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  1. Man with beard

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    @Alexandrina, looks to be from a Lego Idea book. Way before my time, but I recognized it from the video by Jangbricks on that book.
  2. Man with beard

    [MOC] Bounty hunter

    Nice creation! You are absolutely on a roll Captain Flint. I think the textured walls here worked out pretty well. What is the intended function of the fan on the roof?
  3. Man with beard

    [MOC] The Mountain Oracle

    Putting cypress trees in an Ideas submission is quite a gangster move . I really enjoy the color scheme and the asymmetrical design. The one thing that bothers me a bit are those gaps under the hinged sections at the top of the pediment. Great creation though!
  4. Man with beard

    [WIP] Castle of Syndrifel

    I'm enjoying this WIP thread. Are you working from any plans or drawings?
  5. Man with beard

    [MOC] Aztec Pyramid

    Nice work! I'm very impressed by the shaping of the faces of the pyramid. I wonder whether such a temple would have looked gray and weathered when it was in use.
  6. Man with beard

    Building a Mech

    Welcome to the forum! You might be interested in this alternate build by fellow Eurobricks member @Ransom Fern. A common technique for swords in Lego mechs is to attach the sword to the inside of the hand with a technic connector and then wrap the fingers around the hilt so it looks like the mech is holding the sword. See the instructions for 8103 Sky Guardian for an example of this. In that set, the hilt piece itself is Bricklink no. 32039.
  7. Man with beard

    Shelf/showcase unit for my sets?

    Those are some very cool sets! I don't know if I have any useful advice to give, but I'm curious whether you are planning to acquire more Lego in the future? You may want room to expand the collection...
  8. Man with beard

    [MOC] Secret Life of Magical Bunnies

    I love this! I hope that diorama backdrop helped this build be noticed at the event. It certainly makes the photo stand out. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Man with beard

    Ideas for new City sets

    A family square dance scene would be awesome and hilarious . Though perhaps too specific to North America for TLG... A new combine, on the other hand, would have so much universal appeal and I think would do really well!
  10. Man with beard

    [ALT BUILD] 71735 Bolobo's Hover-Raft

    I think it's important for the community to support good alt builds, since they represent a much more accessible way for most people to be creative with Lego than huge MOCs with hundreds of minifig hands as greebles. It's especially important for us to carry on the torch of alt builds since Lego no longer features them on box art! I don't particularly know why this was chosen for the frontpage, apart from it being a good MOC, but IMO Eurobricks is a more welcoming site when small MOCs and alt builds are featured. In any case, it's a good creation. It looks good for play, with plenty of nice spaces to pose minifigs! Thanks for sharing.
  11. I really like this! I especially enjoy that you put some interior in this microscale model. The shape of those 8 "keyhole" windows on the second floor also stands out. Thanks for sharing! Wind Waker has some of the most beautiful art and design in the series. Way too long since I played it...
  12. Man with beard

    [MOC] The death of Harry Cane

    Such a tragedy! I am thinking the Adventurers will win as they have the high ground . My favorite detail I see so far is the raft that curves a bit. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Man with beard


    Nice work! Those soldiers in yellow are very cool. Thanks for sharing this.
  14. Man with beard

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    You're probably correct.
  15. Man with beard

    [MOC] Retro sport coupe

    Significant improvement (in my opinion)!