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  1. According to NYTF press release 14 Technic models will be shown, so looks like we'll see all the five summer sets.
  2. If you look through the official catalogs for different countries you'll see that most of those that have date have April 13th and some have 20th. It was from the leaked final catalog for Ukraine.
  3. The date wasn't changed at all, it just depends on country.
  4. We don't know. Nuremberg. New York will only have 1H sets.
  5. They only were at one toy fair this year, and photos were not allowed.
  6. It wasn't allowed to take pictures of anything that is 2H.
  7. Unikitty! 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    No, just posted information from zusammengebaut.
  8. Unikitty! 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    CMF series has 12 minifigures, all of which are Unikitty versions.
  9. 42080 and 42056 have the same box height.
  10. The batmobile is not there too, and it requiers batteries. So it doesn't really confirm anything.
  11. It has "batteries not included" in the top right corner of the box.