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  1. ElectroDiva

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That is adorable! I hope it’s real Great that it’s another split modular too. The Shop on the left would suit lots of different “boutique” shops in an upmarket shopping street, and the house on the right looks like it can very easily be modded into different coloured houses by replacing the turquoise bricks and canopy over the window. A rainbow row of houses anyone? I think i’ll be buying quite a few of these!
  2. ElectroDiva

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    A modular scale Lego Flat Iron tribute would be pretty sweet
  3. ElectroDiva

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree. I think the potential market is big enough to support both price points and don’t think TLG would consciously decide *not* to do a modular version in the same year as a City version I may be wrong though.
  4. ElectroDiva

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I love those old 80s and 90s sets too. They had much lower part counts but still seemed to convey the idea of a complete structure really well. I think it was the use of base plates and much larger individual structural pieces. Funnily enough, the 2018 hospital was the last City building I picked up (two of them to mod into a bigger one). It was a rare exception. Don’t get me started on old trains. I’ve spent far too much money buying the “classics” over the past few years and switching all my track to 9V. Now if only I had space to setup a permanent layout..
  5. ElectroDiva

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Sorry - but have you seen that 2020 Police station? There’s a huge gulf between that dumbed down design and anything TLG would come up with for a modular police station. I really can’t see how they would be competition for each other. Don’t get me wrong - I do pick up City train sets, boats and sets with interesting vehicles, but I rarely see a City building that appeals to me. They’re just too simple.
  6. ElectroDiva

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Why’s that? They do it all the time with other lines (release less complex builds of the same thing at different price points) Personally I’m hoping for a museum or art gallery, but I’d take a 1930s styled modular police station to go alongside the fire station I have no interest in a City style police station though.
  7. ElectroDiva

    [PRESS RELEASE] 10267 - Gingerbread House

    Pleasantly surprised by this set! I must admit I had my doubts about getting a Gingerbread house and not a “proper” Winter Village building this year, but it’s actually really well executed. @Hive - agree the minifig count is a bit low for the price / compared to previous WV sets though
  8. ElectroDiva

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer

    Amazing looking model - the best “official” ISD yet. For those balking at the price - yes £650 / $700 is expensive, but before now your only option for an official ISD model approaching this scale was to give a scalper £900/$1000+ for 10030, which has 30% fewer pieces, doesn’t look as good and isn’t as structurally sound as this one.. Personally it doesn't seem so bad to me when you look at it like that, and I’ll def be adding it to my collection :)
  9. ElectroDiva

    Lego Idea Chemical Plant

    Wow - that looks amazing. Very intricate and great attention to detail. Love the rocky shoreline
  10. That must have been quite an awkward design meeting in Billund - “you want to use WHAT?” One of the worst product decisions they ever made was switching from the 9V system to PF & plastic track. Seems there are at least some employees at TLG who still prefer 9v..
  11. ElectroDiva

    [MOC] Portuguese Royal Train (Second Version)

    Very nice MOC with beautiful lines! I would love to see it running if you have a video? Also - where did you source the chromed gold pieces from?
  12. Maybe they have seen some potential that the doubters haven’t. I hope it succeeds and will be supporting any crowdfunding proposal that they come up with.
  13. ElectroDiva

    Lego Idea Chemical Plant

    That looks amazing - LNG processing plant? Hope you look at the Chemical Plant Mark 2 next. Probably wouldn’t need many changes to get round TLG’s restrictions.
  14. ElectroDiva

    Lego Idea Chemical Plant

    I was very disappointed to hear your chemical plant design didn’t make it @Ymarilego - it was a fantastic design and I would have bought a couple. Awful that people are copying and profiting from your work whilst you are bound by an unfair contract with TLG. Have you thought about modifying your design into a “Mark 2” chemical plant so you can sell instructions and a parts list? I’m sure there would be lots of people ready and waiting to buy it
  15. This sounds amazing - a 9V train AFOL’s dream come true! I have no idea how realistic/attainable @michaelgale & @touthomme‘s product plans are, but I applaud their ambition and if they run another kickstarter, i’ll be jumping in to back it for a sizeable order (just as I did for their PFx bricks). Btw - @Roadmonkeytj - I completely agree with you that the 9v metal tracks look much better than the all plastic tracks in a layout. I was late to the 9v theme but I decided to get rid of all my plastic track about two years ago and have gradually been building up a stock of 9v track. Another source for it (especially with novel pieces will be very welcome)