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  1. LegoEd3000

    Video: My 12v lego train layout

    Thanks Grand Duke.
  2. LegoEd3000

    Video: My 12v lego train layout

    Thanks RailCo :) My wife last year wanted a small train to go around the Christmas tree. Don't think she'll be disappointed this year. Next, I want to electrify the points and get some lighting.
  3. Hi, Short video of my 12v lego collection. Found the basic 7730 in the loft from my childhood about 3 months ago and been adding to it ever since,... Enjoy :) Choo Choo
  4. LegoEd3000

    Needs some 12v Train connecting rods x460

    That's fantastic JopieK - Thanks for your help. Much appreciated :)
  5. LegoEd3000

    Needs some 12v Train connecting rods x460

    Bricklink just doesn't work on my computer :(
  6. Hi. Any ideas where I can find some 12v wheel connecting rods (pistons) Ideally need 6 for my trains, but any amount would be good. Ebay doesn't seem very fruitful.
  7. Hi. I have a 7730 12v set I have recently rediscovered from childhood. Having recently added lots of track and wagons to the set I'm now looking at adding more trains. Can the 7715 train be converted into 12v by adding a new motor section? Newbie question I know,... but would appreciate any help before I start hunting for old trains. :)
  8. Did this. Tiny bit of solder to the inside and its working as a normal straight. If need be, it can be removed without damaging the original rail. I picked some more of these isolating rails on ebay for a few £s,... so their not that rare.... or maybe I was lucky. Thanks for the help people :)
  9. Great. Thanks. Understand that. :) Now,... I think the lego purist will hate this but I might solder a small wire on the inside of the track to bridge the isolating gab and make the rails usable. 8 straights would be handy to add to my collection and I have no signal lights.
  10. Hi, Reliving my childhood here at 39 after discovering my old 12v lego train. Have loads of track and manual points but also discovered some track I'm not sure what is for? Its the center power rail that carries the 12v. I have 8 bits of straight track with a break in the power line and a black triangle printed on it. Any ideas what this is for please. Thanks Ed :) Now back to play with my train set!