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  1. mechamike

    [MOC] Coffee and Cigarettes

    Wow! This is truely awesome! Some serious skills in work here!
  2. mechamike

    MOC: Archer Friends Army

    To meet the increased military threat from Fabuland, and with the situation in Lego City escalating quickly, Heartlake City has decided to purchase the Archer artillery system to increase the defence capability of the Friends Army forces. "Nothing smells victory like burning white phosphorus stuck on the plastic of the enemy" -General Emma Archer the next-generation self-propelled gun, with barell exended to shell out peace and democracy. The "heart" of the system is a fully automated 115mm/L52 gun howitzer and a remote M151 Protector controlled weapon station (for any close encounters #metoo). All mounted on a modified 6x6 chassis of the Volvoo A30D, all-terrain articualated hauler painted in your favourite colour, The hauler features big rear mirrors for those pesky parallel parking situations when you need to stop quick for a ice cold strawberry vanilla sparkle milkshake. (Warning: Burning cities in rear view mirror may appear closer than they are.) Archer with friends, A reloading vehicle to extend the fun and a M1 Abrams for company..
  3. mechamike

    [MOC] Air Battlecruiser

    Very nice build! Love how you created the stairs to the decks and all the nice AA-turrets? The rollerskates maxe a nice touch.
  4. Count me (mechamike) and Ras74 in! Don't want to miss this one! Looking forward to seeing you all again!
  5. mechamike

    ZELDA - Breath of the Wild

    Very nice build! The house with its beautiful sculpted chimney and roof texture looks really nice against the rock in the back.
  6. mechamike

    M:Tron Bonfire mech

    M:Tron came was never my cup of tea, I was more classic space as a kid. But i think you captured the theme nicely. The upper part of the mech is nice. Perhaps the orange floodlights would have been better off in another coulor than orange, trans yellow seems more fitting for the theme. The legs needs more work on them , they seem a tad to plain. The 1x1 plate inserted can be pulled of at one place but perhaps not both on the upper and lower leg. Also a grilled tile as geeble on the 2 black studs on the feet would perhaps added som detaling. Cheers!
  7. mechamike

    Rankan - tripod

    Really nice build! Love the use of the Bionicle feet as cockpit, also the flowers adds a nice touch to the overall build.
  8. mechamike

    [MOC] Harley Davidson E-Wanderer

    Very slick! Love the overall design, the smooth surfaces, and the rimless wheels. The part used as the saddle is brilliant and the engine detailing is really nice, Here are som minor contructive feedback (if you dont mind) Blue and white isnt HD colours for me, (even if the colour combo is more future") A dk orange would in my humble opinion felt more "HD-true" for me with another supplemantary colour? chima yellow? pearl gold? Also transclear light blue and transclear purple dont play so nice with eachother and the blue white. But as said int the start Nice build!!
  9. Nice one, and some excellent minifigs you put together for the scene!
  10. Always fun to build outside the comfort zone .Got mine ready yesterday , a bit stressful since I started yesterday after work when I realized it was the last day I have access to my bricks du to work travels before the event.. Wrooooooooom.. Speed build in multiple ways so to speak :-)
  11. mechamike

    Event countdown 2018

    You can (Lego legally) create the figure 8 with that part if you snap it together and arrange it nicely on the table
  12. mechamike

    Eurobricks Event 2018 - Sign-up topic

    I'll be there, looking forward to meeting you all again! (same chalet as Ras and Copmike)
  13. mechamike

    [MOC] Communication drone H-Link WF-15

    Nice, nice color scheme and features..