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  1. Thursday - 4 scarif trooper polybags £2 each (the entertainer shop) and the droid polybag also £2. Yesterday I pulled the trigger and ordered the Luke/Yoda and Leia brickheads and clone battle pack (plus other bits for £50 free shipping) for the black VIP promo set. Shame boba was sold out, he's the best one by far! Also took advantage of the lego £5 PayPal offer I activated last month. Think it expires soon.
  2. My son is 2 and can already name Vader and Yoda through exposure of toys and merch etc. Anything he recognises as Lego and he says Star wars straight away :) influencing him from a young age as most of my Lego is SW. Anyway I'd have to consider the juniour sets for him. He builds 'Thunderbirds', bridges and tree houses etc with his duplo and can take apart and rebuild minifigs no problem (under supervision with the small parts of course). One weekend I exposed him to a small Lego car/helicopter set and it kept him busy for 5 hours! The main issue is the cost. Lately Lego's UK prices have made no sense when compared with USD or EUR prices. The minifigs may end up in my collection as he's more interested in the ships On the other 2019 sets the death star and iden packs are must for me :)
  3. azzer86


    Brilliant work! It made me smile. This - plus the electro shocker the joker has in the video games? Similar to the shocker/cattleprod R2 already has :)
  4. I think it looks very similar to the advent calendar one a couple of years ago. Anyway, great scene. Really like the naboo build, super star destroyer and death star :)
  5. azzer86

    [MOC] Desk-Scale Star Wars fleet

    Great work, these are amazing! The instructions interest me too, especially the Venator.
  6. azzer86

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    I used your engine mod (after a couple of minor amendments) and reattached the engine grille. As you can see on the first photo, I've also rotated the vents on top to point forward and opened up the back right (pretty much a mirror image of the left hand opening)
  7. azzer86

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    Mine is still going strong 6+ months on. Moved it from a work surface to a carefully and purposefully installed shelf (I had to install it 1" away from wall to ensure the stand had full coverage). During the move most of the handling was using the stand than lifting the falcon. It is well designed. My lights are a battery powered source. You can see it on the bottom right of the photo. I've kept it external due to the height.
  8. azzer86

    [MOC] Sentinel loader shuttle variant

    Impressive, most impressive. How much of the original 75094 shuttle did you use? I can see the nose, fin and wings but wondered about the internal structure and other bits. I too am interested in a model file or instructions. I think it's one of the few I could build without buying too many extra pieces (although is there such a thing as too much Lego? )
  9. azzer86

    Trench Run MOC to Display Minifig Scale Ships

    Its taken a little longer than planned but I built these ideas last week. Only just got round to uploading to bricksafe. Feel free to use these ideas as you see fit. I haven't made LDD files but I can if it is easier? My phone camera + dark room hasn't some of the photos unfortunately. First photos are two variants. A mixture of 1x2 and 1x3 slopes and different detailed greebling. I thought a couple of these in a line or mirror imaged would look cool. Second one is a rotating mini gun turret. Didn't quite have the right colours available at the time, but you get the idea.
  10. Thanks for the tip. Wasn't fussed about this set at £90 and an easy pass, but at £54 seems a steal. Convinced my wife to get me the x-wing now and store it for my birthday. Will sit nicely next to the a-wing I got from prime a few months back for £26. Just missing a y-wing now.....
  11. azzer86

    Trench Run MOC to Display Minifig Scale Ships

    Ok cool. I'll have a go. Do you have any requirements? E.g. Max height, no studs showing? Etc
  12. azzer86

    Trench Run MOC to Display Minifig Scale Ships

    This is very impressive so far and I look forward to seeing pictures of it complete. Are you after 'community input' for greebling designs? I've not done much before but would like to learn. Therefore, if you are after suggestions (or ideas), I could try my hand at a couple of 6x6 squares which you could potentially add to the model?
  13. 75034, 75133 and 75134 for £9 each (used). I was only after 75133 but the seller had the others too so I've added more troops to my armies :)
  14. After several more viewings of the official images (and using a pc monitor rather than a mobile screen) the set has grown on me. Still not £300 worth day 1 purchase to me, but would pick up at some point (x2 points weekend or may 4th promo maybe). I'm contemplating using the 10188 death star top half as an outer shell and designing something myself in the mean time using the official model as inspiration.
  15. Jabba with slave Leia in the style of the blocky method used in the UCS Yoda/R2/BB-8/Maul bust