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  1. Smyth's (UK) have the AT-TE up for pre-order online.
  2. It was £25 yesterday and £30 today on the Lego UK shop. Smyth's still have it listed as £25.
  3. The Disney shop has it listed (but currently out of stock). Not been in a physical Disney shop in years so no idea if they stock Lego.
  4. I managed somehow to get the new boba fett palace (75326) for £55 on Amazon!. A third party seller had it listed for that, I gambled and it arrived sealed brand new. Looking on their selling page it could have been an accident as the Luke helmet was listed as £90 at the time. Maybe they got them mixed up. Oh well, I'm happy with the 40% off. I'm two bags in and failing to see the £90rrp price tag so far. I was willing to wait for £70 or under anyway from elsewhere, but there we go (Makes up for the £320 I paid for the Gunship when zavvi has it for £270 a month after I got it).
  5. azzer86

    Mos Eisley Cantina (75290) minifigure expansion!

    Nice effort! I've made some background cantina characters too (I just never got around to sharing them in the other custom figure thread ). For the Tonnika sisters I used poison ivy face (hela? From the third Thor movie would also work but the figure is expensive) and Catwoman face. I think I used long black hair from one of the HP figs, but this approach looks good too. I'll try and get around to posting mine at some point. Look forward to seeing more creations and I might just borrow a couple (like Lak and Rycar)
  6. For the UK folks, the Lego SW magazine with the snow trooper is now available. Spotted in Tesco today.
  7. I noticed that too. The Star Destroyer is down, Yoda up in price. Plus a few adjustments like the Mando Forge reduced like £3, Razorcrest down £5 etc.
  8. Put my money where my vote was and got the gunship. Now to find somewhere to put it...
  9. azzer86

    Issue with UCS AT-AT!!!

    Out of curiosity, what do people do with string and tying knots etc (Sandcrawler crane and Death Star lift). Do you cut the string to fully dissemble it by somehow untying the tiny knots? (Or am I doing it wrong) I usually dismantle as much as I can and leave the minimal affected pieces still built - shrug my shoulders and forget about it. Sounds like a similar thing?
  10. 3 x 501st clone set. Down to £16.50 on Amazon UK* (Sorry to those in Aus, where this set seems so rare. I did see how much shipping would be to help anyone out and it's probably not worth the price compared to the resellers/scalpers over there.) *Also available from John Lewis for the same price if you don't want to support Amazon
  11. Still available in the UK with Luke's lightsaber and they've increased the number of maximum set purchases from 1 to 2.
  12. Wow! Stunning model and great work, attention to detail and explaining your creative journey. Fantastic photos too, the one at feet level looking up - my favourite.
  13. I think he was in an advent calendar? I'm sure I used the AC version and added it to the skiff scene I'd made, so around the time that model came out. Otherwise yeah I think it's the expensive duels and death Star sets.
  14. The first instance I can see is a picture of the last version and part of the description "here's hoping to a new jabba palace". Key word being "hoping" Most likely the others saw this as a leak and that's how the rumours start.
  15. My guess is £15-18 range. Although I've always thought UK prices have always been hit and miss since Brexit. Could be just me.