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    Trains, StarWars, SuperHeroes and Indiana Jones also a superhero in my opinion, hehehe...


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  1. Amazing work, so many details, truly a work of art, watched the perfect valve gear video 3 times, so relaxing... Congratulations! And again... amazing!!
  2. This is really an awesome creation, I gotta be honest at first, the roof and upper windows it seemed to me an Asian Simpsons house, hehe, the scenery is beautiful, I love all the detail, that lake, and your roof technic, your fingers were through some pain no?! :D Congrats you made a piece of art!
  3. The Blue Comet

    Awesome creation, the details are fantastic, love the colour, and those tweaked wheels are beautiful.
  4. BR05-003

    Beautiful moc, I love how "clean" and smooth the engine looks. Awesome steamer, congratz
  5. While the winter train and station were taking form, done this little side job for my kid to play, got excited and forgot what I was building in first place... Oh, and "Catzilla" finished the big sets.. snowflake train 01 by Rafael Costa, no Flickr snowflake train 02 by Rafael Costa, no Flickr
  6. [MOC] Royalty Train

    Amazing work Sérgio, the detail in the royal carriage is great, a lot of work in it for sure, the loco is beautiful. Mais uma obra de arte tua, cumps!
  7. Wow, now this one is a masterpiece, I was already a fan of the "little" 8wide "darth vader" but this one is full of beautiful details, I guess working in 16wide gives that chance but got to present other problems too... Are you considering building it in real life? At least, only half the pieces than your other huge project... :) ps: Que filha da p** de espectáculo Sérgio!!
  8. [MOC] Siemens CP4700 1:20Scale Replica

    What a great beast, great details in the locomotive frame! Fantastic work
  9. [moc] GWR 1442 engine

    Beautiful work, excellent details!
  10. LNER Class A4 4468 - MALLARD

    Beautiful work, one of my favourite locomotives, well done! And btw nice collection!
  11. Old West Steam Locomotive

    This project was my first After getting the horizon express (my awakening from the dark ages), tried to learn something using the lone ranger constitution train, and a file or two from Murdoch17 (whom I cant thank enough, for helping the newcomers like I was, with the lxf files available), and after some modding and a trick or two here is the never ending project of mine, soon some passenger wagons to be added, for now just the locomotive and tender in black and white, literally... rahzmocOldWestwip01 by Rafael Costa, no Flickr rahzmocOldWestwip02 by Rafael Costa, no Flickr rahzmocOldWestwip03 by Rafael Costa, no Flickr
  12. Alco RSC-3 CP1500 series

    As said before yes there goes the smoothness of it, using only the cheese slopes and a jumper... And yes that Wedge 3 x 4 x 2/3 Triple Curved on top would be the great trick, but as I mentioned there's no one in orange, hoping LEGO releases one in the future. But your fix with orange stickers on the piece is worth trying, and simple, just got to nail the orange tone :) Thanks
  13. MOC: D 145

    Beautiful moc, love the colours :D
  14. Orient Express Thriller!

    Beautiful work, especially the coach, nice details ;) A 2nd coach is greatly needed as said before...
  15. Alco RSC-3 CP1500 series

    You are talking of something like this right? I can understand you, because I keep thinking that something is missing in that front :)