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    Trains, StarWars, SuperHeroes and Indiana Jones also a superhero in my opinion, hehehe...


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  1. rahziel

    [MOC] English Electric - CP1401 1:45 Scale

    What an evolution, the details are stunning, the work in the cabin with a light inclination and the way you presented the top vent are top notch! These CP colours are beautiful, also the locomotives, and knowing that some of them are being brought to their best, its fantastic for a train fan. Great work, keep them coming! "Parabéns caral**"!
  2. rahziel

    [MOC] 67 - CP 1320 POWERED UP

    Another great moc, with this beautiful livery, keep them coming!
  3. rahziel

    [MOC] 65 - ALCO SOMAFEL 1520 Powered UP

    Very nice, great design, and by the way... have you used a magic wand to switch the battery on? hehehe...
  4. rahziel

    [MOC] 61 Alco - CP 1500 Power Functions

    Boas! What a great front and back, great job with the rails, and surprised with the cabin windows, you sticker cheater :P , well done! That starfish is a cool touch, nice details!
  5. rahziel

    (moc) ATSF 3400-series 4-6-2 #3424

    Excellent job m8, beautiful steam locomotive, a pleasure to the eyes of a fan!
  6. rahziel

    China QJ Steam Engine

    Wow, the painted wheels are indeed eye catching, but you gotta repaint them cause the locomotive looks amazing and cant have those wheels without maintenance :D Well done m8!
  7. rahziel

    [MOC] Westbahn Stadler Kiss 2

    This one is amaaaaaazing! So many detail to observe in awh, and beside that, the livery looks umbelieavable. And I got to say, its a thing, but almost made the tire screaming noise as your train looks like is drifiting in the switch track :D Again, amazing! And congrats on winning at Bricktrain awards, truly deserved it!
  8. rahziel

    [moc] Pittsburgh & Lake Erie 2-8-4

    What an amazing beast, excelent job, the dome revision made it step up a notch m8
  9. Olá André Pinto, e parabéns crl! What a beautiful thing to see, one well done CP locomotive, awh, that orange livery is a gorgeous vision. Nice details, congratulations on winning, you deserved!
  10. rahziel

    Pets and trains, show em'. Cats vs. dogs in our hobby.

    I have both, but only my cat is interested in the lego trains, the dog is more worried with stealing my son's cookies... snowflake train 02 by Rafael Costa, no Flickr
  11. rahziel

    Trains forum banner

    Yes, its a detail but very important, and that emerald idea from Duq its a keeper in my opinion. Steam it up! :D Lego trains rulle a lego city!
  12. rahziel

    [MOC] Diorama - Campolide 80s Train Station

    There's unlimited power in the dark side indeed, well done sith lord, brilliant!
  13. rahziel

    [MOC] - Miradouro Turistic Train

    Hello again Sérgio, every time I see that 1st photo, wow amazing scene, I love lego trains, and you sir are a master builder, excellent build, CP should throw you money for the great publicity creating these amazing trains that take me back to those great machines instead of these "new" crappy ones. The detail is superb and the way you managed to create the loco cabin is great, im not a fan of the "horns" :D but they work, the passenger wagons are spot on! Well done m8, well done, keep showing these works of art. É isso caral**!!! :D
  14. rahziel

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    Yay, more train parts... ...that's all I can say about that set...
  15. rahziel

    MOC: Flying Scotsman (with free instructions)

    Well done m8, excelent job, and thanks for the LDD file. I'm not sure about Lego ideas because of the similarities with the emerald night, but it sure would be a great comeback to have such a thing available again.