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  1. Year-Long Project: Through the Seasons

    This is neat! Great idea!
  2. Disney Wishlists

    @Digger of Bricks I'm designing both in real bricks, currently. I know the Up house needs texture like in the Old Fishing Store, but prices are prohibitive for me, so I'm just trying to mock it up. Casey Junior's coming along pretty well. Once I get him done, should I post a picture? Also, Casey Junior doesn't actually have an engineer.
  3. Disney Wishlists

    Thank you! Ironically, it was this thread, the Trains forum, Speed Champions that led me here! Grew up loving Disney and LEGO , so once LEGO started Disney stuff it was instant for me to get them! Ironically, working on Casey Junior and an Up house for LEGO Ideas.
  4. Disney Wishlists

    I know it'll never happen, but I would love a Casey Jr. train set. With Dumbo, Mrs. Jumbo, Timothy...Also an Up house, with Carl, Ellie, Russell, new molds for Kevin, Dug...