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Found 4 results

  1. Location: New Haven Type: Small Residence (Per the Court's allowance!) GOC Task 13a It was a fine day in New Haven.... But first, some history... The Eslando - Mardierian War of 616 was devastating to the Mardian population of Isla de Medio. As the war came to a bitter close, Corrington landed troops as a refugee effort on the island.... Then Came Count Mesabi, who managed to make the situation worse, and looted the remains of Malto for all it was worth.... The Grey Family endured these hardships, and rejected the Corrish resettlement effort in New Haven. Instead, they moved to Fatu Hiva.... ....The primary target of Count Mesabi in the Second Terraversan War. In the pillaging of the settlement, the Grey's family livelihood once again was lost.... AND THUS, with few other options, they accepted the Corrish resettlement stipend, and moved to New Haven PRESENT DAY: Market Street bustled with activity in New Haven, as local merchants hawked their wares. The Local Waywart stood on this street, of course, selling 2nd tier WTC products for low prices. The Grey family was presently sitting down to dinner. Owen Grey muttered angrily as he finished sealing his envelope of various Corrish application forms. Soon, the Grey family would make their comeback.... FIN Thanks for viewing my build! I had fun with this one, though I admit I am totally reusing basic techniques from my other builds here. I think it still looks good though. Also, I would be metagaming the system a bit here, if I can license this as a residence. I need a residence or artisan for the GoC task, and this is clearly a commercial, so if I can get a thumbs up on making this a residence (People live here, technically!) I would appreciate it. For the GOC approval: @Ayrlego, @Captain Dee, @Bregir, @SilentWolf, @LM71Blackbird, @evancelt C&C appreciated, as always.
  2. After the arrival of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines, and the establishment of the settlement, civilians followed. One of the first of these new arrivals was a mapmaker, naturally. It was a sound business move as the ever-growing Corrish scientific community was eager to have the most accurate and novel maps. In addition, a new settlement is a great place to find work, whether you’re a sailor, farmer, or carpenter. With little shortage of manpower, small shops and dirt streets were established along the coast of the Landing. Furthermore, Annettaskrona must be surveyed for possible foreign troop movements and/or positions. Karlton will be at the forefront of this endeavour, where his marines will penetrate further into the dense and rather muddy jungle. (The SNOT tiles on the front give the appearance that the studs aren’t connected to the plate, an oversight noticed too late) Task 3 for Redcoats Rule, and small artisan in Brickford’s Landing- C&C welcomed (I now see the merits of BrickArms muskets)
  3. Location: Rogian Sea Type: Class 5 Junk The WTC had been the first trading company to set up shop in the south, and had a small outpost on Kemblarsi as well. Today, a new ship was heading in to dock. Captained by Madam Dogtooth, the WTC Rising Sun was a Junk originally from the Gerlo Empire. The Junk was mostly unarmed, prefering to defend itself with speed and maneuverability. As port appeared on the horizon, it's precious cargo would soon be unloaded. What was on board could soon change the course of history in the Brick Seas... FIN Thanks for viewing my build. I'm happy with how this one turned out. (It's a substantial improvement over my last Junk for sure! ) This was an interesting build, for sure. I used Mixel joints to make the stern and bow rise above the rest of the hull, and than used some different techniques for the rest of the hull. The sails are from destiny's bounty, of course, and they look nice, especially with the colour scheme. I'm not sure if this is a class 5 or 4, and I'll be happy to downgrade it if the court so requests. C&C appreciated!
  4. Their offices in Quinnsville had just recently been set up properly, but the WTC had already establish local business opportunities some time ago. The island of Cocovia was known for its fertile grounds, especially for coffee and cocoa, so it seemed natural to claim some new land from the jungle for an agricultural venture. With cocoa already grown on a large plantation nearby, and another one near King's Harbour, it had been decided to go for coffee. Highly profitable, coffee was still yet to be grown in commercial quantities in Corrington - so the WTC might have a first mover advantage on the market! Having... acquired... the necessary seeds from an ETTC research site in King's Harbour, the first coffee trees were growing already, while parts of the plantation were still in the process of being set up. Fighting back the jungle proved to be easier said than done! .. The local WTC Operator was discussing the progress with the plantations foreman: "We need to get this up and running as soon as possible. I promised results to Mr. Mordo, and I do not plan to disappoint him." "But sir, I need more men. The conditions here are tough, and even then the trees only grow so fast. It will take time, no matter what." "I guess. Still, hasten your efforts. The sooner we can sell overpriced coffee to gullible minifigs, the better." "Will do, sir. By the way, what is it with all the gold?" "We are a royal trade company after all! It also helps with moving our income around. For tax purposes, you know. The last thing we want is to pay the Crown..." ================================= Licensed as a medium plantation in Quinnsville. A wide shot of the full build: One more aerial view: Since this is for the GoC-initiative, a shoutout to @Ayrlego, @Bregir, @Captain Dee and @SilentWolf. If possible I would really appreciate a quick response if this build is fine, since it takes quite a bit of room, and I fear our cats might soon find it... interesting. I was unable to pick coffee as a category when licensing this, which I found very odd (I picked "Tropical Fruit" instead, which coffee technical is). An oversight in the licensing form? This also might call for an update of the island bonus list. As always, C&C are appreciated, thanks for watching!