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  1. ElectroDiva

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    I’d love another complex Creator Expert train but fear we may never get one due to lack of perceived demand. A creator 3in1 would be a good solution to satisfy (most) train fans in between City train refreshes. It would need to have “proper” windows and doors to really appeal though
  2. ElectroDiva

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    @tmctiger - have a look at “70608 - Master Falls” and “70643 - Temple of Ressurection” https://brickset.com/sets/70608-1/Master-Falls https://brickset.com/sets/70643-1/Temple-of-Resurrection
  3. ElectroDiva

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    @tmctiger - always a pleasure to visit the forum and be surprised by one of your city updates. Some great additions this time - The solution for Ninjago city and the docks is inspired and looks great! If there’s room at the back left corner maybe you could add a continuation of the path beside Ninjago city and have a small mountain top temple/shrine?
  4. I’m sure there will be plenty of people using the software @Cosmik42 - the community here for a start :) Whenever you do get some time to broaden it out - PM me and I’ll send you one of my PFx bricks, a mini speaker and a lighting kit to experiment with. Also paging @touthomme (one of the inventors of the PFx brick who may be interested in following this thread)
  5. No worries Cosmik - completely understand and agree that you should focus on getting the PuP support as good as possible. What you’re doing is amazing - keep up the good work!
  6. @Cosmik42 - Good to see you’re open to supporting additional 3rd party receivers. Have you heard of and would you possibly consider supporting the PFx brick with your app? It’s a power functions compatible Bluetooth + IR receiver similar to SBrick but crucially allows lighting and sound effects to be supported through the receiver. Here’s a couple of videos of it in action: This + your automation software would in my opinion be close to the perfect solution for automating a layout (perhaps with the cheaper PU hubs used for simpler applications like track switching)
  7. Great news - thanks! I’ve got stacks of 9v parts - just need a cable solution now..
  8. This is amazing @Cosmik42 - fantastic work and very generous of you to openly share it with the community here. I have been looking for a train automation solution using Lego original parts wherever possible and this looks potentially ideal for that. Two questions for you: 1-Any plans to release a Mac O/S version at any point? 2-If/When Powered Up to Power Functions cable converters become available (either from TLG or a 3rd party), do you think your app could be used to control PF parts connected to a Powered Up/Boost hub? (even if only in a limited on/off way)
  9. ElectroDiva

    TLG’s 2019 line up

    Depends where you live... If you’re in the Far East/Australia/New Zealand they’ll probably be on general sale in January. If you’re anywhere else - you may never get the chance to buy them without resorting to scalpers unfortunately (they appear to be region exclusive)
  10. ElectroDiva

    TLG’s 2019 line up

    I hope you’re right on both counts @Aanchir and honestly despite the tone of my original post I’m reserving final judgement until we get further into the year. Happy to have my doubts proven unfounded. With regard to controlling leaks - perhaps they’ve gone a bit too far in that respect and killed off some of the anticipation of previous years? @ShaydDeGrai - some very good points raised - particularly around the “really good stuff” being kept in reserve until later in the year. I just remember being more excited about the 2017 and 2018 line-ups at this stage. Maybe that’s rose tinted glasses Agree with you that part of the reason is licensed theme fatigue - there does seem to be a lot of repetition in those. Having said that - if they announced a revamped UCS Imperial Star Destroyer or UCS Blockade Runner I’d be first in line for those :)
  11. ElectroDiva

    Opening MISB old sets

    It’s only bad if your goal is investment... Personally speaking, the rarest MISB retired set I’ve bought is the Green Grocer modular - finally picked this up for about £750 about a year ago. I didn’t even consider not building it. I had coveted that set for a long time and very much enjoyed the experience of opening up a pristine new set and building it up for my modular street :)
  12. ElectroDiva

    TLG’s 2019 line up

    Hopefully their demise will clear the way for a re-introduction of Castle at some point - or even a wide ranging new History theme with Myth/Fantasy elements (yes I know it’s unlikely - but a girl can dream... :) I’d love to see a Castle reintroduction in 2019 but can’t see it happening tbh. 2020 is more likely (if it happens at all given TLGs current focus on Licensed and Big Bang themes). A Systar space theme would be pretty cool - perhaps with both minidolls and traditional minifigs for different races. My favourite sets from the LM2 line up are the two Systar sets and Benny’s Space Squad)
  13. ElectroDiva

    TLG’s 2019 line up

    Yup - and I make no apologies for that. It’s purely my subjective view based on the sets I’ve seen so far. I started this thread to hear other people’s subjective views on the same subject. Thanks for posting your views and I’d like to respond to a couple of them. With regard to the Lego Movie 1 sets seeming better due to “nostalgia” - sure - that’s possible, but I genuinely think they were more interesting and thoughtfully put together. I picked up nearly the entire LM1 series at the time whereas I can’t see myself picking up more than a couple of the LM2 sets. With regard to the “vintage” factor - as you say that depends on whether you collect sets or merely see them as parts packs for your own builds. Personally I do a bit of both (although weighted more towards the collecting). There are a lot of other AFOLs out there who do the same and calling that “pointless” is unnecessarily dismissive and antagonistic. There are people out there who enjoy Lego in a different way to you - neither is wrong or right. I do agree with you on one thing though- it’s always worth seeing the sets hands-on before making any final judgements. I do that as a matter of course and have sometimes changed my mind as a result. 2019 will be no different in that respect.
  14. ElectroDiva

    TLG’s 2019 line up

    Appreciate there are topics already for individual themes going into 2019, but it would be interesting (for me at least) to hear people’s thoughts on the overall line-up for 2019. I have to say from a personal perspective it’s not shaping up to be a vintage year (yet). Maybe 2017 & 2018 were particularly good and thus set very high expectations but honestly, I’m not feeling a lot of the sets that have been revealed so far. Pretty much every theme seems to be weaker than its 2018 counterpart. Even the Lego Movie 2 sets (with the notable exceptions of the party bus and classic space figs set) seems much weaker than the Lego Movie 1 line up from a couple of years ago. The highlights for me so far are these two Chinese New Year themed sets - and they may not even be available in the West..
  15. ElectroDiva

    The Best and Worst of 2018

    Another vintage year. Here’s My 2c: Best Theme: Harry Potter has been the standout for me - a great reintroduction of a much loved theme Best Minifigure/Figure: I really liked Dragon Suit Guy from the CMF 18 series Best Set: 75955 Hogwarts Express (the best official HE yet :) - slightly biased by the fact that I’m a sucker for train sets Worst Theme: BrickHeadz - there are no redeeming qualities of that series for me.. Worst Minifigure/Figure: The 2 Brick Suit figs in the CMF 18 series were a bit meh Worst Set: First Order AT-ST for me although the First Order Heavy Scout Walker was a close second Most Anticipated for 2019: The Chinese New Years sets (I really really hope we get a chance to pick those up in the West without having to resort to scalpers