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  1. MstrOfPppts

    VOTING topic CDC1 Tale

    1 point for Henjin_Quilones 1 point for Louis of Nutwood
  2. MstrOfPppts

    VOTING topic CDC1 Tower

    1 point Arylego 1 point for Gideon
  3. MstrOfPppts

    Star Wars Concept Art Contest Voting Thread

    I vote for #1 and #7
  4. MstrOfPppts

    GOH Anniversary, 1st count down challenges.

    Hey there, my following of Guilds of Historica is sloppy at best, but I did occasionally look at the builds and challenges during the past 10 years - even entered the ? anniversary CMF challenge ... I've just finished my huge sorting project and I decided to take a little break from the galaxy far far away and do some castle builds. Since I like to have a higher cause to get me into building these challenges sound just like the right thing. I do have some questions before committing though: - what are the states of the Guilds? I would not like to join the strongest one but also not a completely dead one. I do like all the environments so I can't make my decision based just on that. - since my inactive following of the story, can someone point me to some important events of the GoH that I can try recreating for the second category? Thanks for the answers in advance! (:
  5. MstrOfPppts

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Good to hear about the box, not sure about the windscreens. These are from the more expensive sets, where they also come in zip bags and are probably prepacked that way. Same goes for the UCS A-wing windscreen I ordered back in December. It came in such a bag, but the trans clear Cone 8x4x6 came all scratched with the rest of the pieces ...
  6. MstrOfPppts

    Dreaming of the next Eurobricks event

    Voted Gunzburg, for it is the closest (for me) and also cheapest I guess. Also the Legoland Factory is a nice addition. Billund comes second and even beats Gunzburg if TLG comes to its senses and allows us the visit to the store, which name should not be mentioned. We make the Gunzburg stop on the way to Billund (and probably back too) anyway ... (: Windsor in my opinion is not only the most expensive but also the least interesting. Nothing special there, the call center is a bit meh, other activities are the same as everywhere. Also usually fever people come there. Either way, strongly hope to see you guys in the next year!!
  7. *Your entry has earned 14 XP* Quite a few of the Black Sun members already worked on Bonadan as guards and slavers in the mines. After hearing that the Empire has come to the planet and tried to take hold of the important mining facilities, it was time to send a small hit group and make some damage ...
  8. MstrOfPppts

    Faction: Black Sun

    Hi, feel free to PM me if you'd like to join the game.
  9. Yeah, my mistake, the other option is for the baby bed where I don't think I'll fit. So bed linen and towels for me too. More space for beer then :D
  10. @Holodoc since I know it's an option, I'll just take the bed linen and will bring my own towel (don't need much space for plastic this time) (:
  11. Pillows and duvets are in the houses Linen + 2 towels = additional 13€ per person and linen only is 6€. I guess I'll bring my own towels then ... There seems to be no breakfast option, but the kitchen area is spacey enough to bring your own food (no breakfast in Legoland Village either) The houses have saunas, and the Aquadome entry is included. As for the meeting room there seems to be no option at least I don't see any bigger houses on the maps (the one in the Legoland Village is meant for the campers ...) I also don't know if Lalandia has anything like a meeting room, maybe it's worth asking? But I guess it all closes at 22 anyway. Maybe June would be good enough to hang out on the terrace outside the house? What is the weather forecast like? :)