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  1. I think he is getting worked up because instead of taking him seriously you seem to be making light of the situation. While I think you know that in essence he is correct. Personally I would have cut the staff of EB some slack for the reasons you mentioned, which are obvious for anyone who stops to think about them.
  2. [MOC] F14A Tomcat

    Upon seeing this MOC I am hearing Top Gun tunes. Awesome MOC!
  3. Hello from Brasil!!

    Oi, welcome to the forum. Hope you have a good time here! I am traveling to Brazil next week to visit my family, love the place. Except for the crime..
  4. The use of black pieces

    Blue may be the warmest color but black is definitely the coolest color!
  5. Controlling with a wireless bluetooth controller is highly recommended. As far as I know that is what this app was designed for. There is an interface for control without but that is very basic, not suited to control complex MOCs with. In any case using a bluetooth controller has many advantages and doesn't have to be expensive: I bought a very basic one for a couple of euro's.
  6. The core functionality of this app is amazing. For me it has much more useful functionality than either the Sbrick or the Buwizz app, so it has become indispensable. Looking forward to upcoming updates. Also it was a lot of fun to test!
  7. [MOC] Blacktron Scout Buggy

    Looks very Blacktronny to me, GJ.
  8. [MOC] Cargo starships

    Very nice collections of ships, enjoyed looking at them. Impressive amount of detail considering the scale. Most of them look like they might fit well in the Homeworld universe.
  9. My main camera is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300 which costs around €450. For the money it's a very feature rich bridge camera, it shoots in 4k video amongst other things. I also use a ThiEYE T5e which is a very nicely performing 4k actioncam. It costs around €90.
  10. Eagle

    Totally awesome. Love the overall design with the eagle shape and details everywhere. It has a very unique look and also great use of parts! Does the top section disconnect so it can function as a fighter as well?
  11. Neo-Blacktron Gunship

    Great colour combination and gunship shape, also very nice texturing.
  12. Both attracted and repulsed by this. Not something I would do but definitely fun to watch :). I wish though TLG would give some more love to Technic boating enthusiasts. Instead of always focusing on land vehicles.
  13. I am missing a maybe option. I would buy one if I was very excited about joining the contest.
  14. Very fun review to read Jim, thanks for all your hard work! I am a little in two minds about this set. I also recently viewed the review below (which is in German). And it contained a long list of items that could have been done better with this set. Most of which I agree with. In the end however I am still likely to buy this set because I have to have those rims and tires as well as some other parts for my MOCs.