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  1. JWBDolphins

    New to Lego trains

    The obvious advantage of sets like 60198 are they include track and everything needed to run a train. Agreed! I like that you can build a train and track along with everything else you'd see, in this case, on a model railroad. Roads, cars, trucks, buildings, landscape, plants, animals can all be built with LEGO. (And along these lines, virtual meetings are fun, but it will be nice when we can all meet in person again! )
  2. JWBDolphins

    [MOC] 4-8-2 Mountain Type

    Wow, that still sounds Great! Thanks for posting!!!
  3. JWBDolphins

    [MOC] 4-8-2 Mountain Type

    Thank you! They're on my list to investigate!
  4. JWBDolphins

    [MOC] 4-8-2 Mountain Type

    For what its worth, I've looked at non-LEGO power options for when a LEGO battery box won't fit, and I decided on 2S Lipo batteries. 9 volt batteries (and better yet, rechargeable ones) work fine too, but they are surprisingly big, especially if you put them in a battery holder with a switch. I do Not have any data on how long a 9V battery would last but I'm sure its not as long as a LEGO battery box with its 6 1.5 volt batteries. Note on Lipos - if you go this route, DO take the time to educate yourself on them and use a Balanced Charger. A 2S Lipo battery outputs 7.4 Volts, but that is what LEGO used in their rechargeable battery box and 7.4 Volts vs 9 Volts isn't a problem. Lipos are safe as long as you take care with them. They come in several sizes so fitting them in is not that hard. I have not used Lipos that long yet, but I timed my first one. I had a small 300 mAh Lipo run an engine pulling a car as fast as it would go without flying off the oval and it ran for 20 minutes and used 10% of the battery - that's just anecdotal, but that's what I found. Something to consider. You'll find advice on all sides of Lipos but if you read enough you should be able to get a good feel as to whether they will work for you or not. Finally, if I may ask, what did you use for Sound and Speaker? (Enclosed speaker vs open, etc.) That's also on my list to try!
  5. JWBDolphins

    [MOC] Neoclassical Theatre

    What an Amazing piece of artwork! I Really like the interior ceiling and how the chandeliers connect! Incredible work!
  6. JWBDolphins

    [MOC] Quarter Scale Rail

    That is one of the neatest ideas I've seen! Thanks for showing that!
  7. JWBDolphins

    [MOC] Searchlight signals

    Those look Great! I think any track-side items really help elevate a layout to a model railway look, Nice job!
  8. JWBDolphins

    [MOC] 4-8-2 Mountain Type

    That's awesome! NICE JOB!!!
  9. JWBDolphins

    1225 North Pole Railroad

    What a gorgeous set! I don't see a flaw in it. If I had the $, I would buy This over a Lionel Christmas train! Its models like this that inspire me to stay in this hobby!
  10. Very cool! I've wanted to mess around with containers for a while now, but the sticky point (arr-arr) has been the connection points. I think this is very nice solution. I've added this to my ever-growing to-do list. (Better to be too busy than not busy enough! )
  11. Welcome to Eurobricks! :-)
  12. JWBDolphins

    Brick Train Awards 2020 winners

    Agreed, and I'm not sure where that line is either. I'm sure there as many opinions as there are Eurobricks members. :-) There is something Magical about a Pure LEGO build that doesn't look like its built with LEGO. But there are parts of trains that are integral to their look that LEGO doesn't currently provide (rods, wheels of various sizes and colors, stickers) and if LEGO were to produce them they would seamlessly swap in. That's generally where I probably fall. I look forward to all the new creations and tweaks to existing models that are yet to come!
  13. JWBDolphins

    Brick Train Awards 2020 winners

    Congrats to ALL!!! That's the kind of work I (only hope to) aspire to and why I really enjoy LEGO as a modelling medium!
  14. JWBDolphins

    [moc] CP H1e 4-6-4 Royal Hudson

    That looks unbelievably good! bogieman beat me to the one thing I noticed - the cab might be 1 stud too short. I think a few well-placed stickers will go a long way to make it really look like the source. Nice Job!!!
  15. JWBDolphins

    Brick Model Railroader announce working knuckle couplers

    This is really interesting. I've replaced a bunch of HO gauge Tyco plastic horn couplers with Kadee couplers over the years with great success. I had thought about trying O gauge Kadees for LEGO and read all the threads on this I could find (most mentioned above) but just hadn't gotten around to it yet. I am very interested to see what they come up with.