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Found 2 results

  1. [MOC] Jedi Starfighter by Bert.VR, on Flickr Hey, I think I've seen those pieces before... And you're right. This Jedi Starfighter is another alternate build of Lego's 75003 A-wing, just like my Slave I. Once again, all the pieces come from that one set. At least, this time the colors actually make sense... I think this alternate building is growing on me. I can only enter one MOC in the Rebrickable alternate build contest, but I can still have fun and promote it ! So I was thinking about another build. A republic gunship turned out too complex and ended in one terrrrrible looking and undoubtely filmsy build . I did, however, took some techniques with me for this starfighter. I own both the Slave I and Obi-Wan's starfighter, and while building my previous entry, I noticed that a lot of pieces where in common with that starfighter. Seeing another Starfighter MOC here inspired me to take the final step. And this is what came out. [MOC] Jedi Starfighter by Bert.VR, on Flickr The starfighter features an opening cockipt (with place for a minifig like Obi-Wan, and with place for a coffee mug of course) and landing gear. It includes motors and realistically angled wings. Making the sharp nose was the greatest challenge, but some SNOT saved me in the end. The color scheme ended up looking a tiny bit like Obi-Wan's starfighter, so that's a good thing. Slave I and Jedi Starfighter by Bert.VR, on Flickr So what do you have to remember from this adventure? Buy two A-wings, and you get an opportunity to recreate that chase sequence from Episode Two once again. To do so, check out the Rebrickable page (I will post a link once it gets approved) for a digital model and a partlist. You'll find pdf instructions here. Just like the old days. A set is never one set!
  2. [MOC] Slave I - flyby by Bert.VR, on Flickr Well, that Slave I has some weird colors! Not exactly minifig scale, is it? And that isn't even Boba Fett in the cockpit... What is going on here? Yes, I can read minds . But don't the colors and the parts remind you of a certain LEGO set? The A-wing (75003) perhaps? Indeed, this Slave I is an alternate build of that set. Do you remember that good old days, when Star Wars sets came with alternate models (like the y-wing and tie advanced: you could build tons of things, ranging from a battering ram to a lightsaber! But I'm digressing.) That's right, all 99 pieces come from the A-wing set. It was quite a hard build. I used up every single plate in the process, and getting some good SNOT done for the 'nose'-area was quite tricky without any real SNOT bricks. But hey, I think I managed quite well. I was even able to include some play features. Besides details like the guns, some details on the wings and featured motors, the cockpit opens, a minifig can be fitted inside (and rejoice: even Boba can fit in with his helmet and jetpack! ), and the wings can be tilted for flight and landing. It lays perfectly flat and stable once landed, and it swooshes quite well, I suppose. Not too bad for just an alternate build, I would say... [MOC] Slave I - landing position by Bert.VR, on Flickr. This model was built for the December alternate build contest at Rebrickable. Sign up and have some fun with alternate builds for yourself. It's genuine Lego. You buy a set, build it within half an hour, destroy it after fiftheen minutes of playing, and start building something completely different with just those few bricks. It's delightful . I certainly got hooked. Lots of ideas are boiling in my head. How about a tiny republic gunship...? Thanks for watching. I hope you've enjoyed it. One more picture of the back can be found at my Flickr account. And in the unlikely case you're interested in building this model, instructions (in the form of the digital model) are available at Rebrickable. If you don't have the A-wing, you'll find a handy part-list as well. And if you aren't into digital models, here's a pdf with the generated building instructions. Read them very carefully, cause they're quite obscure at some points. I leave you with a final picture: [MOC] Slave I - Give me back my coffee! by Bert.VR, on Flickr So that's why Boba Fett chases Han Solo... For the people into SoNE: When we rode away in the highjacked Sandcrawler, I finally got some rest. I wandered around the vessel, and found myself intrigued with all those parts of junk. What wonderful things could be built with those parts! My pilot's heart began imagining all kinds of different ships. I don't remember if I really saw it, or if I just imagined it. But I have a clear memory of what looked like a Slave I. I got a little scared, but very soon saw it was not Fett's ship. One of those rebels had built it with the remains of his A-wing! Some people can do great things with part piles, I thought to myself, even rebels... I don't want this to be judged however, since it's already an entry in the Rebrickable contest. But I found it funny to build with even fewer parts this time, so I thought I'd share this with you as an aside.