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  1. azzer86

    Updating Your Minifigs

    You were both right... I've made two more Firestar Toys purchases. Probably simple mods everyone else who uses them have already done. Inferno squad & Y-wing arm updates (although i'm not sure if the Mon-Calamari should have them?). Plus I'm surprised how good the DGB imperial troops look with the boots & admiral figures. Apologies for the poor lighting/quality, my proper camera wasn't available. Whilst I have a large number of figures, I don't have 'large' army's, so 5 arms & legs at a time is usually an easier cost to swallow. (My Clone and Stormtrooper armies are around 30-40 in size). (I also bought the Dr Evazan figure and a few of their custom posters which will feature in my next Tatooine MOC building(s) which is in-progress...)
  2. azzer86

    Building Episode IV in LEGO

    Great work! Love how you've mixed up the scale of things. This must take ages to perfect! One of my favourites is the destruction of alderaan.
  3. Exactly what I did with the falcon thanks to the efferman stand (and a spare windowsill the company that did our kitchen let me have when they ordered the wrong length) Looking forward to see what the star destroyer looks like. Barely bought much Lego SW this year as I've not been too inspired by the new sets. I think the issue for me will be display-ability/space, hence why I haven't yet bought last year's CC yet (and not seen a good discount to make me buy it).
  4. Images of the rumoured October sets have leaked on IG (No idea why my phone won't delete quote boxes from the message forums if I accidentally click quote)
  5. Hi all - just an update. Instructions are now available here: I'll offer a 25% coupon to any Eurobricks members if you wish to purchase these - just send me a message and I'll get back to you. (End date for coupon is 30-Nov-19) (Original post now hidden by spoiler and main text/photo replaced with final version) Thanks for looking!
  6. azzer86

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I know I'll succumb to its inevitable grasp. I just need to pace myself and watch my bank account haha On the plus side, buying the new clone arms replaced a few damaged arms from second hand sets/purchases
  7. azzer86

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    I used @Lock method and went for 5 studs in the middle as he suggests. It made connecting it all up a lot better and easier. My photos are a few pages back (with lights included)
  8. azzer86

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I know... Especially when I fill just over 2 of the Xmas celebration chocolate tubs with just SW minifigs... Luckily I found a 10% off voucher and convinced (or rather kidded) myself into only going for certain themed ones, like clones and individual "one-offs" like greedo and in the future, inferno squad (when I buy the BP) for now...
  9. azzer86

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Well I finally took the plunge and made my first Firestar toys purchase. I have decided to update my clone trooper arm prints (and the official printed legs) as a trial. I went for the 4 ranked variants (blue, red, yellow & green) plus some of my other troopers like Gree, pilots etc. I'm quite impressed by the quality. I have enough arms for about half my army now, but the legs are a bit too expensive at the minute... Plus, now I've started, I'd now like arms for the Geonosis, Kashyyyk and other troopers I own... :) [I also purchased the Finn blood stained helmet which is great, and the Greedo arms which makes a big difference] See before and after photos below - apologies for mobile phone quality pictures: [Before] [After]
  10. More images of the Advent calendar has leaked. Looks like the gonk droid is brick built with no printed parts.
  11. Thank you both for the praise I assumed there was a translator for it somewhere, I do like the sticker being used here, even if it is not strictly accurate. ------------------- General update: LDCad model is finished and I'm in the process of making the instructions - new photos added to original post. I'm also trying to work out a few issues with uploading to BrickLink ("Error mapping LDraw item"), but that's a separate post, unless someone can PM me with some support? Anyway, I hope to get these finished soon, so I can start on the next Tatooine building! The dark orange 'optional second' door won't use the pieces I intended as 2877 doesn't come in this colour... I've also included what I've nicknamed 'Creature mounting ring' - I've seen these in the background of SWBF2 game and I assume it is to tie up a Dewback, Bantha or some other large creature. See original post for photo/screenshot. Enjoy
  12. azzer86

    MOC: Cloud City

    Great work. Like the willrow hood 'easter egg'
  13. azzer86

    Finch Posting

    Apologies for the post bump but I'm adding my recent experience on this. I purchased the bomber in the May 4th promo for £60 (40% off). Lego must have had some spares sets laying around ready for the promo. Anyway it arrived yesterday and didn't have Finch on the box art. On the Lego customer service chat, I explained the online instructions had a different figure on Lego's website and listed the 2 parts. He asked if I was after 'the Finch dallow minifig update'. After a few questions I provided the instructions '6xxx' number on the back and a 4 digit code on the box seal. Apparently they wanted these numbers to confirm if this set was eligible (I guess to check the instructions 'code' hadn't already been used). He confirmed there were 'in stock and ready' so I'm guessing more parts are now printed ready to ship if anyone enquires with the right information to hand (i.e. instruction and seal code) I cannot confirm for all regions, but this was in the UK (so possibly extends to Europe too as sometimes replacement parts have an airmail sticker on in past experiences). The head and helmet shipped today so should arrive in the next few days.
  14. It does seem strange but my guess is that the guard is more recognisable. Honestly I had no idea what cloud car pilots looked like until I saw the leaked figure last year for CC set and then I researched it from the film.
  15. I ordered the Tantive IV and the resistance bomber 75188 (£60). Hopefully it'll have Finch in :) I actually used some VIP points as I didn't realise how much I'd accrued and wanted the Tant-IV cheaper. The bomber was spontaneous... Note - Smyth's (and Amazon) have cloud city for £240 and some UCS sets with discounts for UK fans