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  1. Dark tan is only used in tracks for the wet effect since there's mud in the middle of the road. The rest is solid dry sand and therefor there's no trail behind Djangos horse either. Well the main build is the wagon itself and I admit the rest was built a bit fast. The shack seems OK to me, it just needs some chicken flying around and maybe more stuff piled at the wall. The brown building also misses the curtains and the lady in the window staring outside. Since it was built for a competition I was running out of time. Thanks guys for the comments, glad you like it.
  2. It's been a while since I last built something ... here's my latest creation, a scene from my favourite Western and Tarantino movie.
  3. Thrawn Contest Voting Thread

    I vote for #7 and #13
  4. Günzburg 2017 event - the photos

    Ahhh, finaly did some sleeping. Leaving the event early to travel to Paris for another few days was quite tiring. The event was awesome - as they always are! Was nice to meet some new people and surely see you next time! Thanks everybody for attending and providing us with these lovely pictures. As for the bowling - I believe Dfenz was destroying us in the first round, I did quite good in the second though :) And now for the rat spitting - one of the reasons to attend an event! This years location is even topping the one from Windsor, which was just at the parking lot in front of LEGOLAND. The more people, the better :D Maybe we should really think about adding some new disciplines as we already talked about some ideas. Oh, and by the way, I think it's clear from elleana's last picture that Holodoc should be disqualified for crossing too ...
  5. Event countdown 2017

    <huge applause> I presume you'll let someone else win at the event competitions then ;)
  6. Event countdown 2017

    Was really lucky this time - no subscription :) The next two should be posted in the afternoon too. Cecilie seems to have too much spare time at work :P
  7. Event countdown 2017

    10742: Willy's Butte Speed Training - Juniors
  8. Event countdown 2017

    Cecilie, you'll be wining the overall contest at the event (again). Could you give someone else a chance at the countdown :P
  9. Already?! I prefer doing things the lat minute, because ... then it only takes you a minute!
  10. Eurobricks Event 2017 - Information Topic

    I'll skip the tour ...
  11. Braaiiinnss!!! Sci-Fi Contest Voting Topic

    A: 1-4-7 B: 2-3-4 C: 1-6-8 D: 5-9-11
  12. Sao Feng seems a pretty famous dude to me! :D
  13. The last time I didn't take the boundary rule too serious I almost got disqualified :D :D
  14. Nooooooo, I don't have the pink 2x2 brick for the brainz?!
  15. Eurobricks Event 2017 - Information Topic

    One Holodoc special ticket for me too please and thank you in advance. I thought not replying here means just that, but agree that this is more deterministic :D