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Found 1 result

  1. Adair

    United We Stand

    A free-build for the Guilds of Historica and a continuation of the story of Adira Magdeburg. Check here: http://www.eurobrick...86#entry2261451 and the ones before for backstory. The pines sighed in the breeze, then fell silent, leaving the fields without noise except for the occasional chirp of a passing bird. A ball of ice lay at the bottom of Adira's stomach, refusing to leave. Nervously she surveyed the landscape around her. Nothing but grassland, pines, and the small collection of ruined walls and pillars that crawled along the ground around her. They should be here by now, it's nearly noon... Beside her, a villager mumbled something about skipping their midday meal, but quickly fell silent under Havers' stare. The hills again returned to noiselessness, leaving Adira alone with her thoughts, and her fears. What if the Desert King can see our positions, and is taking an alternate rout to Estolad, or flanking us at this very moment? Or perhaps Amir's Guerrillas have been alerted, and are descending from the mountains! What if the men haven't had enough training, and flee at the first sight of the battle? Adira glanced over the men behind her, and the ones on the other side of the road. Her gaze settled on Udgr, the Orc sergeant behind her, and Havers, the one legged ex-soldier, then over at Sirhan, the masked Guerrilla across the way, and her fears slowly began to calm. If they flee then I shall die defending in their place, and I know I shall have at least three others with me. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of marching boots in the distance, from the West. Mummies, and their allies. Her grip tightened on her blade, and her palms began to sweat, as they always did before battle. The ball of ice in her stomach seemed to double in size as she stared at the road, waiting for the first mummy to step into view. There was a dash of red, then the Mummy commander stepped into view, his cape swirling about him in the breeze. He was followed by two elite guards, then a whole procession of local militia from the town at the head of the valley, their dark green and black uniforms in striking contrast with the dark red of the mummy's uniforms. A gasp came from one of the villagers next to Adira, and she turned angrily to see him drop his spear and cover his mouth with his hands. “That's my son, in the Desert King ranks....” “Silence.” Adira whispered. She turned to Havers, her expression hard. “Order the attack.” Havers hesitated, then nodded. His voice echoed over the fields. “Forward and Charge!” A hail of arrows flew from the trees, slamming into the Desert King ranks, closely followed by yelling villagers in rag-tag armor and weaponry. All order among the Desert King troops disintegrated as soldiers saw the men next to them fall, pierced with arrows. Chaos ensued, as the villagers closed with their dis-ordered attackers, splitting shields and shattering helms in their fury. The troops panicked, fighting desperately but separately, each trying to protect his own neck. Adira charged toward the fray, her elation growing with each second. We're going to win! They're retreating! She charged toward the Desert King commander, a Mummy general, as he struck down an ax-wielding villager, drawing her sword. He turned, catching sight of her, and she ground to a halt. For a moment they stared at each-other, the battle moving in slow motion around them. Finally the Mummy spat toward her, his eyes burning with hate. His voice barely carried over the tumult of the battle. “I'll be back! And when I come next you will not survive!” A spear-wielding villager came up behind him, and he spun, cutting the man down. He scanned the battlefield, his gaze moving over the bodies that had been his men, then turned and, taking two running steps, leaped over a surprised villager and on toward the west. A cheer rose from the villagers, echoed down the road where more rag-tag soldiers raised their weapons over their vanquished foes. They had had victory over the forces of the Desert King, that which was counted impossible to do without a trained army. Adira surveyed the battlefield, suddenly tired and thirsty. Villagers walked about, congratulating each other, and laughing. A single man bent over the lifeless body of one of the militiamen, crying bitter tears for his dead son, but elsewhere the people celebrated their victory. Many were cheering her, and Havers was smiling broadly at her underneath his helm, but all she could think of were the Mummy General's last words. “I'll be back. And when I come next you will not survive.” The fight was not over, it had just begun. To be continued... Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!