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  1. Modeltrainman

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Reindeer's sold out. Was he available today?
  2. Modeltrainman

    [MOC] Toy Story/Pixar Cabinet Automata

    @Brandon Pea, yes, Rex is my favorite, followed by Woody, Buzz, RC, Hamm...Great job, @kjm161!
  3. Modeltrainman

    [MOC] Toy Story/Pixar Cabinet Automata

    WOW! I love this! Found my favorite character right away!
  4. Modeltrainman

    [LEGO IDEAS] Cedar Hill Junction

    Thank you!
  5. All aboard! Welcome to Cedar Hill Junction! This depot is just about the last stop for miles around. The last time business was boomin', the circus came to town! I built this station because every train needs a place to stop, relax, kick up its wheels, wait, no. The engineer just informed me that trains don't sit in armchairs, (well, the last one seemed animated, enough...) This set includes 1322 pieces, and a stationmaster, engineer, conductor, and passenger, and an old-fashioned water tower. Stop your trains at Cedar Hill Junction today!
  6. Modeltrainman

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Oh, yeah! The brown one! I kind of forgot that was its main thing.
  7. Modeltrainman

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    The catsuit has a printed tail...
  8. Modeltrainman

    [MOC] Egger Bahn narrow gauge steam railmotor

    I wish LEGO would make a NEW micromotor. It'd solve many powering issues. Nice job, @Paperinik77pk
  9. Modeltrainman

    Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    My Casey Jr project hit 1000. LEGO IDEAS - Casey Jr Circus Train from Dumbo Then, there's a really special 'Streamline Locomotive.' LEGO IDEAS - "Streamline" Locomotive And... a Mallard. LNER Class A4 4468 Mallard (
  10. Modeltrainman

    Suggestions for a short train

    @patox, very nice!
  11. Modeltrainman

    Suggestions for a short train

    @patox, I've messaged you some ideas.
  12. Modeltrainman

    New 9v motor

    I'd be interested. I still prefer track power to batteries, but have 9V, Power Functions, and Powered Up, to keep running trains after my 9V transformers and things die.
  13. Modeltrainman

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Wouldn't they all be for Luigi? But, then, wouldn't it more or less be the same as what we got? Is Luigi that different, playstyle-wise?
  14. Modeltrainman

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    LEGO Ideas Interview with Nick aka Modeltrainman And His Casey Jr Circus Train Submission + More! - YouTube
  15. Modeltrainman

    Fixing 9V track pickups with electrical tape?

    Thank you, everyone. Soldering was what I was afraid of hearing. I'm not skilled in that area, nor do I have the dexterity.