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Found 1 result

  1. The stuff hurled itself against the rocks in waves of foam, dashing its spray into the air and giving off its ghastly, horrifying sound. I stared at it in horror –the stuff was before me, rolling out in sheets as far as the eye could see. Turning, I ran to my father with a cry in my throat which my mummified tongue refused to utter. The awful roar of the rollers deafened me, they seemed to be overwhelming me, I was sinking, sinking into that eternal abyss of- “Historica to Dave!” roared the commander of my regiment, “You can get in now.” “Sir!” I replied, shaking myself out of the awful trance and gazing at the frail craft to which he pointed. “Um, sir? Do you think I can get in that thing sir?” He only smiled and nodded. “Uh, sir, are you sure it’s safe?” Another smile and nod. “Well, sir, I’m not sure I…” “Dave!” “Ok sir, your call. Uh, you can’t say I didn’t warn you!” I stepped cautiously into the little reed boat, which began to rock quite dangerously. My companion was shoved in by the commander and the rocking increased. I closed my eyes and shuddered. The commander gave the order to shove off… and then went and shoved everyone off himself since nobody actually wanted to paddle around in those things. Oh the horror! Paddling those things around would have been enough to drive any sensible mummy insane! However, the worst part by far was when we approached our destination. We were all looking forward to having our feet on dry land again and leaving those detestable crafts floating in the- the unnamable thing! But things just continued on their downward course - as things tend to do when once poorly started - and on nearing the docks we saw that the enemies were quite ready for us. We prepared for the fight when they took those horrible pikes they were wielding and started poking holes in our frail boats! The un-nameable thing began to flow rapidly into the craft, and as I leapt back in horror I saw that the boat in front of us was already half submerged while the remaining mummy desperately attempted to bail. How I survived that dreadful day is more than I can recite. When I finally came to myself the mad camp surgeon was trying to get me to drink. What!? I grabbed the bottle out of his hand, broke it over his head, and glared at him. “What in the world do you mean by that!?” I thundered at him. “You are better I assume?” he responded smiling weakly. “I should suppose so, no thanks to you!” I retorted, taking my most respectful leave of the doctor. “Ah, Dave, good to see you still in the land of the not-drowned!” exclaimed my commander when he saw me. “Well, well, I don’t think there is much fear of that in this work. It appears they have just finished undermining the walls, so you can go ahead with the invading force if you like. Or even if you don’t, for it really doesn’t much matter.” He winked. It was a bit disconcerting, but I went ahead and, gathering together my weapons, headed down with the main force of the army. It took some time for my eyes to adjust to the darkness and it was tricky work to avoid capsizing the supports and knocking down the tunnel on top of one’s self, but somehow we kept advancing until we were nearly under the walls. Suddenly I ran into the soldier in front of me. Then the soldier behind me ran into me. A hoarse and gurgling cry rang out in the darkness. With one action we turned and rushed out of the tunnel, but it was too late. One second later the thing had swept me off my feet and was dashing me with tremendous force into the rest of my companions. Two more second of unutterable agony and I flashed out of the tunnel into the open air… and landed somewhere in the middle of next week. I was dreaming a wonderful dream of a treehouse up in a palm tree somewhere very, very far away from that horrible tunnel, a place from which I could laugh at all the armies in Kaliphlin, when my commander rudely called me back to myself. “Uh, Dave?” queried my commander. “Nothing wrong I hope.” He was dashing cold water on my face. “What are you thinking!” I roared. “Do you all know nothing of how to heal a mummy without using that! That is it! No more army life! I never want to hear or see that thing ever again!” I hastily gathered up my belongings and began to march away double quick. “Dave!?” shouted my commander, “one last thing. I was just going to tell you that it is about to start raining.” Challenge IV done at last! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!