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Found 40 results

  1. Hi everyone! After DarthTwoShedsJackson postet his wonderful A-Wing Starfighter a few weeks ago, I felt the need to build my own. As you will see my design is heavily inspired by his build but I tried adding my own touch to the model. I started of with a great piece of concept art of an A-Wing crashed on Jakku (probably) that I really liked. It was quite close to the original McQuarrie design like the A-Wings from Star Wars Rebels. Thanks to Inthert for finding the picture for me, you can find it HERE. So, without further ado, let's look at some pictures and I'll tell you some more about the specifics of the model: I tried making this model as smooth and studless as possible as it really adds to the feeling of the A-Wing in my opinion. And those of you that know my work know that I really don't mind having visible studs. ;) Especially back here the influence of DarthTwoShedsJackson becomes obvious. The engines I more or less stole from his model (hope you don't mind, Darth ;) ) but I changed the back of the cockpit as I wanted to add some more detail and make it a bit less bulky. You might notice that my model is one stud wider in the middle than most Lego A-Wings. I felt that represented the proportions more accurately and also made centering the forward landing gear a lot easier. And that is the thing I really don't like on my version yet. The landing strut is as bad as TLG's are and I will definitly go back and fix that! And finally, every ship needs a pilot! And I don't like using a faceless, characterless Rebel pilot for my models. That's why I put together this character. She doesn't have a name yet but the first fighter she flew was my T-70 X-Wing a few months ago and I am planning on using her for more of my models. I have a rough backstory for her in the back of my head and I might get around to writing it down properly and maybe even build something nice to go with it. Anyway, I hope you like my A-Wing Starfighter and if you do (or don't) please leave a comment below. I love hearing your opinion on my work and even if you don't like it, constructive criticism is just as good as praise! :)
  2. I think this may be my first real post in this forum, so hello everyone, I'm Brian, aka Bootz. I've recently started seriously collecting SW sets again after a long while of favoring my modular buildings and City sets for my town layout. Last week I purchased the 75082 TIE Advanced prototype with the intention of turning it into an Interceptor (plus I wanted the figs). Since I was snowed in last night, I took it as an opportunity to build the Interceptor I've always wanted but TLG hasn't made in forever. The cockpit is essentially unchanged from the official set, of course I deleted the "Advanced" body to strip it down to just an eyeball, but otherwise I left the design as is. The wings make use of several FO TIE and T-70 polybags that now I don't feel so stupid for buying so many of. The overall shape is as close to the real thing as I wanted to get. They're a tad too long towards the rear but I feel that they look right. The hinges are the same as the Advanced prototype, so there's no chance of them supporting the weight of the model without collapsing, hence the makeshift stand. They do however "click" into place when extended like you see here, and they stay in position while swooshing. With all my builds I aim to retain swooshability and this model is exceptional in that regard. I also kept the missile launchers of the official set with the rotating back of the cockpit as the firing mechanism. It doesn't look great from behind but it's fun to shoot things and the mechanism is very slick to use. My A-wing started as mostly a recolor of the green RZ-1 from the Mon Calamari Cruiser set, but by the time I was done I realize it looked more like the Ralph McQuarrie inspired A-wings seen in Rebels. I'm very pleased with the overall shape, I wanted to capture the rounded hull as best I could while sticking close to the official models and average building techniques. The engines aren't quite accurate, but I instantly loved the way those round pieces looked there.
  3. My latest Star Wars MOC from Star Wars: Rebels - the RZ-1 A-Wing Interceptor as flown by the Phoenix Squadron. Phoenix Squadron had several different paint jobs on their fighters so I just picked one and went w/ that build. Alas after this build, I'm now tempted to build some of the others in different blue/grey combinations. More photos can be found in my flickr album
  4. Hello, everyone. I have another MOC to present you today. This one is based off of the A-Wing Starfighter as seen in Star Wars: Rebels season 2. It's based on the 2013 A-Wing model, but with many changes made in order to closer match the starfighter as seen on television. Playfeatures include retractable landing gear, opening cockpit window, and hidden storage compartments. Minifigures include Commander Sato, Ahsoka Tano, and an A-Wing pilot. This set rests at 213 pieces. Any comments, criticisms, or thoughts are welcome and encouraged! I've included the .lxf file for those who would like to fiddle with the design themselves. More pictures as well as another download for the .lxf file can be found here: (Note: folder may be private until approved) A-Wing Starfighter.lxf
  5. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Junker's Fee Welcome to Fondor Fondor City Nightlife Many Bothans Died... Well At Least One Fixing to Clear the Mind Thermal Detonator Pot-Pie Focus Torturous Trial The Escape The Calamity Star Hyperdrive Repairs MKJoshA and Kale wandered the halls of the Redemption. They had been introduced to other members of the Alliance, Wick Nole, Monty Python, Zaael, and Vedawoo to name a few. Josh had helped the Alliance as an intel office for many months, but had never been aboard the Redemption. He was struck by how many people here seemed happy. It was a huge difference compared to what he was used to seeing on Empire controlled planets. They entered the hanger where everyone who was going to board the Suprosa were gathering to enter the drop ship. He was struck with the need to say something. He looked around and noticed an unused ladder and climbed up it. “Can I have your attention!” Josh shouted. A couple heads turned toward him. “Can I have your attention please!” He shouted again. This time people stopped what they were doing and gathered around him. “We are all about to board a ship, not knowing whether we will come back. Why are we doing this? Why are we risking our lives to try to stop the Empire?” Those listening started to look at each other wondering where this was going. But Josh continued, “We go because we believe there is a better life than that under the Empire! The Emperor has shown he’s not afraid to hurt those who have been entrusted to his care. There is no thought to what his people need, only to what will bring him more power! Those who serve him may think they are doing the right thing, but all they are doing is furthering injustice! We need rules, we need order, we need a leader; but we don’t need tyranny! We need a government who puts the needs of its beings ahead of any other goal. So let’s go over there and show the Empire that we won’t sit still while they take away our freedom, and the freedom of beings everywhere!” The whole hanger erupted in applause. Josh felt that he had finally found purpose in what he was doing. He was part of the Rebel Alliance to get away from corrupt government officials. He was a part of the Alliance to help others get away from under the yoke of tyranny. “Now,” Josh continued after the applause died down, “Vedawoo, we’ll need you to pilot the ship to get us all over there. Monty Python, you will need to set off a bomb to help clear our way into the right corridors. Wick Nole, clear the corridors of any enemy troops and see if you can hack into the Suprosa’s computers. Zaael, as soon as you can, break away and go after the computer core. As soon as you’ve retrieved it we’ll all meet back in the hanger and get back to the Redemption!” With more bustle and commotion, the Rebels were on their way.
  6. AYB 10, is the Hal Datta clan's classification of ugly made up of two B-Wing airfoils attached to a Y-wing cockpit by a TIE frame, and powered by a dangerously overclocked A-wing fusion reactor. The reactor feeds two relatively underpowered ion engines, upgraded from stock TIE fighter engines. The majority of the power goes to exciting the tibanna gas held in the tip-tanks, which consequently lets out an incredibly powerful blaster bolt that can penetrate every grade of armor up to that found on AT-ATs. In addition to that, it has twin proton torpedo launchers in the nose, and two high-intensity rapid lasers in the wingtips. The AYB 10s are only sent into battle when accompanied by either airspeeders or YB-3030s, depending on whether or not the battle is in-atmosphere. This particular AYB 10 belongs to a skilled Duro pilot by the name of Gleska, meaning "free-spirited sky". She lives up to that name by being the top AYB pilot in the entire Hal Datta fleet. More images>>>
  7. Seltz

    AY-L4M40 "Jacknife" Ugly

    Sold as a TYE-Wing from a Sullustan to a Duro member of the Hal Datta clan, this ship has been modified so much not even the frame is untouched. The Hal Datta clan of the planet Dondo Tissmar have reproduced the frame and basic structure of the ship, and are now using its variants as patrol craft designated AY-L4M40 Uglies. The Jacknife, however, is the original. With its upgraded sensor suite and beam cannon on the starboard nacelle and nacelle strut, this specific craft is a jack of all trades. More pictures >>>
  8. After dropping a shuttle full of chatty troops off on various floating cities of Mon Calamari, Officer VeR and Agent An made their way into the watery planet's orbit and docked with a shipyard Goatm had become familiar with during his last mission. Goatm was hopeful that some of his contacts here could give the pilots an idea of Fett's whereabouts. He was fairly confident that the Calamari were unaware of his recent sabotage of their B-Wing factory, but he couldn't be for sure. The personal greeting he got made him very suspicious, though. Why would the Calamari send out one of their diplomats to greet the Imperial officers? Why are they so insistent that Fett has not been to the shipyard and that we are "wasting our time" by searching here? Either they were able to identify Goatm or these slimy fish are up to something more sinister. The return flight to the planet's surface is tense as Goatm considers the implications of this treatment and Officer VeR struggles with his own distracted thoughts. Flickr *I wanted to rework my previous entry for this planet and sync my build up with BEAVeR and I's current story arc. If you are interested in the previous pics, they're still on Flickr for the time being.
  9. The Rebel forces, under the direction of Admiral Ackbar, began construction of a new starfighter specifically designed to counter Imperial capital ships. At last, a prototype was built on a secret base and ready to be inspected by the famed Mon Calamari tactician. The rebel crew carefully maintained the new "B-Wing" starfighter on an awkward, yet stable docking platform. Visiting Rebel pilots were also introduced to a new "A-Wing" starfighter which could back up the B-Wing on its attack runs by intercepting TIE squadrons. Admiral Ackbar and his entourage were on site to inspect the production and get a glimpse of the new starfighter. The delegation was greatly impressed and some thought that Ackbar even teared up, but none could be sure because he generally looks wet and emotionless. As he reached out to touch the starfighter that could mean the liberation of the entire galaxy, two ISB saboteurs put their month-long plan in to play. "46-2, this is 46-1, do you copy?" ... "2 copy" "The fish is in the barrel, repeat, the fish is in the barrel, what is your status?" ... "Diversion 1 in place, I am moving into position with the secondary charges." "Good work 2, I'm in position behind the upper level guard and ready to take the keys, detonate when you are ready." ... "Roger 1, good luck." "Thanks 2, get home safe." ... "In 3 ... 2 ... "...1" The ISB saboteurs detonated a bomb to cause a diversion and disable the nearby A-Wing crew. Taking advantage of the diversion, Goatm disarmed the upper level guard and threw him to his death. The mechanic's next task was to free the lower docking mechanism of the B-Wing. To do this he slid a second bomb past the nearby Nautolan and kicked the feet out from under the nearby Rebel guard. After disabling the guard with a wrench, the mechanic took the guard's blaster and eliminated the Nautolan witness. From above, Goatm saw the 2nd blast out of the corner of his eye. However, he is too busy eliminating Rebel pilots to check on his mechanic friend. Unfortunately the nearby A-Wing was disabled by blast. The mechanic would have to find a new route home. The mission also failed to kill Ackbar as his assistant's face intercepted the blast intended for the back of the Admiral's head. Goatm was able to obtain the B-Wing prototype and pilot the awkward craft to a secret location for inspection and analysis. While losing the prototype is merely a setback for the Rebellion, the shock to morale will have strong repercussions. SoNE Freebuild - B-Wing 40 by goatman461, on Flickr SoNE Freebuild - B-Wing 41 by goatman461, on Flickr SoNE Freebuild - B-Wing 31 by goatman461, on Flickr SoNE Freebuild - B-Wing 32 by goatman461, on Flickr SoNE Freebuild - B-Wing 30 by goatman461, on Flickr SoNE Freebuild - B-Wing 33 by goatman461, on Flickr I would like for this freebuild to be judged. Thank you in advance. C&C always appreciated.
  10. Hi everyone, I present you here my latest MOC : A Mini A-Wing and its 4x4 vignette. The vignette could be te city of the Executor, or the surface of the Death Star II or of a Star Destroyer. Technically, it is not difficult : the sides, the front, the reactors, the cockpit are attached thanks to two bricks 1x1 with 4 knobs. The vignette uses plates modified, plates with grille, bars. The proportions are bad, especially on the back, but all the elementsof an A-Wing are there. Because of the size, I cannot incude all the characteristical shapes of that starfighter, but it is not a huge problem. This A-Wing does not look bad for a Mini, it has a kind of "chibi" look. Because the modes is elevated with a 1x4 bar, in some perspectives, you have the impression that it really flies, which is a quite sympatic. For bigger photos, the Bricksafe and the Brickshelf gallery of the MOC. Don't hesitate to give suggestions or to share your opinion about it.
  11. [MOC] Jedi Starfighter by Bert.VR, on Flickr Hey, I think I've seen those pieces before... And you're right. This Jedi Starfighter is another alternate build of Lego's 75003 A-wing, just like my Slave I. Once again, all the pieces come from that one set. At least, this time the colors actually make sense... I think this alternate building is growing on me. I can only enter one MOC in the Rebrickable alternate build contest, but I can still have fun and promote it ! So I was thinking about another build. A republic gunship turned out too complex and ended in one terrrrrible looking and undoubtely filmsy build . I did, however, took some techniques with me for this starfighter. I own both the Slave I and Obi-Wan's starfighter, and while building my previous entry, I noticed that a lot of pieces where in common with that starfighter. Seeing another Starfighter MOC here inspired me to take the final step. And this is what came out. [MOC] Jedi Starfighter by Bert.VR, on Flickr The starfighter features an opening cockipt (with place for a minifig like Obi-Wan, and with place for a coffee mug of course) and landing gear. It includes motors and realistically angled wings. Making the sharp nose was the greatest challenge, but some SNOT saved me in the end. The color scheme ended up looking a tiny bit like Obi-Wan's starfighter, so that's a good thing. Slave I and Jedi Starfighter by Bert.VR, on Flickr So what do you have to remember from this adventure? Buy two A-wings, and you get an opportunity to recreate that chase sequence from Episode Two once again. To do so, check out the Rebrickable page (I will post a link once it gets approved) for a digital model and a partlist. You'll find pdf instructions here. Just like the old days. A set is never one set!
  12. Hi, Last month I worked on a MOC for TechLUG contest about Death star attack. I tried to do something new. My aim was to create a view of Home One desk with Endor and the Death Star II. I havn't enough bricks to do all this at the same scale (and obviously for making endor and the DS at minifig scale ! ). I tried to do a perspective but without cheating on computer by working on the picture and the background. All the perspective is real when you are standing in front of the MOC. You have 3 size of X-Wing, 4 of A-wing, 3 of minifigs,...(the minifig scale A-Wing and X-wing are just MOD because of contest deadline, and also because I like the A-Wing design actually.) As some ones told me, the walls are too clean, not enough greebs. I had only 2 months to find an idea and create it during spare times. Here are the pictures... Here is the smaller guy on the deck...juste in front an A-Wing on fire! And here is how it is constructed.
  13. [MOC] Slave I - flyby by Bert.VR, on Flickr Well, that Slave I has some weird colors! Not exactly minifig scale, is it? And that isn't even Boba Fett in the cockpit... What is going on here? Yes, I can read minds . But don't the colors and the parts remind you of a certain LEGO set? The A-wing (75003) perhaps? Indeed, this Slave I is an alternate build of that set. Do you remember that good old days, when Star Wars sets came with alternate models (like the y-wing and tie advanced: you could build tons of things, ranging from a battering ram to a lightsaber! But I'm digressing.) That's right, all 99 pieces come from the A-wing set. It was quite a hard build. I used up every single plate in the process, and getting some good SNOT done for the 'nose'-area was quite tricky without any real SNOT bricks. But hey, I think I managed quite well. I was even able to include some play features. Besides details like the guns, some details on the wings and featured motors, the cockpit opens, a minifig can be fitted inside (and rejoice: even Boba can fit in with his helmet and jetpack! ), and the wings can be tilted for flight and landing. It lays perfectly flat and stable once landed, and it swooshes quite well, I suppose. Not too bad for just an alternate build, I would say... [MOC] Slave I - landing position by Bert.VR, on Flickr. This model was built for the December alternate build contest at Rebrickable. Sign up and have some fun with alternate builds for yourself. It's genuine Lego. You buy a set, build it within half an hour, destroy it after fiftheen minutes of playing, and start building something completely different with just those few bricks. It's delightful . I certainly got hooked. Lots of ideas are boiling in my head. How about a tiny republic gunship...? Thanks for watching. I hope you've enjoyed it. One more picture of the back can be found at my Flickr account. And in the unlikely case you're interested in building this model, instructions (in the form of the digital model) are available at Rebrickable. If you don't have the A-wing, you'll find a handy part-list as well. And if you aren't into digital models, here's a pdf with the generated building instructions. Read them very carefully, cause they're quite obscure at some points. I leave you with a final picture: [MOC] Slave I - Give me back my coffee! by Bert.VR, on Flickr So that's why Boba Fett chases Han Solo... For the people into SoNE: When we rode away in the highjacked Sandcrawler, I finally got some rest. I wandered around the vessel, and found myself intrigued with all those parts of junk. What wonderful things could be built with those parts! My pilot's heart began imagining all kinds of different ships. I don't remember if I really saw it, or if I just imagined it. But I have a clear memory of what looked like a Slave I. I got a little scared, but very soon saw it was not Fett's ship. One of those rebels had built it with the remains of his A-wing! Some people can do great things with part piles, I thought to myself, even rebels... I don't want this to be judged however, since it's already an entry in the Rebrickable contest. But I found it funny to build with even fewer parts this time, so I thought I'd share this with you as an aside.
  14. Lord Tyrus

    [MOC] Striker Class Starfighter

    While flicking through some old LEGO catalogue, I noticed that 75003 A-Wing had a lot of pieces used in 9497 Striker Class Starfighter. I then decided to try and create a Striker Class Starfighter using only pieces from the A-Wing. Let me present my first Eurobricks MOC: P.S: Sorry for the bad images, I will take better ones in the future. The wings are fully foldable. See the resemblance to the A-Wing? The only parts that aren't from 75003 are my custom jedi knight and lightsaber. Simple solution to store lightsabers! I would be interested to hear if anyone has already build a Striker Class from the A-Wing, or if anyone mods mine. If anyone wants instructions, I will make a LDD file. Comments and criticism are both welcome!
  15. After creating my micro X-wing and TIE-advanced, I wondered whether I could design new micro models, or whether my first MOC was just a lucky shot . I decided to expand my collection of builds, aiming for a maximum piece count of 15 per build (so that it could fit in the advent calendar). The TIE-interceptor came first. The most recognizable parts were the wings, so I started looking for pieces. I'm glad with the result, but it would be even better if a "fin"-piece would appear with one straight edge and a pin at that side. But well... I'm complaining too much . Then, I needed a rebel fighter from episode VI (for playability of course! ). I tried the Y-wing and B-wing, but didn't got that far. The A-wing was a tough one as well, because the most recognizable element is the overall shape. I got stuck once more. In the meantime, I was building set 4507 (Prehistoric creatures), and I stumbled across the Bionicle eye piece. It was a hit. The idea of rollerskates as engines followed a bit later on. But the canopy was a real pain... Untill I discovered it was already there with the clip for ataching the nose . My build was finally complete. The TIE-interceptor consists of 13 pieces, the A-wing clocks in at just 9 pieces ! I'm happy with the result, but there's a downside: the fin pieces that make up the TIE's wings are not available in black and the rollerskates are only available in black. None of these models is buildable in real life... so far.