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Found 11 results

  1. I thought this would be better suited in the Pirate sub-forum, because while although it's Ninjago based, it is supposed to fit in with Hook's ship and my other pirate vessels at my skull island. I also apologize for the lack of uniform background... my photography cloth is sadly not available at the moment. The following story is partially based of the Ninjago TV show and my own imagination, while the model has two cannons, nameplate, mini-figures and pirate flag added to the stock set 71705. The Golden Bounty was an identical sister pirate Junk of the Destiny's Bounty, and was the original flagship of Captain Soto for many years before it was accidentally beached on a reef near Tiger Widow Island and then purposely destroyed (blown up) to avoid the ship being refloated and used by the Imperial Navy of Ninjago. Soto then had an identical ship created by the Djinn Nadakhan, as one of his three wishes. He then double crossed the devious wish-granter, stuffing him into the Teapot of Tyran (the only thing capable of holding a djinn captive) during a pitched sea battle during a storm. He then threw the teapot into the sea inside a locked trunk. (how he did the actual catching of Nadakhan and stuffing him into the teapot remains unknown, as Soto never recorded how he did so, and professed not to remember once revived in the modern day) Once that was done, Nadakhan's crews hid their master's ship (The Misfortune's Keep) in a secret cove, and then turned themselves into authorities to be banished to other realms... all the while panning secret revenge on Soto and Ninjago itself for the imprisonment of Nadakhan. Sato and most of his crew died from exposure shortly thereafter, as they somehow moved his newer ship (the Destiny's Bounty) into a desert far from any water via magical means. Only one crewman remained alive, carrying with him the secrets of Soto's magic in a big thick book... his name was Clouse. some of the crew of Sato's ship (L to R): - Captain Soto, master of the pirate junk "Golden Bounty" - Snake Jaguar, known for his cold, calculating demeanor - Mutt the Mute or "green-eyes", It was later learned he was a non-mute spy for the Imperial Ninjago Navy. - Cyren, known as a very poor singer. Eventually joined Nadakhan's crew as a spy for Sato. - Rodney Dangerbuff, yes, that is really his name. Why do you ask? The ship's name is emblazoned on the stern of the vessel. The ship's indoor steering compartment, and a below decks hold for treasure. The top of the steering compartment come off in two ways: the roof is removable, as is the actual little building that houses the steering equipment. This model sub-section then opens up for easy access to the inside. You can also see Sato's pirate flag in this picture. Well, what do you think of my MOD / the storyline? Comments, questions, and complaints welcome!
  2. Hi all, please find enjoy my latest creation below. This is my interpretation of a Jawa 'Junk Shop' using pieces only available within set 75020 (Jabba's Sail Barge). This design is part of my Tatooine themed building series (labelled TATxx, where the xx increases with each build). This specific build is intended for any Tatooine themed layout, but is built with TAT02 in mind [not available at the time of publishing, but the WIP can be seen in photo below with the steps and figures]. This is one of two planned side builds towards TAT02, the other is a modified cantina bar seen in the same photo. This design is minfigure scale (to a Jawa) and is a random assortment of 'junk' and other bits - from food (infamous blue milk icecream?!), pots and pans and vehicle parts. You will probably find a Sandcrawler nearby delivering new items. As this uses parts only available from 75020, I've included a few 'spare parts' in the parts list (in reddish brown, replacing the six DBG equivalent pieces) for a more aesthetically pleasing model. Note that the photos and rendered photograph do use these spare parts in place of the DGB in the parts list. Note: The sail isn't modelled in the instructions or 3D Studio model so is not included in the photos, but is in the parts list. Please refer to the actual photos for the installation Studio believes there is a collision - in reality the pieces press against one another, but does not cause any physical issues (that I know of), other than part 90258 can detach from the base easily - which may be linked, (or I suspect it is the weight of the sail construction). Printed pieces seen in the TAT02 preview are Firestar Toys custom prints Instructions and Studio files are available here for anyone interested As a side note, this is my first time using Studio and I found it much easier than LDraw, so I plan to revamp my TAT01 file in the next few weeks. Enjoy and feedback/comments welcome!
  3. Location: Rogian Sea Type: Class 5 Junk The WTC had been the first trading company to set up shop in the south, and had a small outpost on Kemblarsi as well. Today, a new ship was heading in to dock. Captained by Madam Dogtooth, the WTC Rising Sun was a Junk originally from the Gerlo Empire. The Junk was mostly unarmed, prefering to defend itself with speed and maneuverability. As port appeared on the horizon, it's precious cargo would soon be unloaded. What was on board could soon change the course of history in the Brick Seas... FIN Thanks for viewing my build. I'm happy with how this one turned out. (It's a substantial improvement over my last Junk for sure! ) This was an interesting build, for sure. I used Mixel joints to make the stern and bow rise above the rest of the hull, and than used some different techniques for the rest of the hull. The sails are from destiny's bounty, of course, and they look nice, especially with the colour scheme. I'm not sure if this is a class 5 or 4, and I'll be happy to downgrade it if the court so requests. C&C appreciated!
  4. Wellesley

    Mini junk

    Hey folks, I post this here mainly because the pirate subforum is the only one I'm really following and as a ship it still fits into the topic. And actually there also were pirates in Asia. I found the two "sails" from the Ewok glider and just had to build a junk with them. So I sat down and tried to build something more stereotypical than accurate, which resulted in following: Hope, you enjoy!
  5. Got a rundown hover bike that just doesn't start? Or how about a space truck that's lost it's hyper speed capabilities? Call Junk-Tron Towing and Salvage and watch that old Lunar Limo disappear at light speed! Our trained and courteous professional tow truck operators can move anything: no engine? faulty Mr. Fusion? blown time rotor? We've seen it all! We also offer flat bed, low-belly, and trans-dimensional towing services as well. If you own it: we can move it! Just call the all zeroes to get in touch with us at Junk-Tron! That's 000-000-000-000, with a galactic code of 000. In reality, this is a color-swapped Smash N Grab (set 5982) with a toned down amount of spikes, minimal weapons, and absolutely no stickers! The rear of the ship features the crane arm and engines. The top of the roof lifts off for placing the pilot at the controls. The pilot of the tow truck is wearing a pressurized space suit with a reflective orange coating to prevent accidents. As usual, comments, questions, complaints, and suggestions are always welcome!
  6. To create this steampunk-like Adventurers vessel, I added six studs of length to the Destiny's Bounty (set 70618), removed the sails, lanterns, flags, plants and assorted details. I then put twin smokestacks on the deck, and dual paddle wheels amidships. I was inspired to do all this by this picture of a prototype of the Destiny's Bounty from the "Making of the Ninjago movie" book. (Pic courtesy of legozeba's Flickr page) The rear of the ship is supposed to feature "Deja Vu 2" in printed 1 x 1 tiles next to the telescope on the balcony. I'm still working on the inside details, which should hopefully have an engine room with boilers to power the paddles. I haven't thought up a backstory for this ship.... yet. (I'm still working on incorporating it into my Adventurers / Monster Fighters / Pharaoh's Quest / Alpha Team shared universe story-wise.) Any thoughts, ideas, criticism, or complaints are welcome, and are helpful in making the ship better, so please, post away!! EDIT 101/10/17: I just added restyled and enclosed ship's bridge with actual windows, plus a new name: Deja Vu 2. I bet you heard it somewhere before...
  7. Previously: Chapter 1 Chapter 2: Sinbad the Pirate Hang The Rules Rescued Shipwright Shipwright's Office Now completed, Sinbad and some of his pirate gang wanted to take the Komodo Dragon on her maiden voyage to test her mettle. They hopped to come across some unsuspecting merchant, but what they found was more than they bargained for. "Steady men!" shouted Sinbad. "Don't let her get too close!" "Man the cannons!" shouted another. "Prepare to fire!" They had come across one of the fabled sea monsters. It reared its ugly head and prepared to strike. Why it had decided to attack them, Sinbad did not know. Maybe it had something to do with all that rum they had drunk the night before...
  8. Out of the far west comes many things foreign to the average Halosian, things that are rarely seen East of the Molokai Empire. However, in recent times, several vessels have made their way to the Brick Seas, seeking part in the riches rumoured to be in New Terra. These vessels are of a curious construction and with rigging which baffles even experienced Halosian sea dogs, being so very different from the typical designs. According to scholars in Belson, this type of vessel is known as a junk, a very diverse classification covering everything from small merchant vessels to large armed privateers. This particular example is of the former, and named "The Dozy Dragon". Its capacious hull holds a large cargo space, and armament has been sacrificed to make room for even more. On its sides, orange gunports are painted to, at least at a distance, give the impression of great firepower. ________________ This is a build that has long been on my shelf (even photographed) - it was fun to experiment with something different, and I quite like how it turned out. However, those sails were a pain to fashion. If I ever return to "junk-building", I will find another technique. She is a class 2T. C&C is, as always, welcome.
  9. Going against Imperial Intelligence's advise proved to fail Lord Tyrus. Boba Fett wasn't on Fondor either. The only other place he might be, Lord Tyrus thought, was where Imperial Intel suggested in the first place: Ord Mantell. Upon landing, Imperial Survey Corps officer, Lord Tyrus, could see a lone figure, walking about a pile of Firespray ship parts. Lord Tyrus walked over to him, but it wasn't Boba. It was a junk dealer. He was holding a droid head, and was looking round the scrap, carefully avoiding the river of slime that flowed through the junk. He told Tyrus that he would take him to his home, where he would ask his mates whether they knew Fett's location. Somehow, Lord Tyrus knew the answer... He had his troops and blaster should it be a trap, but he highly doubted it. The junk dealer would probably say the cogs of his memory needed refuelling, with cash, and the officer was glad he still had a small fortune of fake coins in his pocket from his old life... I would like this judged please.
  10. Show me the stash of stuff that is just sitting around waiting to get finished, disassembled, displayed, organized, etc. Anything that hasn't meet their final resting place yet. I'll start..... Untitled by Pugsly14, on Flickr Untitled by Pugsly14, on Flickr
  11. Grimmbeard

    Chinese Junk

    [pid][/pid] 142A This is my first Moc post on Eurobricks, but it is certainly not my first Moc . This is my newest ship. I built it after watching POTC At World's End, having been inspired by the Junk in the movie. I also wanted to have a try at custom hulls, something I have not tried before. They didn't come out too bad, did they? I'm sorry for the bad quality, this was taken on an IPod. Here is the full ship, with crew on it. Without Crew Gundeck/Midsection Stern area/poop deck Instead of using a steering Wheel, like most ships, I thought a tiller would add more of an Asian and exotic feel, so here is my tiller. It doesn't actually move the rudder, though Bow/Front Area Head on shot. Anchor. Its not the best designed, and probably not very realistic . I could probably make it better, but I like how it comes over the front. Stern shot and Rudder. Here is a little bit of how I did the hulls. Not really sure how much you can get out of it, though . Front small sail. Back Large Sail. Finally, The Crew. Captain First Mate Pirate Pirate Pirate Pirate Pirate and Ship's Monkey And, that's it! I hope you liked it. Any and all Comments and criticism are very welcome