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  1. [MOC] AGV High Speed Train

    What an amazing work, great design! Just loved the pantograph mechanism, the doors, the interiors of the carriages and the simple method to access the inside of it and the space it gives. You gotta put this on IDEAS as said before. Well done!
  2. (Work in Progress) EMD F7A in 8-Wide

    Excellent work, as always, those front windows got to be a pain to build, but gave the cabin the real look, well done!
  3. [MOC] "Steam Orange" Express

    Very nice locomotive, massive orange steamer ! The detail in the steam apparatus is great, you got to do something about that roof cabine connection to the windows, and what the hell of piece is that wheel rod or what its called? Anyway, loved it, keep them coming!
  4. Congratulations, well deserved, and it was funny that the winner when asked for a review his first statement was "I'm speechless"... :D
  5. 2018 Lego Trains

    Exactly, even forgetting the "harry potter brand" we're talking about a beautiful steam locomotive :) With a loco, tender, and a carriage without tracks or pf, would gladly spend 100/120€ at least two times ! :D
  6. 2018 Lego Trains

    Indeed, I've got little, really little hope for it, but a revisited and well done hogwarts express would be amazing!!
  7. 0-8-0 Tank locomotive

    What a beautiful and "clean" work, very well "moc'ed" the only thing that I'm not a fan, are those 1x2 slopes on top of the boiler, and btw thanks for the file share, kudos to you!
  8. 10: 10 19: 6 2: 4 3: 3 24: 2 18: 1 Some very nice mocs, good luck everyone!
  9. Amazing work, so many details, truly a work of art, watched the perfect valve gear video 3 times, so relaxing... Congratulations! And again... amazing!!
  10. This is really an awesome creation, I gotta be honest at first, the roof and upper windows it seemed to me an Asian Simpsons house, hehe, the scenery is beautiful, I love all the detail, that lake, and your roof technic, your fingers were through some pain no?! :D Congrats you made a piece of art!
  11. The Blue Comet

    Awesome creation, the details are fantastic, love the colour, and those tweaked wheels are beautiful.
  12. BR05-003

    Beautiful moc, I love how "clean" and smooth the engine looks. Awesome steamer, congratz
  13. While the winter train and station were taking form, done this little side job for my kid to play, got excited and forgot what I was building in first place... Oh, and "Catzilla" finished the big sets.. snowflake train 01 by Rafael Costa, no Flickr snowflake train 02 by Rafael Costa, no Flickr
  14. [MOC] Royalty Train

    Amazing work Sérgio, the detail in the royal carriage is great, a lot of work in it for sure, the loco is beautiful. Mais uma obra de arte tua, cumps!
  15. Wow, now this one is a masterpiece, I was already a fan of the "little" 8wide "darth vader" but this one is full of beautiful details, I guess working in 16wide gives that chance but got to present other problems too... Are you considering building it in real life? At least, only half the pieces than your other huge project... :) ps: Que filha da p** de espectáculo Sérgio!!