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  1. ElectroDiva

    Review 60198 Cargo Train (picture heavy!)

    Great review @JopieK - thanks for putting that together so quickly along with the powered up tear down in the other thread. The main thing I was curious about was how multiple trains would be controlled. Interesting to see that there appear to be 5 color coded receiver/controller pairing options that you can set from the receiver. I wonder - can you also do it the other way round from the controller? i.e. leave the receiver on one pairing color and change the controller to another - potentially allowing you to control multiple receivers with the same controller. Also interested to see the app that accompanies Powered Up but I guess we will have to wait for the full launch in August for that. In terms of Power Functions vs Powered Up - I will reserve judgement until we see the full set of Powered Up motors and connection options. 2 connections per receiver seems very limited - but hopefully they will resolve this somehow with splitter cables or something. Also really hoping there is some kind of Powered Up/Power Functions adapter cable.
  2. ElectroDiva

    2018 Lego Trains

    Yep - I was surprised they didn’t make the new Hogwarts Express a more complex D2C set. I’m ok with what they’re going to put out though (I will take that set as a base for expansion and MOCs) If only. That would be a dream crossover theme for most lego train fans
  3. ElectroDiva

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Fair point, but I don’t think thats on the cards. It’s not a very active theme admittedly but there *are* still occasional sets that come out. Of course I’d love to see them go big with it again- with multiple waves etc, but if that’s at the expense of butchering the theme the same way they did with Castle and Nexo Knights, I’d rather stick with fewer sets. YMMV
  4. ElectroDiva

    2018 Lego Trains

    Very interesting - thanks for sharing that @Roebuck. For anyone that wants to skip to the trains bit - it’s the last 4 minutes of the interview. It basically confirms what people on here have been saying - the barrier with new Creator Expert trains is the size of the market for them. TLG clearly have a big enough market for regular city train releases every 4 years or so, but struggle to justify additional train sets outside of that. They were able to do it with the crossover appeal of the winter village train and look like they will have even bigger crossover appeal for the upcoming Hogwarts Express. I fear however that after this year’s bumper crop of new trains we will have a long wait in store for anything new again. We may get an Emerald Night re-release in the next couple of years (given how iconic it is) - but outside of that I can’t see what *new* set would fit their crossover appeal criteria. Thanks. If it’s anywhere near as thorough as that, it will be very useful.
  5. ElectroDiva

    Future Pirates Speculation

    There are already pirate elements in a Big Bang theme (Ninjago). The new pirates theme should be brought back in its classic form (same as they should have done with castle). If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it...
  6. ElectroDiva

    German BR 03

    Amazing looking MOC - well done. Would be great to see it running
  7. ElectroDiva

    2018 Lego Trains

    When are you getting your review copy @JopieK and will you be getting both sets? I am particularly interested to find out how control of multiple PF2/PU devices will work - whether that can be done with the new Bluetooth remote or has to be done with an app. I can’t imagine they wouldn’t have implemented the ability to do this somehow. If you could also somehow do a performance test against the old PF train motor that would be great. I suspect they are identical with the only difference being the PF1 vs PF2 connector.
  8. ElectroDiva

    2018 Lego Trains

    It would make the cost of the set even higher if rechargeable PF components were included so I can understand them sticking with batteries. TLG may still produce a rechargeable version though (same as with the current PF1 battery box). This may even include more than 2 ports to differentiate it even further. I dread to think how much they would charge for that though - probably £60+
  9. ElectroDiva

    2018 Lego Trains

    Thanks for the explanation although my brain hurts after reading that lot. Really intrigued to to see it now after your description. I don’t suppose you could be persuaded to pull it out of storage so we can see it in action?
  10. ElectroDiva

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    How about you explain it to your fellow EB forum members on here first? I can’t imagine what legitimate reason you could have had..
  11. ElectroDiva

    2018 Lego Trains

    I hate to ask, but why on earth did you feel the need to stuff 4 motors and 10 lights into a Horizon Express? :) Absolutely. They will alienate PF1 users if there isn’t some sort of solution to use old PF1 gear. The lack of controller backwards compatibility is understandable (you can’t expect them to support both Bluetooth and IR), but not making a simple adapter cable available would be inexcusable.
  12. ElectroDiva

    2018 Lego Trains

    July for the City trains according to Brickset No date on the Hogwarts Express but will probably be around the same.
  13. ElectroDiva

    2018 Lego Trains

    It definitely looks a lot better than the preliminary pictures, but to be honest with the quite large selection of trains I already have, I don’t really feel a need to pick it up. Maybe if it’s heavily discounted like previous passenger trains :) I certainly hope so. This is a step in the right direction for trains in my opinion. TLG can keep a couple of long running standard city packs with all the track, power functions kit etc, and then periodically release add on trains without all that baggage for a cheaper price - essentially what they used to do with Creator expert trains. It would be great to get one such train set per year - I’d like to see them mix it up by alternating between a themed train and a Creator expert train.
  14. ElectroDiva

    Venice Simplon Orient Express

    Wow - nice render! Yep - those dark blue parts are very limited in terms of their ability. That’s why I’ve decided to compromise on that and go with standard blue.
  15. ElectroDiva

    Venice Simplon Orient Express

    Another great looking OE coach - thanks for sharing @ScotNick. How long is it (seems >40 studs). Does it run ok? Also - very happy to see the news about a new Hogwarts Express today. Just in time to get some decently priced parts for my custom locomotive for this project