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  1. If this Cantina set is true then... :D I can imagine Lego doing something along the MBS series - assuming that's still a thing, like hoth/cloud city with the main Cantina building and smaller side builds like the falcon/jabba scene, maybe a dewback or bantha, a landspeeder etc. More excited for different aliens minifigs though.
  2. Thanks I do enjoy setting up some scenes for the photos. Some I'd decided early on in the design, whereas the handcuffs on Dr evazan was a last minute decision. It was announced last night as the MOC Monday (a weekly post) in the LUG I'm part of.
  3. Thanks :) Look forward to seeing your Tatooine build when it's ready
  4. Couple of second hand purchases: Poe's X-wing 75273 (£40 plus p&p) and the Sith Tie Fighter 75272 (£44 inc p&p). All the minifigures were included too, so really happy with the prices, as I refused to pay full price for them.
  5. Hi all - I’d like to present to you my second interpretation of a Tatooine themed MOC building. It is the first of several planned builds I have for this 'theme'. I plan to label these as TATxx where xx increases with each build. It is based on background buildings seen in Episodes I and IV, whilst also drawing on the buildings in the SW BF2 game with my own spin/interpretation of it – i.e. what I think looks aesthetically pleasing and fits into the Tatooine 'world'. It could also easily feature in a Mandalorian background scene set on Tatooine. It contains two detachable roofs which allow for the empty interior to be filled as desired. The interior of both buildings are empty - mainly left up to your own interpretation, but I’ve previously created a Cantina bar which pops inside the second building and I've created this room as a Twi'lek "dance club" which might have pleased Jabba... The left room is a bounty hunter's hideout with a Boba presenting his prized catch to the other hunters. An additional suggestion is in the unused top area of the second building. Another of my builds (Jawa Junk Shop) is designed to fit into this area nicely, adding a shop to the area. The building really 'comes alive' when figures and details outside give it a richer experience. All posters/custom arm & minifig prints are from FireStar Toys. The Bantha is designed and by @BaronSat and the other vehicles are official Lego models. Any comments are welcome and please leave a message/query if you spot an error within the instructions. I shall try my best to quickly correct it. The instructions and other details are available here: More photos are available here: To anyone who missed the post on TAT01, it is located here: TAT01 and TAT02 together Thanks for looking :)
  6. IG suggests that the stormtrooper will be in an upcoming Lego SW magazine polybag/free gift for August. If you're on the fence or don't own the new helmet (like myself) it might be a cheap way to pick one up and see how you feel about it in person rather than from pictures?
  7. To those who know, was the previous UCS shuttle minifig scale or enlarged like most of the other ships? I own the smaller one from a few years ago, but if the UCS is to scale with slave 1 and MF UCS then I'd be more likely to get it (if rumours are true). I'd be slightly disappointed whatever the 2HY set is if it's not a MBS, I expected one every couple of years the way cloud city was announced with that branding.
  8. I like the Night Buzzard. I'll get the AAT for the figures (the previous release of the vehicle looks better). Still not sure on the advent calendar. Nice to see they've thrown a couple of surprises in, something not rumoured. Can't really comment on the rest as they aren't sets I'll pick up.
  9. azzer86

    [MOC] Droideka

    I like it. I'd like to build a couple when I get around to a clone wars MOC, so a parts list etc would be great From memory, in SWBF2, they're about 2m tall, so would be larger than a minifig and a person of average height. Happy to be corrected.
  10. Smyth's in the UK also have the AT-AT listed for £140 as a pre-order. No exact date other than "between 1st and 7th August"
  11. That's an incredible deal, how'd you get it? It was a flash Amazon UK sale. Didn't stay that price for long... It sold out within a few hours. As I had no interest in the anniversary Leia figure, I sold it on and "reduced" the cost of that set to me even more.
  12. Thanks for the info. Might be money saved for me if it's the same here. The GWP doesn't interest me, but can't really justify the full price with SW sets anymore unless it's a UCS or a "must have". The at-pt and slave 1 are sold out in the UK - maybe that's a marker for the sale tomorrow (reserving stock?). Could be wrong. I got slave 1 last year at 40% off so that's one less to buy.
  13. On my list to get if it's on a good discount. It's been in my Amazon watch list for over a year and not had the 40% off you sometimes get. Rarely seen it below £60. Also plan on sith tie and Poe xwing, but doubt they'll be discounted this year.
  14. Are there any rumours on which sets are on sale during the May 4th promo? Particularly the ROS wave. I seem to recall previous years did a daily set at heavy discount and others more general. One year even had a leaked list of discounted sets? (I could be getting this mixed up with previous Black Friday events)