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  1. Nice one, and some excellent minifigs you put together for the scene!
  2. Always fun to build outside the comfort zone .Got mine ready yesterday , a bit stressful since I started yesterday after work when I realized it was the last day I have access to my bricks du to work travels before the event.. Wrooooooooom.. Speed build in multiple ways so to speak :-)
  3. mechamike

    Event countdown 2018

    You can (Lego legally) create the figure 8 with that part if you snap it together and arrange it nicely on the table
  4. mechamike

    Eurobricks Event 2018 - Sign-up topic

    I'll be there, looking forward to meeting you all again! (same chalet as Ras and Copmike)
  5. mechamike

    [MOC] Communication drone H-Link WF-15

    Nice, nice color scheme and features..
  6. mechamike

    (MOC) Mazda Miata-creator style

    Nice done, very true to the real thing.. Looks better with the top down!
  7. mechamike

    [MOC] Cold War ships, 1:350

    Beautiful ships!! Have you built any of them in actual bricks so far (or plan to)?
  8. mechamike

    [MOC] Dialysis machine

    Here is my take on a dialysis machine (from Fresenius Medical care) Once I made engraved Lego bricks as name /profession tag for my partner in life, (She works at a clinic as nurse with these machines) , soon everyone at her work knew about my hobby and my Lego hobby seems like a constant amusement and discussion topic for her colleagues. She often get the question: What does he build now? So I just decided to go for something familiar for them (and unfamiliar for me as a builder). I hope you like it.. im not THAT happy with the build (or the crappy picture), it was pretty much a table scrap build and I also was forced to do some late alterations with the brick in hand to please her so it was more close to the "real thing".
  9. The future of steam powered racers is here! Six legs for optimal speed and traction. Easy entry to drivers compartment with the pull of a lever. Stong rear lanterns that runs for hours on whale oil. A driver compartment fit for one gentleman, (or lady). Parking anchor included! Bazanhof MkII! This was my first try at Steampunk.. Very much inspired by looking at LegoFjottens extremely nice steampunk builds I wanted to try the theme myself. Enjoy and thanks for watching! High res pictures..
  10. mechamike

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!" Challenged myself using only my office stash of parts (two 70123 Legendary Beast sets), not my biggest build , but it narrows down what I want now: Some crispy snow to cover everything, since its so dark without it! @CopMike : Thanks for hosting this great raffle once again, your the best!! @ the rest of you: "may the odds be ever in your favor" !!
  11. mechamike

    LEGO Architecture Local Landmark Contest - Voting

    Entry A - 1 point Entry B - 1 point Entry E - 1 point
  12. I like this project, but for BuWizz to be sold on the market it needs to be CE marked for Europe (Similar FCC in the US to https://en.wikipedia...n_of_Conformity) also EMC test have to be done I suppose ? https://en.wikipedia...c_compatibility, is this something you have taken into consideration (financially?)since this is pretty expensive as I understand?