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    MOC: #4 Sandman Bank Heist

    You could put that with something like the LXF attached... it was created as a bank for a modular Gotham, but I see no reason it couldn't be in NY somewhere for Spiderman's foes to steal from. Basically, I saw this, liked it, and decided to whore this model design that I've had kicking around my hard drive for a while. Touched it up a bit, polished the colour scheme... it was originally all in shades of grey. But I've not really altered the structure. I wanted to get this via DBM when it was active, but the price proved to be the undoing of that idea. Still, I thought somebody might enjoy looking at the file. Module bldg - bank.lxf
  2. I definitely agree with this. My Hogwarts Express modification uses a lot of the 3rd Edition set (with big drivers, and a bit more detail. And valve gear, when I get the parts) and a 9V motor under the tender (I'll switch that out at some point as I don't like the look of it, and put the motor in a brake van at the rear of the train). The Olton Hall is a gorgeous steam locomotive, so the fact that TLG didn't do a good job of the first two sets is pretty galling. I can understand why train AFOLs wouldn't look twice at them. But the third and the motorised version are wonderful train parts packs if nothing else. I think the best Olton Hall/Hogwarts Express MOC I've seen is the one by Bricktrix. It's got so many nice little details, and manages to capture the shape of the real thing nicely. By contrast, mine is very much an approximation. In fact, it's not even complete. TLG should never have released it without actual Lego train wheels IMO, and they should have at least had a go at one with the big drivers from the EN once they were released. But the third edition train is very much the right direction, if not QUITE the right balance between realism and KFOL play value (the lack of drivers is almost made up for by them finally getting it to look more-or-less like an actual Hall class locomotive, and little touches like the cab detail/firebox). I don't "look down on" these trains, but I do think that the way they did them could be further evidence that somebody at TLG has some sort of grudge against AFOL train builders. I mean, the refusal to use the right wheels, the first two hardly looking like trains, and the relatively limited numbers of the motorized version all point to TLG wanting to distance their Hogwarts Express from being a "train set".
  3. rday1982

    2013 Train Sets

    Fine. I give up.
  4. rday1982

    2013 Train Sets

    Oops. Doublepost by accident.
  5. rday1982

    2013 Train Sets

    Not at all. I'm saying it's not MADE of interest to many people. If you put something into an interesting context, it becomes of interest. Lego have done this with other themes, but not trains. They've always been sidelines to other themes, like City. I never mentioned Ninjago, either. I don't see Ninjago as something that the train theme should intersect with anyway. Not sure why you brought that up. As for Mark Stafford's role, it is to make Lego money. If they promote trains properly, they have an opportunity to make money there. Batman's vehicle with the flick-fire missiles? Separate set. I'd see this more as being a train with a Batman minifig set. Something like a driver, a villain, and Batman. Maybe a Batcycle. Possibly a getaway car. Something small, not terribly detailed. The basis for the realistic design needn't be scrapped (and an exploding engine sounds pretty cool), it would just mean shifting other, crazier design elements to other sets. Is "missing the point" something that you do on a professional basis? TLG's mismanagement is the reason that the train theme is not more popular with KFOLs - in point of fact, not many people even KNOW about it. Show a kid a Lego train and they're going to want to play with it. Put out a Lego train display in a store and it's going to generate interest. Trains IRL are big, powerful, complex machines. The sort of thing that Lego excels at reproducing for kids, basically. TLG's promotion and management of trains didn't help that. If TLG didn't mismanage the theme, there is every chance that the majority of KFOLs would become Lego train owners, if not absolutely nuts about Lego trains. Those KFOLs would become AFOLs and either have KFOLs of their own to give those trains to, or become AFOLs with at least some interest in Lego trains. But if TLG continue to sideline the production and promotion of trains, that user base will always be somewhat limited, and it will always appear that there is at best a limited interest in Lego trains. I propose an experiment. Two toyshops in similar town centres to have a Lego display, with the sets involved to be available and prominently displayed for purchase. One of them would be an enormous extravaganza with a pirate raid (Pirate ships!) on a ninja camp (Ninjago!) and dragons (Ninjago! Castle!) flying over a castle (Knights! Hogwarts!) in the background. The other would just be a train set. Perhaps buildings as scenery, perhaps a few minifigs working on the tracks. But a train running around a long loop would be the focus. Maybe a freight terminal, a station... road plates and a level crossing. Fairly simple, spartan design. The idea is that the display's mostly about the long loop of track and the big train or trains (Emerald Night, Maersk, the red cargo train, the yellow one, the red passenger train, any one of these or a combination) running around it. The experiment should run for a year, so as to include Xmas and all the local kids' birthdays, during which time the display should be highly visible, and people should be encouraged to come inside and look at it. Each set showcased would also be available to buy right then and there, and this should be prominently displayed and advertised. Like the pirate ship? BUY IT HERE! Like the train? TAKE ONE TODAY! I think that the train would probably sell more Lego, all other things being equal. Especially if the right price point sets were available. Like, if there were locomotives available singly with space for a PF motor, rather than sold with the RC motor. The cost of purchasing the loco would come down, and allow a KFOL to come back later in the year to get the PF motor. AFOLs have more purchasing power, and would probably buy both at once. Parents of KFOLs would be able to decide whether to get a full train set, or buy a loco, motor, and track either separately at the same time or staggered over time. Track should ideally be sold as cheaply as possible. Saving money on packaging would be nice and easy to do - just ship boxes of so many pieces to the retailer without packaging and have an MSRP per piece. The retailer has a box of track by the till, with a sign saying how much it costs per section, and both KFOLs and AFOLs can then buy as much track as they can afford/carry. The point is, if customers (whether KFOL or AFOL) see this big, expensive, shiny, enticing Lego train running around, it's going to generate interest for them whether they are a fan of trains in general or not. Especially if it's something complex, detailed, or even just plain recognisable. Batman, Spiderman, and Indiana Jones, to name three, all have specific examples from the source material (Batman:TAS, films and comics, Spiderman comics, cartoons and films, Indiana Jones films and TV series) that feature trains. Interest in trains, and the desire to purchase Lego trains isn't lacking. But it IS something that requires proper display, promotion, and management on the part of TLG. Without these, trains will not be a major profit line, and so it's going to look like there's little interest. Of course, that's my opinion as an AF of Lego Trains (AFOLT?), and you're obviously either not a huge trains fan or not wanting to bash TLG. Your mileage may vary. Whilst this is very true, it's nice to have parts that are specifically useful for building trains, no? If TLG decided to stop their train sets entirely, you won't have tracks, wheels, magnets, etc. Lots of the speciality parts necessary for building your own train will cease to exist.
  6. rday1982

    TLG Train Sets - What Triggers 'Buy'?

    I know I'd love to grab a few of those, for train parts, if they were re-released.
  7. rday1982

    Best Train Era Minifigs?

    90's era train minifigs look great, but I do like the guys in orange vests. Can't quite put my finger on why. I think it's a good idea to have a mix of the various train guys around any layout, as it looks like they could be from different railway companies. One for the trains, one for the stations, one for track maintenance, etc. I'd like to see some nicely detailed railway guys as part of the CMF line. It would convince me to buy more packets!
  8. rday1982

    2013 Train Sets

    I don't quite know about that. I mean, if there were Batman/Spiderman train sets, they'd probably utilise quite realistic locomotives and rolling stock. Villains from these themes would tend to fall into two types: scientists and goons. Goons are out to cause mayhem, they're like the Joker and the Lizard. They're just comitting crime for the sake of it. So they'd go after a train full of people. Something like the Metroliner, perhaps done in an Art Deco style for the Joker to put a bomb aboard, or a subway train with a few cars for the Lizard to terrorise. Scientists usually want money to continue their crazy experiments, like Doctor Octopus or Mr. Freeze. They'd be more attracted to a perfectly normal, realistic cargo train. Maybe pulled by a heavy-haul big diesel locomotive. Something that's big, raw, powerful, and probably brown with age and neglect. Think something like this: Now think of it in a dark colour, scaled up a little, and re-inforced around the front for a brutish look. A huge rusting hulk that's just begging to have two "L" PF motors installed for traction. This behemoth would pull a mixed cargo train, including one "strongbox" wagon containing gold bullion and cash. The same train would of course be an ideal candidate for a smash-and-grab raid on a bank or similar by the Train Pirates. Arguments could be made that a big steamer would be perfect for pulling a cargo train for Doc Ock or Mr. F to rob - it's a contrast to the passenger trains that'll be held up by goon-type villains, and it's a chance for Lego to design something beautiful and captivating. But I think that a steam engine and early 20th Century passenger carriages would be better suited to something like an attack by train pirates (assuming they're after mundane things like wallets), or a set that involves some sort of rail disaster either happening or being averted. I can see a mining train (carting precious stones or rare and exotic metals perhaps) being a tempting target for either a scientist-type villain or train pirates. Something like this, snaking its way through the mountains or rattling through the city at night would be a fantastic setting for the daring raid that allows the villains to steal what they need for their next audacious crime. Rolling stock would be the key to making this both fun and commercially viable. if TLG sold the loco with two or three short cars filled with rock, ore or gems, they could also offer some expansion sets. Another three longer cars full of cargo, a pack of train pirates with a handcart somehow modified to give them impression of criminality, a loaded train car being taken to the base of operations for a villain. That sort of smaller set would sell in real multiples, whilst the loco might only sell once to a KFOL and maybe a couple of times to an AFOL. Especially if it had a few exciting pieces in it. I've knocked up a quick example of a short car in LDD. LXF attached in case anybody wants it. This would be reasonably cheap, potentially fun to play with, and has quite a few nice, useful parts that would make me think about more multiples than I needed for just the train. I can also see this being half of a set that includes some bad guys after the rock/crystals that are in the ore cart. Either train pirates on a small handcart, or Batman/Spiderman villains in a getaway truck. There's a balance to be struck between these sorts of sets being realistic and being appropriate for a universe where caped vigilantes routinely deal with criminally insane masterminds, of course. But I think that the point where that balance exists is roughly around the same point where both KFOL and AFOL purchases would be made. Mining car for robbery.lxf
  9. rday1982

    2013 Train Sets

    No. I don't. I'm not going to buy five of each, either. I'm quite happy to pass on these two, in fact. They're not great trains, unfortunately. I mean, they're sets with nice parts and I can see where they'd be valuable to some people. But there's not much in them that appeals to me. They're trains, sure. But they're not very good as trains. They're failures. They are NOT what I'm talking about. Anyhow, I spent a few minutes in LDD and came up with something silly that I definitely WOULD buy: A train pirate's snatch-and-grab rig. I've attached the LXF, anybody who is interested can download it and mess around with it. This, I think KFOLS would enjoy. I love it because it's so stupid. Part pirate ship, part train. It's got this crazy gantry that locks in the up position or down position depending on where the magnet is (I had the idea that cargo might have magnets on it and could be lifted off with the boom arm, or the boom arm might be lowered to snatch the target train using the magnetic couplings). It'd be covered in pirates symbols (and train pirates, but I've no idea what they'd look like). It's utterly mental. But I'd get one just for the joy of it. Maybe a few of them, for the parts. A whole theme along these lines would help build the train brand as a focus for the "action" that was talked about earlier, and allow for the release of more locomotives, rolling stock for train pirates to steal or steal FROM, and of course, some sort of transport police unit to catch them and lock them up. I think that TLG would see something like this selling well. Might just be that I'm crazy. I'm willing to accept that as a possibility. But I had a few minutes of fun knocking up the Snatchboat, so I'm happy for the moment. Train Pirates Snatching Unit.lxf
  10. rday1982

    TLG Train Sets - What Triggers 'Buy'?

    As far as Lego trains go, I'll buy one of any train set that I can afford at the time of release, and that'll be mainly for parts to play with when trying to build a train of either my own design or an actual locomotive series from the age of steam (or possibly classic diesels). I'll buy multiples of any Lego train that's got parts which are rare/useful, any set that I want more than one of the component models (eg: EN's coach. Had I known about it and been able to justify buying Lego to my rather un-understanding ex-girlfriend whilst that was actually being sold, I'd have wanted three sets for the coach alone), any set that looks like I can MOC something interesting out of it, and anything that I think I can chuck on eBay for a profit once it's discontinued. This is all contingent on my having the spare cash (which is sporadic, due to what I do and when I do it. But that's another story, for another forum). My Lego train layout is still very much under construction. I'd like ideally to represent as many of the big mainline steam locomotives run by BR before the discontinuation of steam, eventually. But that's not going to happen for a while. I'd like to switch over from 9V to PF, as well. That's going to take time to accomplish properly. I'm also going to want to focus on scenery once I've got the "train set" part of things sorted. For me, what triggers "buy" when I have money in my pocket is when I see something that I would have been excited about when I was small, something that would have had me begging my parents for money or drawing up plans to rob a bank in order to finance the purchase of it. Lego trains generally fit that description, but train-associated sets do too(and train robbery sets sounds like something that my inner 8-year-old would have gone absolutely NUTS for). When it comes to Lego, I'm really only an AFOL because it represents a way to have a train set without being "that guy" who makes scenery from balsa wood, gets excited over the production of a new limited-run milk tanker by Bachmann, has fingers covered in enamel paint, obsesses over the realism and detail level of his fake ballast, and generally has no friends. If that goes away, my Lego collection will be up on eBay, piece by piece. Literally. It'll be worth about ten times more that way than as a bulk lot.
  11. rday1982

    2013 Train Sets

    Considering your comment regarding "whining AFOLs" and "welcoming" the dropping of the Train theme, I'd be happy if they dropped your favourite theme. But seriously, I don't think that TLG would need to drop anything just because they were expecting more PF sales. I don't think they'd need to drop anything to bring out a new train centred theme. I think that TLG might want to focus less on some themes that already have an enormous slew of sets available (maybe one of the established license themes) for a while if they're worried about competition between internal brands. But they needn't drop anything outright. As for untapped reserves, yes. I think there's an enormous amount of money to be made here. TLG aren't the only player in this field anymore, they've lost a lot of market share in the last couple of decades. They still have the potential to claw it back (and the licensed themes have helped a little), but they need to do something pretty spectacular to do so. This means not only bringing out something amazing, but agressively promoting it. A tie-in videogame, a minifig and theme catalogue included with it. TV advertising. Posters in stockists. Maybe a few billboard advertisements. If TLG brought out something spectacular, intriguing, and above all NEW, then followed this release with a strong and sustained awareness campaign (perhaps a release in October and then a campaign all the way to Xmas?), I think that they could not only claw back some of the market share they've lost, but also deprive competitors such as MegaBlox that revenue. Plus, I personally want to see new Lego trains. I mean, if they brought out something like Train Pirates, my inner 8-year-old would be beyond delighted (and my living space would shrink as it was filled up with Lego sets. I know if there were say, four new locomotives (preferably with at least one item of rolling stock each) I'd spend £50-70 on each one (I'd like to think that they can keep the price within this range by omitting the RC motor and simply making the models PF compatible) and then start thinking about ordering duplicates for MOCs and so forth. When in funds, anyway. I'm a little bit broke right now (partially thanks to having bought some expensive Lego on eBay recently, and paying for my copy of the Lego Minecraft micro world). But that's by the by. Lego have a potentially limitless market. Everybody knows what Lego is. Everybody has had Lego at some point. Get a mixed handful of Lego pieces out, and suddenly everybody in the room wants to know what you're going to make. Tell somebody there's a new "adult" Lego set that's just been released which has 5,000 pieces and will cost them their entire month's entertainment budget and they're off to the high street to see if it's something they think they can justify the purchase of to their partner before you've finished talking. Lego have no shortage of potential customers, they just need to appeal to them properly. Which, I think, they ought to involve Lego trains in. Why? Because I like Lego trains, I suppose. If I was more into the Castle, Pirates, Technic, Star Wars or Batman stuff than trains, I'd be advocating that they focus on those themes, and bring out some sort of "secret weapon" to claw back their market share based on that. But I like trains. I want more train stuff. So I'm sitting here in my Technology Cave, typing away like a rabid monkey about what they could do with the train product line, and how that would be the best possible move they could make, business-wise. It's a question of personal bias - and I'm completely unashamed about it.
  12. rday1982

    21102 LEGO CUUSOO Minecraft

    Mine arrived yesterday. Opened and assembled it, and I've noticed that there are quite a few spare bits - I have 2 Steves! It's a fantastic little model, but I'll probably end up using it for spare parts, due to all the detailing being hidden inside (and I'm short on bricks right now). I don't think it's worth what they're charging for it. Had I known exactly what I was paying for, I wouldn't have bought it. It cost (in my estimation) at least £5 and maybe £10 more than it's worth. That said, I suppose I should point out that some very nice bricks are included in it, and the creeper microfig is beautiful. I have a spare CMF display brick somewhere that he'll be occupying once I find it. Maybe Steve (one of them, anyway) will join him there. The packaging is beautiful, and I'm keeping it as a display piece. The instructions are decent - no complaints there, and there's not too many of those thrice-damned sealed plastic bags to open (though I do wish they would start putting all the bricks into ONE of them. Am I the only person who has to use scissors to open them because they seem to be able to resist any combination of nails, fingers, teeth and vicious cursing? I hope this review is helpful to anybody who might have still been sitting on the fence!
  13. rday1982

    2013 Train Sets

    What does somebody have to do to get Lego to consider producing a particular theme? "Train Robbers" sounds like an awesome product line. It could even include multiple locomotives. If they were all made so that a PF motor can be added to them, then that would help generate PF sales as well as keeping the cost of each loco down. Hm. Thinking about this, they could resurrect part of the "Time Cruisers" theme for it. Just imagine a theme where the villains travel through time on a railroad handcart fitted with a flux capacitor/other Macguffin, robbing trains that contain rare or valuable cargo. Past, present, and even future trains are just not safe, with the Train Robbers at large. They appear out of nowhere, in a crackling flash of temporal dislocation, already charging towards the back of their target train, then fire a magnetic grapple which latches onto the coupling, and pulls them in. Now they work their way from the rear of the train forward, to the locomotive. They stop the train, unload the cargo to their waiting compatriots in the Train Robbers Getaway Truck, and then they disappear on their weird rolling handcart. Ooh, in fact, they could call them Train Pirates instead of train robbers. Lego people, if you're reading this, feel free to send me one of these for testing if you decide to make this. A Train Pirate. Or even a Pirate Train. With the above said, I really do like the idea of using a train to smash down a wall and grab the contents of the building. Perhaps the Train Pirates would hijack the locomotive and derail it at a specific location either in order to distract local law enforcement, or to break open a particularly tough location to get into. Maybe they have their OWN train, with a giant skull and crossbones on the front, and pirate flags all over it? It flashes into the right time period, hits the ramp that they've placed on the track, and derails straight through the front of... a bank? A jewelers? A prison? Has a train ever been used for a prison break? Anyhow, Lego could turn it into a major thing. Train Pirates. The Railway Gang. Daring criminals who make off with valuable loot or commit crimes of chaos using or targeting trains. They could even introduce a Transport Police squad to catch them. Dammit, now I really want to build a Pirate Train, but I'm low on parts.
  14. rday1982

    Lego Polar Xxpress 2013

    Aww. No giant Polar Express train coming? I'm disappointed now.
  15. rday1982

    LEGO Superheroes 2012 Rumours & Discussion

    The Superheroes line needs a train robbery to foil. Preferably a train that can have a PF motor added to it. Now, who do we have to hold to ransom and threaten to chop bits off with a laser to make Lego do this? Or is this one of those things that can be most easily solved by poisoning a city's water supply?