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Found 3 results

  1. The quartet of heroes bound to Baltarok don't have to go very far to find those they're intended to meet with. In fact, some of them may not even have to get up from their seat, because the pair that had arrived to collect them seemed to have found their way straight into Heroica Hall of them intimately familiar with the place, and the other still soaking in the distinctly foreign atmosphere. "I see why you all spend your time here now. I really ought to have one of these establishments built in Imaestym..." Party Nerwen Calmcacil (Chromeknight) *Party Leader* 265 year old female elven Shaman Level 40.4 *Immune to sealed* *Gains Double EXP* *Restoration* *Absorbs last element* *Counterstriking* Power bonus:,+8 Defense: 1 Health: 62/62 Ether: 49/49 Gold: 425 Equipment: Mourning Star (WP: 10; fire-elemental; inflicts Fragile-effect; mace), Lesser Ethereal cloak (SP:1, Max. ether +3, immune to sealed; backwear), Medal of Valor (Double experience from battles; accessory), Chameleon Vest (Max. Health +10, the user becomes able to absorb the last element it was damaged with; bodywear), Counterstrike Gloves, Barbarians boots (natural respite becomes restoration) Inventory: Weapons: Nocturne Flute (WP:6; causes asleep-effect; instrument), Mutt's Flute (WP:10; inflicts Weakened-effect; instrument), Party Maracas (WP:4; user is hastened; instrument), Battered wooden flute (WP:6; Darkness-elemental; instrument), Sword of the Warrior of the Light (WP: 14; Light-Elemental, Meditate becomes hits; longsword), Bent Crowbar (WP: 8; 3x damage to Mechanic enemies; hammer), Singing Sword (WP 10; causes bleeding, longsword/instrument) Artifacts: Leather armour (SP:1; Bodywear), Zap-Tap Badge (1/2 chance to Electric counterstrike an opponent who has dealt damage to a hero, equal to the hero's level; Accessory), Shield (SP: 5), Nordic Stomach Guard (SP: 3; Immunity to Ice and Water; Bodywear; Suitable for Barbarians, Regulators, and Beast Warriors), Shield of the Red Lizard (SP: 2; Immune to Blind), Seal of the Warrior Priestess (At the beginning of the battle the user has a 1/6 chance to be Transcended, a 1/6 chance to be Blessed, and a 1/6 chance to be Inspired; Accessory; Suitable for Paladins), Trickster's Mask of the Angel, Razor (user is Blessed and Immune to Bleeding, Enraged, and Encouraged; May take up any artifact slot; requires a shaved head), Helm of the Lord of Light (Immune to Light and Jinxed; headwear; Suitable for Knights), Sylvania's Cowl (Permits Animal Talk, Headwear), Encore Plectrum (if the same Battle Song is sung for more than one round in a row, the song’s ether cost for the consecutive rounds is halved; suitable to minstrels; accessory.) Spell Items: Opal (2), Topaz (2), Diamond (2), Amethyst, Garnet, Sapphire, Emerald, Aquamarine, Ruby, Scroll of Sleep, Scroll of Blindness, Scroll of Weakening, Scroll of Fragile, Scroll of Confusion, Hundred Hero Hymn (Inspired-effect to all allies for 10 ether; song), Consumables: Phoenix essence (3), Potions (10), Grand potion (2), Health Core, Tonics (3), Grand tonic, Ether Core (2), Ambrosia (4), Elixirs (2), Remedies (6), Neutralisers (2), Tiger Balm (2), Nostrum (2), Smelling Salts (2), Venom (4), Mulled Wine, Dragon Scale (lucky & blessed), Titan Heart (encouraged & inspired), Fire Bomb, Ice Bombs (2), Lightning Bomb, Water Bombs (2), Dirt Bombs (2), Air Bomb, Bone, Milk (restores 15 HP and 15 Ether), Red Death Blood (Once applied to a weapon the first successful hit deals doomed, consumable) (2), Sushi (restores 5 health and ether), Feather of Lithe (user is nimble for three rounds, 1/3 chance to avoid rolls of COUNTER and DAMAGE and Free Hits), Grating Stone, Bright Polish (2), Tools/Treasure: Shovel, Bedroll, Magnifying Glass, Telescope Skrall (Waterbrick Down) 81 year old male ogre Hunter Level 43.4 *Natural Respite* *Favors Humanoid and Ancient enemies* *Immune to fragile, blinded, and confused* *1/3 chance to revive when KO'd* Power Bonus: +2 WP for bows and crossbows Defense: 11 Health: 57/57 Gold: 3366 Equipment: Unlucky Crossbow (WP: 13, causes jinxed Effect), Hunter's Quiver (Bows and Crossbows +2WP, allows Hunters to favor two types of enemies, back wear), Tricorne (SP: 3, head wear), Heavy Armor (SP: 5, wearer is immune to fragile, blind, and confused effects, body wear), Moone Greaves (SP: 3), Vorpalis Talisman (1/3 chance of instantly resurrecting with 1 HP and 1 Ether upon being knocked out; accessory), Inventory Weapons: Oversized Greatsword (WP:16, double damage on targets that are clearly smaller than the hero, greatsword), Composite Bow (WP:12, ignores SP,light,lightning,water, wood, and earth-elemental; bow), Giant Hammer (WP: 13, deals Confused); Hunter's Crossbow (WP:12, double WP against beasts, fire, ice, wind, and darkness-elemental), Axe of the Minotaur Champion (WP: 30, user is slowed and immune to hastened, axe) Artifacts: Medal of Glory (Wearer gains 3x experience from battles, accessory), Paper Doll (Immunity to Hexed) Pugilist's Gloves (+2 Power, Immunity to Weakened), Lucky Doubloon (Grants "Special Guard"; accessory), Winged Sandals (Immune to bound and slowed, footwear) Consumables: 3 Potions, Phoenix Essence, 3 Phoenix Incenses, 10 Meads, 8 Nostrums, 3 Remedy, 3 Smelling Salts, 2 Deadly Venoms, 9 Smoke Bomb, 2 Dirt Bombs, Fire Bomb, 5 Water Bombs, 6 Bone, Blind Fury, Grating Stone, 2 Neutralizers, Letter of Recommendation, Tools/Treasure: Spyglass (Reveals if there are spies and eavesdroppers in the vicinity when used; tool) Lord Lawrence Boomingham (Zepher) 48 year old male human Vindicator Level 36.25 *Immune to darkness, fire, fragile, sleep, weakened, and blinded* *Affluence* *1/2 chance of being reinforced* *Zweihänder Grip* Power Bonus: +5 Defense: 8 Health: 59/59 Ether: 36/36 Gold: 318 Equipment: Scupperer (WP:17; darkness-, fire- and earth-elemental; inflicts bleeding and poisoned by 10; has 1/2 chance each to inflict blinded, sealed, weakened and fragile; greatsword), Tome of Affluence (+10 Gold if equipped for the entirety of a battle; grants immunity to fragile, asleep, weakened, blinded, darkness and fire; accessory), Vest of Faded Trials (SP:8, 1/2 chance of granting reinforced effect at the start of every battle, Immune to Fragile; Suitable for Knights, Barbarians, Dragoons, Skirmishers, Regulators, Vindicators; bodywear and headwear), Fighting Boots (Power +5 on the front row; suitable to barbarians, knights, rogues, beast warriors, chi monks, dragoons, harlots, infiltrators, marauders, skirmishers, regulators, vindicators and winged warriors; footwear.) Inventory: Weapons: Epidemic Halberd (WP:8, causes all negative effects that the user has to the target when attacking; halberd), Venom Fang Blade (WP:9, causes poisoned equal to WP; longsword), Lullaby Wand (WP:6, inflicts asleep), Silver Sword (WP: 18, Longsword), Frozen Saber (WP: 15; light-, ice- and wind-elemental; inflicts stunned; great sword), Round Metal Shield (SP:7), Artifacts: Crown of the Desert King (SP:6; absorbs fire, wind, and earth; suitable for Boomingham only, headwear.), Venomari Helmet (SP:2, absorb poison as health; helmet), Hood of Belthazar Bluehood (Power +4; Ether -6; headwear), Scarlet Hood (SP:4, grants immunity to stunned), Chains of the Pongcanis Chief (Hero Pierces SP if fighting from Front, Enemies ignore SP if hero fights from the back row, cannot be removed in battle), Amulet of Optimism (Adds the confused-effect to all attacks; accessory, suitable to Erdathcath only), 2x Prayer Beads (Makes the wearer permanently blessed; accessory.), Counterstrike Gloves (If the wearer is damaged by a Free Hit, they counter with strength equal to their level; handwear.), Crimson Suit of Armor (SP:12, allows wearer to pose as Crimson Bear Knight; takes three artifact slots: bodywear, headwear and footwear), Spell Items: Amethyst (Darkness), Scroll of Recklessness (Encouraged and Fragile; costs 5 Ether; 50/50 chance), Emerald Lamp of Summoning (0/3), “True Love Serenade” (restores 50 health to the rest of the party per round; costs 10 ether; Battle Song) Consumables: Potion, Health Core, 2x Remedy, 2x Phoenix Essence, Danab's Apple (Revives all fallen party members, restores full health and ether to the whole party and removes all negative effects from them; consumable), 13x Mead, 4x Smelling Salt, 4x Nostrum, 2x Ambrosia, Fire Brandy (Encouraged, Immune to Ice), Fireball Whiskey (Immunity to Fire One Battle OR 20 Fire Damage All Enemies), Hamantasch (Lucky, Blessed), Jinxy Juice, 2x Floral Bomb, Seal Bomb, Poison Bomb, Stun Bomb, Seth Bomb (Deals 100 darkness-elemental damage to all opponents when used.), Feather of Flight (Allows the user to flee from the battle when used.), Hair of the Dog, 2x Grating Stone, Oculoid Miasma, Oculoid Fireworks, Saber Teeth, Bone, x2 Bright Polish Tools/Treasure: Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Vindicator's Seal (Grants access to the Vindicator expert job class; cannot be given away), Mythril Shard Thalion Dwinlas (-obelix-) 213 years old male elf Mystic Knight Level 33 *Immune to all elements, sealed, blinded, weakened, confused, sleep, fragile, cursed, doomed, sudden death, poisoned and bleeding* *Nimble* Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 17 Health: 44/44 Ether: 43/43 Gold: 1063 Equipment: Alpha and Omega (WP: 13, dual healing/spellcasting at the cost of 2 ether, Hollow [Grand Potion stored], staves), Ribcage Shield (SP:12; every time the wielder takes a hit, the shield loses one SP; gives immunity to Doomed and Sudden Death for as long the shield has SP left), Norgh Armor (SP:5, Immunity to Darkness, Light, Fire, Ice, Water, Wood, Wind, Lightning, Earth damage and Sealed, Blind, Fragile, Weaken, Sleep and Confused, bodywear), Blessed Amulet (Protects from Cursed-effect; accessory), Sterile Gloves (Immunity to Poisoned and Bleeding, handwear), Elven Boots (Wearer is permanently Nimble; suitable to elves; footwear) Inventory: Weapons: Despair (WP: 21, darkness-elemental, physical attacks and spells deal double damage to enemies inflicted with any negative effects, staff), Nightfall (WP: 11, Darkness-elemental, absorbs 2 health on successful hits, Hollow [Nothing stored], dagger), Sleeper (WP: 4, deals Asleep to enemies it hits, Hollow Upgrade [Nothing stored], melee/throwing weapon), Duplovian Swift Halberd (WP: 10, deals Stunned on successful hits, Hollow [nothing stored]) Broomstick (WP:9, ranged), Handy Shield (SP:4, Immune to Blinded) Artifacts: Slightly Less Lucky Die (Randomly causes the Lucky or Jinxed effect when used, costs 3 ether), Duplovian Helmet of the Guard (SP:2, Immune to Magic and Healing, headwear), Winged Sandals (Protects from Bound and Slowed effects, footwear), Heart Locket (Protects from Enamored-effect; accessory), Snake-Eye Charm (Protects from Petrified-effect; accessory), Shackles of War (Prevents anyone from fleeing battles; accessory), Paper Doll (Protects from Hexed-effect; accessory), Cloak of Espionage (Allows the wearer to examine enemy stats before a battle, backwear), Bumble Fanshirt (SP:1, vermin with level less than half of the wearer's are scared and won't directly attack the wearer; bodywear), Dragoon's Helmet (SP:3, makes wearer absorb attacks of the element of their pet dragon, gaining health instead of damage; suitable for dragoons; headwear), Emerald Hood (SP:4, Immunity to Fragile, headwear), Cloak of Necrotic Shielding (SP:3, provides SPECIAL GUARD against Undead Enemies, backwear), Tin Helmet (Protects from Confused and Hexed effects; headwear), Sharkskin Hide (SP: 1, doubles water elemental spells, bodywear, suitable for mages, necromancers, chi monks, and weather mages) Spell Items: Zirconia (Gem containing all elements; cannot be merged into equipment), Amethyst (Darkness) x3, Diamond (Light), Aquamarine (Water), Opal (Ice) Garnet (Earth),Scroll of Sealing, Scroll of Blindness, Scroll of Frailty, Scroll of Weakening, Scroll of Confusion, Scroll of Sleep, Consumables: Earthwyrm Fang (Grants the Encouraged, Lucky, Reinforced, and Blinded effects for the duration of one battle), Copy of The Eubric Herald (Gives the target the transcended and inspired effects for the duration of one battle), Kraken Fang (Grants hastened and reinforced effects when consumed), Grand Potion (8), Potion (4), Remedy (24), Mead (5), Smelling Salts (10), Nostrum (5), Mulled Wine (4), Elixir (3), Ambrosia, Ether Core (2), Grand Tonic (7), Phoenix Essence (5), Bone (2), Smoke Bomb, Blind Bomb (2), Seal Bomb, Sleep Bomb (2), Deluxe Skeleton Decoy, Feather of White, Feather of Flight (2), Demon Repellent, Skeleton Decoy (2) Tools/Treasure: Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Magnifying Glass, Telescope, Magic Compass, Mythril Shard, Crystal Ball (Worth 50 gold, 100 at magic shops) Welcome to the quest everyone. Please double check your stats to make sure everything's correct, I re-arranged them to my own preferences to the quest but I didn't change anything. Please complete all Marketplace purchases before confirming here and let me know what's changed when you do.
  2. Legonardo

    Challenge VI: The End

    Darkness. Darkness has crumbled the veneer that holds peace and goodness and let the fires of chaos and destruction burn the once great kingdom known as Historica. The dark mage Victor Revolword has overthrown the high king, not know is his condition. Cedrica has been taken, the infamous 'hand of corruption' have taken it from the inside out, there evil ways turned the hearts of good innocent people black as the void and taken them under their cause. From the safety of the palace, Victor has been using the ancient druids helm to conjure monsters that have been wrecking havoc throughout. the abusinve power he has taken from it has further sickened his mind. Darkness reigns. However in all darkness, no matter how black there is always a sliver of light. Sometimes that's all that's needed. In the mystic locations that shield them from the wrath of Victor; Historica, the true historica, has been regaining its strength. so much so now that it has the power to deliver one more blow. The four guilds are to unite in strength and fight back, each guild taking one quarter of Cedrica, to wipe out Victor. now is the time... Gladia: "Well there it is" Fredric: "Yes, Cedrica" Gladia: "I hate this place, didn't think it could get worse, I stand mistaken" Fredric: "You've hated this place since you were a child, I still don't know why?" Gladia: "Yeah I have my reasons, it was bad enough without the filth on the walls, sludge on the ground, died out fields and that stench as is! I guess Victor hasn't done such a bad job, I mean its been full of orks for ages" Fredric: "You confuse me sometimes, especially as to why we are going in broad daylight?!?" Gladia: "Ah you forget my friend, these are orks, they don't see quite as clearly as they do at night and they don't have the brains to suspect anything, puts a bit less stress on our part, less fun, but I guess the Avalonian armies are depending on us two to succeed" (scored build #1) As the misty morning sunlight set upon the mighty walls, the two assassins paced quietly towards the immense gate, the suns warming rays defeating the piercing chill of night. Fredric: "Damn, this could be hard to open" Gladia: "Ah live with it, some lifting cant do you any harm" Fredric: "I guess..." Gladia: "Alright then, here goes" The two life long friends stealthily run towards the gate, narrowing avoiding attention Gladia: "You ready?" Fredric: "As I'll ever be" Gladia: "Then up we go, good luck my friend" Fredric: "And to yourself, may this not be our last encounter" Fredric: "Huh, this is easy enough, the wall is practically made for climbing!" Gladia: "Keep it down these plonkers might hear you!" Gladia: "one, two three... now!" Up the wall and over the battlements they went, swiftly and silently the few orks on duty were slaughtered. Fredric: "Pff, that was pathetic, Victor is trying to keep his position right?" Gladia: "Probably too full of himself to think its possible to even get this far, mind you we have alot further to go." Fredric: "Stupid mage. lets get rid of this scum already, the smell is getting to me" Gladia: "First good idea you've had for a while..." Fredric: "Sure" Gladia: "Allrighty then, lets get this damned portcullis up, open the gate and then have breakfast, Im famished!" Fredric: "I wonder if Victor likes cheese?" Gladia: "Cheese? now? I'm after a slab of meat, accompanied by a decent beer, I'm sure the city has some, even in its pathetic state, people gotta eat" Fredric: "Just a thought, I'm keen on meat now too, although right now I'd go for some Mitgardian ale" Gladia: "Whatever tickles your fancy" Fredric: "Damn this is heavy!" Gladia: "Hardest parts done and over with, lets get that gate open" Fredric: "Then Breakfast!" The doors are surprisingly much easier then anticipated to open, the two still grunt and moan under its weight, not as load as the moan the doors make though. As the gates are opened hundreds of Avalonian soldiers advance to the gap in the wall. Gladia: "Let the battle begin" Fredric: "Amen to that. Now to find a decent tavern..." The fight had begun. Thousands of Historicans swarmed the almighty city of Cedrica, with civilians coming out of hiding faster than men were falling. the battle is so far leaning against Victor, with the hand spread out across the city, the unexpected attack is better than anticipated. Not everything has gone perfectly though... (scored build #2 (interior)) During the uprising Gladia and Fredric did find a tavern, abandoned yes but full of mead, the two life-long friends drank, not knowing that it would be their last together. upon exit Fredric was speared in the gut and died within minutes. Filled with rage Gladia went berserk. Gladia is naturally an excellent killing machine, as all the AAG are, however when hes angry he becomes a monster. ...After much fighting, at around noon, Gladia and two druids arrived at the palace gates. Gladia, still filled with the bitter pain of loosing a friend slaughtered all of the palace " guards" with ease, after all they were just orks, wern't they? soon they came to two grand looking doors, with shredded colored cloth that appeared to have once been the flags of the 5 great guilds, The two druids grabbed Gladia to attempt to knock a bit of sense into him. he was calmed a little, they opened the doors and proceeded down the long corridor. A burnt black carpet lay down the center, the walls stripped bare of the colorful tapestries that once hung. Victor: Ahh visitors, such I have not had for a long time, welcome! Gladia: You're gonna die you old twirp. Victor: Oh, is that so? I have put your Historica in ruin, and 'the great' (he said with sarcasm) Historica dares challenge me with two conjourers and a jumped up jerk with a few kitchen knives? are you really that desperate? I'm going to take this action as a compliment. Gladia: Well actually there was about 5 that didn't seam to make it, one of them an Avalonian. Although they're probably just being typical Mitgards, Kaliphlins and Nocturns, to lazy to turn up on time. Victor: My appologies on your loss he said with an evil smile. Slowly his face drooped from the grin into its frown that the Black Mage had been wearing whence the three entered. Gladia couldn't help notice the ancient helmet propped by the frail old man. His voice was deep and croaky, yet at the same time soft and somewhat pleasant. First Druid: Perhaps the corruption in thy mind hast caused you to forget whom it is that I am. I am Earon, leader of the order of Eden. I taught you as a young one, my how you've changed, for the worse. You were once joyful and bright, a great student no doubt. Victor: Pah! So maybe your not just a conjurer, still a fool though. Don't try lecture me about whom I once was you old fool! I am far greater than you! Second Druid: Son, you're not the great man I once knew. shame on you! Victor: Father! It can't be! you should be long dead by now! Second Druid: Oh but I am still fine, son the years have not been going as fast as you would think, your life in solitary, clinging to evil, it has aged your body and weakened you mind... Victor: Shutup! There was rage glowing in his face And who is this reject? whats my conection with him eh? Gladia: oh we have very little connection, in fact the only real connection between us is that because of you, Avalonia, the place I love, lies mostly in ruins, you've destroyed my hops fields, caused me to have to come over here to kill you and you've killed one of the greatest friends a man could have! Victor: that would make you? Gladia: Gladia, if you wish to know who it is who killed you. With that, Gladia leaped forward and made a sprint towards Revolword. Victor thrusted forward his staff, throwing back Gladia with an epic force. Just as Gladia was getting up the two druids did the same in reply, victors staff burst free from his grasp, and the old victim to corruption was driven backward Victor smashed unto the throne, hitting his head on one of its oaken corners and falling unconscious. Gladia made move to the bleeding mage to finish him off. As he beheaded him Gladia kicked it across the room, yelling with hatred towards him. Victor is finished. Now all thats left is to restore the king and bring back peace to HIstorica... Gladia headed down the palace in an attempt to locate the king and the heir, he wanted this job done and over with! Eventually the assassin came to a filthy cell, in it, the king! and the prince. Gladia: someones lucky day isn't it? Prince: I would assume so... Gladia turned around and saw the filthy crown filled with a decaying scull Gladia: ehh, what happened to 'im? Prince: When Victor took the palace, he tortured and cut my fathers throat, then stuck him in here with me. just one of his ways to entertain im sure... Gladia: sorry about it, Victors gone, I took the pleasure of cutting his throat, if that makes you feel better... Prince: Oddly it does,and whom may you be oh great knight? Gladia: not a knight, and assassins keep themselves too themselves. Prince: very well then. any way I can show my gratitude? Gladia cut through his chains. Gladia: a fast horse'll do. I hate this place, I want to get out now, been too long a day, maybe a new blade? the chain appears to have blunted this one? Prince: haha, If thats what you want, you shall have it! Gladia: thank'ee sire And with that, Gladia took his horse and left. Scored build #3 (this is located under the tower) The next few days were very eventful in Cedrica. The soldiers from the 4 guilds helped out clearing the mess, and spoilt by Cedrican tavern owners and women. The new king was crowned and many feasts and banquets took place. hundreds of guests, lords and ladies, counts etc. Gladia however did not stay present for any of the festivities. he rode his horse, for 3 entire days till he came to the land he loves. ​Gladia stopped at the old tower his father would take him to when he was a boy. Briana would be there, he knew that. at the sight of her he let his horse free The two lovers fell into each other's arms. Gladia was in the greatest place he could imagine. In love in paradise. Historica was back. ~The End~ C&C welcome, this is my first time attempting dialogue, please excuse (and make me aware of!) any errors or things that could be considerably better, its not my strong point. please note that the throne room and the battle scene are part of the same MOC, and that the dungeon and tower are also the same MOC ~Legonaro
  3. After the official release of AC4 I though there should be a discussion here. So far we know that the main character will be Edward Kenway, Connor's grandfather, and that the story will take place in the golden age of piracy! So go ahead and discuss!