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  1. The Desert King meets with an impressive group of individuals in a grand audience chamber. "You all know why we're here. Individually we have each caused Historica to tremble, but ultimately have always been thwarted by the united might of the guilds. However with our collective strength we would be unstoppable!" The Algus snarled in reply: "And what conditions do you propose, oh king of the deserts? Though together we can undoubtedly conquer the whole of Historica, will all our efforts only serve to enrich you?" "Indeed, what reason have we to offer you our armies?" added the Drow representative. "Oh it's all very straightforward. As you see there are five of us, and five guilds. After all resistance is crushed each of us will have an entire guild of our own. Commander Basil will naturally have Varlyrio, the Algus Mitgardia, Raavage Nocturnus, and you Drow will finally be able to claim Avalonia." Will these villains accept the Desert King's plan? What hope has Historica in the face of such foes? And is the Desert King really the one behind all of this? Since the Desert King’s return there have been many rumors in Kaliphlin about what or who he really is. The latest juicy gossip reveals what the true nature of the ancient pharaoh is… Merely a puppet for one of the most powerful blackguards ever to rise in Historica: Victor Revolword. Rumor has it he’s been putting together clandestine meetings with the most dangerous of Historica baddies – even those reported as long dead! Here's my entry for category A of Challenge III. I’ve been wanting to do another build for Kaliphlin, and this challenge provided the perfect opportunity. I’ve also been itching to do some floor mosaics after getting a large PaB cup full of tan cheese – which led to me looking for potential designs I could use in this build. After a little bit of searching, I came across this pattern by the Queen of Cheese, Katie Walker. I thought it would fit quite well, and so replicated it, just tweaking the colors to suit our piece collection better. More pictures: Mosaic And there are more images on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  2. Be warned! This is a long story. Maybe read it in chunks, or during a particularly boring work meeting. If you aren't familiar with my past stories, it might help to read some back story on my main character Wyndor, a supporting character Charlemagne, their connection, and Charlemagne's start. Less important is reading up on Budd-apest. If you're not scared away yet, here's my story: With the death of Pjeter, many things had changed in Dalig Ulv. Wyndor had taken over civic responsibilities and his brothers, Mattimeo in particular, had stepped up to help in any way they could. Mattimeo’s specially trained troops had been particularly helpful in defending against the Algus’ constant attacks against the towns of Mitgardia. When Wyndor received a message from the Sultan of Budd-apest asking for aid, he first thought of some of Mattimeo’s men… or woman as the case was. “Thank you for being willing to go Constance.” “Of course, I know we wouldn’t have stopped the Algus if it weren’t for the dragon Charlemagne helped you get. He deserves our help.” “Yes, and you know I would go myself if I could. But I can’t leave Dalig Ulv undefended right now. The Algus have grown bolder since that blue beam appeared in the sky and I need to be here in case they try to break through the wall. But there’s more that I need to ask you to do. In addition to trying to find Charlemagne, I want you to see if you can find the King’s son.” “So the rumors are true?” “They certainly seem to be. The King went missing after the defeat of Revolword, but now his son has returned to claim the throne! Many leaders across Historica have left their homes and the only reason I can think of is that the true Heir has actually returned. But at the same time, the Spire has grown bolder with their ranging parties. You’ll have to travel with just a few men to sneak past them.” “Don’t worry, we’re good at stealth. If there are any Spire forces we will avoid them.” “Try to find and save Charlemagne, but also lend aid to the Prince if you can. And take this blade. I had the dwarves line it’s edges with dragon steel. It’s not as effective as a pure dragon forged blade, but if you meet any Algus on your journeys, it should be enough for you to stop them.” “Thank you Wyndor, I will represent Mitgardia well.” ___________________________________________________________________________ Constance traveled across Mitgardia to the East before heading South towards Budd-apest, on the northern edge of Kaliplin. She arrived and asked for an audience with the Sultan who had sent the original message to Wyndor. “Thank you for coming.” “Of course, the relationship between our two cities is something we value. If someone has acted against one of your top citizens, then they have acted against Dalig Ulv! Do you know where he was last seen?” “Unfortunately I do. Some of the Spires enforcers were trying to win him over to their cause right before his disappearance. We’ve done some reconnaissance and now know that their base of operations is in Nocturnus, just on the other side of the Kelra Labyrinths” “I’ve heard some nasty things about the Labyrinths, but I’ll do whatever I need to. Now, I also needed to ask a favor of you. Wyndor has heard that the Prince has been found. Do you know anything about his possible whereabouts?” “Ah, fortune may be smiling on your after all. We have had many travelers pass through Budd-apest these days, and all of them have been heading to the Labyrinths. It seems that the Prince has worked out some way through the Labyrinths and is preparing to strike against the Spire. Perhaps you’ll find both Charlemagne and the Prince there. Though I must let you know that my loyalties are to the true King, the Desert King.” “I’m sure the Desert King will welcome Cedric’s heir. The Desert King has done the land a great favor in driving out those Ulandian usurpers and will be a welcome leader to the faction of Kaliphlin. It’s not as if the Desert King would want to rule the other factions as well, right?” “Let us hope that all is as you say, I don’t think any of us would welcome another war any time soon.” _________________________________________________________________________________ Constance set out from Budd-apest and made her way north through the Rakath Mountains towards the Kelra Labyrinths. As she and her men descended from the mountain pass through a forest of bone trees, a rabbit hopped onto the path. “Are you A.L.I.C.E.?” “Wait, did that rabbit just talk?” “I’m not just a rabbit, I’m the appointed spokesperson and I need to know, are you A.L.I.C.E.?” “You’ll have to forgive my friend here. He wants to know if you are part of the Allies Looking to Impede Creatures of Evil. A.L.I.C.E. for short.” “Does that mean you are against Raavage?” she asked while readying her sword. “Yes, we have long resisted his rule and now that the true king has been found we have someone to rally behind. Now, are you A.L.I.C.E.?” “Well, my name is Constance, but yes. My men and I are here to find the Prince.” “Excellent, the main force has already gone ahead. My friend here insisted on one last sweep before going to join them. We must move quickly before the battle begins.” “Battle?” “Have you not heard? Prince Alexander has returned! He has gathered a force to be reckoned with and each day more flock to his banner. But we can talk more on the road. We must move with haste if we are to be of any help in this final battle.” ___________________________________________________________________________ Constance, her band, and the members of A.L.I.C.E. made their way toward the Kelra Labyrinths. “Let us pass, sir.” “Just because Prince Alexander has struck a deal with Lord Ssilyrrlith to allow him to rule Nocturnus after Raavage is defeated doesn’t mean you get to boss me around.” “Please Reptrian, we are in a great hurry. Let us pass.” “We labyrinth keepers gain nothing by allowing you to pass freely. It’s not fair that you Minotaurs keep leading them through the maze so quickly. We need prey! At least Kyran gave us fresh meat.” Recognizing that name after talking with the Sultan, Constance spoke up. “Wait, you said the vampire, Kyran, has sent people here?” “Maybe…” the Reptrian admitted reluctantly. “Have you seen a half-Leander by the name of Charlemagne?” “We don’t name our prey lady. No need to get attached to what you are about to eat right?” “Just answer the question!” “Alright, we did have a few Leanders running around the maze, but most managed to escape our clutches. I think one is still deep in the labyrinth, but I can’t make any promises. And if we catch him, we aren’t giving him back!” “You’ve done enough stalling Reptrian. Let us pass.” And so they entered the Labyrinth. _____________________________________________________________ Although Prince Alexander had worked out a deal to allow his forces to pass through without interference from the Reptrians, that didn’t stop the rest of the monsters that inhabited the labyrinth from trying to kill Constance and her companions. Thankfully, all in their group were skilled fighters and they were able ward off all attacks. Constance knew that meeting up with the Prince meant they had no time to spare, but she couldn’t help but look around corners and down alternate routes every chance she could. It was by doing this that she heard a groan coming from one of the dead ends that frequented the maze. She rushed to see what creature needed aid, much to the chagrin of the Minotaur leading them. Favor was on her side as she realized that against all odds, she had found Charlemagne! “Back you devils! I won’t let you take me!” “Charlemagne, it’s okay. We’re friends. I come on behalf of Wyndor and your Sultan.” “Oh thank goodness! I’ve been fighting off monsters for longer than I can remember. Can you help me get out of here?” “Yes, but we must hurry!” ______________________________________________________ On their way out of the labyrinth, Constance explained to Charlemagne about the Prince’s return. She also comforted him with the knowledge that the Reptrian knew that a number of Leanders had escaped the labyrinth and that his wife and friends were most likely safe. Soon after exiting the labyrinth they came upon the Prince’s camp. There was indeed an impressive host of people from all four guilds gathered there. There was a commotion happening on the far end of the camp, so Constance and her companions made their way over there. “As many of you have heard, my father the King, is dead.” It seemed the Prince was just getting underway in explaining what was happening. Constance listened closer. “After Revelword attacked the capital, my father was grievously wounded. We fled the Valyrian forces and made for the coast. My father had heard tell of a great healer who may be able to restore him. We sailed for many days before coming aground on an island. As fortune would have it, it was the very island where this healer lived. He worked for many days to save the King and was able to prolong his life. However, he never regained enough strength to make the return journey. He died three fortnights ago. Before he passed he made me promise to return to our home and re-take the throne.” At this there was much cheering from the crowd. “Now we have gathered to defeat Raavage and stop him from finding the Necromancers Helm. Rest up tonight, for tomorrow we attack!” ______________________________________________________________ The rest of the day was spent planning. Prince Alexander summoned many of the faction leaders to his tent to give them their orders. Constance was surprised when a courier asked her to join one of these meetings. “Thank you Constance, for joining us. Charlemagne and Glorfindel have spoken very highly of you and they have recommended you for this mission.” “Thank you sire, I would be honored to serve you.” “Excellent, now as I was saying, if we are going to stop Raavage from getting the Necromancers Helm, we will need to get a small force over the river.” He indicated the river that stood between us and Raavage main host. “Our spies tell me that Raavage believes he has located the Helm and will retrieve it tomorrow. We will send out main forces against his army tomorrow at dawn. Meanwhile, a few of us sneak across the river tonight and prepare to ambush Raavage before he can get the Helm.” Just then, the Desert King himself walked into the tent. “Majesty.” “Sire, thank you for coming. I was surprised to hear that you came yourself when I asked for forces from you, but I am honored that you have chosen to fight beside me.” “You are the King, it is only right that I should fight by your side. And I can think of no greater responsibility than to help protect you as we strike Raavage personally.” “And I’m sure having a chance to avenge Kaliphlin by killing any Ulandians who might be there doesn’t hurt.” “Yes,” he said with a glint in his eye. “It was a blow to find out Ulandus had sided with the traitor Raavage. But revenge is not why I am here. Though I will not hesitate to strike down any of the usurpers if they stand in my way.” “Alright, let’s go over the plan one more time and then we must get across the river.” _________________________________________________________________________________ As morning dawned, the forces of Raavage lined up on one side of the river opposite the forces of Prince Alexander. There was much rustling as both sides waited to see who would strike first. Finally someone yelled “For Historica!” and the rush across the bridge began. The armies of Raavage hurried to annihilate the free peoples of the four guilds. The fight to decide who would rule had begun. _________________________________________________________________ Meanwhile, deeper into Nocturnus territory Prince Alexander and his small band were approaching a graveyard. It was there that Raavage had discovered the location of the Necromancer’s Helm. “Guard the yard. Now that I’ve broken the enchantments on the tomb, it shouldn’t be long before I return with the helm. Let no one enter!” Raavage’s minions, a leader of the Algus, the Drow, Ulandus, and the vampire forces allied with the Spire set about securing the perimeter. As Raavage entered the crypt Prince Alexander struck. The battle was swift. Although each of Raavage’s men were skilled fighters, they were surprised and outnumbered. In a matter of minutes they all lay dead, scattered across the graveyard. “Huzzah! We’ve struck a great blow against our enemy, but quickly, we must not let Raavage get the Helm!” Just then, Raavage exited with the Necromancer’s Helm. He was so blind with greed that he didn’t even look around the Helm to see who was there to greet him. Alexander leapt forward and with a decisive blow, ended the life of the tyrant Raavage. The Prince turned as all present cheered. The war was over! The Necromancer’s Helm had been kept from the clutches of those wishing to use it for evil! But then, the unthinkable happened. The Desert King turned on the Prince and stabbed him. Gasps of shock were heard all across the graveyard. “Now, I shall claim my rightful throne! My kingdom of old spanned from shore to shore, now it shall again!” He placed the Necromancer’s Helm on his head. “No!” cried Osric. “I fought for you, how could betray us like this?” “Sire!” cried Charlemagne, “You didn’t have to do this, Kaliplin would have forever been yours! Why did you kill the Prince?” “There is no other ruler except for I! I am immortal. Everyone else who claims a throne across Historica is only a usurper and a rebel. I am the rightful ruler. All shall bow to me!” “You will never convince the peoples to follow you!” "You will pay!" “Hasn’t this day proved to you that the free peoples will stop at nothing to remain so?” “No one will be able to stop me.” And with that the Desert King muttered under his breath and the fallen Prince rose again. But he was no longer a healthy human being. He has a mindless zombie, now under the control of the Desert King. “Grrrr!” “You see, I will turn everyone you’ve ever lost against you. I will raise an army that can never die! No one will be able to resist me. But take solace in this. After the rebels have been dealt with, the land will know my mercy. I am a sympathetic king when my people submit to my rule.” “Are we all to become your mindless puppets today?” “No. I will allow you all to live. Take this news back to your lands. Let them know that anyone who accepts my rule will be welcome by my side. All others should fear for their life or flee this land.” And from that day on, the four guilds were ruled by the Desert King, Ark’Mora Raa.
  3. The Desert King had come to inspect the progress of his latest war machine: The Trojan Camel (named after its inventor Abdul Trojan). Unfortunately this incredible piece of military hardware had not been 100% completed by the time of the inspection. Excellent craftsmen from Mitgardia and Kaliphlin were working together to complete the Camel. An aerial view of the construction site: This is the Trojan Camel: And another view to show the landscape: C&C welcome!
  4. Blufiji

    Qar Riwa

    Qar Riwa is a fortress located along one of the tributaries of the Qar-Arkhan River in southeast Kaliphlin, An ancient and weathered fortress originally under the control of the Desert King, he has allowed High Council soldiers to take over manning it. In the past, it was a outpost along the frontier of the Desert King's empire, but these days, it's main purpose is to guard and maintain the integrity of a spring that sits farther up the canyon, which serves as the start of the tributary. The waters provide irrigation to a few small villages nearby, which in turn serve as reliable rest stations in the vast sea of sand. Another build for GOh. I happily used a bit of Indian (Subcontinent) architecture influence in this one. Thanks for looking and happy building! More shots on my flickr if you guys are interested! Thanks for C&C
  5. A powerful and mysterious mage who fought in many battles during the civil war travels towards Sultan's Gate with his newly trained dragon to fight for the Desert King once more. This is for Ska's mini challenge.
  6. This is my entry to the Desert King's Nocturnus Crusade mini-challenge Changing Allegiance (again) The notorious mercenary company "The Arkbri Falcons", under the command of Ediz Falconi, were fighting for the High Council during the Kaliphlin Civil War. They have however decided that at the moment joining the forces of the Desert King presents the most likely prospect for hoards of gold at a moderate risk. Mounted on camels, the Arkbri Falcons are now following one of Kaliphlin's ancient paved roads on their way to Sultan's Gate. They will meet up with forces from all over Kaliphlin to support the Desert King in his crusade to return Nocturnus to it's rightful rulers. Falconi leading his troops.
  7. Adair

    All Of Me

    A free-build for the Guilds of Historica, a continuation of the story of Adira Magdeburg, and a crossover with Gideon. Please check here: http://www.eurobrick...66#entry2407520 and the builds before it for backstory. Long live Kaliphlin and the High Council! “It is a pleasure to have you here, Adira Magdeburg, or do you wish me to call you Navabi?” I shivered, suddenly feeling the cold of the Barqaian Administrative Building's inner rooms. Another reason you shouldn't do this, you can't stand cold temperatures. I pushed aside the thought, annoyed. The speaker, Lord Gideon of Barqa, evenly kept pace with my nervous steps, smiled courteously, if briefly. I nodded then returned to staring at the floor ahead of me. “Magdeburg will do, thank you.” Gideon continued, his voice cordial. “I understand your people are for the most part staying in the Nestlands? How are they disposed toward you, favorably or no?” You cannot be about to do this, Adira. You should have sent a letter, or just done it unannounced. My mind spun and focused on putting one foot in front of the other. It's too late now, you've already come here. You had better go through with it. I gestured vaguely. “Some are not in the best of spirits, but overall I think their doing well enough.” Not only a deserter but a liar as well. Quickly I changed the subject. “How goes the resistance? Are our allies in Berigora and Eastgate still holding out?” A hint of the half-elf's hidden frustration emerged in his voice. “They remain, though the majority of those not under the influence of GEAR CO. are slothful, benefiting from the Desert's King's bribes. Interestingly enough, it is in the Desert King's own land that the resistance is most zealous, if smaller. Apparently our adversary is veiling himself less and less in his own land and giving in to his true nature.” Adira nodded absently, thinking desperately of how best to approach the subject. “Are many fleeing his lands?” “Actually, yes. The mummy's wars cost many of the peasants their livelihoods in taxes and there are a good many crossing the border into the center lands and Avalonia despite the Desert King's wishes, though the Algus in Mitgardia and the civil war in Nocturnus are keeping those places free of immigration. I tell you, if this continues much longer Avalonia will become increasingly overpopulated and have to start deporting those wishing to come.” Here goes. I took a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves. “That's unfortunate, because some of my people are planning to immigrate there.” I looked up at the elf to gauge his reaction. He raised an eyebrow. “And will you allow them to?” I laughed nervously. “Well that's just it, I'm leading them. I couldn't exactly stop them anyway.” I added quickly. Lord Gideon stopped in his tracks and I turned, fearing the worse. I hope I haven't cut too many ties. I watched his exp ressionless face anxiously. The Lord of Barqa gazed ahead of him pensively. Finally he turned to me, his voice measured. “So you won't be helping the resistance anymore?” His voice didn't sound hostile, but he could be hiding it. “Not as much as before, but I will be trying to help as much as possible, harboring refugees and so on...” I trailed into silence, trying to think of any other ways I could still help. None came to mind. “I'm just trying to do what's best for my people.” Gideon nodded slowly, stroking his chin. “Are your people discontented with their hosts in the Nestlands?” “Not exactly...” I paused, searching my mind for a non-detrimental explanation. “Their independent, you see. They've lived up in their valley all their lives, supporting themselves, and now to be thrust into the hands of strangers is more then many of them can bear.” I omitted the fact that many of them blamed me for it. “I think they just want to be masters of their own livelihoods again, living off of their own labor.” Gideon nodded again, slowly. “And they believe Avalonia will give them this chance?” “More then any of the other Guilds.” There was an elongated pause and I waited with baited breath for his response. Finally a look of resolution came into his eye and he smiled grimly. “What do you need?” Relief flooded my mind and I let out my breath slowly. “A small guard, and provisions. The Nestland administrative council have enough people on their hands as it is, I do not wish to burden them any more.” “You realize that we are also in the same predicament, Lady Magdeburg. But,” he held up a finger to stop my interjection, “I will allow you a score of cavalry until you reach the Kaliphlin border and a weeks provisions. I can not give you more, but I think that should suffice.” He smiled ruefully. “Perhaps we can get reimbursement from some of the richer cities less supportive of the cause.” “It's worth a shot.” I said, hardly listening. I have gained the help of Barqa, but what will the rest of the resistance think? I smiled inwardly. To the Abyss with what they think! I am doing what is best for my people. That is all the reason I need. To be continued... Sorry, no build Pic. Yep, this is an ABS reuse build. I think it works pretty well (and I built it with this in mind), so I think you'll forgive me. The floor pattern I'll have to credit to Full Plate, at least that's where I first saw it. I have used it before but not on this scale. Also, and this is to everyone but to Gideon in particular; please tell me if I got anything wrong in my portrayal of current events or your character, Gideon, and I can fix it. :) Thanks! Disclaimer: Yes, I am changing factions. Let me explain. First off, when I started noticing that practically every build I posted didn't have anything to do with a desert I started to wonder if my building style and collection fit (this was about half a year ago). When the Desert King won I almost decided to stay just for the fun of showing the resistance, but in the end I came up with an even better way for my story to play out that led me to Avalonia. I hope you understand, and while I will miss the Kaliphlin community (I'll be back to help the resistance whenever needed!) I still think this is for the best. Sorry if I am treating this at all flippantly, but I'm happy right now. I just got Galactic Civilizations III. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  8. A Free-build for the Guilds of Historica and a continuation of the story of Adira Magdeburg. Please check here: and the ones before it for back-story. The sun's rays shone down upon Ravensbrook Tavern and Inn, their late summer heat competing with the mountain breezes over the group of refugees and make-shift soldiers congregating beneath their celestial battlefields. Cumulus clouds coasted over the mountainscape, their shadows crawling over the pinnacles and valleys. To Adira the bright atmosphere seemed almost obscene in light of the impending battle. The mood of the soldiers around her were equally annoying, as if they were expecting some kind of a party. They had been called from the field and outskirts of the town, and many did not yet fully comprehend the fact that their town was currently being overrun by Desert King troops. Those who did seemed to be in a state of disbelief, nervously making small talk with those around them. Only the refugees fleeing the town fully realized what doom overhung them. It was a pitiful trickle, most of the refugees probably fleeing into the mountains and finding their own way to the pass leading to the Nestlands. As it were most of those taking the highway were those who did not have the endurance to take a longer rout, and thus did not have the strength or prowess to fight. Adira glanced over the few dozen soldiers assembled. It would be enough to hold the road for a short while, but they would be done for as soon as the Desert King troops made the trip around their lines. “My Lady!” Adira glanced up from her morose speculations to see Mardil, espire, and keeper of her family's treasury striding toward her down the path. His face was grim, and his measured pace was marred by a slight limp. After a few moments he had reached her side, his breath a little ragged from exertion. “Lady Navabi, I bring news from Havers. He is still trying to find any men or other refugees left in the town, but is hard pressed to keep himself out of the hands of the Desert King forces. He reports wholesale slaughter, and whoever is not killed is taken prisoner or misused. The Desert King is showing no mercy.” “Sacking, raping, burning, that is the way of conquering armies.” Adira answered curtly. “This is the gamble we all took when we first defied the Desert King.” She nodded toward Mardil's leg. “You didn't get hurt, did you?” Mardil paused, staring into Adira's eyes. “You aren't the same person you were when you first came to Estolad. Where has your compassion gone?” Adira ignored his question, staring at him stone-faced. “You didn't answer me.” Mardil shrugged. “An old war wound. It won't inhibit me much, but I won't be doing any fighting.” His gaze became intensive. “Adira, you can not ask these people to fight again. We have lost the battle, now it is time to save as many lives as we can and flee. You can not do this!” “Remember who you are speaking to.” Adira turned toward the town, her eyes searching the horizon grimly. “I will not give up this town until there is not one building left and not one man left to defend it.” Her gaze moved back to Mardil's anguished face. “Since you are not in a position to fight, you will lead the non-combatants over the mountains. I place them under your charge. We will stand and fight.” Mardil cast one last pleading glance toward her, and then turned without a word toward the mountains, giving his arm to an elderly women as she made her way through the throng of soldiers. Adira watched them for a moment longer then looked up toward the sky. Clouds were gathering overhead, and she smiled grimly. The battle for Estolad will happen here, and only one force will leave.” “They are coming! The Desert King has come!” The man shouting ground to a halt outside the inn, sweat streaming down his face despite the chilling wind. “They are just around the next curve!” Adira closed her eyes for a moment and then opened them again. She drew her sword, and all eyes turned toward her. Slowly she scanned the faces around her. “You all have gathered here to fight for your homes, your city, your families. You have come to fight for Kaliphlin. This is where your devotion will be tested, this is where you will make a name for yourselves as either those who ran, or those who stood firm in the face of darkness. So let men compare themselves to the men of Estolad, and find themselves lacking. Let them hold us up as a standard of patriotism and endurance, and let them say that the men of Estolad stood, and died, for the freedom of Kaliphlin.” The Inn-keeper, a large man with a flaming red beard lifted his broad-sword above his head a roared in a voice that had deafened many a tavern. “For Estolad! For Kaliphlin!” The soldiers let out a cheer that echoed through the valley. At least what they lack in experience they make up for in patriotism, Adira thought. Quickly she ordered them into a shaky battle formation, those with shields in front, archers behind, and then took her place in the second row. Only after the soldiers had settled themselves into position did they hear the sound of marching feet on the road. The Desert King soldiers filled the roadway and overflowed it, trampling the crops on either side. Their helmets glistened in the sunshine, and their blades flashed. It was even more then Adira had anticipated. The Desert King doesn't take any chances. Then their ranks parted, like a wave parting on a rock, and a black mailed man stepped out of their midst. Only he wasn't a man. Adira stared into the eyes of the same undead warrior who had attacked her outside of Queenscross, and had just recently helped to kill her friend and loyal soldier Udgr. Hate seared it's way into her mind, almost clouding it. Desperately she fought the urge to charge forward now and end this creature's life, once and for all. She knew it would destroy their chance to successfully defend the street, but suddenly the battle seemed to fade in significance. Then he saw her. His sword left his sheath, and rose above his head. For a long moment his eyes stared into hers, taunting her. Then his sword fell and all hell broke loose. The surge of Desert King troops almost broke through the Estoladim ranks in it's first charge. The front soldiers faltered for a moment, but then with a war-cry from the Inn-keeper they regained their resolve, striking out ferociously into the Desert King horde. Adira moved toward the center of the road, trying to be visible and present for her men. A field commander of a trained army could afford to direct from the rear, but what the men of the mountains needed most was a leader who fought with them. Adira pushed her way into the front of the line and struck down a large spearman as he thrust toward a fallen towns-man. The smell of blood assailed her nostrils, and dust caked on the roof of her mouth. The striking of blades on shields crashed in around her, pierced by the cries of the fallen. Then and arrow whistled past her head, clattering off the shield of the man behind her. Then arrows were fallen all around her, clattering off armor, and sometimes striking home. The towns-men raised their shields above their head, and many were cut down by the advancing soldiers. Then a cry came from the back of their ranks as an archer pointed toward the back of the Inn then turned and started to run. Adira's heart sank. So they saw. They called our bluff. The line broke in chaos. Men were throwing down their weapons and running, and the men standing next to them were being cut down from behind. The inn-keeper bellowed his challenge at the entrance to his tavern only to be cut down from behind. It's over. The thought crossed Adira's mind but she refused to believe it. No, we can still rally! We can defend the road at a higher point, somewhere we can not be outflanked! But already she knew it could not be. There was no option left but to die here, by the blades of their oppressors, fighting for the freedom of Kaliphlin. A sword flew towards her. For a fraction of a moment she considered letting it hit it's mark. But then her sword was up, deflecting the blow. Now she was backing up and a voice, her own and yet not her own, was calling for a retreat. Her legs were carrying her back towards the mountains, along with her men. She would survive. But yet in her soul she was already dead. To be continued... The build. This build took me more then two months to complete (thus explaining my absence, hopefully), and required three Bricklink orders. Tudor houses are not a specialty of mine, and I had to redo the white-wash four times. The trees were a last minute add-on, and yes, I know they look horrible. The back. I was running out of pieces about now, so the landscape isn't quite as up to par as in the front, but I think it was worth it. I was originally intending to have water on this side (thus the dock), but didn't end up doing it (lack of pieces). The fletcher. Lame (and apparently deaf, if he didn't hear all the comotion on the other side of the Inn), he was called into service plying his trade for the town's archers. Probably still grumbling about how he can't be expected to make crossbow bolts without any experience. The Inn's one remaining dairy cow. They used to have many, but all the others were used up in the siege. This one probably won't survive the siege either, unless some remaining peasant decides to, uh, liberate it from the desert King troops. And I guess that's it! Thank you all for your patience, and comments! Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  9. A NOTE to all those who have not signed up yet: Please still do so!!! Even if you feel as if the challenge has already started, there is plenty of time to build for all three categories! Ulandus needs members the most, followed by High Council, then the Desert King. choose by skaforhire, on Flickr Kaliphlin Civil War Book 2, Challenge IV Starts March 1st, Deadline for Category A &B: July 1st Aftermarket products that cannot be replicated in LEGO are accepted, but should not be the defining element of a MOC. Weapons / armor from aftermarket sources is always fine. (Final Preludes will be up soon (ish), but I thought we could get rolling on general signups.) Chapters so far: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 The Civil War is a three way battle between the Ulandians, the Desert King, and the High Council of Kaliphlin. You may sign up for the civil war on this page. The roster is at the bottom of the post. When signing up, please note your first and second choice. We will attempt to put everyone on their first choice team, but if the teams get too uneven, some people may get their second choice. choosingsides by skaforhire, on Flickr There will be three categories to this challenge. The winning and runner-up side of each category will earn points towards determining which faction won the civil war. Category A: Consequences In this category you will show something that has changed since the war started. For example, It could be a MOC about a boy becoming a man because he has to work his dad’s farm, a MOC of a person turning to a life of crime after their livelihood has been destroyed, refugees, the aftermath of a battle, etc… Anything that shows how a individual(s) life has changed because of the war. The build should clearly represent a defining moment in a person or person(s) life. Story is not a major factor here, but it may help you clarify for the readers. Restriction: 32x32 studs with reasonable overhang. Challenge B Unlimited Build / Story Challenge The story of sir Brick-a-lot. It is your job to chronicle Sir Brick-a-lot’s journey in the Kaliphlin Civil War. Sir Brick-a-lot can be your sig fig, or another fig you used for the war (no, don’t actually name him Sir Brick-a-lot). The fig does not have to be a soldier, but you should have at least a couple builds to tell their story during the Kaliphlin Civil War. Each side will be judged on the quality of the builds presented and the quality of their Heroes’ tales. If you use your Category C builds in your storyline, there is a limit of ½ of your builds may be from Category C builds. IE: If you want to use 3 of your category C builds, you must have three additional MOCs to add to your story. Category C – Dynamic War and Map Challenge Please see this thread for now on the rules. This is the actual "game" thread. It has links to the mini-challenges for each week. Please do not sign up on the preliminary rules thread, please sign up here. Also, all discussion for Category C should happen in the category C threads, that is where you will report MOCs for that category also. Category D - Victory Parade Although it may be premature, each side is throwing a victory parade in their regional capital. Builders should put together a parade in no more than six pictures. There should not be more than six parade groups (bands, floats, military units, Zem Zem go-cart formations, etc...) in your parade. Although this category will impact the outcome of the war the least, it does show to some extent the pride your side has. There is no limitation in sizes, but remember to photograph carefully for detail so that all of your parade is covered well. Finally, there should be a final picture that shows the Grand Marshall of the Parade's stand with all the dignitaries inspecting the parade. The winner of this category will be known as the Grand Master of Ceremonies of Kaliphlin. LDD - LDD will be allowed in Category C and D, but not in Category A or B (as it has always been with official challenges). Since Category C is voted on by the public, there may be people that have some bias towards digital bricks, but we will let that play out. =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ Supporters declared: Ulandus Goliath Gunman Infernum Kai NRG Garmadon Narbilu Andrew Spader Lord Robin Alfadas Elostirion Gabe Bacon Potatoes Kayne Rconn0 Marcu22 Rogue Angel Dragonfire Igunnuk Eelu Desert King Hammerhand MKJoshA Tomsche Lord Vladivus MassEditor Emma Sir Gareth Blufiji Disco86 LordDan Jacob Nion Robuko The Lego Dwarf DrCogg Umbra-Manis Brick Man Studios Captain Braunsfeld High Council Carson Haupt De Gothia Gedren_y Soccerkid6 LittleJohn Mike S TheUtilityBelt Gideon Maxim I mrcp6d SarahJoy Mccoyed Bregir Adair Jakorin Scarst BrickCurve Graham Gidman MiloNelsiano J031 Ty3r IF I missed someone from the other thread, please let me know.
  10. A free-build for the Guilds of Historica and a continuation of the story of Adira Magdeburg. Please check here: and the builds before it for backstory. Long live Kaliphlin and the High Council! This is primarily a story post, so please read it! :) She was going to do it. She was actually going to do it. Adira's mind was running in circles, a fact she was barely conscious of. Her hands were shaking and she clenched the handle of her blade until her knuckles were white. Her eyes, red with lack of sleep, stared through the shadows of the tree she was hiding behind at the road. The idea that he would travel by any other road was unthinkable, and every moving shadow, every hare that made it's way across the road was him. Adira shook her head, furious with herself. What are you, some lover waiting for their sweet-heart on a deserted road? The idea amused her and she smiled. Absently her right hand closed around the end of a rope that hung down the trunk of the tree she stood behind. This is what she would do it with. This is what she would take his life from him with. A flash of gold caught her eye on the road. For a moment she stared at it, then hid behind the tree trunk, pulling her cloak tighter around her. It was him, she would know his features anywhere. Her hand reached for the rope, her fingers slowly folding around it. She listened as his footsteps drew closer, thudding softly along the road. One... two... three! The rope fell, and and a muffled cry came from the other side of the tree. Not wasting a moment, Adira pulled on the rope again and the old tree groaned under the new weight. Adira stepped out from behind the tree, shivers running up her spine. It was Sirhan, now dangling helplessly from a tree, Adira's rope pinioning his arms to his side. He saw her, and fear flooded his countenance. Oh, sweet revenge! A cruel smile curved my lips and I drew my blade. His eyes widened, then shut. “Your guilt has made you weak, Sirhan.” Adira walked up to where the masked man hung, smiling broadly. Drawing his sword, she tossed it into the underbrush nearby. She was no longer smiling when she turned back to him. “A certain friend of mine is asking for your head, though he is not quite able to receive it. You remember Udgr, don't you?” His eyes remained tightly closed. “Just get it over with, demon women! If you must kill me while I am bound at least have the decency of doing it quickly!” Adira raised her blade a placed the point on Sirhan's neck. His mouth twitched, and his breath came quickly. Twang! Sirhan fell to the ground, too surprised to break his fall. After a few seconds he scrambled to his feet, stepping out of the lasso. His eyes slowly rose and stared into Adira's, incredulous. Hers were cold, and the blade pointed at his throat froze him to the spot. “Tell your little King that the will to ressist him has not left Kaliphlin, and that in whatever he does he will have an enemy in Adira Magdeburg.” Adira gestured with her sword toward the road behind him. “Run, Sirhan, and don't look back.” He didn't need to be told twice. Sirhan backed up two paces then turned and bolted down the road as fast as his shiny armor, now plastered with the mud of the road, would allow. Adira watched him, a smug smile on her face. This was definitely the more satisfying option. Let him forever tremble in fear of her, just as the Desert King must be made to tremble before his foes, for they were many. To be continued... The build. This is, again, an old one (The last of the very old ones, I'll be reverting to my more recent ABS Challenge builds soon). With this build I experimented with my tree-making skills and adding dark blue to a landscape. It's a vig., really, but I liked it. And yes, I am reading Crime and Punishment. Amazing book. Thoughts and critiques are always welcomed! Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  11. Adair


    A free-build for the Guilds of Historica and a continuation of the story of Adira Magdeburg. Please check here: and the ones before it for backstory. This is also a cross-over with gedren_y, so please go check out his fantastic builds! Long Live the Kaliphlin and the High Council! The humid climate of the Nestlands was usually not very appealing to most Kaliphlinians, but to Adira it felt like heaven. The freedom this land brought her people was worth a thousand discomforts, though her own mind remained trapped in anger. And after the frigid cold of the mountain path behind her, the warm weather wasn't so bad. The people of Estolad weren't the only ones who had fled to the Nestlands, apparently. A large population of refugees already existed on the southern face of the mountain of Edst Nol where the people of the Nestlands had prepared housing for an occupation that never came. They, for the most part, gladly welcomed the refugees, among them, meeting them on the path coming down from the pass with blankets and food. Adira wandered among them, trying to help, but for the most part being ignored. She refused to show any emotion except concern, but on the inside her anger and hurt did nothing but fester and grow. What have I but the love and trust of my people? If they do not trust me, what reason have I yet to live? Yet the answer always came back with equal resonance, cold and ruthless. Revenge. The Desert King has taken everything from me, even my two most trusted friends. I will hunt down Sirhan until there is no place left for him to hide. Then I will kill him. The sound of someone standing silently behind her reached Adira's ear but she refused respond. She did not, however, walk away. Let them bring their complaints somewhere else, I no longer govern this people. I am a useless appendage. “Lady Magdeburg. I have heard of your loss, and bring you the condolence of my people. Please except any help we can give you and your people.” The voice had a slight Nestlands accent, but was still recognizable. Adira had met the Nestlands Minister of External Affairs Aturl Prndrn when she was first deployed in the Nestlands as a Guerrilla not even a year ago. “There is nothing you, or anyone can do.” She turned. “But thank you none the less.” Aturl nodded slowly. “If there is nothing to be done, then what does the Lady of Estolad plan to do?” Adira smiled sardonically at the title. “Bring my enemies down with me.” “A noble aspiration. And this will heal you?” The Minister asked. Adira paused, considering. Finally she spoke. “A shattered vase can not be mended, but it can stab the one who broke it.” Aturl was silent for some seconds. “I wish I could go with you, but since I am tied down here I will help you all I can. Tell us what weapons, disguises, and food you will need, and we will supply them as best we can. And when you wish for solace, come to the Nestlands. Perhaps your people will have you back.” To be continued... The build. Those on Flickr saw this several months ago, but I finally have been able to use it in GoH! Yay.... Also, please check out Gedren's builds: Expect my next post in roughly a week or two (most likely the latter). Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  12. A Freebuild for the Guilds of Historica, and the next Episode in the story of Adira Navabi. Check here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=110813 and the ones before it for backstory. The wind whispered through the trees, swaying their branches in accordance with it's patterns, and carrying the scent of their blossoms to every bee within it's range. Adira smelled deeply, and smiled. The apple tree swaying above her seemed to send all it's best smells to her nose, as if it too were wishing her safety in the coming battle. The thought of the battle intruded upon Adira's bliss like a black mist, seeping into every part of her mind and demanding all of her attention. The Desert King forces had been sighted at the mouth of the valley a few days ago, and would be here any day now. All of the able bodied men would be arming up in the town, including whoever owned this orchard. A sudden loathing for what she was about to do overtook Adira as she stared across the orchard, full with the blossoms of spring. Who am I to bring down the hand the Desert King upon these people, these people who live day by day and whose only worries are I the rain will come late our not? “Lady Adira, the men await you in Estolad.” It was Havers. Adira knew without even turning. She could distinguish his unique mix of the Western and eastern dialects anywhere. She spoke without turning. “I can't do it, captain Havers.” There was a pause, then Havers spoke, his words slow a measured. “I can not speak for all the inhabitants of Estolad, but I believe I speak for the majority when I say that when we voted you as our head, that we would take whatever came for it, whether that be peace or war, life or death. If these people can have such courage as to trust you with their lives, you can at least lead them to the best of your abilities.” Adira turned on Havers, her showing a strange mixture of anger and sadness. “But how can I do so in good conscience? If I do, at least some of them will die. And even if we are victorious, and drive the Desert King forces back out of our valley, what can I promise them but a guarded peace, always in fear of another invasion? I would destroy their peace of mind forever.” Havers let out his breath slowly, staring past Adira in deep thought. Finally he focused on her again. “We can not have everything we wish for in one life, or in any number of lives, so we must choose the lesser of two Weavils*. In this case it is our decision whether we wish for security of our lives, though we be slaves to the whim of an Un-dead Tyrant, or Freedom to choose as we wish, to worship as we wish, though we be forever in fear for our lives. These people have chosen Freedom over security, and they have chosen you to lead them. You can only do as much as you are able, and they wish for no more from you.” Havers turned and started down the road back toward the town of Estolad, his motion halted yet smooth on his peg leg. “The men await.” Adira paused, taking one last look over the orchard behind her, then followed Havers down the road toward Estolad, battle, and a future that would define the history of Kaliphlin forever. To be continued... The build. Just a quick one to continue my story. I gave a try at using the tree-leaves from altBricks, a Lego off-brand store, and I'm not sure what to think. Thoughts? *Ten comments to the person who can tell me where this quote is from. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  13. Adair

    To Die For

    A free-build for the Guilds of Historica and a continuation of the story of Adira Magdeburg. Please check here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=116423 and the ones before it for backstory. You are a coward. You can not even die honorably. You ran from death! The words played over and over in Adira's mind, forming a cadence with the pounding of her feet on the rough mountain path. The wind bit into her, but that pain was trifling in comparison to the bitter pain of these words. After all, what had she ever lived for but courage and honor? And now she was running like a frightened hare, running as much from her defeat as from the death or torture that awaited her back in the valley. Finally her legs would carry her no farther and she halted, leaning on one of the numerous pine trees along the road. People passed her by, making for the pass to the Nestlands, but none of them made eye contact. They knew she had failed them. They knew she continued to fail them. But Adira did not care anymore. She had no pride left to protect. She was bled dry. Slowly she removed her cumbersome outer armor and laid it at the side of the road. It was of Mitgardian make, some family heirloom. As soon as she took it off she felt refreshed, no longer protected, but at least free to move around as she was used to. “Lady Magdeburg.” Adira tensed. She knew what she would see when she turned, but she did not want to face it. Why can't he just leave me alone, like everyone else? Slowly she turned and stared at Havers defiantly. “What is it, Captain Havers?” Havers returned her stare levelly. “There are still people in the town down there. We must do what we can to rescue them.” Adira sighed. “The town is lost. They will die there or in the mountains.” “That is NOT true!” Havers' voice was emphatic, almost desperate. Adira took a step back from the fury in his eyes. “Some might escape! What can we do but try?” Adira studied him coldly. “Who is it that you can not find?” Havers glared at her, groping for words. “Me Lady!” Adira spun around, her face red from her altercation. What she saw didn't please her. Adelwight, occupationally a goat-herder and a member of the town Council, stood on the path, armed with a heavy battle-ax and flanked by two young men similarly armed. Behind him stood a square, thatched, and carved log house that she now realized must belong to him. He had been the last deciding vote in making her ruler of Estolad, but he had been very hesitant. Now he would speak of her failure, and probably not in pleasant terms. The man's eyes were grim. “Where are me and me sons needed most?” Adira was taken aback by the question, but quickly regained her composure. “Wherever you most wish to die.” Adelwight let out a laugh that sounded almost like a bray. “That'll be right here, next to th' home of me fathers, and right where the flea-bitten varmints can find us!” It took a moment for Adira to understand what she was hearing. This man is staying here to die when he could probably escape with his family. Why? No. She refused to think of the answer. Instead she posed an indirect question. “What of your young ones? Who will take care of them?” The man's old but fierce eyes turned on her, and she saw immediately that he knew what her true question was. “Me Lady, courage has nothin' to do with charging into the middle of a fray, and all to do with standing where ye have always stood, even to death. We're doing this for our land, every tree, every hillock,” he paused, looking strait at Adira, “every person.” The patriarch leaned on his ax, staring out over the valley. “Ye still have a life to live, a people to lead. Protect me bairns, and all th' people of Estolad that go through that pass.” There was nothing Adira could say. These men were giving up their lives for a town who had spurned their council, and practically invited the enemy to their doorstep. They were giving their lives for her. A tear sprang from Adira's eye. Slowly she started up the path. She noticed that Havers was no longer behind her, but she did not care. Let him kill himself down there. If there was anyone left in that town they would be Desert King prisoners by now, but these few survivors still had a chance. She could help them. To be continued... The build. This build is approximately three months old by now, so most of you might have seen it on Flickr by now. I hope the story made it worth it, however. Back in the middle of the summer I decided I wanted to try something more Mitgardian (surprise surprise) so I made this. This also was posted for the Colossal Battle Contest on Flickr and brought to our County fair, where it won a meaningless little first prize sticker (along with half of the other open class entries. ). I hope to post the next installment, a crossover with Gedren, sometime this month. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
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    Divided We Fall

    A Free-build for the Guilds of Historica, and a continuation of the story of Adira Magdeburg. Please check here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=112694 and the ones before it for backstory. The setting sun cast long shadows across the street, painting what was not in shadow in a fiery glow. Adira ground to a halt, her lungs screaming, waiting for Havers to catch up. Soon the sound of uneven foot-falls sounded behind her, along with the higher notes of wood on stone, and Havers was beside her, breathing heavily. “Captain, I assume you have a course of action in mind?” His words came between breaths. Adira nodded, clasping her hands behind her head. “The town chapel... He'll be there.” Not waiting for Havers to reply, Adira set off again toward the center of the town. Slowly the dirt roads gave way to pavement, and the streets became narrower. As she ran, a sense of foreboding settled upon Adira's mind. She tried to ignore it, but it kept asserting itself. There is still a chance the mummy was lying... we might get there only to find the local priest, going about his business. Yet even as the thought presented itself Adira knew it was not true. There was no lie in that mummy's eyes, it is Sirhan. Tall buildings surrounded them, many of them quite strange in their style. The curve in the street that would lead them to the open square in which the chapel was placed grew closer and closer before them. Finally Adira turned, and stopped in her tracks. Her heart sank, and a cold finger of terror crawled up her spine. A small group of people, and mummies, surrounded the chapel steps. Adira's gaze passed over the Mummy general and several of his elite soldiers, one holding the local priest at sword-point. The one Mummy Lord in black stood on the steps, and beside him stood Sirhan, still wearing the mask, but now decked out in a magnificent suit of golden armor. Anger boiled up within Adira's chest, and she drew her sword, but then her eyes alighted on the two figures at the floor of the steps. One was a hooded man, holding a knife to an orc's neck. The orc looked remarkably similar to... Udgr. Sargent Udgr's eyes were hazy as he looked up toward her, but when he saw her they widened with a look of despair. “Adira?...” A guttural, raspy laugh echoed down the street as the Mummy General stepped in front of the bloodied orc. “My return is unexpected? Well that's too bad. I hope I didn't interrupt anything.” His voice lost all humor instantly. “Drop. Your. Sword.” A hush fell over the street. Adira could hear the ragged breathing from her left where Havers stood. All eyes were on her. Haver's voice was desperate. “Don't give in. You would be just playing to their schemes! For all we know the orc could be one of them as well...” The clang of metal against stone echoed around the square. For a moment all was silent. Then the same raspy laughed cut into Adira's mind, and the General took another step toward her. “Your pliability surprises me, Lady Navabi. I shall give your colleague, Sirhan, more credibility in the future. Now as for you and your friend here, Havers, was it? I want you both to...” A sudden thud yanked Adira's attention toward the chapel steps, just in time to see Udgr leap onto the hooded assassin's prone form, and cleave the man's blade into it's owner's head. Chaos ensued. Havers charged the temporarily distracted Mummy who had been advancing on him, plunging his cutlass into the creep's neck. An elderly wood-cutter Adira hadn't noticed before sneaked up behind the Mummy general and stabbed him in the back, only to get cut down himself. Adira grasped the hooded man's knife and flung it toward the other Mummy who was guarding the priest, embedding it in his neck. A sudden gasp drew Adira's gaze back toward where Udgr had been standing. The orc stood there, staring at her with unseeing eyes, the end of a curved blade protruding from his chest. Sirhan stood behind him, his gleaming eyes staring strait at her. Adira's heart stopped. She barely noticed the Mummy Lord in black advancing toward her. Udgr... A flash of color flew through Adira's line of vision as Havers attacked the Mummy Lord with flurry of cuts and slices that made the creature take a step back. Adira was momentarily distracted, and when she looked back Sirhan was on the church steps, still staring at her. Anger, like a volcano, began to rise in Adira's heart, along with something even more bitter. The hatred burned in her soul unlike anything she had felt before, and before she knew it she was picking up her blade and starting forward. A slow smile curled Sirhan's mouth. Then the Mummy Lord was retreating down the street, along with the wounded General. Sirhan's gaze flickered toward them before moving back to her as he followed them down the street. There was no malice in his eyes, only a lazy satisfaction that infuriated her beyond words. Havers pulled up beside her, panting hard. Together they watched the three of them retreat slowly down the street. Neither said a word. Suddenly Adira remembered Udgr. Turning on her heel she ran back and dropped to her knees beside the still body of the orc Sargent. Desperately she felt for a pulse. The orc's wrist was as lifeless as his eyes, clouded over and staring off into space. Numbly she held his hand, her finger still waiting vainly for the sign of life that would never come. Something in her mind snapped, though she couldn't care what, and she looked up. Havers was standing beside her, graciously silent, and the priest was beyond him, glancing around nervously. Seeing her eyes on him, the man spoke quickly and urgently. “The Mummy King's hordes are all 'round the city, m'Lady. Many citizens have fled, and we'll soon be surrounded if we don't hurry!” “We need to call the retreat, Captain.” Havers said, gently but firmly. “What are your orders?” Adira stared out over square and drew a deep breath. The silence hung. Finally she looked back up into Haver's face, a steely resolve in her eyes. “Gather the men at the Raven's-Brook tavern just outside of the city. The Desert-King scum have invaded Estolad, and they will die in Estolad.” To be continued... The build. Please ignore the random London paraphernalia lying about, and the general modern look of the second house. This is a reused build. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  15. The half-Leander Charlemagne, a soldier for the Desert King, began his soldier’s journey in Budd-apest. He was born in Avalonia, but after his father and mother died, moved to Kaliphlin and took up residence among the Red Guard of Budd-apest. There he learned the basics of chivalry and fighting. As the certainty of war grew, Charlemagne started preparing. He first went to the Red Guard’s rivals, the Masketeers for a sword. The Masketeers favored the rapier and Charlemagne thought he might be better equipped for the coming battles by having a lighter, quicker blade than the Red Guard were want to use. As the war began, he took on the name of the Scarlet Magnolia to honor the memory of his mother. He became more and more determined to help his fellow countrymen, enslaved in Ulandus. He hired the services of Uriako who was able to sail him through the Serpant’s Crawl to Ulandus. Once he arrived he was able to enter Ulandian society by posing as an ambassador from Budd-apest to Ulandus. He claimed the city wanted to be free of the Desert King’s clutches. This caused him to be well received in high Ulandian society. He was able to use this as a cover for his true purpose, the liberty of the Leanders. He began by providing bread to the starving Leanders. When war began, resources grew scarce on Ulandus. What resources there were never found their way to Leanders who were more slaves than citizens. His next mission was to help free some of the key, Leander leaders who had been imprisoned for talking against the government. The Scarlet Magnolia had struck again! The city was abuzz with the talk of the Scarlet Magnolia, high society included. As Charlemagne talked to the other Ulandians they asked him, “Who could this Scarlet Magnolia be?” Charlemagne responded with, “Whoever he is, he’s making life nearly impossible for all of us who aren’t Ulandian! I can’t go anywhere without being quizzed on my identity for fear that I may be the Scarlet Magnolia. In fact, I’ve written a poem for the occasion, They seek him here, they seek him there. The Ulandians seek him everywhere. Is he from Mitgardia, or is he from Avalonia? That darned, elusive, Scarlet Magnolia.” He continued his subversive activities and continued to help Leanders throughout Ulandus. He was a soldier for the Desert King, but a secret one. After a couple weeks he heard about the orders of execution for some of the Leanders he had personally helped as the Scarlet Magnolia. It seemed that the Ulandians where trying to flush him out. He took the bait and went to the wilderness where the Leanders where sentenced to die. He found them guarded, chained to rocks, and waiting for their death. Charlemagne didn’t know how they were going to be killed, but he knew he needed to save them. He charged the guards, and made it through their defenses to race to the prisoners to break their chains. As he ran he saw a large shadow pass overhead. He freed the first Leander and shouted at him to dive to the ground. Charlemagne heard a commotion behind him, but he focused on freeing the Leander’s first. All of a sudden, two more beasts landed, and Charlemagne saw that the beasts were wyverns. All three prisoners were now free and laying still on the ground. Charlemagne looked around and saw that all the Ulandian guards had been consumed. The wyverns seemed pacified for now. He urged the Leanders up and one of them said to him, “Please, I’ve worked with dragons for my whole life. These are a loyal breed. It is most likely that they see you as having fed them. They can be ridden if they are willing to take you, and I can think of no better way to get out of here!” Charlemagne trusted the Leander and approached one of the wyverns. The wyvern were seemingly passive now that their bellies were full and Charlemagne was able to mount it easily. The other Leanders mounted up as well and they flew off to safety. Charlemagne continued to harass the Ulandian army, using the wyvern whose trust he had earned all the while furthering the Desert King’s cause. OoC: This will make much more sense if you read my minichallenge entry as well as my Cat. A entry. Lots more pictures on my flickr!
  16. Adair

    United We Stand

    A free-build for the Guilds of Historica and a continuation of the story of Adira Magdeburg. Check here: http://www.eurobrick...86#entry2261451 and the ones before for backstory. The pines sighed in the breeze, then fell silent, leaving the fields without noise except for the occasional chirp of a passing bird. A ball of ice lay at the bottom of Adira's stomach, refusing to leave. Nervously she surveyed the landscape around her. Nothing but grassland, pines, and the small collection of ruined walls and pillars that crawled along the ground around her. They should be here by now, it's nearly noon... Beside her, a villager mumbled something about skipping their midday meal, but quickly fell silent under Havers' stare. The hills again returned to noiselessness, leaving Adira alone with her thoughts, and her fears. What if the Desert King can see our positions, and is taking an alternate rout to Estolad, or flanking us at this very moment? Or perhaps Amir's Guerrillas have been alerted, and are descending from the mountains! What if the men haven't had enough training, and flee at the first sight of the battle? Adira glanced over the men behind her, and the ones on the other side of the road. Her gaze settled on Udgr, the Orc sergeant behind her, and Havers, the one legged ex-soldier, then over at Sirhan, the masked Guerrilla across the way, and her fears slowly began to calm. If they flee then I shall die defending in their place, and I know I shall have at least three others with me. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of marching boots in the distance, from the West. Mummies, and their allies. Her grip tightened on her blade, and her palms began to sweat, as they always did before battle. The ball of ice in her stomach seemed to double in size as she stared at the road, waiting for the first mummy to step into view. There was a dash of red, then the Mummy commander stepped into view, his cape swirling about him in the breeze. He was followed by two elite guards, then a whole procession of local militia from the town at the head of the valley, their dark green and black uniforms in striking contrast with the dark red of the mummy's uniforms. A gasp came from one of the villagers next to Adira, and she turned angrily to see him drop his spear and cover his mouth with his hands. “That's my son, in the Desert King ranks....” “Silence.” Adira whispered. She turned to Havers, her expression hard. “Order the attack.” Havers hesitated, then nodded. His voice echoed over the fields. “Forward and Charge!” A hail of arrows flew from the trees, slamming into the Desert King ranks, closely followed by yelling villagers in rag-tag armor and weaponry. All order among the Desert King troops disintegrated as soldiers saw the men next to them fall, pierced with arrows. Chaos ensued, as the villagers closed with their dis-ordered attackers, splitting shields and shattering helms in their fury. The troops panicked, fighting desperately but separately, each trying to protect his own neck. Adira charged toward the fray, her elation growing with each second. We're going to win! They're retreating! She charged toward the Desert King commander, a Mummy general, as he struck down an ax-wielding villager, drawing her sword. He turned, catching sight of her, and she ground to a halt. For a moment they stared at each-other, the battle moving in slow motion around them. Finally the Mummy spat toward her, his eyes burning with hate. His voice barely carried over the tumult of the battle. “I'll be back! And when I come next you will not survive!” A spear-wielding villager came up behind him, and he spun, cutting the man down. He scanned the battlefield, his gaze moving over the bodies that had been his men, then turned and, taking two running steps, leaped over a surprised villager and on toward the west. A cheer rose from the villagers, echoed down the road where more rag-tag soldiers raised their weapons over their vanquished foes. They had had victory over the forces of the Desert King, that which was counted impossible to do without a trained army. Adira surveyed the battlefield, suddenly tired and thirsty. Villagers walked about, congratulating each other, and laughing. A single man bent over the lifeless body of one of the militiamen, crying bitter tears for his dead son, but elsewhere the people celebrated their victory. Many were cheering her, and Havers was smiling broadly at her underneath his helm, but all she could think of were the Mummy General's last words. “I'll be back. And when I come next you will not survive.” The fight was not over, it had just begun. To be continued... Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  17. Captain Braunsfeld

    The Algus Saga - Southern Comfort

    Consolation for Mitgardia came from the South - battle-hardened Mounted Ostrich Archers were sent North by the Desert King by mediation of Captain Marron. Marron had been at the victory parade in Kaliphlin and had used the opportunity to connect to the Desert King and his generals. So, after having defended the northern walls, Marron personally welcomed the first MOA battalion that arrived in Mitgardia. Of course, some Northern support was necessary to make the allies successful: Warm clothes... ... and warm, black leathered boots. .. gloves and coats... ... well, the ostriches were sent back to Kaliphlin. And another surprise was waiting for Captain Marron: he was promoted to Major! Major Marron gathered his men and returned to the northern front to face the Algus again. C&C welcome. In the "Captain Braunsfeld's part of the Algus Saga" you are here: Part 3 1) The Beacon of Bruns Fall 2) Defending the North 3) Southern Comfort 4) Help from a Nobleman 5) Two Minor Victories 6) Water does not stop them! 7) What's that coming over the hill? 8) Where the Rainbow Spell came from 9) AppleCalypse Now!
  18. After the overwhelming victory, a grand Flag Parade was held at Sultan's Gate - with guests from all parts of the world. The victorious troops marched by His Majesty, flowers covering the ground. General Ra and the famous Mounted Ostrich Archers (the Desert King's elite forces) led the parade. ... followed by Al Giwemm Fahia who carefully demonstrated his Staff of Flames as he crossed the Blue Water Bridge - just behind him the famous sorceress Kleotete: Lady Phlici, now engaged, could be spotted amongst the spectators next to another general. The First Mummy Warriors Corps were carrying blue flowers from Petraea, well almost all of them... The crowd was excited and cheerful: The Flying Carpet Corps had their big moment too: Musicians played tunes that were written especially for the occasion... .. .and a splendid time was guaranteed for all. C&C welcome. This is the largest set (128x32) I have build in this challenge and it was difficult enough to take decent pictures. I hope they worked out well in their smaller format. I have tried to include bits and pieces from all previous MOCs in the scene. You may also want to find out how many monkeys and how many jugglers are included . Or animals...
  19. The underground base of the Southern Dwarves in the Kaliphlin Rakath Mountains... This young dwarf reflects on how much his life has changed since the war started. Before the war started and the Southern Dwarves declared their support for the Desert King life was very different. Back then the dwarves focused more on the arts and craftsmanship, but these days sculpting and carving are not considered a priority and have been put aside in order to make more room for weapons and supplies for the war. Nowadays inventors only job is to create weapons of war... and the alchemists brew deadly concoctions designed corrode or explode The forges are lit day and night as dwarves workers build weapons to arm the Desert king's forces. and now the young dwarf must grow up from a kid to a man as he prepares to go to war and fight for his King... Extra pics: The desk A shelf C&C appreciated. I am still not to happy with some of the pictures, but they are all WAY better than before
  20. (Looks like my title was too long! It should read: A Part to Play: Abd-al-Malik's role in the Kaliphlin Civil War) The din of the battle raging around Abd-al-Malik grew dimmer, replaced by flashing moments of his earlier life. Even the pain from his wound, though mortal, began to fade away. He had premonitions that his death would come on Al Amarj Island, but he never expected it to be so peaceful. As the Desert King troops and High Council defenders battled around him, Malik's thoughts turned to happier times. There, in his old home, he could once again see his wife and child. How long it had been since he had seen their faces. The house, with its palm trunk walls and dirt floor, was nothing fancy, but it had been their home for years. A wood burning stove cooked the family's meal each night and kept the house warm during the cold months. There was no other place Malik would rather be. Malik's thoughts than moved to his son and the many adventures the two had. Malik wanted his son to grow strong and brave. Often the two would explore the nearby jungle, clearing their own trails and stumbling upon many natural wonders. Those were happy days, before death and violence had consumed Kaliphlin. Everything changed the day the war came to Malik's home. He had been laid off from the nearby sawmill that day. Many of its workers had either fled or joined one of the various armies marching across Kaliphlin. Only Malik and a few others remained, but the owner closed the sawmill in fear of becoming a casualty of the spreading war. Malik walked home slowly, wondering how he would tell his family of the loss of their only source of income. When his house became visible Malik immediately knew something was wrong. His son, Adnan, always waited for him by the road, jumping out of the bushes to surprise his father and then walk home together. Then Malik noticed the smoke rising from his home. He ran as fast as he could but the house was completely engulfed before he arrived at its doorsteps. Hours later, when the fire had died and the ash cooled, Malik collected the remains of two bodies he found inside. He would learn later from neighbors than a pack of rogue Ulandian soldiers had stumbled across the home, performing unspeakable horrors against Malik's wife and child before setting the structure ablaze. Malik collected what remains he could and buried them under a nearby tree. For days he did not sleep and ate nothing. He only laid there, weeping quietly by the graves of his beloved family. Then, suddenly, the thirst for revenge hit him like water does a man lost in the desert. He had watched his world collapse around him, and decided he would seek vengeance. He hated the Ulandians, and the High Council for not putting up a stronger resistance against the Centurion's march across Kaliphlin. He had heard rumors of a prophecy brought to life in the northern stretches of Kaliphlin. And it was the Desert King, and Malik knew it was to him that he would place his allegiance. The Desert King was the one entity willing and able to force peace on these lands and return Kaliphlin to the glory of its past. Malik found a Desert King outpost and signed up initially as a mercenary. Those early days were filled with sharp and hectic battles for the peripheries of the marching armies. It was at one particularly crucial battle for an aqueduct where Malik's potential was noted by a senior officer of the Desert King. Shortly afterwards, he was inducted into the Desert King's covert operations. Malik's covert military career with the Desert King quickly took off. At first, he was tasked with detecting and countering sedition in towns captured by the Desert King's forces. These included "fifth columnists," deserters and those who would dare to defenestrate the Desert King's tax collectors. Malik was then put in charge of subverting targets of the Desert King, especially the big cities which stood as the centers of power in Kaliphlin. As a southern Kaliphlin, Malik was especially adept at infiltrating High Council positions and leadership circles. From Qarkyr to Petraea, Malik served an immeasurable role in weakening enemy defenses and allowing the Desert King's armies to march in secretly and quickly defeat their opponents. (Malik watches from the shadows as civilian supporters of the Desert King triumph their victory in Qarkyr) (Desert King troops surprised the High Council defenders of Petraea, no doubt due to Malik's subterfuge) (Malik looks on as Desert King troops capture Petraea, Kaliphlin's greatest city) After these stunning victories, Malik was ordered with his greatest task yet: neutralizing the High Council strong point at Al Amarj Island. No enemy forces had ever landed on Al Amraj, let alone conquered the fortress, but Malik was not one to back down. He swore to the Desert King that he island would be captured, or that he would die in the attempt. After all, Malik had nothing else to live for. Again, using his masterful ability to blend in, Malik as well as his apprentice, Salah-ad-Din, managed to infiltrate the island under the guise of a merchant and his bodyguard. Malik began quickly to study the islands defenses and watch schedule. He quickly concluded that the island's defenses had been largely siphoned off for the war effort on the mainland. An eavesdropped conversation revealed the arrogance of the island's defenders and their belief that Al Amarj would miss the bloodshed as it always had. One night, when the opportunity seemed perfect, Malik sent a signal to a large group of Desert King forces stationed on vessels just out of sight of the island's defenses. Malik and ad-Din neutralized the few guards on duty on the island's southern watchtower. Dozens of Desert King troops began scaling the walls and descending on Al Amarj's few defenders. Despite a valiant and fierce resistance by the defenders, it was clear that the island would not stand up to the Desert King onslaught. The defenders fell where they fought and by morning virtually all of the island was in Desert King hands. It was at this point that the High Council commander of Al Amarj called to Malik to join him in single combat. As Malik's soldiers cleared the last few areas of resistance, Malik battled the commander on the high rock archway above the crashing ocean. It seemed as if their battle lasted an hour or even more. Despite Malik's plea that the commander surrender, the High Council officer continued to strike. A heavy blow struck Malik's sword, throwing him against a tree. The commander raised his weapon to deal the final blow, but Malik struck sooner, his blade entering the enemy's chest. A swift kick sent the High Council officer soaring off the arch and into the water below. Malik turned to join his troops but a sharp pain in his stomach stopped him suddenly. He looked down to see a young boy holding a sword, half its length now buried in Malik's abdomen. He was the High Council commander's son, who had witnessed the battle and now sought his revenge. The boy's face reminded Malik of his own son, which brought to the fore those memories of happier times. Desert King troops rushed to help their fallen leader. One mummy grabbed the young boy but Malik ordered him to be released. The boy had only done what was right by the code of honor and family. The boy ran off to join his remaining family in the High Council stronghold. Malik's flashbacks caught up to his present time, where he was slowly dying. His death would not bother him, as his mission had been completed - Al Amarj was in Desert King hands. The victory would likely signal the beginning of the end of the war. Nothing would please Malik more. After so much violence and bloodshed, Malik was happy to turn his thoughts to peace. Salah-ad-Din attempted to treat Malik's wound, but it was too grievous. Malik thanked him but knew there was nothing he could do. It was there, on the island fortress, that Malik died. Malik's troops noticed the smile on his face - the first they had ever seen on the old warrior. They were relieved that he had died happy. Malik was dressed in the white robes of a Kaliphlin elder and given the funeral rites of a highly respected Desert King officer. He was placed in a floating funeral pyre and set into the ocean. 14 That morning, as the sun rose over Al Amarj, Salah-ad-Din walked alone to one of the islands watch towers. He looked out into the ocean and he too began to think of peace. Ad-Din's lust for combat had been tempered by the loss of his leader and friend. He vowed that, when this war ended, his work would focus on making sure future generations would enjoy the peace those like Abd-al-Malik had died to achieve. 15 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello again everyone! I know this is a few hours past the deadline but I hope I will be forgiven - I had intended to have this uploaded last night but, as some of y'all know by now, the recent Flickr update has made it impossible for me to grab the BBCodes for my pics using the hardware I own. I had to borrow a friends computer this morning to get the pictures. If Ska or the group thinks my entry should be disqualified because of the deadline, I will certainly have no hard feelings. A little sad, not but mad! Anwyays, I hope you guys enjoy this story. Thanks for looking!
  21. A freebuild for the Guilds of Historica, and the next episode in the story of Adira Navabi. Check here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=110589 and the ones before it for backstory.Thud! Adira almost jumped as the book was slammed down onto the table in front of her, almost toppling it. Leonard Havers, Chairman of the Council, sure knows how to get people's attention. Havers, a short but trim man, former captain in the High Council Millitia, swept the Council with a piercing stare. He shifted on his peg leg, a memoir of his last battle in the service, and slowly removed his hand from the large tome on the table. The Council of Estolad was silent, all eyes focused on the Chairman. “We have come here together to decide whether or not we will have Adira Navabi, blood daughter of Addalar Navabi, as head of this our village of Estolad.” Havers' eyes focused on each individual Council Member as he spoke, boring into them. “In doing so we would be declaring open rebelion against the Desert King, to whom the last Navabi has sworn allegiance. With the war all but over, we can expect nothing but complete retaliation. If we do not, we will continue to live under the tyranny of the Desert King, keeping our lives, but at the cost of our freedom. This is our choice.” For a moment there was silence. Adira could hear Sargeanr Udgr moving about behind her, and she knew Sirhan was there too, watching them. She had barely been able to procure them a place in the Council room, but she was glad they were there now. It would be good to review notes with them on possible loyalties afterward. Finally a coarse, bearded man across the table from her, in the garb of a goat-herder, spoke. His voice was as coarse as he was. “We all ken the army from Sultan's Gate that was coming toward here several days ago, and we all know we will not be getting no help from Berigora or anywhere else. Many O' us have bairnes and wives to think of, and that Mummy in Sultan's Gate always left enough for us to live by. Why, in the name of all sacred, would we start a wee rebelion when it has no chance of surviving?” He continued without waiting for an answer. “I am a man O' the earth, and these mountains are me home. Why would I die and not be able to enjoy them no more?” “Becuase you believe in Freedom for your children, rather then letting them grow up under Tyranny.” It was Havers speaking. Adira noted him as one who would vote for, when it came to that. Havers continued. “Yes, we can not expect reinforcements, at least nothing substantial. Our only hope to make the Desert King pay so dearly in his attempts to conquer us that he decides we are not worth the bother. If we are successful, then others of like mind as us, former military etc., may join us, and evenetually we may be able to gain protection from one of the other Guilds that fought against the Desert King, and we will be able to live in peace here under our own rule. This is all specualtion, but it is a hope.” He turned, facing one of the Council members Adira could not place. “Even if we die in this attempt, our fame will spread, giving heart to resistance elsewhere. Those who can not fight can be sent across the mountains, to go into hiding with in the Nestlands, where the locals keep up a resistance, but where they will be relatively safe. The rest of us can make a stand for freedom, unencumbered, here in this valley. We are self sufficent, our goats needing minimal supervission, and our crops already planted. We could outlast any siege they put up against us in this valley of ours...” A loud noise, that Adira first mistook for a cough, but later realized was a clearing of throat, came from the only non-human in this Council, the Minotaur. He stared at Havers with large, solemn eyes, and his voice was deep. “I, too, hate the idea of fighting a war we can not win. But the Desert King has never been a friend of my people, and we, most of all, would suffer under his rule. I would not have that happen.” He turned to Adira. “Would you promise my people an equal share in all that happens in this village, Lady Navabi?” “Yes.” Adira said immediately. “I maintain the tradition of the High Council. All Peoples have equal footing under me.” Her gaze moved over the rest of the Council. “I can offer you nothing except freedom. Neither security or wealth, only the satisfaction of knowing that Tyranny did not conquer you, and that your loved ones can live in freedom.” A fist slammed down onto the table, almost cracking it. Adira looked up to see the Council member who Havers had addressed earlier, a large man with shoulderlength brown hair, staring at her, hate in his eyes. “How can our families live with nothing to sustain them? If we are uprooted from the valley, and if we ourselves are killed, then they will be homeless and without any continual source of nurishment!” “But they would have freedom, and a legacy of freedom for which to strive.” Havers answered levelly. “This is our decision, and our's alone. We will choose this day whom we will serve, whether the Desert King, or our conscience. Choose wisely.” He looked at the Minotaur. “Councilman Duraudth, how do you vote?” “Aye.” “Councilman Labersmith, how do you vote?” A middle aged, slightly pudgy Councilman to Haver's right shook his head. “I vote nae.” “Councilwoman Dalithna, how do you vote?” The woman smiled at Adira. “I vote aye.” “Councilman Strauhn, how do you vote?” “Nae.” The large Councilman said, his eyes on Adira. Havers paused. “I vote aye. Councilman Adelwight, how do you vote?” The goat-herder Councilman hesitated. Fear gripped Adira's heart as she thought of the consequenses of his vote. With Mardil not present, he is the deciding vote. He could tie it, or swing it in our favor. And he did express his opposition near the beginning, though it's possible he could have cghanged his mind... “Councilman Adelwight, how do you vote?” Adelwight paused, glancing around the table. All eyes were on him. Adira held her breath. He gulped. “I, Councilman Adelwight of Estolad vote... Aye.” Adira let out her breath. The vote had made it. She was now the lawful ruler of Estolad. Suddenly she found all of the Council's eyes on her, some full of joy, other uncertainty, other hate. She swallowed, wondering where her voice had gone. “Um... our first coarse of action will be to send the non-comabtants over the mountains to the Nestlands. Then we shall meet again to for a Council of War.” She turned to Havers. He nodded, and smiled broadly at her. “The Council is dismissed.” To be continued... The build. This was just a quick build, only about 24x24 studs. It was mostly for story, but I hope the build is worthy enough. __________________________________________ I would like to claim UoP credit for: Trade and Law: Governing Body. Wall Techniques: SNOTed tile stonework. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  22. The stuff hurled itself against the rocks in waves of foam, dashing its spray into the air and giving off its ghastly, horrifying sound. I stared at it in horror –the stuff was before me, rolling out in sheets as far as the eye could see. Turning, I ran to my father with a cry in my throat which my mummified tongue refused to utter. The awful roar of the rollers deafened me, they seemed to be overwhelming me, I was sinking, sinking into that eternal abyss of- “Historica to Dave!” roared the commander of my regiment, “You can get in now.” “Sir!” I replied, shaking myself out of the awful trance and gazing at the frail craft to which he pointed. “Um, sir? Do you think I can get in that thing sir?” He only smiled and nodded. “Uh, sir, are you sure it’s safe?” Another smile and nod. “Well, sir, I’m not sure I…” “Dave!” “Ok sir, your call. Uh, you can’t say I didn’t warn you!” I stepped cautiously into the little reed boat, which began to rock quite dangerously. My companion was shoved in by the commander and the rocking increased. I closed my eyes and shuddered. The commander gave the order to shove off… and then went and shoved everyone off himself since nobody actually wanted to paddle around in those things. Oh the horror! Paddling those things around would have been enough to drive any sensible mummy insane! However, the worst part by far was when we approached our destination. We were all looking forward to having our feet on dry land again and leaving those detestable crafts floating in the- the unnamable thing! But things just continued on their downward course - as things tend to do when once poorly started - and on nearing the docks we saw that the enemies were quite ready for us. We prepared for the fight when they took those horrible pikes they were wielding and started poking holes in our frail boats! The un-nameable thing began to flow rapidly into the craft, and as I leapt back in horror I saw that the boat in front of us was already half submerged while the remaining mummy desperately attempted to bail. How I survived that dreadful day is more than I can recite. When I finally came to myself the mad camp surgeon was trying to get me to drink. What!? I grabbed the bottle out of his hand, broke it over his head, and glared at him. “What in the world do you mean by that!?” I thundered at him. “You are better I assume?” he responded smiling weakly. “I should suppose so, no thanks to you!” I retorted, taking my most respectful leave of the doctor. “Ah, Dave, good to see you still in the land of the not-drowned!” exclaimed my commander when he saw me. “Well, well, I don’t think there is much fear of that in this work. It appears they have just finished undermining the walls, so you can go ahead with the invading force if you like. Or even if you don’t, for it really doesn’t much matter.” He winked. It was a bit disconcerting, but I went ahead and, gathering together my weapons, headed down with the main force of the army. It took some time for my eyes to adjust to the darkness and it was tricky work to avoid capsizing the supports and knocking down the tunnel on top of one’s self, but somehow we kept advancing until we were nearly under the walls. Suddenly I ran into the soldier in front of me. Then the soldier behind me ran into me. A hoarse and gurgling cry rang out in the darkness. With one action we turned and rushed out of the tunnel, but it was too late. One second later the thing had swept me off my feet and was dashing me with tremendous force into the rest of my companions. Two more second of unutterable agony and I flashed out of the tunnel into the open air… and landed somewhere in the middle of next week. I was dreaming a wonderful dream of a treehouse up in a palm tree somewhere very, very far away from that horrible tunnel, a place from which I could laugh at all the armies in Kaliphlin, when my commander rudely called me back to myself. “Uh, Dave?” queried my commander. “Nothing wrong I hope.” He was dashing cold water on my face. “What are you thinking!” I roared. “Do you all know nothing of how to heal a mummy without using that! That is it! No more army life! I never want to hear or see that thing ever again!” I hastily gathered up my belongings and began to march away double quick. “Dave!?” shouted my commander, “one last thing. I was just going to tell you that it is about to start raining.” Challenge IV done at last! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  23. Over thirty years ago a Leander woman had fallen in love with an Avalonian Elf. They were married and had a son. The other elves disapproved of the marriage and looked on the baby with scorn. When the baby was still a child, the father met an untimely end in the Mystic Isles. A few months later the mother died of grief, having been cast out of society after her husband died. She was buried in a pauper’s grave with nothing but a small bouquet of scarlet magnolias to mark her resting. The child was taken in by a peasant family and raised as one of their own. They were kind, but the child still felt the cruelty of the Avalonians around him who did not approve of his parent’s union. This child was Charlemagne. When he was old enough to travel on his own, Charlemagne left Avalonia and headed for Kaliphlin. He ended up in Budd-apest without a penny in his pocket. The monks of the Red Guard took him in and gave him a home in their compound. He grew up learning chivalry and how to fight from the knights of the Red Guard and he learned to love the God of The Way from the monks. During all these years he learned to forgive the elves of Avalonia who had treated he and his family so poorly. He had moved on and had built a new life for himself and in so doing he removed himself from both Elvish and Leander cultures. He wanted nothing to do with either of them. When reports started coming in of the coming war, Charlemagne assumed he would remain uninvolved. He heard about the unrest within the High Council, of the rise of the Desert King, and of the strange Ulandians. When reports came through Budd-apest about how the First Centurion kept Leanders as slaves, servants, and warriors, Charlemagne tried to ignore them. “What does that have to do with me?” He would ask himself. But each night as war drew ever closer Charlemagne could not get the thought of his people being subjugated by the cruel Ulandians. He talked about his concerns with one of the monks who had been his friend for many years. “Methuselah, I have had nothing to do with the Leanders since my mother died, why would I trouble myself about the fate of one group of them now?” Charlemagne asked. “Perhaps you were born for a greater purpose than you think” Methuselah replied. “Maybe you are supposed to free those of your people who are in bondage.” “I know how to fight, and I know how to behave at dinner parties, but how does that help me do anything to help the Leanders of Ulandus?” Charlemagne continued, “I would have to take on the entire empire!” “There is an ancient proverb that says, ‘The most impressive stain glass window can still be broken by a single stone.’” Methuselah stated. “Be that stone.” Charlemagne still wasn’t convinced, but he didn’t stop thinking about his brothers and sisters in Ulandus. He had started to change and hadn’t even realized it and his actions started to show the change. He went to the Masketeers and asked them for a rapier because he needed a less conspicuous weapon. He began to gather information about Ulandus and the First Centurion. He followed the unrest in the High Council at the death of Flagg. He listened as the Sultan of Budd-apest asked the Masketeers and then the Red Guard to fight on behalf of the city if the Desert King called on them. He then asked to see the Sultan himself. “I’d like to be involved in the war” began Charlemagne. “That’s a little preemptive since the Desert King hasn’t officially declared war, but I appreciate your desire to serve” answered the Sultan. “The Red Guard has had only good things to say about you. I know you will bring honor to the city.” The next day the emissaries from the Desert King showed up and Charlemagne took his place alongside the Red Guard outside the city gates. After the skirmish against the attacking army, the Sultan asked Charlemagne to go on a mission to the Dune Sea. After he returned from the Dune Sea, Charlemagne found himself back in the library reflecting on how far he had come since his mother’s death in Avalonia. He thought about his mother’s unassuming grave, his new life in Kaliphlin, the words of Methuselah, and the suffering Leanders in Ulandus. He had fought on behalf of the Desert King, but he knew now that he needed to do more. He made up his mind at that point that he would go to Ulandus and would do everything he could to be that stone that broke the window. Charlemagne knew he couldn’t just walk into Ulandus so he devised a plan to go as a supposed emissary from Budd-apest, seeking to change the city’s alliance with the Desert King to Ulandus. Once he got into the country he would then stage his attacks and claim they were the work of a terrorist known as the Scarlett Magnolia. In this way he would protect his identity and with some irony, honor his mother. There was no denying it, war had changed Charlemagne. OoC: This will make much more sense if you read my minichallenge entry as well as my Cat. B entry. Lots more pictures on my flickr!
  24. Adair

    One Against All

    A Freebuild for the Guilds of Historica, and a continuation of my story with Adira Navabi. Reference this build: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=109756 for backstory. The world was still. No wind, no birds, nothing. Only the ragged breathing of the soldiers, and the firmness of the mountains beneath them. The dry season had come to Kaliphlin, and the Rakath mountains were no exception. Adira wiped an arm over her forehead, regreting now her choice of outfit for the day. Sure, it was still cold, but with all the winter-gear she was wearing it didn't feel very chilly. Things got even better after you add in a brisk walk, more like a crawl, up the almost vertical mountain face that had swallowed most of their day into it's sweat-soaked depths. Adira wasn't happy. Judging from the silence behind her, the troops weren't in the best of moods either. Fattened by the fruits of Berigora, they did not take kindly to such a strenuous endeavor as this. Adira had only been able to obtain several score of them, but she could make do with those, she thought. But with the Desert King patroling all of the lowlands, she had thought it saker to take a rout through the Rakath mountains. So far, she had been right. A shaodw fell across Adira's path. Absently she wondered which of the men had ventured ahead of her and looked up. A lone figure, wielding a drawn sword, stood at the crest of the hill. The setting sun fell squarely on his chiseled face. That's definitely not one of my men! The man took a few steps forward, apparently unperturbed by the High Council soldier's evident show of hostility. He looked squarely at Adira and a sardonic smile passed over his face. She watched apprehensively as he raised his hand, then dropped it. Almost immediately, all along the ridge, a host of Desert King archers appeared, arrows notched. Adira gulped, and a sense of dread started to pool at the bottom of her stomach as her gaze swept over their ranks. Looking into the eyes of their leader, she knew this was no chance encounter. Their on to me! I must be compromised! But by whom?... Their leader strode forward, a swagger in his step. He wore strangely rustic apparel for a Desert King officer, but he was clearly was Kaliphlinite. At least he's not one of those undead helpers of the desert King, or even worse, from Nocturnus. The man stopped a few paces in front of her, smiling like one who has his enemies in his hands, and knows it. “Good day, Adira Navabi. I didn't think I would ever come across another of my family fighting against the rightful Ruler of Kaliphlin, but apparently I wasn't the last one left.” Adira's eyes widened and her heart skipped a beat. Was it Possible? Had the renowned Amir Navabi switched sides? Gradually an anger, fiercer even then the anger she felt for her true parrents, started to fester within her. She felt a rough hand on her arm, and Udgr's raspy voice sounded in her ear. “We are ready to sell our lives for Kaliphlin, at your command. I will help you fight the traitor.” “That would be most unwise.” Amir said, his smile never leaving his face. “You know all your men would die, little sister, whereas they would at least have a chance at life in the hands of the gracious and merciful Desert King.” “All we need is your word, Captain.” Udgr said, not bothering to whisper now. Adira held up her hand, never taking her eyes off of the traitor before her. She knew what she was doing was selfish, and probably in the end, fruitless, but her anger called for no less. “Wait.” She motioned toward the sword in Amir's hand. “You know how to use that thing, do you not? Then show me.” A shadow crossed Amir's face. “You know the outcome of such a duel, and yet you still wish to fight? And why would I fight you, when I have nothing to gain by it?” “You have everything to gain by it.” Adira answered coldly. “If I lose, my men stand down.” A vicious smile crossed Amir's face, but Adira wasn't done. “And if I win, you're men let us pass.” Udgr grabbed her arm. His voice was urgent. “Do not do this, Captain! You know the outcome of such a duel! The traitor Navabi is one of the most renpowned swordsmen in Kaliphlin!” “I put the decision in your hands.” Adira said, ignoring the goblin at her side. “If you say yes, then we fight. If you say no, then my men will sell their lives dearly. Which shall it be?” Amir glanced over her, thoughtfully. Finally he nodded. “I accept.” Adira drew her sword, shaking off Udgr. Now was the time for revenge. Amir had died to justice, now he would die in reality. Amir made the first move. Stepping forward, he sliced toward Adira's head with lightning speed, then back-handed toward her abdomen. She blocked boith blows with relative ease. He's just playing with me now, testing me defenses. I should as well. I need to find a weekness while he is still warming up. Adira jabbed at Amir's torso, then made a cut towards his neck. Amir's hand moved lazily to block both, and for a moment Adira thought she saw him roll his eyes. Anger again swelled up in her, and she made a quick lunge at Amir's side. Amir seemed surprised at this, and was barely able to block her blow. Satisfaction filled Adira, and she pressed her advantage, slicing upward toward his chest. Suddenly Adira felt a pain in her hand, and her sword was wrenched from her hand. The was a dull thud as it hit the ground a few feet away. Adira looked up toward Amir's face only to feel his blade against her neck. His cold eyes stared into hers down the blade. Adira braced herself for the thrust she knew would come, but it never came. He jerked his head toward the silent soldeirs behind her. “Order the,m to lay down their arms.” Adira considered for a moment the possibility of ordering them to fight, despite thye blade at her throat, but then remembered her promise. If there was one thing she had learned from her adopted father, Magdeburg, it was to keep your promises. That was what made him such a successful businessman. Slowly she nodded. Amir smiled humorlessly, and sheathed his blade. “I considered killing you there, for a few seconds, but in the end decided it wasn't worth it.” He motioned toward the crest of the hill. “Take you're leave, while I am still in a good mood.” Adira stood motionless, her anger simmering within her. Finally she motioned toward Udgr and Sirhan. “I will not leave unless these two come with me.” An unpleasant look crossed Amir's face. He glanced over Udgr, and his eyes rested on Sirhan. After a few second he seemed to come to a decision, and he motioned for them to leave. “Fine then, take them with you. It matters not to me.” Adira slowly reached down for her blade and sheathed it. She felt more then saw all of her men staring at her, accusation in every one of their eyes. She tried not to think of what their fate would be. At least they will be alive... Slowly she strode up the hill, followed by her two silent officers. No one spoke. She glanced back to see Amir's eyes on her, condescending and triumphant. Her jaw set and she continued over the rise. Udgr's voice was at her side. “Do we attempt to free them at nightfall, Captain?” “No.” Adira answered, her voice hard and her eyes set strait ahead. “They will be expecting that. We continue on to Estolad.” To be continued... The build. I'm sorry for the out-of-focus Pictures, but I hope the build/story make up for it. From now on I will mostly be focusing on story, so please stay tuned! My next one should be up in a few days to a week. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  25. The gardens of Petrea are surely a sight to behold. Containing a variety of plants from all over then land, the have had some of the most important present and historical figures in Historica walk through them. However today is a different story. All of Petrea is under siege from two invading armies. No section of the city is safe from the fighting, no matter how ancient and beautiful it may be. Some of the Desert King's forces are engaged in combat with the city's defenders in the beautiful gardens, while civilian casaulties mount up.