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  1. [MOD] Jabba's Palace

    Thanks for your kind words all - much appreciated. @Vindicare - I didn't want to call it a MOC as essentially it's 3 official sets at its core. If you can get hold of a few of the base sets at a reasonable price - I would encourage you to try your own version - it was really good fun as a SW fan and helped while away a few Sunday afternoons with the OT and prequels playing in the background.
  2. 75187 BB-8 UCS full RC mod with free instructions

    This is fantastic @sariel - love your YouTube channel and reviews too. I have this set already so will def be modding it with your instructions - happy to make a donation to encourage you to share more of these in the future :)
  3. Best And Worst Of 2017

    @AmperZand - I actually don't mind the figs in that set - they're not bad (apart from that red hulk fig which I didn't like) For me it's what the set represents. £55 for 4 ok figs and 2 crappy vehicles. It just seemed a pretty cynical money grab to me. This approach was evident all across the 2017 Marvel superheroes theme this year. Essentially phoned in builds as a figleaf for selling "premium" minifigs and bigfigs. Luckily there were lots of other great sets this year so I voted with my wallet and bought those instead.
  4. [MOD] Jabba's Palace

    Created this in anticipation of The Last Jedi: More images in the Imgur library here and a few samples below: Note - it's not 100% movie accurate (if that bothers you :)
  5. Best And Worst Of 2017

    See - i took such a dislike to it that I carried that over into 2017:)
  6. Best And Worst Of 2017

    Another really good year on the whole. Here's my list (nod to @Robert8 's formatting): Best Theme: Batman Movie Honourable mentions: Ideas, Creator Expert, Ninjago Movie Best Minifigure: Hela Honourable mentions: Admiral Thrawn, Bigfig Bane, Glam Metal Batman Best Set: Assembly Square Honourable mentions: Old Fishing Store, Saturn V, Penguin Arctic Roller Worst Theme: Nexo Knights Dishonourable mentions: BrickHeadz, DC Superhero Girls, Marvel Superheroes (completely phoned in for 2017) Worst Minifigure: Wonder Woman mini-doll Dishonourable mentions: CMF 17 Gourmet Chef, Dimensions Goonies Sloth, Bigfig Red Hulk Worst Set: The Fortrex (it's an abomination that epitomises everything wrong with Nexo Knights) Dishonourable mentions: Ideas Adventure Time, Hulk vs Red Hulk, First Order Heavy Scout Walker (wtf..) Most Anticipated 2018: New Trains !! (assuming we actually get some)
  7. TLG to Axe 1400 Jobs

    I doubt it. As long as human beings exist in the physical realm and haven't sublimed off into a VR existence, there will be a need for tactile objects - including toys. The challenge for Lego is keeping their toys relevant to the growing expectations kids have around interactivity. The mis-stepped with dimensions since that relied on regular high quality game releases to keep kids interested. Why not take a step back to the 80s/90s and introduce souped up versions of the old battery powered interactive elements like light and sound bricks (most sets can be improved with a bit of light and sound :) These can then be expanded further with things like Technic, WeDo 2.0 and MindStorms.
  8. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Harsh to inflict it even on Megablocks fans... Joking aside though, a run down modular building of some kind *would* add a bit of character to a Lego city. Not Trellick tower, but something else that takes some design cues from Haunted House for example?
  9. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Ah come on - who wouldn't love something like this for the next modular? I for one would welcome the chance to accelerate my plans to build a dystopian slum district for my city. I wouldn't even mind what kind of minifig faces it came with. Sedated classic smiley and a selection of expressive angry grimaces would work equally well..
  10. Lego Re-releases - What would you like to see?

    I think I agree with you @MAB - classic castle had a certain timeless charm (heavily nostalgia driven), but the castle theme has evolved a huge amount over the years. Objectively Kingdoms was far superior (arguably the pinnacle)
  11. Arguably they have already re-visited the Haunted House sub theme with the Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion. I agree they'll come back to it again and again though - it's such an obvious genre to wheel out every few years. Whether we get something of the size and complexity of HH again though is a different question. For me it's iconic and I think £300 is worth paying. It all depends on what else the OP has on his/her wanted list though (and whether they want to take a chance something else as good will come along in the future)
  12. Lego Train 9V Extreme - ready!

    Completely agree - Eurobricks (and particularly the train tech forum) is one of the nicest communities I've come across on the Internet. Always willing to help with technical advice and honest but encouraging feedback. It's a great bunch of people here.
  13. Lego Train 9V Extreme - ready!

    @Haddock51 - I vaguely remember reading it was something to do with "safety concerns". @JopieK or one of the other forum veterans may be able to clarify. With regard to the 50th anniversary "celebration" - yes that was very disappointing. A golden opportunity to create a special new train (or even a reissue a classic set) to throw a bone to the train fans - and they go with a Lego employee exclusive set of mini-builds instead.. With regard to the train strategy (or lack thereof) - there have been a few discussions on that over the years and the general consensus seems to be that trains just don't appeal (and hence sell enough) to kids to justify an expanded commitment to the theme from TLG. I personally don't buy that view. In my opinion, Lego trains still appeal to kids - the problem is they just don't have much choice to keep their interest going once they have one of the starter sets (e.g. 60051/600052/60098). Where are the extra wagons, trackside structures or (god forbid) locos to expand that starter set? I also think TLG are missing a trick with AFOLs. When you get to the AFOL stage, a pretty common goal is going to be creating a city layout. Trains are (in my opinion) essential for that. But the lack of choice in the range stunts the growth of that market - which is a bad thing as train AFOLs (from what I can see) are amongst the most passionate and high spending AFOLs out there. The whole thing also become a vicious circle: fewer sets -> less appeal -> lower sales -> fewer sets etc With regard to your last point. well we did have this at one stage which was pretty violent :) https://images.brickset.com/sets/AdditionalImages/79111-1/79111_alt2.jpg
  14. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Wow - who would have thought classic smiley vs expressive minifig faces would be such an emotive topic? Personally - I like both and see uses for either in the right setting. Classic smiley when you want a neutral look and don't want to detract from an accompanying build, expressive faces when you want to inject a bit of emotion into a scene/vignette. I will however be sorry to see the demise of the classic smiley in the modular building series as up until now it's been one of the hallmarks of the series. I'm sure I'll get over it though.
  15. Lego Train 9V Extreme - ready!

    The 9v train system had the resources of one of the world's biggest toy brands behind it so I'm not surprised they came up with a technically very good product. Such a shame that they then decided to abandon it in favour of the (in my opinion) dumbed down PF system. There was so much more they could have done in terms of automation etc. Thankfully there are now some pretty good 3rd party solutions for that.