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  1. I Should add, and again preface with IF this is correct, I see the problem and I think you're on to something with that arc!
  2. If Hod Carrier is right, that roof may be a bit leaky!
  3. JWBDolphins

    Northern Pacific Z-6 Challenger UPGRADE for Lego Ideas

    That looks good to me! Hopefully LEGO is good with it too!!
  4. JWBDolphins

    Northern Pacific Z-6 Challenger UPGRADE for Lego Ideas

    So again, this is just a pure guess not having submitted anything to Ideas - but I would probably start by trying a light gray background. I think white would be too stark so I would begin with light, light gray. Also, I would crop the top and bottom so you have about as much space between the image and the top/bottom as you have space between the left/right sides (if that makes sense). That will give you a wide short image so maybe that wouldn't fly, but that's where I would start. If they still reject that, I'd see if there's a way to contact them for more info on what they see as the problem. You should be able to do these changes inside Studio too - have it render to any size and background color you want. Good luck!!
  5. JWBDolphins

    Northern Pacific Z-6 Challenger UPGRADE for Lego Ideas

    This is just a Pure Guess, but if the file size and image size are within LEGO's recommendations, just Looking at the image above I might try a Lighter background. There is a lot of Dark there and maybe that's hiding details they want to see. Again, this is just a Guess. Great model though!!
  6. JWBDolphins

    Trains in 4-Wide

    Those are really nice! That's a lot of detail for such a small scale!
  7. Thanks!, I think..... I always had more of a soft spot for "I'm Just A Bill"! Regardless, I think those cars are a Great idea and looking good too!!!
  8. JWBDolphins

    [MOC] Train Shed

    What a great build!!!
  9. JWBDolphins

    Increasingly losing patience with Lego

    It makes sense to me LEGO not wanting to invest a lot in a very niche market. It does seem, though, that there are a few simple things they could do (albeit these things might not be as simple as I think they are .) They already have the molds for wheels. Doing a run in different colors seems like it would be easy. For example, I believe LEGO no longer own the rights to Thomas the Tank Engine but a release of blue, green, & yellow wheels seems simple enough, and then let MOCers do their thing. Another area would be rods. I don't think LEGO would ever do the cool contours and shapings you get with third-party rods, but I do think they could make a few rods in the Technic arena that would be useful for both Technic and train builders. Specifically, make a "Liftarm Thin 1x9". That alone would eliminate a lot of the bulk in what LEGO uses for rods. And better yet, make 1x9 & 1x5 Thin Liftarms with 3 inner studs worth of holes being Solid. I would think just those pieces alone would get cross-platform support by Technic builders too.
  10. Maybe its the colors, but it looks like a lion! CONGRATS!!!
  11. Perfect!
  12. I came out of my dark ages Right as the 9V system retired, so my train investment is almost exclusively in plastic track and Power Functions. More recently I've invested in a 3rd party control system. Here's how I see myself using this, and the thought is really intriguing to me. Much like the way DCC works on HO/N model trains, I can see putting the full 9 volts on the track and using a wheel set to pick up that voltage and feed it into the Power Functions system. A lot of electrical calculations would need to be done before doing this, but I could see sacrificing a PF extension cable to make a converter cable for example, and then run trains as normal with PF/PU/3rd party battery operated control where the "battery" on the train would never run out. I think, too, it would theoretically be possible to run more than one train simultaneously.
  13. Great review so far! You had written an article about steam MOCs wanting to climb off the track when hitting the LEGO 9V curve pieces in one direction where they join. I'm guessing with the wider radius this might not be an issue, but is this something you would look at too?