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  1. Be warned! This is a long story. Maybe read it in chunks, or during a particularly boring work meeting. If you aren't familiar with my past stories, it might help to read some back story on my main character Wyndor, a supporting character Charlemagne, their connection, and Charlemagne's start. Less important is reading up on Budd-apest. If you're not scared away yet, here's my story: With the death of Pjeter, many things had changed in Dalig Ulv. Wyndor had taken over civic responsibilities and his brothers, Mattimeo in particular, had stepped up to help in any way they could. Mattimeo’s specially trained troops had been particularly helpful in defending against the Algus’ constant attacks against the towns of Mitgardia. When Wyndor received a message from the Sultan of Budd-apest asking for aid, he first thought of some of Mattimeo’s men… or woman as the case was. “Thank you for being willing to go Constance.” “Of course, I know we wouldn’t have stopped the Algus if it weren’t for the dragon Charlemagne helped you get. He deserves our help.” “Yes, and you know I would go myself if I could. But I can’t leave Dalig Ulv undefended right now. The Algus have grown bolder since that blue beam appeared in the sky and I need to be here in case they try to break through the wall. But there’s more that I need to ask you to do. In addition to trying to find Charlemagne, I want you to see if you can find the King’s son.” “So the rumors are true?” “They certainly seem to be. The King went missing after the defeat of Revolword, but now his son has returned to claim the throne! Many leaders across Historica have left their homes and the only reason I can think of is that the true Heir has actually returned. But at the same time, the Spire has grown bolder with their ranging parties. You’ll have to travel with just a few men to sneak past them.” “Don’t worry, we’re good at stealth. If there are any Spire forces we will avoid them.” “Try to find and save Charlemagne, but also lend aid to the Prince if you can. And take this blade. I had the dwarves line it’s edges with dragon steel. It’s not as effective as a pure dragon forged blade, but if you meet any Algus on your journeys, it should be enough for you to stop them.” “Thank you Wyndor, I will represent Mitgardia well.” ___________________________________________________________________________ Constance traveled across Mitgardia to the East before heading South towards Budd-apest, on the northern edge of Kaliplin. She arrived and asked for an audience with the Sultan who had sent the original message to Wyndor. “Thank you for coming.” “Of course, the relationship between our two cities is something we value. If someone has acted against one of your top citizens, then they have acted against Dalig Ulv! Do you know where he was last seen?” “Unfortunately I do. Some of the Spires enforcers were trying to win him over to their cause right before his disappearance. We’ve done some reconnaissance and now know that their base of operations is in Nocturnus, just on the other side of the Kelra Labyrinths” “I’ve heard some nasty things about the Labyrinths, but I’ll do whatever I need to. Now, I also needed to ask a favor of you. Wyndor has heard that the Prince has been found. Do you know anything about his possible whereabouts?” “Ah, fortune may be smiling on your after all. We have had many travelers pass through Budd-apest these days, and all of them have been heading to the Labyrinths. It seems that the Prince has worked out some way through the Labyrinths and is preparing to strike against the Spire. Perhaps you’ll find both Charlemagne and the Prince there. Though I must let you know that my loyalties are to the true King, the Desert King.” “I’m sure the Desert King will welcome Cedric’s heir. The Desert King has done the land a great favor in driving out those Ulandian usurpers and will be a welcome leader to the faction of Kaliphlin. It’s not as if the Desert King would want to rule the other factions as well, right?” “Let us hope that all is as you say, I don’t think any of us would welcome another war any time soon.” _________________________________________________________________________________ Constance set out from Budd-apest and made her way north through the Rakath Mountains towards the Kelra Labyrinths. As she and her men descended from the mountain pass through a forest of bone trees, a rabbit hopped onto the path. “Are you A.L.I.C.E.?” “Wait, did that rabbit just talk?” “I’m not just a rabbit, I’m the appointed spokesperson and I need to know, are you A.L.I.C.E.?” “You’ll have to forgive my friend here. He wants to know if you are part of the Allies Looking to Impede Creatures of Evil. A.L.I.C.E. for short.” “Does that mean you are against Raavage?” she asked while readying her sword. “Yes, we have long resisted his rule and now that the true king has been found we have someone to rally behind. Now, are you A.L.I.C.E.?” “Well, my name is Constance, but yes. My men and I are here to find the Prince.” “Excellent, the main force has already gone ahead. My friend here insisted on one last sweep before going to join them. We must move quickly before the battle begins.” “Battle?” “Have you not heard? Prince Alexander has returned! He has gathered a force to be reckoned with and each day more flock to his banner. But we can talk more on the road. We must move with haste if we are to be of any help in this final battle.” ___________________________________________________________________________ Constance, her band, and the members of A.L.I.C.E. made their way toward the Kelra Labyrinths. “Let us pass, sir.” “Just because Prince Alexander has struck a deal with Lord Ssilyrrlith to allow him to rule Nocturnus after Raavage is defeated doesn’t mean you get to boss me around.” “Please Reptrian, we are in a great hurry. Let us pass.” “We labyrinth keepers gain nothing by allowing you to pass freely. It’s not fair that you Minotaurs keep leading them through the maze so quickly. We need prey! At least Kyran gave us fresh meat.” Recognizing that name after talking with the Sultan, Constance spoke up. “Wait, you said the vampire, Kyran, has sent people here?” “Maybe…” the Reptrian admitted reluctantly. “Have you seen a half-Leander by the name of Charlemagne?” “We don’t name our prey lady. No need to get attached to what you are about to eat right?” “Just answer the question!” “Alright, we did have a few Leanders running around the maze, but most managed to escape our clutches. I think one is still deep in the labyrinth, but I can’t make any promises. And if we catch him, we aren’t giving him back!” “You’ve done enough stalling Reptrian. Let us pass.” And so they entered the Labyrinth. _____________________________________________________________ Although Prince Alexander had worked out a deal to allow his forces to pass through without interference from the Reptrians, that didn’t stop the rest of the monsters that inhabited the labyrinth from trying to kill Constance and her companions. Thankfully, all in their group were skilled fighters and they were able ward off all attacks. Constance knew that meeting up with the Prince meant they had no time to spare, but she couldn’t help but look around corners and down alternate routes every chance she could. It was by doing this that she heard a groan coming from one of the dead ends that frequented the maze. She rushed to see what creature needed aid, much to the chagrin of the Minotaur leading them. Favor was on her side as she realized that against all odds, she had found Charlemagne! “Back you devils! I won’t let you take me!” “Charlemagne, it’s okay. We’re friends. I come on behalf of Wyndor and your Sultan.” “Oh thank goodness! I’ve been fighting off monsters for longer than I can remember. Can you help me get out of here?” “Yes, but we must hurry!” ______________________________________________________ On their way out of the labyrinth, Constance explained to Charlemagne about the Prince’s return. She also comforted him with the knowledge that the Reptrian knew that a number of Leanders had escaped the labyrinth and that his wife and friends were most likely safe. Soon after exiting the labyrinth they came upon the Prince’s camp. There was indeed an impressive host of people from all four guilds gathered there. There was a commotion happening on the far end of the camp, so Constance and her companions made their way over there. “As many of you have heard, my father the King, is dead.” It seemed the Prince was just getting underway in explaining what was happening. Constance listened closer. “After Revelword attacked the capital, my father was grievously wounded. We fled the Valyrian forces and made for the coast. My father had heard tell of a great healer who may be able to restore him. We sailed for many days before coming aground on an island. As fortune would have it, it was the very island where this healer lived. He worked for many days to save the King and was able to prolong his life. However, he never regained enough strength to make the return journey. He died three fortnights ago. Before he passed he made me promise to return to our home and re-take the throne.” At this there was much cheering from the crowd. “Now we have gathered to defeat Raavage and stop him from finding the Necromancers Helm. Rest up tonight, for tomorrow we attack!” ______________________________________________________________ The rest of the day was spent planning. Prince Alexander summoned many of the faction leaders to his tent to give them their orders. Constance was surprised when a courier asked her to join one of these meetings. “Thank you Constance, for joining us. Charlemagne and Glorfindel have spoken very highly of you and they have recommended you for this mission.” “Thank you sire, I would be honored to serve you.” “Excellent, now as I was saying, if we are going to stop Raavage from getting the Necromancers Helm, we will need to get a small force over the river.” He indicated the river that stood between us and Raavage main host. “Our spies tell me that Raavage believes he has located the Helm and will retrieve it tomorrow. We will send out main forces against his army tomorrow at dawn. Meanwhile, a few of us sneak across the river tonight and prepare to ambush Raavage before he can get the Helm.” Just then, the Desert King himself walked into the tent. “Majesty.” “Sire, thank you for coming. I was surprised to hear that you came yourself when I asked for forces from you, but I am honored that you have chosen to fight beside me.” “You are the King, it is only right that I should fight by your side. And I can think of no greater responsibility than to help protect you as we strike Raavage personally.” “And I’m sure having a chance to avenge Kaliphlin by killing any Ulandians who might be there doesn’t hurt.” “Yes,” he said with a glint in his eye. “It was a blow to find out Ulandus had sided with the traitor Raavage. But revenge is not why I am here. Though I will not hesitate to strike down any of the usurpers if they stand in my way.” “Alright, let’s go over the plan one more time and then we must get across the river.” _________________________________________________________________________________ As morning dawned, the forces of Raavage lined up on one side of the river opposite the forces of Prince Alexander. There was much rustling as both sides waited to see who would strike first. Finally someone yelled “For Historica!” and the rush across the bridge began. The armies of Raavage hurried to annihilate the free peoples of the four guilds. The fight to decide who would rule had begun. _________________________________________________________________ Meanwhile, deeper into Nocturnus territory Prince Alexander and his small band were approaching a graveyard. It was there that Raavage had discovered the location of the Necromancer’s Helm. “Guard the yard. Now that I’ve broken the enchantments on the tomb, it shouldn’t be long before I return with the helm. Let no one enter!” Raavage’s minions, a leader of the Algus, the Drow, Ulandus, and the vampire forces allied with the Spire set about securing the perimeter. As Raavage entered the crypt Prince Alexander struck. The battle was swift. Although each of Raavage’s men were skilled fighters, they were surprised and outnumbered. In a matter of minutes they all lay dead, scattered across the graveyard. “Huzzah! We’ve struck a great blow against our enemy, but quickly, we must not let Raavage get the Helm!” Just then, Raavage exited with the Necromancer’s Helm. He was so blind with greed that he didn’t even look around the Helm to see who was there to greet him. Alexander leapt forward and with a decisive blow, ended the life of the tyrant Raavage. The Prince turned as all present cheered. The war was over! The Necromancer’s Helm had been kept from the clutches of those wishing to use it for evil! But then, the unthinkable happened. The Desert King turned on the Prince and stabbed him. Gasps of shock were heard all across the graveyard. “Now, I shall claim my rightful throne! My kingdom of old spanned from shore to shore, now it shall again!” He placed the Necromancer’s Helm on his head. “No!” cried Osric. “I fought for you, how could betray us like this?” “Sire!” cried Charlemagne, “You didn’t have to do this, Kaliplin would have forever been yours! Why did you kill the Prince?” “There is no other ruler except for I! I am immortal. Everyone else who claims a throne across Historica is only a usurper and a rebel. I am the rightful ruler. All shall bow to me!” “You will never convince the peoples to follow you!” "You will pay!" “Hasn’t this day proved to you that the free peoples will stop at nothing to remain so?” “No one will be able to stop me.” And with that the Desert King muttered under his breath and the fallen Prince rose again. But he was no longer a healthy human being. He has a mindless zombie, now under the control of the Desert King. “Grrrr!” “You see, I will turn everyone you’ve ever lost against you. I will raise an army that can never die! No one will be able to resist me. But take solace in this. After the rebels have been dealt with, the land will know my mercy. I am a sympathetic king when my people submit to my rule.” “Are we all to become your mindless puppets today?” “No. I will allow you all to live. Take this news back to your lands. Let them know that anyone who accepts my rule will be welcome by my side. All others should fear for their life or flee this land.” And from that day on, the four guilds were ruled by the Desert King, Ark’Mora Raa.
  2. A Return to Kailphin Arcturin felt a slight sense of disappointment mixed with his excitment. He'd spent several months as part of the Desert King's army in Kaliphin, and he was almost as much of an enigma as he was now. The Tribunal of Vacuinani had heard his reports many a time, summoning him repeatedly from the depths of the Great Archives, yet they still remained adamant that the Remna Comet had to pass through the Red Sword. This was their position. No more inani would return to the surface until the ancient comet was seen once again by the eyes of an Inani. The comet had last been seen at the end of the Era of Light and Fire, by the last scions of the Royal family. It's exact schedule had been lost, but a single phrase scrawled across a small piece of Parchment was among the few things which made it to the new city. It read, "When The Sword Rises, Remna is Near" "The sword appeared almost a year and a half ago." Acturin mumbled to himself. "It's why I was granted permission to explore the upper world. The sword shines, yet still the comet does not appear" He sighed, "So, to the Desert King, I return alone" My DK Crusade entry! Hope you enjoyed the story! C&C Welcome!
  3. The half-Leander Charlemagne, a soldier for the Desert King, began his soldier’s journey in Budd-apest. He was born in Avalonia, but after his father and mother died, moved to Kaliphlin and took up residence among the Red Guard of Budd-apest. There he learned the basics of chivalry and fighting. As the certainty of war grew, Charlemagne started preparing. He first went to the Red Guard’s rivals, the Masketeers for a sword. The Masketeers favored the rapier and Charlemagne thought he might be better equipped for the coming battles by having a lighter, quicker blade than the Red Guard were want to use. As the war began, he took on the name of the Scarlet Magnolia to honor the memory of his mother. He became more and more determined to help his fellow countrymen, enslaved in Ulandus. He hired the services of Uriako who was able to sail him through the Serpant’s Crawl to Ulandus. Once he arrived he was able to enter Ulandian society by posing as an ambassador from Budd-apest to Ulandus. He claimed the city wanted to be free of the Desert King’s clutches. This caused him to be well received in high Ulandian society. He was able to use this as a cover for his true purpose, the liberty of the Leanders. He began by providing bread to the starving Leanders. When war began, resources grew scarce on Ulandus. What resources there were never found their way to Leanders who were more slaves than citizens. His next mission was to help free some of the key, Leander leaders who had been imprisoned for talking against the government. The Scarlet Magnolia had struck again! The city was abuzz with the talk of the Scarlet Magnolia, high society included. As Charlemagne talked to the other Ulandians they asked him, “Who could this Scarlet Magnolia be?” Charlemagne responded with, “Whoever he is, he’s making life nearly impossible for all of us who aren’t Ulandian! I can’t go anywhere without being quizzed on my identity for fear that I may be the Scarlet Magnolia. In fact, I’ve written a poem for the occasion, They seek him here, they seek him there. The Ulandians seek him everywhere. Is he from Mitgardia, or is he from Avalonia? That darned, elusive, Scarlet Magnolia.” He continued his subversive activities and continued to help Leanders throughout Ulandus. He was a soldier for the Desert King, but a secret one. After a couple weeks he heard about the orders of execution for some of the Leanders he had personally helped as the Scarlet Magnolia. It seemed that the Ulandians where trying to flush him out. He took the bait and went to the wilderness where the Leanders where sentenced to die. He found them guarded, chained to rocks, and waiting for their death. Charlemagne didn’t know how they were going to be killed, but he knew he needed to save them. He charged the guards, and made it through their defenses to race to the prisoners to break their chains. As he ran he saw a large shadow pass overhead. He freed the first Leander and shouted at him to dive to the ground. Charlemagne heard a commotion behind him, but he focused on freeing the Leander’s first. All of a sudden, two more beasts landed, and Charlemagne saw that the beasts were wyverns. All three prisoners were now free and laying still on the ground. Charlemagne looked around and saw that all the Ulandian guards had been consumed. The wyverns seemed pacified for now. He urged the Leanders up and one of them said to him, “Please, I’ve worked with dragons for my whole life. These are a loyal breed. It is most likely that they see you as having fed them. They can be ridden if they are willing to take you, and I can think of no better way to get out of here!” Charlemagne trusted the Leander and approached one of the wyverns. The wyvern were seemingly passive now that their bellies were full and Charlemagne was able to mount it easily. The other Leanders mounted up as well and they flew off to safety. Charlemagne continued to harass the Ulandian army, using the wyvern whose trust he had earned all the while furthering the Desert King’s cause. OoC: This will make much more sense if you read my minichallenge entry as well as my Cat. A entry. Lots more pictures on my flickr!
  4. Over thirty years ago a Leander woman had fallen in love with an Avalonian Elf. They were married and had a son. The other elves disapproved of the marriage and looked on the baby with scorn. When the baby was still a child, the father met an untimely end in the Mystic Isles. A few months later the mother died of grief, having been cast out of society after her husband died. She was buried in a pauper’s grave with nothing but a small bouquet of scarlet magnolias to mark her resting. The child was taken in by a peasant family and raised as one of their own. They were kind, but the child still felt the cruelty of the Avalonians around him who did not approve of his parent’s union. This child was Charlemagne. When he was old enough to travel on his own, Charlemagne left Avalonia and headed for Kaliphlin. He ended up in Budd-apest without a penny in his pocket. The monks of the Red Guard took him in and gave him a home in their compound. He grew up learning chivalry and how to fight from the knights of the Red Guard and he learned to love the God of The Way from the monks. During all these years he learned to forgive the elves of Avalonia who had treated he and his family so poorly. He had moved on and had built a new life for himself and in so doing he removed himself from both Elvish and Leander cultures. He wanted nothing to do with either of them. When reports started coming in of the coming war, Charlemagne assumed he would remain uninvolved. He heard about the unrest within the High Council, of the rise of the Desert King, and of the strange Ulandians. When reports came through Budd-apest about how the First Centurion kept Leanders as slaves, servants, and warriors, Charlemagne tried to ignore them. “What does that have to do with me?” He would ask himself. But each night as war drew ever closer Charlemagne could not get the thought of his people being subjugated by the cruel Ulandians. He talked about his concerns with one of the monks who had been his friend for many years. “Methuselah, I have had nothing to do with the Leanders since my mother died, why would I trouble myself about the fate of one group of them now?” Charlemagne asked. “Perhaps you were born for a greater purpose than you think” Methuselah replied. “Maybe you are supposed to free those of your people who are in bondage.” “I know how to fight, and I know how to behave at dinner parties, but how does that help me do anything to help the Leanders of Ulandus?” Charlemagne continued, “I would have to take on the entire empire!” “There is an ancient proverb that says, ‘The most impressive stain glass window can still be broken by a single stone.’” Methuselah stated. “Be that stone.” Charlemagne still wasn’t convinced, but he didn’t stop thinking about his brothers and sisters in Ulandus. He had started to change and hadn’t even realized it and his actions started to show the change. He went to the Masketeers and asked them for a rapier because he needed a less conspicuous weapon. He began to gather information about Ulandus and the First Centurion. He followed the unrest in the High Council at the death of Flagg. He listened as the Sultan of Budd-apest asked the Masketeers and then the Red Guard to fight on behalf of the city if the Desert King called on them. He then asked to see the Sultan himself. “I’d like to be involved in the war” began Charlemagne. “That’s a little preemptive since the Desert King hasn’t officially declared war, but I appreciate your desire to serve” answered the Sultan. “The Red Guard has had only good things to say about you. I know you will bring honor to the city.” The next day the emissaries from the Desert King showed up and Charlemagne took his place alongside the Red Guard outside the city gates. After the skirmish against the attacking army, the Sultan asked Charlemagne to go on a mission to the Dune Sea. After he returned from the Dune Sea, Charlemagne found himself back in the library reflecting on how far he had come since his mother’s death in Avalonia. He thought about his mother’s unassuming grave, his new life in Kaliphlin, the words of Methuselah, and the suffering Leanders in Ulandus. He had fought on behalf of the Desert King, but he knew now that he needed to do more. He made up his mind at that point that he would go to Ulandus and would do everything he could to be that stone that broke the window. Charlemagne knew he couldn’t just walk into Ulandus so he devised a plan to go as a supposed emissary from Budd-apest, seeking to change the city’s alliance with the Desert King to Ulandus. Once he got into the country he would then stage his attacks and claim they were the work of a terrorist known as the Scarlett Magnolia. In this way he would protect his identity and with some irony, honor his mother. There was no denying it, war had changed Charlemagne. OoC: This will make much more sense if you read my minichallenge entry as well as my Cat. B entry. Lots more pictures on my flickr!
  5. Petraea, golden jewel of the southern guild, and home to some of the most impressive gardens in the guilds. With the civil war coming to an end, all three factions found themselves facing off against each other. This part of the gardens was where Petraea portrayed the different agricultural differences from across the guilds. It housed some of the only man-eating pumpkins seen outside of Nocturnus. When the battle started, a music grinder and his monkey were caught up in the action. They fled as soon as possible, leaving the fighting to the soldiers. The troops from Ulandus had taken this part of the gardens first. But the forces from the High Council and the Desert King's men were coming at them from both directions, catching them in-between. The Desert King mummies thought they were out-numbered and didn't expect to get out of the battle alive, but then Charlemagne showed up on a wyvern of all things! He had been off in Ulandus and hadn't been seen for some time. But he showed up just in the nick of time to turn the tide of the battle in the Desert King's favor.
  6. MKJoshA

    [G:N18, DK v U]

    *edit* Can a moderator or regulator please add "Prison Doors Were Open Wide" to my title? Thank you! *DOULBE EDIT* Since N18 is already under DK control, can I have this moved to M16? The Scarlet Magnolia was not captured by Ulandian militia as was rumored. Someone else had stolen his cart and had gone about robbing people of their hard earned money. This perpetrator was caught, but meanwhile the Scarlet Magnolia was still on the lose. How, no-one knew, but he had snuck into a Ulandian prison and had freed all the Leanders wrongly being held prisoner there. He left behind his trade mark.
  7. After securing a foothold in the spice islands, the Desert King immediately began to live up to his end of the bargain, particularly the part about restoring peace and prosperity to the region. Priority one was reestablishing order on land and within the waters around the isles. Due to the ongoing conflict on the mainland, the Spice Islands were left isolated from any type of true assistance. The Ulandians had claimed the area as part of the Empire, but they were having a hard enough time right now holding on to the sub continent. Pirates and Slavers were free to roam the waters, raiding merchant vessels and towns for a wealth of material goods and free forced labor. The Desert King decided to fight fire with fire, as such he decreed that anyone caught in the act of raiding or pillaging for the purpose of supplying Historica's black markets were to have their assets seized, and become slaves themselves. Here we see a group of Gal-Turok's forces, carrying off a notorious group of slavers to the lava fields of Nocturnus, where they will spend the rest of their days toiling away in the hot, sulfuric flows of Nocturnus volcanoes, to supply an endless amount of raw metal to arm and equip the Goblin Empire.
  8. Once the bridge across the river had been cleared by other troops, it was a simple matter for the Desert King's soldiers to march in. The towers of Eastgate shall fall! More pics. C&C appreciated! My WZ18 entry.
  9. When the peasants of Auner took the Desert King's men to the top of their tower and threw them over, what they didn't realize was that it was all part of the mummies' plan. The Desert King had sent his men to Auner to establish a trade route within the city. When the mummies applied a very lenient tax on all goods traded with them, the people of Auner rebelled and called them thieves. What they didn't remember was that you can't kill the undead. They are already dead. So when one of the mummies' wrappings got caught on the rough stone and a corpse started walking away, it gave the men of Auner quiet a fright! The mummies locked the rebels in their own tower and posted a guard to keep them in there until the war was over. OoC: I built the base using the same stud count, but arranged differently. Can someone official confirm that this is okay for this counter?
  10. The Desert King had sent in his reserve troops to attack Xersia, but that didn't mean they were the weakest. These mummies were highly trained in city combat. They were also armed with a special weapon from the Desert King himself, said to be able to penetrate any magical protection guarding the First Centurian's objects of power. When the mummies jumped through the portal, they found themselves immediately next to the first object. The Ulandians were quick to react, but the Desert King's mummies were even quicker at destroying the object of power.
  11. The Spice Islands are jewels along the southern coasts of Kaphilin and are the gateway to The Great Southern Ocean. The islands vast supply of hardwoods, gems, exotic animals and plants, and of course spices, are wanted highly desired all over Historica. However, due to the political upheaval on the mainland, the islands have been more or less been isolated and left to their own devices. As a result, trade has decreased greatly, and the islands' economy is in ruin. Today, there is a chance to make a full recovery, as a Desert King official (Yes our Surveyor is back and has been promoted again), accompanied by two escorts, has paid a visit to the "Governor" of one of the islands, and has convinced him to declare independence, in exchange for a hefty amount of gold, and the promise that they will always have an abundance of trading partners and renewed prosperity.
  12. The people of Ulandus were starving. Their leaders had tied up all their resources in the way against the Desert King and the High Council. The result of this was that commoners were without even the most basic of necessities, like bread. A mysterious stranger appeared in the streets one day handing out bread to all who needed it. No one knew his identity, but when the guards came to try to arrest him, all they found was a bunch of scarlet magnolias. This led the people to call him The Scarlet Magnolia, and he became a symbol of freedom amongst the oppressed peoples of Ulandus. OoC: If you've ever seen The Scarlet Pimpernel, then you'll know my source material. Otherwise this will probably seem pretty random to you. If you are into witty, older dramas, I recommend the movie to you. I haven't read the book so I don't know whether I can recommend it or not.
  13. Enter two soldiers in HC garb running. "We have to find someplace to hide!" one mercenary said. "Maybe if you hadn't misinterpreted the Ulandian orders to steal Desert King uniforms, and not High Council ones." "Well, it's not my fault! Anyway lets hide in this alley." "Now we need to change. Because right now everyone in the city will kill us." "Forget it i'm resting. Wait, did you hear that?" Fugue in D Minor starts playing softly "It's just an organ. This city is full of rich merchants." "Its getting louder" "The wall is falling! Run!" A sickening splat seconds later was drowned out by the close of the song. Here's the elderly merchant contributing his Music to the war effort. My entry for WZ14. C&C Appreciated!
  14. Umbra-Manis

    Delaying the Reinforcements

    These High Council soldiers were rushing to support their companions in the battle for the walls of Amraket. Everything was going as normal as things can be when your fighting mummies on the wall of a city, until they got trapped between two looping portals. Overview. My entry for WZ15. C&C appreciated. (Bonus points if you get the reference)
  15. In Qarkyr, there are two distinct cultures. In certain parts of the city these two cultures can be seen across the street from each other. When it became clear that their city was not only divided culturally, but only in which war-ing faction they supported, the merchants of the city took up arms against each other. Having only knives and their fierce passion to win whatever the cost, the fight promised to be a bloody one. The sultan of Budd-apest had heard about the coming conflict and had sent one of his men to help the western merchants in the defense of the Desert King's right to rule. A dwarven captain stood on the side of the eastern merchants, urging them on to fight for the freedom that Ulandus offered. OoC: So I found out I'm really bad at building Asian style buildings. This was the best I could come up with. I hope you all like it.
  16. The High Council decided to send an "Authority Figure" to secure the continued support of the people. His strategy was lacking, as he decide a mandatory speech was a good first move. The kids of the village quickly decided that his speech was boring, so they borrowed some fresh fruit and vegetables. The "Authority Figure" C&C appreciated!
  17. When Aymeri ordered that the buildings be turned into movable fortifications, not all of the soldiers correctly understood his order. One unlucky man, using what little brains he had, set to mobilizing the most needed building in the town. The outhouse. When his commanding officer found out his soldier's precious time had been wasted he wasn't to happy. Though, he was about to be less happy. What he didn't realize was that the Desert King troops were badly in need of re-leaving themselves and were tired of using cactus for toilet paper. They saw this movable outhouse as the most important fortification they could acquire! OoC: Sorry for the crummy photos. I'll take better ones tomorrow. But now, for bed. Pictures updated now.
  18. The High Council of Kaliphin has unveiled there latest warfare invention: the Portable Folding Barrier Tent. This two man combat shield provides great cover for two soldiers from frontal or aerial attacks. As a tent it provides warmth for the man who is not on watch. The invention provided a great advantage..... until the Desert King's forces started stealing parts from the tents to build bouncing transportation. The tide quickly turned to the Desert King, as none of the HC's walls were tall enough. My DK entry for WZ13. C&C appreciated!
  19. After explaining the rules to the two combatants, the elven official quickly reclined with his wine. The competitors were dueling on small log in a part of the Edge-Less pool. Unfortunately for him, the High Council Captain was out of his league. He quickly found himself disarmed and slowly being choked to death. The Elf. My DK entry for WZ11. C&C appreciated!
  20. Who cares if Northwall is one big wall? We have a hungry Runk and he smells sausage and croissants! Behind the wall. Pay attention Salamander! RUNK! My entry for WZ6. C&C Welcome!
  21. After helping Charlemagne through the desert, Cyprian traveled to the northern territory of the High Council. He had been tasked with poisoning the wells in that area with a poison that had been procured from Nocturnus. It was designed by a master poisoner to be able to contaminate a well for months on end with but a few drops.
  22. A normal day for the citizens of a Ulandian City... Until some magic user opened a portal to unleash a giant dog! More Pics: C&C wanted! Thanks for looking!
  23. Charlemagne was on a mission for the Desert King that had led into the Dune Sea. He had hired a guide to help him survive the harsh climate. They traveled early in the morning and late in the evening, setting up a canopy in the afternoon to shield them from the beating sun. The guide had warned Charlemagne that there were all many of nasty creatures in the Dune Sea, though he wasn't sure how they managed to survive. All of a sudden a ROUS (Rodent of Unusual Size) had come galloping over a sand dune at them. It had obviously smelled them and thought it had found a quick dinner. The ROUS quickly found out that it had met it's end instead of it's meal. OoC: This is a very unconventional base, I know. I have a limited number of tan base-plates and I didn't want to stoop to using dark tan for this desert. So this is what we got
  24. Back when the Queen of Kaliphlin first entered Queenscross the inhabitants had built many celebration arches for the Queen to walk through, showing their support for her. Many of these arches can still be found in Queenscross today. It was at one of these that the men of Budd-apest found themselves battling against the High Council soldiers. The decorative flagstones that had once been carpeted with red flowers when the Queen passed over them now were carpeted with the red blood of the High Council's best soldiers. OoC: The arch is attacked to the base. That was the hardest part of this build.
  25. Captain Uriako had just survived one of the worst voyages of his life. He had been smuggling supplies to the Desert King troops within Ulandus territory for weeks now and had quickly learned how to navigate the Serpent's Crawl. This time through though he had had to navigate those treacherous rocks with only half his crew. The other half had come down sick with the plague. It wasn't until the first few crew members had fallen ill that the captain had discovered the rats on board his vessel. He finally made it into port and sold his cargo to a rich Ulandian. Rather than warn the Ulandian buyer of the plague infested rats, he purposefully kept quiet knowing that the rats would soon spread their disease throughout the city. Captain Uriako knew that this would be far more effective in hurting Ulandus than his supplies would have been to the Desert King troops. Now, the captain was off to a healer to try to get his crew back on their feet. OoC: If you counter this, please leave the captain alive. I need him for future builds and it would be awkward to have to bring him back to life first