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Found 9 results

  1. Location: Fatu Hiva, during the 2nd Terraversan War Type: Small Educational Part 1 Here As soon as the white flag was waved on the beach, Count Mesabi and his personal company marched straight to the Royal Basilica of the Faith. The Clergy, Priests, and Nuns stood no resistance to the Mad Count.... Inside, a flurry of papers, and the protests of clergy filled the air, as Count Mesabi and company packed chest and crate with Heretic materials.In the center of it all, he stood, his eyes darting from paper to page, as he scanned bound volumes, ledgers, and other apocryia. The Basilica had been tasked with protecting with materials the Faith had recovered from a mysterious vault, each to be evaluated, then archived, or purged, by the sensibility of the Order's Edicts. And now, the mysterious texts had been claimed by the Count.... FIN This finishes my story with the Fatu Hiva raid. I meant to do this months ago, (like before we ceded the territory back ) I considered having the Count steal more material goods, but I thought this was a more interesting take on the subject. Canonically, the Count has returned to Mesabi Landing after the ceremony, with this load of texts aboard his ship. Thanks to @Keymonus for letting me borrow from his challenge entry, I really appreciate it, and I love building in the continuity. This Build is set inside @Bart's Basilica, and I hope that they have no issue with my use of it. Explanation for newer players: A couple years ago, I created an in game organization / religion called 'Prometheanism' Which is essentially like a secret sect of Heretics that fights with the Order. I went way overboard with it, so I generally try to mostly keep it out of my stories, but I do like mentioning it here and there. Essentially, in Era II Challenge II, Keymonus had the challenge end with his characters fighting unknown 'heretic cultists' and discovering a vault of their literature and artifacts. In the story, these have been stored in Fatu Hiva, and during the Count's raid, he ransacked Bart's Basilica to recover these heretic texts, since they might align with his ideas, or be related to Prometheanism.
  2. Location: Fatu Hiva Type: MCRA Outcome The Count gazed out at the sea, from the Captain's Cabin of the WTC Libertine. "..and so you're sure, absolutely sure that Corrington is going to war with Oleon over Terraversa?" asked Darby incredulously. "Darby, would I ever lie to you?" asked the Count. "Not five minutes ago, you literally..." Darby paused. "Well I guess if you believe the lie you're technically not lying, because you believe what you're saying?" He asked, trying to consider the mind-boggling logic the Count employed. "Well, either way Darby, you're a pawn in a small game of nations and personalities, and we're raiding Fatu Hiva." Said the count with his usual exuberance. "Also, just FYI, you will probably be tried for war crimes if I am." Darby briefly considered his life decisions, before quietly concluding the Count was messing with him, though he reminded himself to restock the bag of embezzled money, and fake documents with fresh supplies... A bell on deck clanged. They had arrived. The crew scurried to make preparations for the landing. The Count Strode onto the deck, peered through his spyglass. "Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you our prize.... Fatu Hiva..." Said the Count. He paused. "And, may Prometheus grant us strength over these nutcases. Remember, no looting till the town stops shooting!" The WTC marines through up a cheer, and signal flags were waved. "FIRE!" He shouted The deck of the WTC Libertine shook, as it's cannons let loose a volley. Across their battle line, the Heavy Cannons of the WTC Blackbird, WTC Icarus Returning, and 7 other ships pounded the Large and Small fort of Fatu Hiva. The Cannon volleys reduced the two forts' batteries into rubble, before their gunners could properly return fire. The WTC's love of destruction was proudly on display. The Count let loose an evil chuckle. "They should have built bigger forts..." The Count ordered the ships to approach the beaches, and to land men on the beaches. A small gun placement managed to hit the WTC Rising Sun, rendering it helpless, but the Count continued undeterred. The Count himself boarded a small boat, to the protests of Darby, and soon the WTC had descended upon the beaches... On the beach, a different Count emerged, as he called targets, ordering his men forwards... The Oleanders were tough, but they were outnumbered, and outgunned. A tan tide overwhelmed the beach, and the WTC Marines quickly began to overrun their positions. A Soldier drew his cutlass and charged at the Count. A single pistol shot struck him in the forehead, and he slumped over. The Count grinned, and continued his advance forwards. The Beach was quickly overwhelmed, as the smell of smoke and blood choked the air. A few holdouts had taken shelter in a small house. With a loud crack, a machete wielding marine crashed through the door. As they raised their muskets, another Marine poked his rifle through the back of the building. The beach was soon clear of resistance, Oleander Marines retreated up into the city, in a desperate bid to regroup, and defend their settlement.... To Be Continued.... Thanks for viewing my build! I'm glad to finally wrap this one up. I had a lot of trouble with the WTC Libertine, (Which FYI, is an IC ship only, and not licensed at the moment.), and it still needs some more work, but you can't see it in how the photos are cropped, hopefully. The Fort was inspired by one of Phred's , and the beach scene by one of Ayrlego's builds of villager huts. I had a lot of fun with the beach scenes, though I am a tad disappointed the KPA had the descriptor be "Mostly Bloodless" . C&C appreciated, and I'll probably do at least one more of these before moving on to the next project.
  3. Hi all. This is my first post in this subforum. I'd like to share my first Ninjago themed MOC that I made late last year with you, a raid on a shrine (and defending it!). Overview Ninjago Shrine Raid 1 by Magma X, on Flickr Close up (of bad guys in action!) Ninjago Shrine Raid 2 by Magma X, on Flickr Alternative view Ninjago Shrine Raid 3 by Magma X, on Flickr (Larger versions available on Flickr). I have no idea what the plots of Ninjago are - I just used some of the figs I had acquired to make a little scene based on a variety of Asian inspired influences (like Ninjago itself really). I hadn't bought any Ninjago sets until a few years ago (the Temple of Airjitsu seduced me), and since then I've bought a few more sets - there have been a number of great sets released lately and I quite like the dragons and buildings. This MOC started from an attempt to build a roof using the "cheese" slopes - getting the centre roof section done took the longest part of the build! The rest of it flowed from there and it was an opportunity to use some of the exotic leaf colours I had acquired to see what they looked like in a MOC. This was built for the "Ninjago" monthly build theme for our LUG. Thanks for looking.
  4. Grid D10 (STUDICA) - Q10 (WORLD) Xenor site Mike (science and research centre), Silver Isles, Xenor. The Eroteman Intelligence Service believes, according to the scarce information provided in the fragile alliance with the RoN countries, Xenor site Mike can have weapons of mass destruction. This is a science and research centre close to a Naval Base (Xenor site November), which will be attacked by Filace troops (TheBeeze). 1 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr One of the buildings is close to the beach, which is protected with chevaux de frise (Frisian Horses) and antipersonnel mines. Armed soldiers can patrol and there is even one of the most efficient guards…a growing sea crocodile wanting to eat fresh meat. In fact, the remains of a big animal can be seen. 2 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 3 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr A Xenor soldier with a hot dog can be something confusing…is he going to eat such a delicatessen? And the yellow bars in the trash cans? Depleted uranium bars? Massive lemon-taste candy bars? Who knows… 4 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr But…again…this face is familiar. James Jennings again…As Xenor and Briolui have common features, the Directorate S knew that an Eroteman posing as a Brioluian could also appear as a Xenorian. So, after helping the Servants of Freedom, he received orders and infiltrated the Science and Research Centre on site Mike. His orders are to make possible a quick ride by Erotema combat divers, who have reached the beach after being deployed from submarines and using human manned torpedoes. The plan must begin…and he will not enjoy the hot dog. 5 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr The croc, wanting to grow as soon as possible, eats the hot dog. And suddenly, he falls aslept. Meanwhile, James approaches the chevaux de frise and sets an explosive charge to blow it up. 6 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr At the other side of the fence, a head appears over the water. He is one of the many combat divers that will storm the site. 7 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr And he places a Bangalore torpedo to clear a path between the mines. 8 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr James decides to take position to help the divers get in the beach while taking out any Xenorian soldiers that may appear. None should appear, as he poisoned the dinner and many enemies will be…in the WC. 9 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr A small group of divers lands and take positions. 10 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 11 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Xenor troops take positions on the roof to stop the Erotema raid. 12 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr But they are no match for the “creme de la creme” of the Erotema Armed Forces. 13 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr And the 4 divers and James prepare to storm the building. What will they find? 14 by green he
  5. Greetings! I usually build military or sci-fi models, but I thought that my old Viking minifigs could do with a proper ship. Hence I built "Dreki". "Dreki" is Old Norse for Dragon. Dreki by Tyler, on Flickr Viking Ship - Dreki by Tyler, on Flickr Dreki by Tyler, on Flickr There are a few more photos on my Flickr. Thank you for looking.
  6. Oky

    [SPC] Cat B - Fort Raid

    Sometime in the 17th century, there is an Imperial fort in the middle of the Caribbean where a pirate is being held prisoner. The fort is built on a rocky cove and some of the soldiers swear they have seen a mermaid calling out to them from the water. The Bluecoats think their fort is impenetrable, but a pirate captain is about to lead a raid on the fort to free his captured fellow pirate. Thousands of years later, on a far away asteroid deep in space, history repeats itself as a space pirate is attacking a Galactic Imperial base to break out a fellow pirate from a high-security prison. The Classic Pirates version was built by just2good while the space version was built by me. Let's take a closer look at them, starting with the classic version. The classic fort features a pier, a main building with a crane, and a prison cell with a cannon on top. Like in the official Lego sets, both forts are open backed for easy access to the interior. There is a wooden bridge connecting the pier with the main building, but watch out, some of the planks are a bit decayed and might give in. Inside the building, there is a bottle of rum, a rat, and a map of the area. On the second floor, there is the crane, a barrel with weapons, and a ladder that leads up to the roof. From there, the Bluecoats can look out for incoming ships and fend off enemies with a small catapult. This is also where they keep there equipment and the key to the prison. There is a mermaid that lives in this cove and occasionally seduces the soldiers. While the soldier is distracted, the pirate captain sneaks in to free his friend. The prisoner is free and the pirates have taken back the confiscated treasure! But the Governor won't let them leave without a fight! Here is a better look at the pirates, the mermaid, and some of the accessories. And here are the Bluecoats. Now lets make a time jump to the far future where the Galactic Empire has colonized the far reaches of space. This space fort has the same kind of features as the classic fort: a landing pad, a main building with a crane, a prison tower with a cannon on top, and a small pirate ship. Once again, the back is open for easy play. The door to the main building opens up. Inside the main building are a few computers and a fire extinguisher. Inside the control tower, there is a small armory and a glass dome with HUD displays from where the governor can oversee the entire fort. The laser bars of the prison cell can be raised and so can the light bridge to prevent escapes. Inside the prison cell there isn't much except a bunk. On top of the main building there is a large robotic arm crane for unloading cargo from landed ships. On top of the prison tower, there is a huge laser cannon that can turn 360 degrees and aim up and down. The space pirate captain is dueling the governor for the freedom of his crew member on the landing pad bridge. Here is a closer look at the small ship that the space pirate captain uses to get to the fort. This nimble fighter features the pirate insignia on the wings, a main engine, and two extra thrusters. Here you can see the pirate captain on the right and the pirate prisoner in the middle. The creature on the left is one of the aliens inhabiting the asteroid the fort is built on. It carries some sort of alien artifact. Manning the Imperial fort are the Governor and three bluecoat troopers, named so for their dark blue armor. The troopers have standard issue rifles and blasters whereas the governor carries a golden jetpack and a custom light sword. Note that all these figs have the same faces as in just2good's entry! We hope you enjoyed our entry. You can see more pictures in just2good's Flickr and my photostream.
  7. A mummy pharaoh sends an guarded chariot with goods being sent to negotiate with the Ritzen tribe. A ambassador from the tribe meets them along the road. They soon find out why this part of the road is rarely used. Untitled by mlarbconnor, on Flickr Overall view of the moc, several bandits attack the party. Untitled by mlarbconnor, on Flickr The pharaoh and his chariot. in the background you can see a bandit swimming towards them. Untitled by mlarbconnor, on FlickrThe bandits attacking the pharaoh's guards. Untitled by mlarbconnor, on Flickr The bandits soon find out that the seemingly harmless ambassador is a powerful mage. Untitled by mlarbconnor, on Flickr One bandit jumps out of the boat only to face a wave of water coming right for him, the ambassador can also be seen. Hope you enjoyed, thanks for viewing, and C&C is always appreciated.
  8. Bricknave

    MOC: Going Coastal

    As contracted by Loreesi hero Mark of Falworth, the Outlaw Captain Claw and his crew "visits" the Lenfald coast, specifically an unsuspecting village close to the shore. Two Outlaws tagged along as unofficial members of Claw's crew: blade-wielding brawler Lute the Brute and crossbow-wielding archer Arrowhead. The village is by no means defenseless: After the Obsidian Seawing arrived, a group of Lenfaldi sentinels sprung into action.
  9. KotZ

    MOC: Police Raid

    Well, I haven't posted anything on here in a long time, but I've still continued to buy LEGO and build. And as a way back to the EuroBricks community (wow this site has changed), I'm posting a MOC that I made awhile back but never posted for some reason. It's a police raid on a house of a cyber-criminal. Look at his messy place! That should be a crime in itself They cut the power and are about to go in! Flashbang time! I hope you all like it. Comments and criticism are welcome, and it really feels good to be posting on here again.