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Found 11 results

  1. DISCORD: 2018 Note: Unsurprisingly, there have been a few minor changes since 2014 - RA 2014 Note: Since it has been mentioned various times that Guilds of Historica is "hard to understand as a new builder" I thought I would revamp this a little. I originally wrote it before I was one of the guild leaders, and it is still unfinished, but any comments on things to add would be appreciated. 2013 Note: Since this has been mentioned countless times in the last two weeks, I started it. It is not finished, I just wanted to get the basics up. Please feel free to comment critique, and to add to it. I will try to keep it regularly updated. Guilds of Historica New Member Guide Hello fellow adventurer, it looks like you have decided to move to the land of Historica to join us in our quest to flesh out one of the greatest Lego stories ever told. I have prepared this guide to help “ease” you into the guilds project. Perhaps the first question we should answer is “What is the Guilds of Historica?” The simple answer is that it is a building community on Eurobricks that is open to all who wish to join. We tell stories about a land called Historica which currently has five guilds. Each member joins a guild, and builds to win points (Gold Darics) for their guild and to better their building skills. At any given time of the year there may be one or more building challenges that a builder may win recognition and sometimes prizes for themselves. The current official description by ZCerberus is: “The Guilds are a Castle MOCers paradise where builders can connect with other castle fans to build in a connected world of five distinct Guilds, each with their own territory, history, and geography. The world grows as builders compete in challenges to win prizes, enhance their building skills and progress the official lore of Historica. Guilds score gold by competing in challenges and by "free building" in their own guild to grow their world.” Table of Contents 1.0 Choosing a faction 1.1 Choosing a Signature Figure 1.2 Common starting questions 2.0 General Guilds of Historica Guidelines 2.1 Where are we now? 3.0 Some links to important Guilds of Historica information. 1.0 Choosing a Faction The first thing a new builder needs to do is choose a faction. Currently four of the five guilds are open to members. Avalonia – A land of that reminds us of Arthurian legend and classic European medieval style. Kaliphlin – A land where desert culture has become king, but also one of the more diverse styled guilds ranging from Mediterranean to Middle Eastern, and from the Far East to pre-Columbian American. Mitgardia – The northern guild, which is more akin to Norse tradition along with some of the other northeastern European styles. Varlyrio - the western island guild, similar to the Mediterranean on the east, dry wasteland in the west, the Venetian capital is closer to Renaissance in feel then the rest of the Guilds. CLOSED GUILDS - While members can still build here, new members can no longer join this Guild, and it is no longer included in challenge participation. Nocturnus – A guild of pure and dark fantasy for the most part, but elements of each of the guilds in its own twisted style. As a new builder you should decide to join the guild which you feel the most akin to. Are you looking to step outside of your building comfort zone? Are you looking to stay within the bounds of your own collection? These are all questions you might want to ask yourself. For example, conventionally, you may need a lot of tan pieces to build in Kaliphlin, you may need a lot of white pieces to build in Mitgardia, or a lot foliage to build in Avalonia. (There is no rule that says you need any of this, but there is a common consensus that these elements make it easier). If you think your lack of a certain type of piece will slow you down, maybe another guild is right for you. I personally would suggest joining the guild that most interests you and to start building your collection in that direction. Others will suggest the opposite. Varlyrio is the newest Guild, first opened to members in mid-2018 1.1 Choosing a Signature Figure After choosing a guild, it is time to choose your signature figure. This figure represents you in the builds that you will be making and in the builds of others (with your permission, of course). You will need to introduce your signature figure in a post in the homepage thread of your chosen guild. Most members post a backstory to their “sig fig” in their initial post. This can really be anything, that is the beauty of the Guilds of Historica – although there is some “cannon” history, it is open enough that whatever you make can stand. IF you want to be an ex-slave looking for a new life, you can. If you want to be a high lord of Avalonia, you can! If you want to be a peaceful farmer, you can! Please remember that your signature figure doesn’t have to appear in your builds, but you do need to have one for scoring purposes. (It is also good to have an “In Character” voice to speak with.) 1.2 Common starting questions: Can I have more than one character? Yes! Although one should be your sig fig, and your main character, you can have as many other characters as you wish. The world needs populated after all! Can I join Nocturnus? No, Nocturnus is no longer available to new builders. That guild is available for anyone to build in, but it does not have an open membership. This Guild is no longer included in the active Challenge and Build system of Book III. Can I be a wizard, mage, witch, omnipotent death god? Well, errr…. Yes? You have to remember since this is a community, it might be hard to get everyone on board with a superhuman being that could “consume the Avalonians with fireballs from his eyes, and bolts of lightning from his bum.” ~ Victor Revolword. Which guild is the best to join? They are all the best! Pick whichever you have the most interest in. What kind of challenges are there? 1) Overarching story line challenges are: civil war in all the guilds in turn which give you a couple of months to build. 2) "Mini challenges" set as a contest within your guild in between the civil war challenges, with lower stakes (?) And typically shorter deadlines, such as the Sultan's Gate community build. 3) Ongoing skills development challenges like the ages of Mitgardia or the Albion community build. These are basically open ended and which are measured by your own progress rather than in competition with other builders. Participation in any of these is entirely optional and up to you. Some people do all of them, some do one only, some do one and skip a few and then do another. I am lost, there is so much history to learn! There is already a lot of history, but the Wiki along with our very helpful membership base is willing to help you out along the way. Also, as I said before, there is so much Historica, if you just start creating, it is unlikely you will come into conflict with other storylines. Lastly, there is always some good bedtime reading buried in the many threads of the forum. Wow, I want to get into GoH, but I would like to learn more, where can I go? I am glad you asked, here are some helpful links: Some people here have a shield tag with the colors of their guild. What do you have to do to get such a tag? Those builders participated in Book I challenges. We are currently in Book II, but those who participate in these challenges should also have a chance to earn a special shield. The Historica City Guide The GoH Wiki(not a Eurobricks link) Nice Marmot's map-making guide A good post by Gabe on how to get your small collection to a more useful collection when just starting off with GOH Some fun, ongoing projects that you can join right away! The University of Petraea's Doctorate of Historica Program University Tracking Thread Age of Mitgardia List of Historican Settlements Current Gold Standings for the Guilds (As of Bk. III Ch. III FB Period 3 8-4-2019): Avalonia: 678 gold Mitgardia: 501 gold Varlyrio: 409 gold Kaliphlin: 331 gold
  2. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] The Tower of Roligsfrakk

    It loomed in the distance, rising high above the trees. A silent sentinel keeping watch over the surrounding wilderness. My heart raced with anticipation as the faded banner flapped in the whispering breeze. There was no mistake. I was in the right place. But as I drew nearer, dread crept up my spine. Hand locked in the pommel of my sword, I approached cautiously. My throat tightened with every step. My chest burst with foreboding, for inside was the answer I pursued. The man I followed all along. And by the gods, I would not let him escape this time. As I climbed the creaking stairs, frail and unstable, the air grew thick with the stillness of a forgotten time. I heard the whispers within the shadows. Mocking, doubting. My grip stiffened when at last I reached the top. Shafts of sunlight filtered through the narrow windows. Dust and cobwebs hung heavy in the air. And the silence... was deafening. I scanned the room for any sign of life. But the place was hollow. Dead. Except... Over a small wooden table, exhausted by time, lay a curled piece of paper, coiled in a scroll. The parchment crackled softly in my unsteady hands. The scroll unrolled to review the writings that only I could recognize. I... See... You. I heard the whispers within the shadows. The probing eyes upon me. Mocking. Doubting still. _____ Louis of Nutwood Hope you all like it. Comments and feedback are welcome.
  3. Previously... The Architect's Ascension: Part IV Arama sprinted through the windy passages, narrow alleys, and cobbled streets of vast Illaryian. Then she jumped onto a roof and caught sight of Ristoro hurrying through the thoroughfare far ahead. She rushed on across the roofs, leaping the gaps, landing with only a soft thud, her cloak floating out behind her. Arama rushed on across the roofs, leaping the gaps, landing with only a soft thud, her cloak floating out behind her. Suddenly Ristoro heard something above him. He looked up and he saw a shadow watching him coolly from the roofs far above. Now he was even more afraid of the ragazza who had followed him so quickly and found him without erring far in the depths of the greatest city in the realm. He looked up and he saw a shadow watching him coolly from the roofs far above. He couldn’t outrun her, and he knew he didn’t stand a chance in a fight—he didn’t want to kill her anyway! What could he do? There was a bridge. At least Ristoro knew how to swim! He threw off his sword and sprung over the side, landing in the canal below with a splash. Arama knew the canals like the back of her hand. With one deep breath she plunged off the rooftop, tucking her dagger in her sleeve. The canal here was deep and narrow. Arama landed on the other side of the bridge, pitching far below the depths of the water. She spread out her arms to slow her fall. In another second Arama had Ristoro’s doublet in her hand. She lifted him up against the wall on the side of the canal, but she had to let him go to get a breath of air. Ristoro scrambled up onto the cobblestones, but now he was in a cortile with only one entrance, where Arama De Cioto now stood. Ristoro Moccenigo shook in an almost unreasonable fear. Now he was in a cortile with only one entrance, where Arama De Cioto now stood. “Cieli! Just get it over with!” he screamed, petrified. "Just get it over with!" Ristoro screamed. “Stolto, does it look like I have a blade in my hand?” Arama answered with affected dryness, showing her outstretched and empty palms to him. “Così,” Ristoro started nervously. “You aren’t here to seppellire a blade in me?” “No,” she said sweetly. “I just want you to talk. Why didn’t you answer the question Luca asked you?” “You want to kill my fratello and not me?” Ristoro asked, unable to swallow his saliva. For reply, Arama’s eyes glittered. “It’s no use, there’s no point! Ilazio already told the De Fioris that–” “I know,” Arama said, a perturbed glimmer passing across her face. She hadn’t really known that. So it really was too late. She grit her teeth. They just had to ride it out. It sounded like a very dangerous storm. It was time to be brash and reckless. “Vedo, you probably know what Ilazio wants to do,” Ristoro said in a very low voice. “He’ll kill you and il nostro caro Rego!” he warned. “Let him do it,” Arama replied brazenly. “If he kills me it wouldn't matter. But he can’t prove anything he says.” “You, like Signore di Carlo, underestimate mio brother. I’ve seen his plans and correspondences, De Cioto!” “It doesn’t matter what he knows,” Arama smiled thoughtfully, “it matters what he can show, what he can get people to believe. It's not the first time he’s spread false rumors. He would never live another day if he assassinated the Rego.” Arama looked defiantly at the waters of the canal behind her. “Then, I believe,” Ristoro answered, “he will kill you.” A sharp hiss echoed throughout il cortile. Both Ristoro and Arama were caught off guard. They both paused, without further discussion, each searching the dim backstreet courtyard for signs of any intruder. Arama let her knife slip down into her palm again. Then all of a sudden, a shadowy figure, contrasted by a drawn sword with golden hilt engravings, leapt from a window in the stone building behind them, landing beside Ristoro who immediately began to back away. A shadowy figure, contrasted by a drawn sword with golden hilt engravings, leapt from a window in the stone building behind them. The shadowy figure pushed back his hood. Ilazio Moccenigo had heard every last word. .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. “Buona serata,” I greeted gruffly, my sword pointed at the two traitors. One had succeeded before in obstructing my plans, but questa notte, I would ensure that they both failed. I began moving towards them, then stopped as I saw a flash of metal. Arama drew a hidden dagger from within her clothes. “Certo, buona serata!” Arama had drawn a hidden dagger from within her clothes, but she didn’t stand a chance against my long, sharp blade. Then, when Ristoro tossed her his sword from the bridge where he had left it, although she caught it deftly in the air with her other hand, I could tell that she was more accustomed to fighting come una assassina rather than a proper duelist. Ristoro tossed her his sword from the bridge where he had left it. Her arms seemed to be shaking slightly, and her footwork was like a tigress ready to pounce upon her foe from behind, not from ahead. But she was light and agile, and playing right into her strengths, Arama ran for it, quickly scaling the walls of il cortile until she reached the roof above. In return, I gave chase. She was light and agile. I could hear Arama’s breath from above me as she silenziosamente prepared to leap across to the nearest roof. She would never make it. “Don’t!” I yelled from the roof below her feet which I was quickly pulling myself up onto. “What do you care if I do?” Arama murmured in reply, but before she got a chance to, I grabbed one of her moving feet, rolling onto the roof beside her. Arama was about to jump to the other side of the street. Arama threw herself down beside me and I spun out of the way just in time. I felt her knife sound against the terracotta altana as it dug deep into the spot where my chest had been a moment before. Her dagger was stuck there now. Arama swept her feet at me as I leapt up and took a better stance upon the roof, but she was too far away. She had to hold up her sword to me. I had the advantage now, but I was still waiting for something unexpected. So far, only I have delivered soprese. Arama stood on the defensive, frustration written on her visage. But I wouldn’t commit. “You want me dead,” I smiled at her eagerly, “not the other way around.” “I wanted to get out of here,” Arama whispered sulkily, pulling her mask below her mouth to breathe, “you wouldn’t let me get away. So if you don’t want me dead, climb down, or let me jump.” “Letting you make that jump? Not if I don’t want you dead. But maybe I do, so go ahead.” Arama made a gesture. “But I’m not putting away my sword. Do you think I am some stolto like my brother, to just let you kill me?” Arama laughed. “Tell me again why you’re mad at me?” she asked. “You killed my father,” I hissed, “and your Rego will pay, just like you, stupida girl. You think life is nothing? You take your own and others pretty carelessly.” “Don’t become careless with yours,” the girl replied, sweeping at me at last with the edge of her sword. Our blades met with my parry and swift counterstrike. Before Arama could recover, I struck out again, the force behind my blade driving her back along the steep roofline. We drove quietly back and forth at each other, our swords ringing through the otherwise silent night. With efficiency, I contrived to drive her back with each of our moves, using forces similar to those which balanced a crane in my father’s constructions to turn everything to my advantage. Arama’s strikes became more wild and her defense mere seconds from la morte. She was still smiling though. Infine! There was a gap, a risky manovra with ricche ricompense. I lunged, hoping my feet would not slip on a loose tile, my glittering sword striking true. Time seemed to slow. A shuddered breath escaped the lips of mia avversaria. I did not wait to see my vittoria. Quickly, I retracted my blade and swung, using shear impact to dislodge the sword from her clammy hands. Then I mercilessly shoved her off the narrow roofline while she looked down at the ever growing blood stains on her fancy clothes. My sword had gone through the chainmail that she wore beneath her dress. Only one image clouded my thoughts, the image of her shocked, and forse scared, expression followed with ragged breaths and dripping blood, an image branded into me. Ristoro backed away from the crumpled, limp form that ended on the cobblestones below. “Ilazio?” he said, his voice filled with discomfort and uncertainty. He shuddered again as I dropped to the cobbled streets below, this time with my gold-inlaid sword sheathed. Mio fratello looked confused, his eyes going back and forth between my demented visage and the bleeding corpse that was Arama di Athena De Cioto. Finally making up his mind, he darted for l’ingresso del cortile. I simply turned and watched as he scurried away. My attention then shifted back to the velvet liquid running freely through the cracks in the cobbles. More blood would flow, abbastanza presto. I unsheathed my sword slowly, letting its ring echo, while I walked over to the shuddering figure, covered in her own blood. No, not quite a corpse yet. The fall had only been about a story, and she knew how to land, although she must have been very bruised. My sword had only pierced her side, not her heart. Not yet. “I'm not afraid of you,” Arama whispered, looking up at me kindly, her breath increasing in pace and raggedness as I descended upon her like a ravenous Mitgardian wolf. I stood over her, the tip of my blade less than a millimeter above her beating heart. The girl still struggled like wounded prey, trying to back away. Maybe she did have another dagger, but she couldn’t use it now. She was dizzy and sick. Arama could barely lift her head, she was so weak. My sword followed, forcing her to concede. Arama let herself drop onto the stones, looking around, to make sure that I was the only one with her. She saw through a black haze, my sword hanging above her. Her last knife dropped from her hand. “Tell Luca I love him,” she said, whispering, wincing and hiding her face behind her arm. I craved that! I was overjoyed to hear it, my entire case proven by its denier! In my mind her guilt was sealed now. But… still. My heart rate increased, breaths ragged as the maledetta below me. Soon, every rag of the vendetta I wanted would be mine! I roughly grasped Arama and bent my sword down to her throat, prepared to strike home. Suddenly her unusually neat hair, wandering in wisps below her half drawn hood, was the same hue as Aurelia’s. I shook my head, scowling fiercely—this was not the time for doubts. Did my padre look this way before di incontrare la morte? I must, I must kill her! As I looked down at her, the image flashed again, then images of mio papà coursed through me. “Go ahead, I guess it was always coming to this,” Arama shrugged, tears falling down upon her stomach and mixing with sangue. I lifted my sword arm up once again, this time to kill! I made a bloodthirsty roar—but then I immediately dropped my blade to the blood-stained pavement. “Bene! I can’t,” I said at last through ragged breath. I staggered away from Arama. “This isn’t what I wanted.” “Che cosa?” she asked meekly. Her arm lowered from her face, and she looked at me with a tired, scared and confused question in her eyes. “I saw him, mio padre in my mind. Revenge won’t bring him back from la morte. It’s only a path of destruction… per tutti!” I said, facing away from the girl who had almost become a corpse. My breath was still coming rapidly, my heartbeats deafening every other sound. I was on the verge of spinning round, of doing it, and of taking my own destruction too if I had to! But I forced myself to speak, and mio voce came from a different person, a body, not a mind. “Arama, I just realized… what you did was horrible, but if I killed you now, just for vengeance, to satisfy myself… that would be horrible too!” I cried. I faced Arama De Cioto again and walked over to her, leaning in close to her teary face, where she had placed her palm and left a stain of blood. Then I whispered into her ear, pleading with her even though she was completely in my power, “Just take my forgiveness and go!” “I’ll love you for this,” Arama replied with a sudden merry feeling waving over her body. She pushed me away from her with her arm and closed her eyes, taking in a rasping breath. That confused me. She loved Luca di Carli! Would she betray him this easily? Is that what she meant? Maybe she just used the word carelessly… or maybe Luca was just like Prince Råiden to her. Would she betray him because I let her live even though it was my deepest desire to slit her very throat, simply because I couldn’t, I really couldn’t, kill her? She pushed herself off the stonework, one hand stopping her blood from flowing too freely, supporting herself on the wall with her other hand. I could tell her whole body was jarred by her fall. Maybe she had some broken bones. She still might die—was it crueler to leave her here than to run my sword through her side again? “No, wait, Arama,” something inside of me twisted, “I… I can’t let you go like this. Non c’è modo…” She looked at me with confusion in her eyes. “Why not?” she asked doubtfully. “You might die before you found help. That would just be more cruelty,” I said, looking boldly at her, as frankly as I could, although something rebelled in my stomach. “I never wanted to be cruel or evil! I can’t bear death, Arama. I don’t really want to return murder for murder.” I hung my head, my fists clenching and unclenching convulsively. Arama looked at me blankly. “Che bene,” she murmured. “I thought you wanted to kill me.” “I did.” .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. Arama’s head throbbed profusely. She reached underneath the uncomfortable blankets placed on top of her and winced as she located the wound. So it had happened in verità, it wasn’t a dream. She hurt all over anyway, so it wasn’t like a surprise. Arama growled at the pain. He had told her, “You might die before you get help. That would just be but more cruelty,” before helping her to a farmacista. “You’re really thinking this through,” she had almost retorted. But she couldn’t understand what he was thinking. How could anyone change at such a moment? Maybe after you killed someone, then you might repent. But this was really weird. Although Ilazio had saved her life, and been very emotional about it too, now he seemed rather cold to her. She had made a few attempts at light conversazione to distract herself from her pain, pain that the brooding man sitting on the stool opposite her bed had caused and didn’t seem to care that she was suffering, and he had all but ignored her. How could he care for her all of the sudden? To help save her life, to give her food and water, and even do his best to make her comfortable. Arama tried to see through the man. She had met one or two pacifisti before, tame people, but she had never heard their stories. Was this how it happened? She didn't understand. These thoughts only made the throbbing worse. Arama’s head sagged back against the soft pillow, darkness enclosing her as her tired eyelids fluttered and then shut. Her breath came normally now. “Grazie,” she muttered in her sleep. “Molto grazie.” .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.
  4. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] Frøstdjur, The Frozen Beast

    The Frozen Beast I’ve heard tales of dragons guarding treasures. I’ve heard songs of dragons that held knowledge. But the story behind this one, is a little different. Past the ridge of cold mountains, after the forests and bays, there is a mountain that grows beyond sight. Afar the tallest of the trees and over the ceiling of clouds, it breaches the skies and hides its summit behind the vast unknown. The Elders say there is a castle in its peak, from where both Midgard, the land of men, and Asgard, the land of gods can be seen. The legends speak that only at the top of the tallest tower, the gods are prone to hear your prayer. Many have tried to claim the tower and make their way to the hall of the gods, but every time a man proclaims himself its ruler, a beast comes forth to end its reign. Frøstdjur, it was named. The Frozen Beast. White wings, as bright as the sun. Its breath as cold as a thousand winters. If one is worthy enough to hear the voice of the gods, only the beast will tell. No man should enforce himself to the great hall of the gods, for only they know our destiny. Frøstdjur protects this truth and their will, making sure the chosen ones are heard, and the unworthy vanish in the frozen wind. ________ Really hope you like it! For a long time I wanted to build a dragon, and Zane's Titanium Dragon (70748) from Ninjago series was my inspiration. It was a challenge to make it sturdy, but I'm happy the way my creature MOCs are coming to life. This is an entry for the Summer Joust 2020 "The Frozen North" Category. Make sure to check the micro-scale version of this story, Sannhetens Fjell Would love to hear what you all think. Skol! Louis of Valnötsträd
  5. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] Bounty

    Chapter 9.1 - Bounty I didn’t know what I was hoping to find, but I went through each cell, each little room, one by one, growing more anxious at each rusty old door. But it didn’t matter. They were all empty, anyway. To the end of the hallway, only one cell stood remaining. Unlocked. On the inside was a pile of straw that served as a bed and a bucket on the side. Nothing. Except for a little mouse that looked at me startled and wrinkled. Poor mice. Even them are as thin as twigs. The mouse squeaked and ran through the straw bed, pinching a hole in the middle of the pile. Is he hiding? I kicked the pile away, and amid the falling spread straw, a trap door leading to a lower level was revealed. I pulled the wooden door open. The hole on the floor revealed a ladder that disappeared into the darkness. From an endless dark pit, a rusty breath puffed to my face and an empty sound echoed. The mist was thick and made it hard to discern what was ahead. The walls got tighter after each descending step until a point where it felt impossible to squeeze through. Then, the walls closing around me disappeared. It felt like a clearing as the echo of my breathing vibrated loudly in that open space. The weak light of my torch reflected on what appeared to be stars shining on a black canvas, blinking with the flame, just to realize those stars were just what I was looking for. Golden coins. Every corner of the room was filled with sacks, barrels, containers and crates pilled at each other. All of them filled with pieces of silver, golden jewelry, precious gemstones, trinkets and fine ornaments that should have been collected for years. Loot. Taxation. Years of bribery and extortion. Work of the same men who swore to protect the realm but, instead, were corrupted by greed and the illusion of power over. I emptied my lungs. Finally. I reached for a bag filled with golden coins - I could swear they were all smiling back at me. A paralyzing shock struck me from within. My throat shut and my arms weakened. What am I doing? I told myself the same story over and over. These coins will return to the folk. They were stolen and I’m bringing them back. But something about the weight of that sack made my guts turn upside down. A scream suddenly echoed and exploded in my ears, bringing me back to my senses, and I realized whose it was. Hob. I hurried and filled my bag. This should be more than enough, I thought running back to the corridor, as all those golden stars faded away. __________ Louis of Nutwood. This was posted a few weeks back on my Flickr. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the build and specially on the story. Make sure to check the previous chapters, too, if you like what you read so far. Cheers!
  6. Sixth Quarter Free Build Registration -- yeah I know, this book is taking too long, we now have 6 quarters of free building!) November 1st, 2016 to May 1st, 2017 (Book II, Quarter 6) What is this thread? This is the thread where YOU register your free build if you wish it to be scored for your guild. Why are you doing this to us? Despite Rogueang’s wonderful MOC index, the guilds project has become quite large. The core leaders feel that we need a self-indexing mechanism that will allow us to grade free builds more efficiently. This is what we have come up with. What do I need to do? Just simply write the following information In a NEW post: Name of Moc with link to the thread | Name of Builder | Guild you belong to IE: Obsidian Spike |ZCerberus | Nocturnus Do not write anything else. What counts as a “Free Build?” Great question! Any GOH build that was not entered in one of the official main challenges. All free builds must have their own thread, and there must be a link to that thread provided here. Do not comment on builds in this thread, please do that on the MOC’s own thread. Can I just post in my guild thread and leave it at that? Whereas you are welcome to do so, if the build does not make it into the index , it will not be scored. Can I put up an entry for another guild member's build? If that builder has disappeared and we are getting near the deadline, this would be allowed. Past registrations: Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 Quarter 5
  7. Previously in the story: Bull's Eye (Prelude) This still takes place long before Raavage Davok: "We gathered our forces rather quick, and then marched for Falconstone. The supply train would arrive later, 'cause I wanted my vanguard to move freely.". "We were only halfway through the Frozen River fords, when some riders blocked our path." Unpleasant encounter (1) by David de Rijke, on Flickr "Three riders from unknown origin where standing in the river. One of them was their leader, obviously. He seemed to be some sort of wizard scum, given his hat and his staff from which icy sparks were coming. Never liked this kind.. The worst part, was their faces. They did not seem to have any..." "The wizard could speak, however. Immediatly when we saw these fellows, I raised my shield and took a defensive position. I saw my men do the same while my chieftains looked at me what to do. But the wizard told us about that messenger I spoke at the Bull's Eye. He said they were sent to help us. They lowered their weapons to prove it. I started to get an uneasy feeling about this whole mission. Who was our client, and why did he venture with wizards of this kind? Might he be some sort of wizard himself? And WHO is this stranger, if his value is so big these... powers... are sent in to deal with it?"
  8. The Company of Lord Theodore Bruin has heard the call from the Desert King. Much like all the other mercenary companies that gather at Sultan's Gate, the so called "Teddy's Bears" are hoping to gain both gold and glory from the upcoming crusade. Travelling down from the North these Mitgardians need to pass trough some rough terrain before reaching the land of Kaliphlin. The company consists of three divisions, the knights, the footmen and the archers, all resourceful and reliable soldiers commanded by the respectable Lord Bruin and his counsellor. The company is of course also bringing their loyal mascot, the brown bear Boo. For the Desert King's Nocturnus Crusade Mini Challenge. /Etzel
  9. Admiral Croissant

    Brethren of the Brick Seas?

    Hi everyone, As you may or may not know, there's a very popular thing going on in the Historic Themes forums for quite some time, called "The Guilds of Historica". There are different groups of MOCers (guilds) who compete agains each other in an imaginary world with a great storyline. I've already had quite a few suggestions from members who'd like to have a similar thing in the Pirate forums. So I thought, before we start anything, I'd like to get an indication as to how many people would be interested, and I'd also like to get suggestions as to what such a Guilds thing would look like for the Pirate forums. So if you have ideas and/or of you'd like to participate, post a comment!
  10. The oldest inn in the Trifork, The crown was build for the King's messengers passing through on their way to Albion. Located in one of the nicest neighbourhoods of the Trifork, you often see the posher youths meeting nearby. While the rooms are small, the beds are comfortable, and the inn offers a measure of luxury with a large spa on the roof. Just a small build for the HSS task. Hope you enjoy it - was a fun build.
  11. When Altonio De’Ran felt the world shake, surely he was dreaming. Unfortunately as the Kaliphlin Guardsman of Dompei--un’Erezhi (Town’s name translates to “Damp under the Lone Mountain” in ancient Kaliphlinese) looked out his window, the worst thing possible filled his vision. Erezhi was erupting. No, not erupting, exploding. The Lone Mountain had blown its top, and now fireballs were raining down on the three towns around her base. on Flickr He screamed to his leiutenent, but when he finally got out of the barracks, he could see the steady stream of people running for their lives. DSC_1461 by skaforhire, on Flickr Black, fiery rock was falling from the sky, the residence next door had already been hit by a large piece of the mountain. DSC_1468 by skaforhire, on Flickr He looked over to his left and saw at least one person who had been ended by the flying fire missiles. DSC_1459 by skaforhire, on Flickr And the world kept shaking. DSC_1457 by skaforhire, on Flickr To his right he saw a woman grasp her son. After placing a kiss on his head, in defeat she covered the boy’s face and said “Goodnight, sweet prince.” DSC_1462 by skaforhire, on Flickr Then the ash came. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- It was said that the mountain shook for two days, and the lands bordering the Southern Ocean felt the earth cry out for three more nights before she washed away her pain in a great wave that devastated the coast. Although the devastation was enormous, Kaliphlin’s sorrow was just beginning. trustnobody by skaforhire, on Flickr edit by skaforhire, on Flickr