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  1. Redshanks

    Gamonal Battle. Burgos Spain, November 1808

    I like it. It feels like a moving, active scene, especially with the soldiers cooking and stuff on the sides...great work!
  2. Redshanks

    Port Royal receives reinforcements

    I love it! The scene is very colorful, with lots of great details. I especially like how half of the scene is full of pirate debauchery and the other half is orderly Imperial business...just like the historical Port Royal in the 17th century. Nicely done.
  3. Redshanks

    High Seas. Pirate Diorama 2013 (Klodsfest 2013)

    This is incredible! I especially love the big red X on the island and the sea monster made of ship hull segments. The ships are awesome - the Crusader is possibly the largest LEGO ship I have ever seen, and fully equipped with cannons to boot. Truly spectacular, mate.
  4. Redshanks

    My First MOC Ship - The Sea Chantey

    I like your suggestions. I actually made an effort to keep the ship's profile low, but I see what you mean...she looks a bit flat, and squat. I'll find an extra midsection on Bricklink and see what I can do... I'm considering it. Once I get another midsection, I'll try building up the sides and see if I have enough room. My priorities are to keep the proportions reasonable (for an 18th-century ship) while still keeping it "playable". Stay tuned! Nope, it's not the picture...I put the sails extra high on the mast because I couldn't get a third sail on top that looked good, so I just moved the two sails higher to keep the proportions right. I'm still trying to find a solution to this... Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Fair winds! - Redshanks
  5. Redshanks

    My First MOC Ship - The Sea Chantey

    Thanks so much for the comments, mates! Minifigs aren't forbidden, to my knowledge - I do have a crew for her, but the shy swabs were hiding below decks at the time of picture-taking. If she makes an appearance in later MOC's, I'll be sure to include them. Ack, those lazy dogs...good catch! Great ideas! If I get around to it later, I'll post some updated photos - I don't want to resurrect an old thread, though, so the "Chantey" will probably make a guest appearance in a later MOC with some changes made. Thanks for the feedback! Fair winds and following seas! - Redshanks
  6. [pid][/pid] 150B Ahoy mates! I be Cap'n Redshanks, mighty pirate, and for many years now I've been a regular visitor of these fine forums - but nary a post have I made. My meager collection of pirate LEGO hasn't produced much worth sharing. Now that I be home for the summer, it's time to set sail in my first completed MOC: the "Sea Chantey", me flagship. Enjoy! Most of the techniques and parts I utilized came from TLG ships, like the POTC Black Pearl and 2009 Brickbeard's Bounty. The sails are made of cardstock paper, and the reef points are (very poorly) hand-drawn. Here are some more views: A view from the port quarter. From dead astern. Dead-ahead, bow-on. A closer view of the stern. Nothing fancy here; the gold cutlasses came from the Pirate Captain in TLG's Minifigs Collection. The main cabin. Apologies for the blurry picture. The doors are a wee bit close to the mainmast, but I couldn't move the mast forward too much or else it would ruin the proportions of the ship; it'll just be a tight squeeze for the captain A closeup of the quarterdeck. See how close those doors are? I will probably change that later... Closeup of the winch over the gun deck. It can rotate in any direction. The gun deck. She can mount three guns per side, unless you clear out the cabin and stick cannons out the windows...improvisation, after all, is the art of a true pirate! A very blurry shot of the figurehead, a parrot. It seemed to fit with the aesthetics of the ship... That's it! Please leave your comments, criticisms, insults, and angry exclamations below. Fair winds and following seas, me buckos! - Redshanks