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Found 232 results

  1. Dammtuss

    Pegasus UAV

    Hi, Lately I haven't come around posting any of my MOCs, however I felt that this had to change. So, to start of with, here's my latest creation: the Pegasus UAV. It's an unmanned remotely operated helicopter featuring the latest within surveillance and weapons technology. It was developed to operate from the new corvette (HMS Svea) that I'm currently working on (there's a sneak preview on it on one of the pictures). More information, specifications and pictures can be found over at Mocpages (pictures can also be found at Brickshelf when it goes public). Thanks for viewing. Regards, Wombat
  2. Something from my MOC backlog... This is a variety of stationary turrets, AA, railgun, grenade launcher, etc. Every turret has a camo, such as snow/Arctic camo, desert camo, urban, swamp. The can rotate 360 degrees and most can adjust the angle of firing. ANti-armor and anti-infantry stationary railgun, effective on medium range. Medium ranged rocket launcher, snow camouflage, with laser guided ammunition (note the red dot laser on the side) Anti infantry two barreled turret, snow camo. Laser guided grenade launcher in snow camo. Coastal defense artillery (think Atlantic wall), effective against battleships, classic urban camo. Long ranged, anti-infantry turret, urban camo, high accuracy - sniper turret. Four barreled anti-aircraft gun in snow camo. Double barreled anti-infantry turret in swamp camo. Comments and critiques are welcome
  3. So here is my contribution to the ever growing Mercedes Geländewagen MOC car park that's been popping up here lately! I've been wanting to build this ever since I got back into Technic about half a year ago, and Effermans brilliant small AWD chassis was pretty perfect, and finally made me realize the plan. This is my first MOC to prioritize form over function If memory serves me correctly, the "Multi Light" was originally a modified and chopped version of the already modified "Ultra Light" used by the Norwegian Army. The roof is gone, and an all around roll cage has been fitted instead. I think it was ordered by the Special Forces, to fit inside American Chinook helicopters. In addition, a more heavy duty ring mount was placed on top to accomodate heavier weapons (typically a .50 cal M2 machine gun or a 40mm Mk.19 or GMG), and it was stripped further down to reduce weight and increase performance. In essence, it is a platform to bring as much firepower in a small package as possible quickly around in rugged terrain. The particular model I've based my MOC on, was further developed and improved by Arctic Trucks of Iceland. They fitted a turbo, far better suspension and brakes as well as bigger wheels and various other improvements. Here is a promotional picture of the original vehicle: And here is my Lego interpretation of it: It is a truly great car, except when it's raining, as it doesn't have a roof nor windshield, and when people are shooting at you, as it doesn't really provide much protection. In the above picture you can see the reason for the roll cage being attached to the centre, rather than the right hand side: it allows the commander of the car to have a wider field of fire with his mounted LMG. The seats are not full due to the motors and transmission layout, but that doesn't really matter. I fit a working steering wheel, and the red 2L axles are supposed to be the firing buttons for the smoke grenade launchers. The winch is also very much form over function, but it does "work" A lot of old style connectors were used for the roll cage, as I didn't have enough of the newer fixed angle ones Oh yeah; neither battery box nor IR receiver were mounted when I shot the pictures. For the main weapon I opted for a 40mm automatic grenade launcher, loosely based on the Mk.19 and HK GMG. And no; the ring doesn't actually turn. I also made a sniper rifle in roughly the same scale as the car, (very loosely) based on the M82 anti material rifle I want to thank Efferman a whole lot for making the brilliant chassis and sharing it with us all! :thumbup:
  4. Lakop

    MOC crazy

    Hi Guys, Having put my first moc online (it's the 8280 B model) I'm now hooked on the chassis. It's got something land rover about it. i've googled land rover conversions and there are so many. I will try a six wheeled version, a military version and I will keep going and see what I can do. This design has got lots of potential. I will see what, if any, functions I can add to it. Maybe a small pnuematic. Thoughts, and your own mocs, more than welcome. H
  5. Minifig Lecturer

    MOC: Tank

    Here is a small MOC tank I've recently created. Small enough as it is intended to 'fit in' with my 1980s style 4-wide civilian vehicles. Currently in the process of tweaking and rolling a few off the production line. Hope you like it.
  6. TenorPenny

    A fistful of fighters.

    FB-22 'Scimitar' by skapunkplaything, on Flickr A cutting-edge Fighter-Bomber hybrid, the FB-22 turned around the ailing fortunes of the ailing EarthCorp-Lockheed group. With four weapon hardpoints, a sturdy hull design and good all around performance, demand for the ship rose in the Earthling military and beyond. As ever, a small number fell into the hands of pirates and mercenary forces. X-33 'Golden Gear' by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Piloted by the notorious leader of the Gearhead gangster group, the X-33 is a one of a kind ship. Behind the bling-bling paint job lies an experimental power core more suited to a small corvette than a fighter-gunship. Accordingly, the Gearheads murdered the research team before the technology could fall into other hands and diminish their advantage. F-12 'Swingwing' by skapunkplaything, on Flickr The F-12 forms the latest step in a line of snubfighters designed to be affordable but effective, given decent pilots and superior numbers. The basic model features standard cannon and shields, as well as a tree-shaped air-freshener as standard. For fancy things like rockets and jump capability..? You're going to have to pay extra. G-20 'Flying Saucer' by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Combining multi-vector engines with a potent arsenal, the G-20 became an expensive toy favoured by well-fed mercenaries and executive bodyguards in Solar corporations. Capable of taking on four regular fighters single-handed, the G-20 cost eight times as much. Many people skipped the math, leaving the 'Saucer a rare sight. *** Apologies for the terrible photo-quality, my camera is currently out of service, but I wanted to share regardless.
  7. GabryS

    M24 Chaffee

    Hi, Today I'd like to present to you my latest model. M24 Chaffee - american light tank developed in the later part of WWII. Served also during several pastwar conflicts like Korean War, in Alegeria and finally in first nad second Indiochina wars. As usually my model is made in 1:40 scale. It's very simple build' done only during two evenings, no special fatures except rotating turret. Some thumbnails - click for larger images. I hope you like it. C&C are kindly apreciated. Cheers, GabryS See also others of my MOCs on my flickr photostream.