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  1. Event countdown 2018

    I think someone (not to always blame @Holodoc) overlooked 15 points for my prophetic answer, because this part (in black as show in picture) indeed did appear in 3 sets in 3 different years (2000, 2006, 2011). Everyone knows that you have to include the envelope :D :D :D
  2. Event countdown 2018

    3 holes at the top!
  3. Event countdown 2018

    My keyboard is already broken, I can not try hard enough. Here's trying hard: The piece for tomorrow appeared in 3 sets in 3 different years!
  4. Event countdown 2018

    This part was introduced in 1999 when it came in 4 sets. What trickery is this now? Me and Skalldyr are loosing points for no reason - or is it bad sportsmanship?
  5. Event countdown 2018

    I'll leave Technic stuff to the Technic experts ... Also 5 Creator sets include this piece.
  6. Event countdown 2018

    Unles @Holodoc f@&#s up with some crazy timings ... BUT there's something else, I can feel it. Will come up with something after some more sleep ... Edit: Here's all I could come up with: On BL this piece is listed under one of six Animal categories.
  7. Event countdown 2018

    I use my joker for tomorrow, if I get the 3 point answer, my points double! :D
  8. Event countdown 2018

    7 sets from 1984 contain this brick in red (as pictured above).
  9. Event countdown 2018

    What does this piece have to do with 10?! - Before realising that this year it's not about 10s but days remaining :) Why did I have to check the previous countdowns ...
  10. Event countdown 2018

    No way!
  11. Event countdown 2018

    Basicaly I did deserve those points for coming up with the idea years back!
  12. Event countdown 2018

    @Skalldyr didn't you learn anything from the countdown a couple of years ago?! No splitting of the minifigs! If I can understand your french after nine beers, you pass the challenge! The beer is already in the fridge :D
  13. Event countdown 2018

    9 beers to speak french?
  14. Billund 2018 trading post

    I'll donate those for science :) And @Ryushi could I have one of those Batman figs pack please?
  15. Making Eurobricks More Active

    Well it's a delicate matter that I've been thinking about for quite some time and I've been hesitating to answer here, but since I strongly agree with LittleJohn and I see we're in minority I had to state my opinion. Which is just that! My point of view. So here's my 84 cents: When I joined this forum there was a lot more activity regarding threads with creations of a lot of good builders. I used to use a term "eurobricks material" talking to my friends and our LUG members about creations that are really well made and somehow stand out among the others. Sadly that is not the case anymore. I'll be direct although I know that not everyone will agree with me and some people will find this opinion too harsh. Probably there's a nicer way to say it, but I'm not that good with words ... In my opinion the majority of the problem lies in the underaged members that are treated as regular members. Sorry @JACKATTACKS to point you out, but you already did it yourself. A couple of years back saying that you're 15 would get you banned instantly! Though your reply here is well written and sounds mature, praising @VaderFan2187 is another thing. I'm not saying it's you, but surely a lot of members causing trouble in all the chit chat threads are underaged, yet still tolerated. There always were the rumors threads, but were discussed in a more mature way. And as for all the different "games" threads (not referring to RPGs, but the guessing, counting, story writing, voting ... threads) they are just useless fillers that in my opinion do not belong on an adult forum. At least I haven't noticed them in any other adult forums I visited (non LEGO related) and they appeared here only a couple of years ago ... To be honest I don't find eurobricks that inactive at all, it's just the focus of the activity that is a lot different than it used to be. This used to be an AFOL forum with good content and although I agree that a lot of AFOLs have more serious real life reasons to become inactive, I think the rest might be gone for the reason that this is not the place it used to be anymore. And even after real life settles down it is hard to get active again into a completely different environment you were used to. Too many great MOCs get flooded by for my liking pointless threads and drown with only a couple of one liner replies. Maybe there's a problem in the forum structure. I for example really liked the Pirates subforum having MOCs and other discussions separated. But as @Hobbes sais you don't need to answer to MOC threads and no one can force you to, but bare in mind that not doing so helps in the inactivity of this aspect of the hobby. Well we don't just post for comments but from the other point of view, why even bother posting if there's plenty of other platforms where your work gets praise or other type of feedback? I really don't care if LEGO "enthusiasts" and collectors and wish sharers see my work or not ... This is how I see things but the real question is what is the goal of eurobricks? For me less is more in a lot of occasions and having more and more members at the expense of having numerous pointless threads or posts is not the way to go. Also forum is not the best platform to deliver news (I always skip the frontpage, since I'm interested in other content). I read LEGO related news elsewhere and then find the thread about it here and read some opinions (at least I used to, when the conversation was mature and staying on point) ... Bud sadly such are the times now, it's only who's the first / biggest / ... that matters :( And here's to answer the questions: • Would you like to see more contests? Sure, I like seeing and comparing MOCs with the same goal and sometimes it's a contest's theme that gets me building. • What is your opinion of Tags (those small images on the left <---)? They are a unique part of this forum and have been present since I've joined, so I like them. • Do you use, if ever, Eurobricks reference materials (ie. lists of Reviews, lists of MOCS, lists of Forums)? Very rarely if I need something prehistoric google does the trick for me :) • Have you participated in games on Eurobricks (ie. Role-Playing, Mafia, etc.)? Yes - SoNE. • Do you use/visit the Eurobricks Facebook page? Eurobricks on Flickr? etc. No, I think that the target group of people on facebook have different interests than what I'd like to see here. Besides I don't use facebook at all. • Do you post MOCs online? What hosting platform do you prefer to use? Yes, I use Flickr but I don't use groups - I'm not into the social part of flickr, but getting more used to it, since the forum feedbacks on forums are fading out ... • Do you prefer broadly defined threads or multiple specialized threads? It depends on the theme and on interest. I know where this is pointed but for my liking all wishlists, rumors and other discussions for all the themes could go in one single thread ;) • What is the first page you visit when opening Eurobricks on your browser? Currently the event topics :D But also Star Wars - SoNE • What do you believe Eurobricks has too much of? Underaged users and non MOCers chitchatting :) • What do you believe Eurobricks does not have enough of? How would you like to see this addressed? Respect for builders with writing comments - in the end that's what forums are all about. I have no idea, might have already been too late ... • What do you value the most about Eurobricks? The RPG's are a great touch and an ideal thing for the forum platforms. GoH was first of such kind if I'm not mistaken. I like seeing builders getting involved and connected and build about the same theme with similar goals. • What do you value the least? Rumors are OK, but false rumors, wishes everyone knows are far from realistic for TLG and so on ... I don't find those an adult thing. • What value would you find in a Eurobricks YouTube channel? None at all. I already think that some fault on the inactivity part is on the staff putting too much effort into maintaining order on the boards and trying to lure more people to the forum via blogs and other platforms instead of joining the ordinary conversations in the forums. • If we place more attention to our Twitter / Facebook, would you value these as a news source? No. I don't use those platforms at all.