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  1. Laura Takayama

    How successful was Galaxy Squad?

    About the only thing I liked about this line was the fact that the Blue squad dude could be used to fill out my AC ranks. Other than that, my experiences mirror most of what everyone else has said here.
  2. Laura Takayama

    [MOC] Aquanauts Cargo Sub

    Looking good! The chunky profile of this build definitely makes one think "cargo carrier" at first glance. I also love the retractable jig for carrying additional containers as well. :)
  3. Thanks for the kind words, coming from you that means a lot! Oh, abd I definitely checked out the Neptune Carrier Mk.II, which is excellent build! However, since the most recent post was a few months ago, I didn't post any comment because I didn't want to necro-post the thread. Interesting you should mention that: My next design phase project (although I might actually have most of the bricks needed to build it already) is a Confederate midget sub that is inspired by this blue submarine that Sebeus posted 2 years ago that uses the Lego City cement mixer elements for a large part of the hull. I'll be posting the LDD renders whenever I get that one done. I'm also working on a pirate submarine that uses at least one (possibly 2) of the brown aircraft hull sections from the Sponge Bob Davy Jones set....
  4. Laura Takayama

    [MOC] Aquanauts "Harvester"

    Really nice MOC based off the most-coveted of M-Tron sets (when I was younger). I love how you managed to incorporate your Utility sub build into it as well (and thanks for posting a link to it). I've been on an undersea kick lately, and its nice to see those themes still getting some love these days. :)
  5. Thanks! In case you're wondering, here's a list of subs in the class (I'm thinking about building the Black Seas Barracuda if I can source enough parts for it): SSF 01 Black Seas Barracuda SSF 02 Jolly Roger (a.k.a. Captain Hook's ship from Peter Pan) SSF 03 Black Pearl SSF 04 Revenge (a.k.a. The Dread Pirate Roberts' ship from Princess Bride) SSF 05 Renegade Runner SSF 06 Skull's Eye Schooner SSF 07 Queen Emeraldis (Space pirate ship from the Leijiverse Anime) SSF 08 Arcadia (Another Leijiverse space pirate ship commanded by Captain Harlock) The reason that the Queen Anne's Revenge isn't on the list is due to the fact that Captain Blackbeard, who came through the same portal as Jack & Mr. Gibbs, decided to join the Neo-Confederate Navy and is in command of the notorious Heavy Cruiser (along the lines of the WWII-era German "Pocket Battleships")/commerce raider, CSS Baton Rouge. Yeah, it's THAT kind of setting, lol.
  6. So, I decided to dust off a project that had been set aside for quite some time, due to how the first version had some major design flaws (IMO) that I just couldn't seem to work out. Well, after going to BrickFair last month, I decided to take another crack at it (in between various RL stuff that has been keeping me constantly busy), and after tinkering around with a few ideas (one of which, even though I initially liked it best, I had to discard due to two of the key parts being discontinued & never publicly released in red), I finally came up with this. I figured that I should post it here, rather than in the Sci-Fi forum, because it's about as much inspired by the Atlantis & Aquazone themes as it is RL Navy stuff, so without further ado: Behold, the Federal Navy Ship Black Pearl, Black Seas Barracuda-class fusion-powered fast attack submarine for my crazy crossover sci-fi/fantasy LEGO setting. It is the third ship of the Black Seas Barracuda class SSF (Fusion-powered Fast-attack Submarines), the first two being the Black Seas Barracuda and the Jolly Roger (wonder if anyone will get the references), and all ships in the class are named after infamous pirate vessels. This one just happens to have the commander of its namesake vessel for its CO.... Improved FNS Black Pearl, Forward View by Ben/Laura Bonebrake, on Flickr The FNS Black Pearl is mostly deployed as part of the Federal Republic of America Navy's Caribbean Squadron, patrolling the mostly lawless waters of the Caribbean League for pirates (conventional & submarine), hunting down notorious sea monsters and giving Neo-Confederate commercial shipping & commerce raiders nightmares. Improved FNS Black Pearl, Aft view by Ben/Laura Bonebrake, on Flickr Armed with four twin-laser cannon turrets (for engaging airborne targets & smaller surface vessels while surfaced & close-by underwater threats when submerged), dual axially-mounted torpedo tubes (each can carry either one MK 50 Long-range sonar-guided heavy torpedo or two MK 49 short-range sonar guided medium torpedoes), as well as a remote recon probe (also serves as a remote active sonar platform) and sometimes Federal Special Operations Command Underwater Demolition Team members, these medium subs pack a mean punch for their size. Interior view, looking Forward by Ben/Laura Bonebrake, on Flickr As is typical of most submarines, the interior is cramped, but provides adequate living for its crew. The forward-most compartment houses most of the air cylinders as well as an airlock for UDT divers & the remote probe to be deployed or retrieved. Interior View, Looking Aft by Ben/Laura Bonebrake, on Flickr This sub's fusion power plant, in addition to providing electricity for propulsion & equipment, also is used to separate hydrogen & oxygen from water, thus the sub can remain submerged indefinitely, crew provisions being the only limiting factor (although some enterprising crews have been known to deploy their SOCOM UDT teams and/or remote drones to harvest seafood to extend their time below the surface when trying to remain undetected deep in enemy territory) Black Pearl Bridge cut-away by Ben/Laura Bonebrake, on Flickr The relatively minimalist bridge, where the captain & duty helmsman take the sub where it needs to go. (The periscope raises & lowers)) Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this LDD project. I DO fully intend to build this thing for real (and bring it to at least one Lego show), but unfortunately, my budget is such that I've only got the barest bit of the bottom section done as of yet. This build clocks in at over 860 pieces, most of which are rather small, so you can see how it could be a bit on the expensive side, however, it is getting my top priority for my LEGO budget from now until I have it finished.
  7. Laura Takayama

    Favorite Space Line?

    Oh I agree 100% I particuarly hated that they replaced the old transparent yellow with the fugly transparent neon green that they introduced with the M-Tron line. As for Space Police II.... The only good thing about it, IMO, is that thanks to the green canopies and the largely gray color scheme, they made for fairly easy conversion into the Gray with Green canopy Classic Space color scheme and/or as parts kits for MOCs based on that particular theme....
  8. Laura Takayama

    Favorite Space Line?

    I actually bought several Exploriens sets when they came out (and when I got back into LEGO after my first dark age) for the express purpose of using their parts for/converting them to Futuron MOCs.
  9. Laura Takayama

    Lego City Future - Vintage Hovercab

    I really like this design and concept! Then again, I always did like the idea of retro sci-fi and re-purposing obsolete equipment so it still had a use (like that project I did where I converted an antique crank phone to work on a regular phone line). This cab project, likewise, perfectly captures the feel of a 1950-ish cab being converted into a hover car.
  10. Laura Takayama

    Favorite Space Line?

    Those are my picks as well. One of the reasons I bought multiples of the Raid VPR & squeed like a fangirl when the local Lego Store got a bunch of that one alien's torso from that set was because it was a specific shout-out/re-make of the original Blacktron I torsos. :) One of the other reasons is that, with a few slight mods, the Raid VPR itself was easy to convert to Futuron colors. Also, classic space is the reason why I decided to spend close to $100 on Benny's Spaceship spaceship SPACESHIP! set, instead of parts for one of my many ongoing naval projects was because it was just like one of those big Classic Space sets they had when I was a kid, but could never afford, so it was my way to make up for the regret of never getting one of those sets back then. ;)
  11. Laura Takayama

    [SPC] Cat C - "The Acid Queen"

    They are quite excellent, at least in my opinion. :)
  12. Laura Takayama

    Disney Princess 2015 Rumors and Discussion

    Definitely Not! Mulan is, and has always been one of, in not my absolute favorite Disney Princess of all time, due to her courage, tactical cunning & resourcefulness (as one put it, she's the only Disney Princess with a body count). :)
  13. Laura Takayama

    [SPC] Cat C - "The Acid Queen"

    Very nicely done! Looks like something straight out of one of Leiji Matsumoto's space-opera Anime series (Capt. Harlock, Emeraldis, Galaxy Express 999). I guess I'm just a sucker for literal space SHIPS, lol!
  14. Laura Takayama

    Elves 2015

    Well, my wife surprised me with Naida's Epic Adventure Ship, and I must say that I really like the designs and am fairly impressed with the fairly advanced build techniques. I also really like the minidolls (is it wrong that I kinda want Aira's dress in real life?). I am planning to convert it into a light cargo ship (along the lines of a shinier version of the African Queen)/Barge hauler plying its way from one of the Elven colonies in Trindidad, Yucutan or St. Kitts through the various ports in the Caribbean League & even as far as Lone Star, the Federal Republic & New Jersey. Until then, it's sitting in the "shipyard" until I get inspired to start modifying it. ;)
  15. Laura Takayama

    UCS Helicarrier

    I'm actually the opposite: I'm mainlyinterested int he base model for possible conversion into a city-scale Amphibious Assault ship or Light Carrier, and could care less about the minifigs.....