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  1. Modeltrainman

    Eurobricks Flower Show: Voting

    3-3 points.
  2. Modeltrainman

    Casey Jr. Circus Train

    Run video. Well, a tiny one.
  3. Modeltrainman

    [LEGO IDEAS] Merchant Ship

    I linked to a gallery of new renders I did, that expand my original idea beyond just the ship. Now I have a couple of islands, ammo shop, rope bridge.
  4. Modeltrainman

    Casey Jr. Circus Train Been working on improving, and getting better pictures.
  5. Modeltrainman

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Now I have to wonder if a train can even make it...I mean, OK, a subway would be very narrow market, but... Still, @NathanR is very right. Congrats to those who did make it.
  6. Modeltrainman

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    While I'm disappointed that Ratatouille didn't make it, at least it saves my wallet.
  7. Modeltrainman

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I think Ratatouille could make it, the way Disney does licenses.
  8. Modeltrainman

    LEGO Disney Minifigures & D2Cs - Rumors and Discussion

    @Digger of Bricks I'm undecided. Looks a bit big...
  9. Modeltrainman

    Does anyone use decals instead of stickers?

    What's the difference between stickers, and decals?
  10. Modeltrainman

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    I must say, this probably holds true for my train, as well...
  11. Modeltrainman

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    So excited! Casey Jr. hit 409, today!
  12. Modeltrainman

    Ideas for new City sets

    @Greenstar That'd be fun! Trying to figure out how the cable would release at either end to change direction.
  13. Modeltrainman

    LEGO MOC #62 USA Police Car Ver.2

    Very nice!
  14. Modeltrainman

    [LEGO IDEAS] Merchant Ship

    Thank you, sir! Thank you!
  15. Modeltrainman

    [LEGO IDEAS] Merchant Ship

    Thank you, @Mister Phes! I put better/closer renders in the FB group, like you suggested, and have been taking feedback of the sails.