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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, here's another one of my recent MOCs. It's a Liberator-class starfighter from Star Wars: The Old Republic in UCS size. The Galactic Republic used it against the Sith Empire, which also knew it as Talon Fighter. The wings can be folded to two positions (similar to the U-Wing from Rogue One). This design allows it to be used like an interceptor with the speed of an A-Wing or a starfighter with the firepower of an X-Wing. Hope you like it :) Liberator-class Starfighter UCS by Vaionaut, on Flickr
  2. This is the Endar Spire from the beginning of KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic) that I designed. It is quite an iconic ship and it's an absolutely massive model at 6,000 pieces. This was probably my longest project that I've ever worked on. The only one that comes close to this in terms of the 'time it took to design' would be the C-9979 Landing Craft which was around 5000 pieces. So this model is actually a lot more structurally sturdy than one might think. There is a massive technic "skeleton" that is reinforced by a lot more technic, bricks, plates, inverted slopes, etc. And the stands help to keep the model up and distribute the weight of this massive beast. The head itself acts as a frontal stand. It aligns perfectly on the ground with the other 2 stands which ensures that it stays nice and sturdy on display. endar spire2 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr endar spire image taking by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr endar spire image taking_2 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr endar spire_8 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr endar spire_6 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr endar spire_5 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr endar spire (white) by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr endar spire (white - orange) by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr The interior: There are 5 "rooms" in this hammerhead cruiser. The largest room is in the back. This is where you first wake up in the KOTOR game and meet Trask Ulgo. The second room is kind of like a bridge of the cruiser - lots of chairs for computers. The third room is the escape pod entry, where there are 3 escape pod entrances. The fourth room is a cargo room/hallway. The fifth and smallest room is another smaller cargo bay. It is also possible to remove the sides walls as seen in one of the images. And color swapping is quite easy as well. I made 2 versions. A light-bluish gray one and a white one. I also did some color variations like orange, yellow, and dark blue just to see what they would look like. Here is a link for the instructions and parts list if anyone was curious: Let me know what you all think!
  3. *Your entry has earned 18 XP* Mick's Story:Corellian Security (CorSec)Building AlliesIntelligence ConnectionsJunction MurderCorellian Apartment PartyInterferenceClandestine MeetingInvestigation in the SandA Turn of EventsSnarky Gundark (you're here!)TBA Later Story Entries: Mick and his CorSec crew left Gradalla's fortress as fast as they could. Personnel Files: A few dunes away was the CorSec ship Mick's crew had been given for their mission to save him. The Snarky Gundark was a Galaxy Class freighter first in production during the Old Republic. It's hull design had recently come back into style and CorSec had purchased a few for reconnaissance missions. Hugo had stayed with the ship will the rest of the crew went to save Mick. They didn't want any bands of Jawas disassembling the ship for parts. The ship had many features that made it perfect for a team like Mick's. Separate crew quarters for both men and women, a large mess hall, a mechanic's bay, and plenty of room in the cockpit. It also boasted a central turret and two side turrets in case of combat. There were separate quarters for the captain (Mick in this case) and a fully loaded med-bay. Mick would have to get the full tour later. Right now they needed to get airborne right away. Hurry! Scanners picked up a swarm of TIEs headed our way!
  4. Zenith escort cruiser The Zenith was designed to escort diplomatic missions. It's sizes are 800 meters long, 240 meters wide and 290 meter height. (1 stud = 5 meters) Four main engines and three thrusters allow the Zenith to achieve high speeds comparing to ships of the same size, both in sub-luminar and superluminar speed. It has strong deflector shield, that could also protect any docked ship. The armament is composed of 3 twin-mounted turbolasers, 20 double laser turrets, ion cannon, concussion missiles and proton torpedos. (Click on pictures for bigger version) I tried some building techniques with the Zenith. First time I used bricks for the hull instead of plates. I let you guess which SW ships inspired me I'm not really happy with some areas, but I had to stop working on it. I also messed up the lighting, so the white areas are hard to distinguish of the light grey ones The internal structure is strong, and define 5 modules: the head, the center-front, the center-back, the engines, and the sides: Here is the LFX file
  5. *Your entry has earned 8XP* 39 BY - Kamino - Somewhere underneath the surface. Clevor Hrof : He is masquerading as a Guru, with title of Kan… Berig Mell : What is a Kan, master ? : Smoke and Mirrors ! : Halt !! No one shall pass !! Especially human ! Du Du Park : Mesa not human ! Mesa pass ! : Three miserable non-humans request audience... : I inform his Highness. ************** Great Guru : ROOOOOO ZZZZZZ ROOOOFLLLLLL ROOOOOO ZZZZZ :Great Guru : ROOOOOO ZZZZZZ Hu ? Whazappend ? Guard : Three miserables non-humans request audience, your Highness ! : Mmmmmh ?! Miserables ! I hate the poor !! Grrmmmblll, OK let's go ! : HIS HIGHNESS, SKIPPY THE KAN GURU WILL RECEIVE THE REQUESTERS FOR THE GLORY OF PAST ATLANTIS ! Clevor Hrof : Greetings, Vigo ! Skippy ( to the first guard ) : Tell me, scumbag, you let human in !! Guard : Errrr… I’m sorry Skippy : You’re a bonehead Callaghan, wave off !! Clevor Hrof : Even the Vigos erect themselves temple, now ? Berig Mell : Superiority complex, Master. Du Du Park : Oyi, mooie-mooie ! How luxury ! : I'm not sure I truly understand, but I'm sure you won't join the Atlantis Mercy Mission for Non-Human, will you ? : Don’t play games with me, you’re not on any mercy mission… Skippy : Nevertheless, I’m the Guru Skippy ! Clevor Hrof : You’re part of Black Sun, and one of the nine ! You have to come with us to Coruscant ! Skippy : I don’t know what you’re talking about, and I have such a busy schedule ! and Coruscant is so far away… SHANDOOOOR, my organizer !! Shandor : Here you are your Highness ! Skippy : When will I be likely to have some spare time to come with our guests ? Shandor : Not before 3 cycles I’m afraid, your Aquatic Luminosity… Skippy : So the audience is over, dear sirs, please come back in 3 cycles. Clevor Hrof : I really enjoy your little display, but you will come with us… Right now ! Du Du Park : Youssa under arrest ! Skippy : So, you join or you move but I have some spiritual work to do now ! : You come with us to Coruscant ! Skippy : No, I won'ta. What you think you're some kinda Jedi, waving your hand around like that ? I'm a Qiraash. Mind tricks don'ta work on me ! Guards, this gentlemen are leaving, show them out !! *** A short tussle later *** Clevor Hrof : The Jedi Council's orders are not to be questionned, Vigo ! Skippy : So be it Jedi !! Clevor Hrof : Arrghhhh ! Du Du Park : How wude ! Berig Mell : Damn it !! It's a Sith Lord !! Berig Mell : Garrglll Du Du Park : Oooie, I'm falling. Du Du Park (running) : Mooie, mesa running ! Skippy : If you will not join, you will be destroyed ! (now unleashing Force Lightnings) SCHLAAAAAAAAAAAAAK Du Du Park : Aooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww ! Skippy : Young fool...only now, at the end, do you understand. SCHLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK ! Du Du Park : Aowwwwww Skippy : Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the dark side. You have paid the price for your lack of vision !! And now my little Jedi, you join the Dark Side or you die !! SCHLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK !!! Du Du Park : Aoooooooooooooowwww ! Mesa join ! Mesa join ! Skippy : Perfect my friend... you were full of fear, so of potential : fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate… leads to power ! Du Du Park : Teach mesa, my Master ! Skippy : Gnerk gnerk gnerk gnerk ! C&C welcome, that's my first entry for Ep 2 with the Molavar seed part. The lightsabers and the Force Lightnings were photosoped, but it is according to the parts original colors and just for much more "star wars good looking purpose" not for faking/cheating/etc... pics without photoshop are in the bonus following
  6. Hello, I thought I'd share my creation, the Defender-class light corvette, with you guys! I had tried my hand at replicating the corvette in LEGO before news leaked of the official set and subsequently stopped improving my own design, hoping the TLG version would be as awesome as the Fury had been. Alas when the pictures finally leaked last week, I couldn't help but be disappointed. So I present to you now my own (finished) design; My favorite shot. The crew and view of the ramp and landing gear. It's a bit impractical but I really wanted to include a ramp for my figs, so the corvette sits a bit higher than I'd like. The landing gear itself also folds up neatly (forgot to take a picture of that). The pilot's seat can rotate so he can actually get out and take a nap when I'm not looking. The medical beds can slide out so the injured can be transported safely, or they would anyway if those damn troopers would stop watching TV and let them pass. A picture of the "airlock" hatch open. The floor slides out revealing sweet sweet death or maybe a space station airlock if they're lucky. The engines where the hardest for me to translate into LEGO, I'm quite happy with the final result. Maybe some trans blue dishes though. My creation's approximate dimensions are; 41 studs long (not counting laser cannon tips), 34 studs wide and 13 studs high (with landing gear folded up). It consists of 1222 (or 1226 once they update the parts list) parts, not including minifigs and weapons. You can download the "instructions" here. I've used normal red as a junk color so those bricks can be any color. Also if you're building it replace the yellow 1x4 tiles with the 1x4 light bley stud plates. Thanks for taking an interest, khatmorg, on Flickr
  7. I would like to introduce the battle pack "The sith of the Old Republic". This is the temple of Onderon, where Freedon Nadd sleeps in the meditative stasis. And lots of sith arrive at this place and tell the old lord about their dark actions. Battle puck includes the minifigures: Freedon Nadd and three sith-warriors. May the dark side be with you!
  8. Kuat Drive Yards

    [MOC] Terminus-class Frigate

    The Terminus-class Destroyer was a medium frigate used by the Galactic Empire during the Great War. It was used to support Harrower-class Dreadnoughts in large engagements or operate as a ship of the line in smaller skirmishes. The main bridge and shield generators. The engines as well as a pretty space background (yes, the starboard turbolasers are floating ) Unlike many other imperial ships of its time, the Terminus was designed mainly with speed in mind for flanking maneuvers, however it is still much better armed than any comparable republic ship (remind me again how on earth the empire lost?) The front mounted turbolasers (I call 'em muzzle-mounted whiskers ) A better shot of the wing-mounted turbolasers. The secondary bridge. Woosh! That's it! This is probably one of my favorite MOC's ever .
  9. DarthTwoShedsJackson

    Sith War Droid Mark I MOC

    Assembling all Republic Troopers and Sith Troopers from several Old Republic Battlepacks I felt that instead of that speeder they should have included a Sith War Droid as seen in the game trailers. So I decided to build one myself in scale to the minifigs. I've not seen a lot of these around the internet, so this was an additional incentive. The legs proved to be tricky, but I'm very pleased with the result. Here we go: And a size comparison to Malcolm: Nothing huge, but I hope you like it.
  10. Lord Tyrus

    [MOC] Striker Class Starfighter

    While flicking through some old LEGO catalogue, I noticed that 75003 A-Wing had a lot of pieces used in 9497 Striker Class Starfighter. I then decided to try and create a Striker Class Starfighter using only pieces from the A-Wing. Let me present my first Eurobricks MOC: P.S: Sorry for the bad images, I will take better ones in the future. The wings are fully foldable. See the resemblance to the A-Wing? The only parts that aren't from 75003 are my custom jedi knight and lightsaber. Simple solution to store lightsabers! I would be interested to hear if anyone has already build a Striker Class from the A-Wing, or if anyone mods mine. If anyone wants instructions, I will make a LDD file. Comments and criticism are both welcome!