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  1. Hi and thanks for all the replies If you have seen the presentation video of ArduTrain WiFi in my website, you can see that there are 4 relays made to control (ON/OFF) PFmotors and lights like an electric switch: if you don't have PF trains but only 9v trains, you can pass one of the two power cables that goes to the tracks through a relay so you can switch ON/OFF the electricity in the rails making trains stop and restart (this is a solution, but ArduTrain WiFi is made especially for PF trains). Yes, I have seen PFX brick and I will not exclude in the future to integrate it with ArduTrain WiFi because my system is based on Raspberry Pi which has the bluetooth connection on board (like PFX brick). I don't have a video that shows a large automated layout because I released ArduTrain WiFi in the half of september, so people (especially in Italy) are starting now to buy components to build ArduTrain WiFi., but when I get one, I'll post it here For now I have this video: Thank you! I want to specify one thing: ArduTrain WiFi is a project I have built for my LEGO diorama and then I decided to share it for free with everyone, so I don't want to push anyone to prefer my system than others, such as 4DBrix for example, which maybe is richer in features. But behind 4DBrix there is a team of people working every day for years (I think), I do another job (actually 2 jobs) and the time I have to implement this project is virtually zero; but in the future I don't exclude improvements such as display in stations, audio noises and so many other great things; i show you one of my experiment (train timetable) : ArduTrain WiFi is scalable because if you are an experiences user, you can modify the configuration and control more than 6 rail switches (for example) and a mobile website let you to control you dirama everywhere without a PC (also multiple control panel running on multiple devices on the same time). I let the system "open" because now there is a "button and sliders" interface, but maybe in the future I can deploy a graphic interface where you can see the track and real-time track occupation, no problem for the system, the real problem is to have the time to develop all; but I'm taking note of all the things people tell me to improve ArduTrain WiFi because when I have a little free time I'm start to thing about the 2.0 version.
  2. Thank you very much! Sorry, in the first post I did't explain well what is protected, now I try to explain better. In my website I have listed all the electronic components that are needed to build my project: these components can be bought everywhere (like Amazon); so I have "protected" only my idea and my software: you can download it, you can use it, you can modify it to improve (if you are a programmer) but you can't sell it
  3. Hi everyone! Few years ago I started thinking about a system to control my LEGO diorama because I did't find any "official" system (I found Mindstorms very expensive for my budget and limiting); so I create a system that allows me to control all the diorama and roll out automations when I show my diorama in fairs and exibitions. These are the features of ArduTrain WiFi: Control up to 8 Power Functions trains (but also 9v old trains with relays) Control up to 6 motorized LEGO switches Control the LED lighting and the Power Functions motors on your diorama thanks to the 4 relay output Roll out automations: detect passage of the trains by triggering up to 6 sensors on the tracks Watch realtime video streaming of your diorama thanks to webcam streaming (remote control of all diorama, I play with mine from smartphone when I'm in the bathroom ) Is multi-device and works on browsers without installing anything Easy to implement, does not require any specific expertise After a while I decided to share ArduTrain WiFi for free, so I made an easy guide (in english / italian) and I made software (in english) available on my website at this address: There is also a Facebook page to follow all the updates: Here you can see ArduTrain WiFi in action: This is not a commercial product but it's licensed; the project can be supported through donations from the website: in this way it will be kept free for everyone and there will be new developments. I hope you enjoy!
  4. Hello from Italy!

    Hi everyone! My name is Luca, I'm 26 and I write from Italy; I work as a programmer in a company near Milan that produces real train simulator for train drivers training...and I love LEGO trains! In the last year I made a free project called ArduTrain WiFI:a free guide and software for controlling LEGO diorama (trains, rail switches, sensors, lights, PF motors,...) by smartphone, tablet or PC. I will talk soon better about this project in the "LEGO Train Tech" of this forum.