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  1. LithuanianLegoFan

    Axle Collection Thread

    Thank you very much. Could you share more detailed pictures of it?
  2. LithuanianLegoFan

    Axle Collection Thread

    Does anybody have ideas about front live axle with portal hubs and two servo motors on it? I realy need fast and powerful steering.
  3. LithuanianLegoFan

    [MOC] SUV Racer

    If you still have this model can you post more detailed pictures of only front axle with no bodywork? Or Maybe LDD file Trying to build the same with BuWizz and make video for youtube
  4. LithuanianLegoFan

    [MOC][WIP] Steppenwolf

    look at this car here's everything ok Also if it is going to be a big problem will be able to glue parts instead of placing 5L axle.
  5. LithuanianLegoFan

    [MOC][WIP] Steppenwolf

    Maybe I will replace not U joints but only CV because I want to motorize it with powerful (not LEGO PF) motor and driveshafts must be strong.
  6. LithuanianLegoFan

    [MOC][WIP] Steppenwolf

    Is it possible to replace cv and U joints with this 3d printed part and 2907 part?
  7. LithuanianLegoFan

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Is it possible to make Mcpherson suspension with this part for driveshaft? PART:
  8. LithuanianLegoFan

    Axle Collection Thread

    I am very sorry
  9. LithuanianLegoFan

    Axle Collection Thread

  10. I had the same problem too. You have to disassemble buwizz and detach it from battery and then connect battery to buwizz again and then buwizz will work
  11. Can you give me some examples of lego techic strong and compact 4x4 independent suspension.