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  1. Undi3sss

    Modulars - Alternative Builds

    These are really great alt builds, my favourite so far is you Police Station. Would love to see you tackle an alt for the Home Alone house; i've yet to see anyone do it, and as someone who doesn't care for that movie it's something i've been curious about.
  2. I'm not that interested in Avatar tbh, it was amazing for its time but i'm not that excited for the sequels. The tree of souls looks so nice though, it could make a very nice weeping cherry tree to go with the bonsai tree set.
  3. I only don't like how the trees are black, brown trunks would've looked so much nicer imo. I get it's to match the forestmen/classic sets but still.
  4. Undi3sss

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    I love the modulars (I have everything post Palace Cinema, and wish I could have the others), but these two Marvel ones really hit me differently, they're soooo awesome and full of nostalgia/easter eggs. I hope we get more licensed modulars asap. Avengers Tower is the obviously one, but i'd love Oscorp (Curt Conners was on a sticker in the Bugle, so this would be the perfect place to have him as an actual figure or figures), The Baxter Building, or even a DC modular for Wayne Tower and Arkham Asylum. Also between the Sanctum, Lions Castle, Space Set, etc I have no idea how i'll afford my bills this year.
  5. Undi3sss

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    So I finally purchased the new Diagon Alley set, loving the build so far. I have a dumb question for you hardcore Potter fans that I didn't see mentioned before; in the Quality Quidditch Supplies store there are four boxes of clothes on the first floor. Red for Gryffindor, Green for Slytherin, Yellow for Hufflepuff and then Grey. Is there a reason why the last box isn't Blue for Ravenclaw?.
  6. Undi3sss

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    The minifig list is disappointing for the Sanctum if true, I woulda liked America Chavez and there's a couple big spoiler characters in Dr Srange 2 who I know everyone would love to have.
  7. Undi3sss

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    I have a snake phobia and the new train kinda gives me a snake vibe, not a fan at all haha. Too spoopy. Loving the minifigures we're getting here tho, the prosthetic leg is great!. Oh also the Train Station seems nice from the blurry photos I saw. Looked to have an official way to have road plates connect to train tracks at a crossing. Now we just need curved road plates for corner train tracks.
  8. Undi3sss

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    Loving all the new animals, and the sheep being able to be sheared is a 10/10 play feature idea. I do wish the barn was more detailed, but it's a 4+ set so I can ignore that. I would have liked some fences for the animals though. The blue haired girl is cool, I'm liking how latley they've been giving us lots of new colours for hair instead of the more traditional colours. I like all the new logo'd farm outfits, though I think 60287's red tartan guy felt more farmy to me over these new ones.
  9. Undi3sss

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    Is the 60198 cargo train going to be retiring soon when this new one (60336) comes out? I haven't got it but I might have to hurry up and do so, I think it looks so much nicer with a much more enjoyable build vs this new one imo. I do like the car carrier wagon though the main train seems pretty basic, like two plane cockpits.
  10. Undi3sss

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Grimmauld Place looks amazing!!!. I love getting sets like this that can blend into the modular city buildings. Definitely going to use this to add more cover to the entrance to my Diagon Alley that I squeezed behind modulars. Not so sure the Ministry of Magic will blend in amoungst modulars as well at this stage, but I love the little phone booth. The other sets don't interest me a whole heap, I do like the new castle design sets, and there's some great minifigs (love werewolf Lupin) but I purchased all of the 2018 style castle sets so I kinda consider my Hogwarts finished.
  11. Undi3sss

    LEGO Videogame Tie-Ins - Rumors & Discussion

    I love the Tallneck set, I hope we get a Thunderjaw eventually.
  12. Undi3sss

    Dream Lego Licensed Themes

    Portal was probably my favourite set from Lego Dimensions so expanding that would be nice. It could actually work in a very similar way to the Mario sets where you make your own levels. With the Horizon Zero Dawn leaks, I'd love to see more Sony stuff, CMF series with Crash, Spryo, Ratchet, Jak, Sly Cooper etc, and Uncharted could make some great display pieces.
  13. Undi3sss

    [MOC] Sanctum Sanctorum

    Love it! Really hoping for a modular Sanctum to go next to the Bugle.
  14. Undi3sss

    DC Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    the big version of his batmobile was technic though right? so we still need a LEGO brick built one to go with the UCS Tumblr and 90s one right? Also no one has seen the movie yet so there could be lots of potential for more sets in the future I wouldn't say there's nothing more to be done at all!.
  15. Undi3sss

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    i'm loving the look of the new Hospital, but i'm still kinda holding out hope for a modular Hospital.