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  1. BrickmanJ

    World War Brick

    Yes, there is! Sorry to reply so late.Hey, new update. Check out this link: for my adventures this year.
  2. BrickmanJ

    World War Brick

    Oh, cool! Maybe I'll un-knowingly see you there, since I know that I'm going. It was pretty rewarding to see last year's mosaic up, and hopefully it will be the same this year!
  3. BrickmanJ

    World War Brick

    Here's a topic I thought I would put in, just 'cause. World War Brick is the largest solely military LEGO convention in the world. Supposedly it is, that might not be true, but I'll believe them. It is in its third or fourth year, I believe, now, and it gets bigger every year. It is hosted in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at Brickmania Toyworks. Apart from Brickmania, other vendors come, such as GI Brick, Brickstuff, and others. Will Chapman from Brickarms is also there. Some of the activites besides shopping are looking at Weekend Pass holders' MOCs, looking at the Greater Midwest and Twin Cities LEGO Train Club displays, see Brickmania's dioramas and other builds (Including the new-for-this-year Battle of the Black Sea (Battle of Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down) diorama), or take part in the building of this year's mosaic. Last year it was the Iwo Jima Flag Raising, which turned out to be a resounding success. This year, they are doing the Cobra King picture. I could go on and on, but I have places to be, so I'll wrap this up. Weekend passes are still available for $60.00 for the complete devoters, but for the merely curious, you can buy a public ticket both in advance (it gets you in half an hour early) or at the door. You can buy them here: and here ia the website for WWB itself: I hope this sparks some interest!
  4. I'm now in Stage 2 of my USCG diorama.

  5. BrickmanJ

    Image Uploading / Posting

    I believe you're thinking too hard. I'm talking about just putting a picture in the post. Unless everybody puts in a URL link (I've posted pictures before without doing it), then they must upload pictures from their computer.
  6. BrickmanJ

    Image Uploading / Posting

    Hi everyone, I know I sound a little silly, but I haven't been around for a LONG time, and I'm a little rusty. How do you post pictures from your computer (non-url) in a topic? I've forgotten... Thanks, BrickmanJ
  7. Just today I went to the store and picked myself up a can of Krylon Camoflauge with Fusion. I got it so I could paint some flightsuits for a diorama I'm making. I got it in olive drab. I'm only using it because of price and color. I would much rather have the quality of LEGO, but to get three OD 'figs, it would cost 19 bucks. I got the paint for 7. Plus, the OD LEGO has is a lighter color than the suits.
  8. BrickmanJ

    [MOC] Fire Units

    Sorry I'm so late. :D. Check out my MOCpages for my latest update and my homepage has my full units plans list.
  9. BrickmanJ

    MOC - TAM 170 T14 - Fire Engine

    Great job! I love your trucks!
  10. BrickmanJ

    [MOC] Fire Units

    Thank you everybody!
  11. What's on YOUR mind?

  12. BrickmanJ

    [MOC] Fire Units

    Thanks! I found the color list, but I can't seem to figure it out. Can you help me? I use MS Word for my decals.
  13. BrickmanJ

    [MOC] Fire Units

    Here are my current fire units. These are for the Brickshore Fire Rescue District, which is the main fire department in my county, Brickford. This is Engine 1, a 2013 Pierce Velocity side-mount pumper. It has a 500 GPM Waterous pump with a 2000 gallon polycarbonite tank. It is eqquipped with a Federal Signal Vsion SLR lightbar and a Federal Q siren. This is the second version of Engine 1. You can check out the new one here:, and the old one here: Up next is my Utility unit! This is the BFRD's Utility unit for Station 1. It runs with Engine 1 for MVAs, medical calls, and anything that involves a trailer. It is a Ford F-250, converted by KME into a small service unit. It has a hard bubble cover on the bed, but it doesn't hold anything. It has Whelen lighting, and as you will see, there is a traffic advisor in the back. The wheel are raised a stud, due to the trailer hitch, and I think that making it one stud higher makes it look a lot more like an F-250 than a 150. The truck is pretty much self explanatory; not much else to say. Check it out on MOCpages: Last but not least, the command car. This car is a 2013 Ford Interceptor used the BFRD for the chief. That they don't have. We have the car, but not the Chief. Anyways, same as the Sheriff cars, blah blah. There will be two more of these; one for each station. This one is driven by the chief, and the other two will be driven by assistant chiefs. It's on MOCpages here: Plus, the entire Brickford emergency fleet! Look below for 'Muricah pride! This is a car that would be, if you guys like it, more or less acuratly made into LEGO for the BCSD. I made this on Ford's Mustang Customizer. It is a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 that would be an unmarked pursuit unit for the Sheriff's Department. The reason why it would be a pursuit unit is because of the supercharged intercooled 5.8-liter 32-valve aluminum block V8 engine delivering 662 horsepower and 631 lb.-ft. of torque. Plus it just looks badass, hands down. Do you guys think I should go on a limb and try this? Post below!
  14. BrickmanJ

    MOC: Truck for courier

    That's really cool! I like it, but there's one thing I suggest. For the roof on the body of the truck, if you have the parts, put tiles there instead, so it looks like the rest of the truck: smooth and classy.
  15. BrickmanJ

    REVIEW - 2014 LEGO City Set 60056 Tow Truck

    Drats! I was just about to do a review of this. Well, nice job anyways. It is really a cool truck.