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  1. Modeltrainman

    Ideas for new City sets

    How about a cargo terminal? With train car, track, helicopter, jet, delivery truck? And a library, with books, CDs, video games, movies, desktops for internet browsing, a librarian, and a cat who inexplicably decides to make noise, much to the librarian's chagrin.
  2. Modeltrainman

    [MOC] Church Modular

    Yeah, I think it extends to religion/faith. What would be interesting(because LEGO Ideas mentions it) would be to see someone try to submit something based on Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  3. Modeltrainman

    [MOC] Church Modular

    @pooda, While I'd welcome it, I think it'd run afoul of LEGO's policy.
  4. Modeltrainman

    Best place to buy MOC trains?

    They aren't the flashiest, but I've been sharing instructions here. They're free, though. Not paid.
  5. Following, like you asked others.

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      Thanks buddy. 

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      You're welcome!

  6. I'm on instagram as
  7. Modeltrainman

    Is LEGO getting to inaffordable for kids?

    Fortunately, Powered Up has a few options on Windows, but agreed about Hidden Side. At least those will always parts.
  8. Modeltrainman

    Ideas for new City sets

    I'd love to see a non powered steam passenger train. Something small. Maybe a 2-6-0.
  9. Modeltrainman

    [MOC] Stranger Things Season 3 - The creature in the hospital

    Wow! Small yet detailed. Never seen the show,but the atmosphere is neat. The tilted IV pole is nice!
  10. Modeltrainman

    What would you do if your minifigs came alive?

    I'd give them hugs, even with just my pinky finger and thumb...
  11. Modeltrainman

    Disney Wishlists

    @eric_son_of_joseph Thanks! This has been a passion project of mine! Definitely excited to show you what's coming up next! Actually, you can follow along here. And my blog is here- I ramble a lot about LEGO and design. Well, I'm starting to.
  12. Modeltrainman

    Disney Wishlists

    Currently waiting on parts to improve the smokestack. And elephant car.
  13. Modeltrainman

    4/1/2 wide elephant

    I wanted to share the Mrs. Jumbo and Dumbo elephants I made for my Dumbo project. Thoughts?