEGO switches Control the LED lighting and the Power Functions motors on your diorama thanks to the 4 relay output Roll out automations: detect passage of the trains by triggering up to 6 sensors on the tracks Watch realtime video streaming of your diorama thanks to webcam streaming (remote control of all diorama, I play with mine from smartphone when I'm in the bathroom ) Is multi-device and works on browsers without installing anything Easy to implement, does not require any specific expertise After a while I decided to share ArduTrain WiFi for free, so I made an easy guide (in english / italian) and I made software (in english) available on my website at this address: There is also a Facebook page to follow all the updates: Here you can see ArduTrain WiFi in action: This is not a commercial product but it's licensed; the project can be supported through donations from the website: in this way it will be kept free for everyone and there will be new developments. I hope you enjoy!
  5. theluke91

    Hello from Italy!

    Hi everyone! My name is Luca, I'm 26 and I write from Italy; I work as a programmer in a company near Milan that produces real train simulator for train drivers training...and I love LEGO trains! In the last year I made a free project called ArduTrain WiFI:a free guide and software for controlling LEGO diorama (trains, rail switches, sensors, lights, PF motors,...) by smartphone, tablet or PC. I will talk soon better about this project in the "LEGO Train Tech" of this forum.