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    sailing ships from the 16th till the 20th century. and lego ofcourse and a lot of other things like soccer, ice skating, eating croissants, collecting fossils and other old stuff.


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  1. Hey Admiral, where've you been? I kinda miss your smart advices, especially now when I'm making a remake of a famous Battle scene of Master and Commander!

  2. Admiral Croissant

    Maiden Voyage

    Hilarious! I really enjoyed it! A very funny mix between a cruise in the eighteenth century and the insurance problems with live vests, and the pizza deliveries we are used to in our time I also had to grin because of the desperate face I make when it turns out there are no croissants left. But to be honest I would have liked frietjes met mayo too It was an honour to be part of the maiden voyage of this beautiful piece of ship-building. I hope she will travel far and wide, and it would be great if I could see her IRL some time.
  3. Admiral Croissant

    Another Iconic Tall Ship Lost

    Sad to hear.. shows how even in these times with modern safety regulations such things can still happen. Fortunately enough most real valuable historic ships are in a dry dock.
  4. Admiral Croissant

    Pirate story

    I'm sorry, but Classic-Pirates is not just an advertising platform for other websites. However, it seems to be a rather nice story, and pirate stories are always welcome here. We do allow you to post the full story here, and place a link to get some views on MOCpages as well. So if you want to, you can do that but for now I'll close this topic.
  5. Admiral Croissant

    WIP Blue frigate

    Beautiful stern! But also the part just below the windows is quite brilliant Perhaps you could improve the bow a little by adding a figurehead or make the headrails end a little higher on the front below the bow sprit. Good luck on this project. Such a design can only end in an even better final product!
  6. Admiral Croissant

    My first MOC

    Nice MOC! The colourscheme makes it look realistic yet the design is very classic Lego-ish. I like it. However, could you please reduce the size of your images? Our max. allowed is 600X800 pixles. Thanks in forward
  7. Admiral Croissant

    The Bluecoats on the Banner

    Which banner do you mean? Do you mean the one you see on the top of each page which changes during the day? In that case: yes, this was supposed to happen because we recently had a major forum update with a new skin and new images.
  8. Admiral Croissant

    LEGO Pirates in upcoming LEGO Simpsons episode?

    Thanks for sharing this, Pirate journalist! I'll be sure to watch this episode, hoping to see more LEGO piracy!
  9. Admiral Croissant

    [MOC] VOC frigate "De Ruyter"

    Beautiful ship! And you did a fantastic job on incorporating the MOC into a painting It actually looks more like a ship from the "Nederlandsche Handel Maatschappij", like this one. But it's a fantasy ship ofcourse and I like how it incorporates some nice elements from different ships and times. Great job, and congratulations on your well-deserved Ship MOC Expert tag!
  10. Admiral Croissant

    Congratulations Meiko, Classic-Pirates newest Auction Scout!

    And congratulations to Capt. Stabbin on becoming the new Pirates Regulator, and to Louie le Brickvalier on becoming Shipyard Master!
  11. Admiral Croissant

    Brethren of the Brick Seas?

    Yes certainly! We're currently developing things further with a small team. There will most likely be 4 different factions (2 "imperials", 1 pirates and 1 merchants) and we've also chosen the faction leaders. In a hidden sub-forum we're currently developing their background stories, the maps and everything else. So that's where we're currently working on, and soon we'll spend more time on all the rules and how to play in this "factions-game". We're also thinking of faction tags and logos. I can't tell you much more yet because we're still developing and I don't want to spoil too much. The launch of this is depended a bit on Guilds of Historica and on the progress of the development but it seems to be somewhere in june. I'll try to keep you informed!
  12. Admiral Croissant

    WiP: Schooner

    I remembered something like that had happened, but couldn't find the exact post and wasn't sure.Still a shame, I really thought it was becoming one of the best LEGO replicas I'd ever seen. Very promising. However, perhaps you might still give it a try after you've finished this vessel. It could be a good training for some techniques, or for the rigging. Anyway, best of luck with this project! It's nice too
  13. Admiral Croissant

    WiP: Schooner

    Great to see you building these kind of ships again! This seems to become another nice project, but if you really want to make a LEGO model of USS Hannah, I agree with Kurigan that a custom hull could fit the original shape better. But if this ship is more "inspired by" USS Hannah it could just be a great ship MOC. By the way, how's the Endeavour coming along? Or did you abandon that project? I thought that was a very exciting project!
  14. Admiral Croissant

    ReBrick "Name the Ship" Contest - and the WINNER IS...

    Well look at that! What a pleasant surprise! Just when we're thinking about Pirate guilds TLG is thinking of a new LEGO Pirate set!
  15. Admiral Croissant

    [WIP] ShipOfTheLine "HMS Vanguard"

    Well there are lots of books about ships, but you could just look for images of "ships of the line" model ships from ships of the end of the 18th century. We also have an index with photos of historic and replica ships here in the Pirates forum.But as long as you look on the internet for ships of the line from the same period you'll find good sources of inspiration. As for the colourscheme, here you can see a Dutch ship (De Vrijheid) at the battle of Camperdown in 1797. The colourscheme is rather brown-ish, just like your model (here's a link, the image is quite large). Though of course with lego it's better to have some different shades of brown. As you can also see, the gun ports are red on the inside, so when you open yours, it's historically correct!