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  1. Thanks for the additional info and videos @theluke91 I actually have a lot of PF trains but have just started to get into 9v trains. I'm also in the process of switching all of my tracks over to 9v partly to allow both types of train to be run and partly because it just looks better than the all plastic PF track. Good to hear you are aware of Pfx bricks and might support that someday - I think the combination of something like the Rasberry Pi to drive automation and displays (for billboards / timetables) and the onboard Pfx brick to drive sounds and lighting effects on the actual trains would be a very good combination.
  2. You make a really good case for the 4DBrix solution @Toastie - and I agree that it is definitely more polished and scaleable at this stage. However, I do like the the openness of @theluke91's approach and think it has a lot of potential. Picking up on a couple of your points: -The 4DBrix switch modules/sensors are indeed ready to go, but imho they are a bit ugly with the 3D printed plastic housing. I think I might prefer to build my own housing around the bare components -The browser based software isn't inherently any better than the more traditional 4DBrix software - BUT it does allow much greater flexibility in terms of your control device (I like the idea of accessing it through a phone or tablet for example) I'm at quite an early stage of planning an automated layout but I'm grateful for the choices available as a result of these third party solutions. They definitely fill a hole in TLG's offerings
  3. @theluke91 Very nice solution - thanks for sharing. I was looking at the 4DBrix solution for automation but this seems like it might be simpler with its browser based access and support for generic off the shelf components (always a good thing in my book :) Couple of questions: 1-Can you give a bit more detail on how the "9v support with relays" works and what you can do with it? 2-Have you seen the Pfx brick and do you have any plans to support that? I would also love to see an example of a larger automated layout in action if you have one
  4. 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    @efferman - very nice stand - I was looking for exactly this type of solution. Just one question - what is the total width (front to back) with the MF mounted?
  5. First 20,000 I think. And I think they send it separately to your billing address I ordered mine about hour after it went on sale on release day (as soon as the website started responding basically). I received an email earlier today saying it's been shipped. I better get one of those cards !!!
  6. The Metroliner rebuild

    Good job OP - looks pretty accurate to me :) This set is easily my favourite 9v train - an all time classic. I was lucky enough to finally pick one up a couple of months ago and I'm currently gathering parts for 2 extra "standard" carriages for it. I'd love a couple of club cars but they are now just ridiculously expensive.
  7. [MOC] Cargo Terminal inspired by 60052

    Very nice. You did a great job motorising it and building it out to give it a robust, industrial look.
  8. This is beginning to look like the oldest marketing trick in the book from TLG - artificial scarcity - limit the availability of an item to build hype and increase demand. Let's look at the evidence: 1-ENTIRE stock for the VIP sales period runs out in circa 2 hours on the first day of sale 2-Buy limit set to 3 instead of 1 for what TLG must have known would be an extremely popular set. All this does is feed the scalpers and build more hype when they are inevitably resold at inflated prices (especially in light of exhibit 1) 3-Mark the set as "Sold Out" in many of their online shop fronts to create doubt about whether any more will be made in time for the general release on 1st October Or am I being too cynical?
  9. Or alternatively, for multiple orders during a VIP sales window, they should really only ship out 1 immediately if the stock is going to run out - put the rest on back order. They could then fulfill more orders and keep more of their customers happy
  10. I hope so. Apparently it's "until stocks run out" though so I guess it would depend on how many orders they got this morning
  11. Keep trying guys - mine just went through after constantly refreshing first the login and then the checkout screens. I have an order confirmation but it's apparently on back order now until 1st October. Which is is fine as long as they give all Day 1 customers (at least) that black VIP card. I'll be a bit peed off if I don't get it - would have held off for a double points event otherwise!!!
  12. If you were tempted - do yourself a favour and pick it up - it really is a cool little set. It's also widely discounted at the moment so you should be able to find it at least 20% off I think most AFOLs feel jaded from time to time btw. For me the fix for that is to carve out a couple of hours, put on some tunes and build something :)
  13. TLG to Axe 1400 Jobs

    @rodiziorobs - I wouldn't read too much into it at the moment. It's just a new CEO coming in and making his mark in a pretty hard nosed, harsh way. There was a huge amount of expansion following their exceptional results in the past few years and they are taking an (arguably cynical) opportunity to scale that back They're still the most successful toy brand in history and I don't think that's going to significantly change anytime soon
  14. Agreed most of them are pretty pricey, but the Arctic Roller set was only £30 and really is an exceptional set. Here are some other 2017 sets I liked for £30 and under: 41311: Heartlake Pizzeria - £25 60150: Pizza Van - £15 70608: Master Falls - £25 75182: Republic Fighter Tank - £20 Same here. I would love to see those classic themes return but on balance I'm happy with TLGs output this year.
  15. TLG to Axe 1400 Jobs

    Nice turn of phrase - gave me a good chuckle - but I disagree with your point slightly. A company the size of TLG has to innovate to drive sales growth. It's either do that or stagnate. Clearly there will be some hits and misses taking that approach. Branching into movies was a clear success imo - and one they can sustain with future movies. Some of the fans they gain will of course move onto the next fad, but a lot will stay and you can replace the ones you lose with the next batch of kids who watch the next movie release (assuming it doesn't bomb). I think the issue is really twofold - they are trying to do too many new things at once, and they (unrealistically) expect that the huge growth of the past few years can be sustained - i don't think it can. Right sizing the company for a more sustained (lower) level of growth is the right move imo. They just need to pair that with better quality control over green lighting new products/themes. From what I remember reading, I think the issue with the old CEO was that he was too old and wanted to slow down a bit (he's still there as chairman I believe). I may be wrong on that. Agree on the level of job cuts though. Cutting approx. 8% of your workforce after only a 5% revenue drop is a bit excessive for a supposedly "touchy feely" image conscious company like TLG. I suppose they would argue though that it's a business at the end of the day and they have to do this now to make the company sustainable long term.