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  1. Eagle

    Totally awesome. Love the overall design with the eagle shape and details everywhere. It has a very unique look and also great use of parts! Does the top section disconnect so it can function as a fighter as well?
  2. Neo-Blacktron Gunship

    Great colour combination and gunship shape, also very nice texturing.
  3. Both attracted and repulsed by this. Not something I would do but definitely fun to watch :). I wish though TLG would give some more love to Technic boating enthusiasts. Instead of always focusing on land vehicles.
  4. I am missing a maybe option. I would buy one if I was very excited about joining the contest.
  5. Very fun review to read Jim, thanks for all your hard work! I am a little in two minds about this set. I also recently viewed the review below (which is in German). And it contained a long list of items that could have been done better with this set. Most of which I agree with. In the end however I am still likely to buy this set because I have to have those rims and tires as well as some other parts for my MOCs.
  6. I think you are not the only one building this. Saw some very similar images on Sariel's facebook. I am pretty amazed. Never knew about this experimental tank before. Great idea for a MOC!
  7. After voting the pole disappeared. No results showing. Win 10 using Chrome. Also get very long loading and not loading pages.
  8. Star Trek TNG corridor / Opinion

    The right looks far more 'right' to me.
  9. [MOC] Blacktron Blackbird C3 frigate class spaceship

    Thanks Moviemocs, it was my first attempt at a composition photo and it worked out wonderfully with a background made by GrahamGT over on DeviantArt. Thanks Istakaciti, at first I was planning to use those for a Blacktron base but I found out they make a very lovely wedged shaped profile piece as well. I think it makes the build look a bit more utilitarian, which I like.
  10. [MOC] Blacktron Blackbird C3 frigate class spaceship

    Thank you both for your absolutely lovely comments. You two really put a smile on my face :).
  11. After getting reinvested into the LEGO Blacktron theme with the Scouttrax, Trooptrax and Liberator ground vehicles, it was a given that I also had to build a Blacktron spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!!! I wanted something big like a command ship but not so big that I would have to spend a small fortune on Bricklink. So I opted for a frigate class ship. This is the Blacktron Blackbird a Blacktron C3 (command, control and communications) frigate. Designed to act as a forward HQ for an AO (area of operations). As most ships in the Blacktron fleet, it is fast, heavily armed and cool looking as hell. It has two modes of operation. It's standard cruise mode in which the ship is one long sleek craft. And then it has a battle mode in which the front cockpit detaches and acts as a multipurpose fighter/bomber. The fighter is called the Wasp it has a variable-sweep wing which can be completely folded backwards. When the fighter detaches the main ship is controlled from a secondary cockpit slightly farther back. It is not difficult to see where the inspiration for this build came from, I think. It had two main sources of inspiration the first obvious being the Lockheed SR-71. The second is a bit more obscure but I hope fan of the Star Trek universe will still notice it. Have to say I had a lot of fun making this build and also making some of the images. All my other MOCs since my dark age rely heavily on LEGO Technic, all of them are remote controlled. This is quite the opposite. Hardly any technic involved here. Nor any complex mechanisms so I was able to fully enjoy the design process, which was a lot smoother than normal. Still planning to expand my Blacktron forces further. BT4EVER!! For more pictures please check my Flickr page:
  12. Lego Gaz 34 soviet truck

    Looking good, and excellent off road performance. I wish 42070 was more like this. Great job!

    Wow, this is quite a monster. Very original interesting steering and suspension setup. And good performance considering it's weight. Good job!
  14. [MOC] DF-47 Starfighter

    Radical looking starfighter, great lines, shapes and level of detail, and a very pleasing graphical presentation!