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  1. MstrOfPppts

    [VOTING] Create a Theme Contest - Best Theme Category

    3. - 1 point 12. - 1 point 14. - 1 point
  2. 2. - 1 point 4. - 1 point 11. - 1 point
  3. MstrOfPppts

    [M4-22 - Alphabet Fighter] D-Wing Fighter

    What a great entry! Clean build with a satisfying color scheme and it captures the complex shapes of the original almost perfectly. It misses some tank thingy under the cockpit and maybe a bit more length and a bit less height would make the proportions even better. Not sure about the species of the pilot though? (:
  4. Nice kick-off contest and I'm flattered to have make it to the top. Thanks! Very glad to see, that there's still interest in Star Wars building around here.
  5. Thanks, glad you guys like it. The Aurebesh D is a "custom sticker" photoshoped into the image.
  6. *Your entry has earned 20 XP (S:5, T:7.5, A:7.5) + 3 bonus XP for a total of 23XP Jise was on Coruscant, when she was approached by an old stranger. He gave her a piece of paper and disappeared in the crowd before she was even able to react. On the paper it was written: Come to a secret meeting, Balmorra, the coordinates and some strange unfamiliar markings. Not having any duties nor jobs to pay for any expenses, she decided to go check out the location. For she gave up on the Sith way of negotiating and seeking for information, she spent the whole day and quite some credits before she finally found a ride to Balmorra. Arriving at a spaceport which was clearly run by some mercenaries, she figured out that those were the exact coordinates. Asking around about the meeting did not bring much progress and for the whole time she had a feeling that she was beeing followed but in an unharmfull way. Trying to hide the connection to the force for a bit gave her no reason to search for the follower. Finally in sector D of a large market, she received some useful information from a Gran droid reseller.
  7. MstrOfPppts

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Searching for "BAM" on bricklink gives the results for entered Build A Minifigure specific parts. Guess this is the one you're looking for?
  8. I pledge my allegiance to the Dark Side with my character Jise Ayazat. Jise was a force sensitive Rattataki trained as a Jedi Padawan. After some time she left the Jedi order to live a more adventurous life. Not knowing of Order 66, she was easily captured and brought to Nur, where she was tortured and trained to become an Inquisitor. After the fall of the Empire Jise escaped the Inquisitorius and struggled with survival by mostly doing the dirty work for the best payers. Recently she received an invitation to a secret meeting on Balmorra and decided to accept it.
  9. MstrOfPppts

    VOTING topic Ancient Wonders

    Forgive me for not reading the rules ... ;)
  10. MstrOfPppts

    VOTING topic CDC1 Tale

    1 point for Henjin_Quilones 1 point for Louis of Nutwood
  11. MstrOfPppts

    VOTING topic CDC1 Tower

    1 point Arylego 1 point for Gideon
  12. MstrOfPppts

    Star Wars Concept Art Contest Voting Thread

    I vote for #1 and #7