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  1. The app should be available (from google play console), i will check this out and let you know ;).
  2. Zhar

    New Seller Bricklink Help?

    You need to have attractive price but also take pictures of what you sell (not generic pictures - except for parts). Accept paypal without fee (for custormer) is an important part too. If you can, sell worldwide, you will get more transactions and faster .
  3. Hi everyone, The new version of the app is available : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fr.jca.apps.android.ibrickset&hl=en I wish you an happy new year .
  4. The new version of Brick Collector (1.7.2) is availlable on google play. You will find a lot of new features : - View sets rarting & reviews - Display additionnals images - Pinch zooming on images - Pin up set description (if available) - Show set parts list You can also vote for brick collector in android best app awards ;).
  5. As you may have seen, brickset website has been updated. Just take time to update the app and tell me if you have any issue.
  6. Zhar

    Diablo Project

    nice MOC, like the diablo theme .
  7. Zhar

    Attack on Canterwell

    I like your moc, you did a great job .
  8. BRICK Collector v 1.6 is available ! It's include some extra features : - improve general and ui performances - adding minifigures search - you can now choose instructions in a list (if multiples instructions are available) - view set details on brickset, bricklink and lugnet - ... If you have any issue or comment with the new version just tell me. I'm listening.
  9. BRICK collector, honorable mention to the android best app ever awards 2013 ! Just behind subway surfers and Grumpy Sparrows. Thank you first your support.
  10. The final vote for nominates are open. You can vote (it's free) for BRICK collector here .
  11. BRICK collector was choosen to contest in the android best app awards (entertainment app).
  12. Zhar

    The coolest LEGO box art ever

    I can't see the monster box, seems image is missing .
  13. Zhar

    CF9 Crossfire starfighter

    I like it, great job .