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Found 4 results

  1. MassEditor

    Petrea Central Mosque

    The Petrea Central Mosque is one of the older buildings in the Kaliphlin capital, having long served as a center for worship and learning among believers of the Siccus Badlands. Although not Petrea's biggest or most impressive, the Central Mosque's location in the city center has lent a status of great importance to the temple in both times of peace and war. The mosque is home to a number of religious scholars, students and dervishes. It's charitable missions stretch throughout the city, from clothing and housing victims of fire to feeding hundreds of city residents every day. My cheese is missing! ------------------------------------------ Hello! Doubtless some of you have seen this mosque before on my Flickr. Sounding like a broken record here, but... I hoped to write a story for this mosque related to current GoH events, but I just didn't find time. No need keeping it from you guys any longer, so here it is! I of course understand that Islam is not featured in GoH (or any real-life religion) and I use the term mosque only because that is the style of the temple. In any case, I hope you enjoy. Feedback always appreciated!
  2. Residents of the Kaliphlin city of Petrea know where to go when they want to earn a little coin or find locate that hard-to-find item, The Andus Tradehouse and Bazaar. The bazaar is famous for its wide selection of goods and local cuisine. The tradehouse also serves as the headquarters for several merchant guilds. For the residents of this great city, the Desert King's reign has brought unprecedented peace and prosperity. Trade with Nocturnus has increased immensely, creating new markets for Kaliphlin goods and bringing in many unusual and interesting goods from the Darklands. ----------------------------------------- Hey guys, long time no see! You may have seen this on my Flickr page already, and now, finally, here on GoH, where it really belongs! I've been doing a ton of building for Nocturnus this year (which you haven't seen here either... yet) and I needed a break time in the desert. Thanks for looking!
  3. "The present state of Kaliphlin is in flux. It takes money, men, and will to wage a war; all of which have been spent over the last year." [skaForHire] Kolhamin of Petrea, as he now called himself, had lost a lot during the war. Not money. Actually, he was still rich. But power and influence. Which is what his life is about. He didn't like living in Petrea, nor did his wife or his brother, who spent most of his time on the roof terrace under the shade of the lemon tree nowadays. Pretending to be a cloth merchant was far from ideal. But Kolhamin knew that sacrifices had to be made, for the greater good of his people, and himself. Kolhamin turned on the balcony and went back inside his Petrea mansion. Maybe really not all was in vain, yet, at least. The ambassador of the Black Legion of Ulandus had just held an amazing speech. Of course, the listeners in the streets didn't even know that the man who had just talked to them was one of Ulandus most brilliant warlords. None of the listeners even realised that he talked against the Desert King and the High Councial. But he had. It would take time to prepare the people, to slowly undermine their thoughts and plant the seed of uproar against the Councilmen or the ancient King in the Desert. But it would be worth... Back inside Kolhamin waited for some minutes, until his wife in her beautiful white-and-red dress joined him. A quick smile, an elusive kiss, and they both desceded the cold staircase into their large basement. He looked around at all the slaves doing their work, as he had ordered. "Three more are ready, my lord. We are making good progress", the overseer told him. Kolhamin nodded. That was good. War needed preparation. And preparation was made. Even within the heart of Kaliphlin, where they least expected it. Petrea_House_01 by Stefan G, auf Flickr Petrea_House_02 by Stefan G, auf Flickr -------------------------------- Petrea_House_03 by Stefan G, auf Flickr Petrea_House_04 by Stefan G, auf Flickr ----------------------------------------------- Petrea_House_05 by Stefan G, auf Flickr
  4. The gardens of Petrea are surely a sight to behold. Containing a variety of plants from all over then land, the have had some of the most important present and historical figures in Historica walk through them. However today is a different story. All of Petrea is under siege from two invading armies. No section of the city is safe from the fighting, no matter how ancient and beautiful it may be. Some of the Desert King's forces are engaged in combat with the city's defenders in the beautiful gardens, while civilian casaulties mount up.