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  1. traintraum

    [MOC] Three freight cars

    I like the second one; the black really much! :D Innovative idea and great look :D But: How stable is it? ;-)
  2. Finally, I found out my mistake :-)
  3. Hi there! First of all best wished for the year 2020! (Yes, I am not writing that regularry there, so I might say, 15 days would be just a slightly bit :D ) Some days ago, I got a nice chance: My grandfather lost one of his lodgers so I got the space building a train layout. The following you're going to see (if you'd just watch the video :D) Credits: S-Bahn Hamburg 9v (MOC) Eusocity (MOC) TEE Trans Europ Express (MOC) NS IC Netherlands (MOC) IC (MOC) Train Station (MOC) Metronom (NOT my MOC) RE Double (Not my MOC) 4/4 train CH (Not my MOC) Car transporter (Not my MOC) ICE3 (lego9vtrainfan, Copy) TGV (lego9vtrainfan, Copy) Eurostar (lego9vtrainfan, Copy) Lego 4558 B-Model engine Lego 7939 Octan 15x Lego 60197 passenger train 2018 Lego 60051 passenger train/ ICE 2014 ... and maybe something more I missed out to list... :-o I hope, you'll enjoy the video! [video][/video] [youtube][/youtube] If you have any ideas what I can improve (further trains, different cutting, other handeling of the camera etc.), I'd like to know! Right, I am currently looking for some more train models I can build, so suggestions would be great! ;-) btw: For most trains I would have several more coaches (Just naming the most impressive Example, the Eurostar: In total, I've 2 engines and 10 coaches - in the video just 4 coaches (and of course the two engines) were used... terrible curves tracks -> the "flat" is still to small for my collection :-o ) Best regards from Germany! Niklas// TrainTraum
  4. Hey everyone, well, my last post seems to be a while ago - time files :-o ... That's about getting older. Nevertheless, within the last months, I did some (silly) things about my trains. For giving you roughly an overview, I did one more time a summarizing video of that stuff. ;-) Even of you first of all may think that it would be a terrible long video, I just put a maximum of 10 seconds per project in that video. Well, sometimes, I've to admit, I dind't filmed that professional. I hope you enjoy some sequences of it - I guess, not everythink is perfect - but I guess, some interesting projects like a tower made of 8000 2x2 bricks, 22 layers of 16 straight and 16 curved tracks each - or an layout with 600 9v straight tracks and some custom trains might be interesting for some of you ;-) And kind of feedback is welcome! Kind regards from Germany Niklas
  5. traintraum

    [MOC] Rheingold TEE Trans Europ Express

    Thank you! :) Well, the train is almost too long it seems. On the other hand one can never have too many coaches. ;) No, the windows are the only parts which are not original from lego. Therefore, I bought the Lepin 21005 (Copy of Emerald) 6 times for less than 40€ each. So on could say, I paid 4€ each window with glass. In addition, I now have a nice collection of fake Emerald Engines. (The original one, too of course. ;) )
  6. Hi everyone, today, I want to share with you my version of the Rheingold trans europ express (TEE). It was one of the frist fast european long-distance trains. Showing the train made of a 9v-motorized BR103 engine and 7 coaches - I will first of all share some pictures: First of ann frond-view from the bridge: A colser look to the end-part; especially to the restaurant coach. Engine and one coach at a platform Clooser look to a regualr coach The doors can be opened In addition, all coaches have some details like a bar in the restaurant coach, seats or luggage in the mail coach - but there a didn't made and photos. Of course, also a video is existing ;-) Maybe there you'll recognize some more details. :) I hope, you enjoyed regarding these imressions. Every kind of feedback is welcome any time. :) Kind regards Niklas
  7. Hey, sorry for my late response (again) :-o The video of my passenger trains, I made four weeks ago. That time, both trains - EC and Rheingold TEE - as also NS EC weren't finished (mostly neither startetd) In general, is was just an impression. Even all the older material, I didn't put on tracks. (12v, 4,5v - blue/ grey). So there are projects I still have to do. ;-) I devided to split the video into two parts - reducing the lenght and to be able also to present a custom train this month... I juess, next MOC, I will just be able to build in October - in meantime, there are also many other things so expensive :-( So, in several days, I guess, I will also present the Rheingold ;-) --- Okay, that way of producing stickers would be quite simple. I guess, even I would be able doing this that way... Hm... I never thaught while regarding the pictures that you just made them that simple way. Okay, knowing the fact, I am able to recognice it a bit. The advice about the different key words searching the EC coaches and linked to that the idea of impoving the stripes is great! ;-) I will remember that - don't know, when I am able doing the change... but some time, sure, it will be done! ;-) Looking forward to mid of July beeing back home again - and to August haveing more time for some train projects! ...even the train station shown in the video is just almost the half of all segments... So there are many trains and tracks needes to be put together in a large layout. Unfortunatelly, I couldn't afford to buy a second camera as my aim was... Never mind... Niklas PS: More pictures of my custom projects are uploades there:
  8. Hello, also next year, I am planning to come! ;-) (Maybe so far for the last time- just due to university I am near that town - in general, I live near Hamburg... I also saw your EC Model :) That's also impresive! Is it still able running on regular tracks? Hm... I think so, too. Often stickers would make models appearing much better. But I have absolutly no experience with doing it... Ah... that's true. I just didn't get that good pictures of all coaches. But I gutess, it would make more sence changing one of the white plates. The red element is defined through the windows - reducing it in height would be a bit difficult, I guess. :) How are you producing your stickers?
  9. Hi everyone, within the last weekends, I built some new custom trains. Tow of them, I am going to show now. First of all a Euricity train of the SBB. This train regularry travels around the Schwitzerland - or even up to Hamburg in Germany. Therefore I build 7 coaches - first and second class, a restaurant and a panorama car. Pictures: Video: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Furthermore I want to present an other MOC - a NS EC (long distance train of the netherlands) My aim was using the slopes available in the store and also the blue windows. Therefore I looked up about matching trains online. This was the result: Of course, also this time, there is existing a video of the train ;-) Last but not least let's share me a last impression so far ... I made a video with most of my passenger trains at a bridge... some of them are quite long, I think. So far so good... I hope, you got some nice impressions/ pictures. If there is any advice what I could improve, I every time look forward hearing that ;-) Ps: If you would swipe a bit within the flickr pictures, you also could notice the Rheingold TEE train - therefore I'll make a new topic later. :)
  10. traintraum

    [MOC] S-Bahn Hamburg presented on a bridge

    Thank you! :) Well, I use the trains also quite regularry. :-) So it seems, we live in the same area.
  11. Hello, after a few days back home (and not at the universitiy) I had the chance completing one more MOC project and also setting a layout for presenting it. That kind of train is the quite slow one which travels mainly in the city and stops on every little train station every 2-5 minutes. Furthermore, in reality, it also rides some bridges and tunnels, so the kind of bridge matches well, I toaught... well now I'd still think about a tunnel :-o Well, I have to admit, that I still haven't made a flickr account - however, in my opinion, the quality of the video material is better than the one of my pictures, so, I hope, you're able of getting the main impressions. As always, and kind of feedback is welcome! Kind regards and best wishes for the new week. Niklas
  12. traintraum

    5-6m train station (simple 8wide platform)

    Thank you!! <3
  13. Hey everyone, today, I'm luckily able presenting you my newest work :-) A modular train station... It's made of about 2600 1x2 bricks and more than 200 8x8 plates (among others). Each unit is 8x40 studs large. I've 20 of them. 4 more will come, till a get enought of the 1x2 bricks. Now, there are 320 studs with a roof - 160 more will come, if I just get enough bricks again. ;-) Even a bridge will be added. Well, now one could question of my ICE with it's 20 parts is too long - or my train station could even still be too short... :-o Well, in that case, even the trains would be too short. At this time ond advice: Only the IC (white) and the n-Wagen with it's red BR218 are my work. (Even thaught there are lots of other MOC trains coming in the next months) :-) Well, one could say, the train sation still would be too small ... 8 wide is really tiny, I guess. :-o So fare some little impressions :-) Kind regards Niklas
  14. traintraum

    My first Lego trains book

    Well ... that's very impressive! ;-o Great models - and a beautyful bachground :)