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  1. azzer86

    Motorized AT-TE free instructions

    Speechless. Fantastic build! You now have yourself another new follower
  2. azzer86

    Christmas on Tatooine

    Hi all, I made the following video for my LUG - a Christmas advent calendar, where members created a short Christmas video and one was revealed each day in December. I was day 9 - so a little late posting it on here. Enjoy Christmas on Tatooine (featuring my builds, TAT01, TAT02 and TAT03 on Rebrickable). [media][/media] Merry Brickmas!
  3. azzer86

    Exclusives in the UK and availability

    I saw I-TS transport on John Lewis website yesterday with an exclusive tag. Tie fighter pilot helmet I got from Argos. Not sure I've seen it elsewhere other than Amazon (which could be a reseller) Razor crest I think is Amazon exclusive. Hope I've helped :)
  4. No problem. I was on the fence about the helmets but couldn't say no to that price. I was going to pick mine up Wednesday on my day off but that's the first day shops reopen so will be avoiding the retail park just in case it's chaos...
  5. Tie fighter pilot helmet. £37 from Argos in a black Friday offer
  6. azzer86

    [MOD] The Child get airsick

    Ha! Nice, I like it.
  7. azzer86

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Thanks. Yeah, someone already pointed it out to me on firestartoys' Instagram post advertising it, but good point raising the suggestion to everyone else who might be interested ? Still not ordered my cantina yet, maybe next year! Then I'll order the arms
  8. It's available in the UK also and the offer started today rather than the 1st Nov, so I'd have thought it would also be available in Europe.
  9. Nice diorama! Like some of the greenling work/detail in different areas of the set. I may have to borrow some of those ideas to my display
  10. azzer86

    75290 Mos Eisley Cantina

    Thanks all for the advice. Unfortunately I don't have the cash at the moment to buy two new sets. As @Mandalorianknight says, I don't want the effort of selling figures individually. I still have two sets to sell that have been sat ready for 6 months but still haven't gotten around to it... @NerdYoda I too have a mini diorama (See here for my builds) so was hoping to expand it with a cheap set and get another 2-3 buildings mixed with my spare parts, with the complete set coming some time next year.
  11. azzer86

    75290 Mos Eisley Cantina

    I was thinking of buying two, one complete with figs and a second to part out to make other buildings, hence why I was debating buying the set without figs from eBay to save me money. So you're advising to buy two full sets and sell the figs of one?
  12. azzer86

    75290 Mos Eisley Cantina

    A few sellers on eBay have the cantina and side buildings for sale (new) for £150. Obviously no vehicles, figs or dewback. What are people's thoughts on buying that, to make additional buildings for a bigger display? I do plan to pick up a set with figures at some point, but think this is a cheap way to add maybe 4-5 small buildings to a display?
  13. azzer86

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Ah yes, didn't think of those! I was thinking they had different printing on, but that's the other orange (pilot) arms, not the snow speeder. Thanks
  14. azzer86

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Anyone think these would work with the new Ponda minifigure? Or is it the wrong shade of orange? I don't own and resistance figures to check
  15. Some people have been unable to get hold of the set. I'm just informing those that would like a copy it was back in stock. I managed to pick up the red a-wing pilot polybag years ago from the Lego store. From a different shop I got several shore troopers and the brown R2 (I've forgotten the specific version, the trans coloured head in rogue one) polybags.