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  1. Yes, I do realize I voted for digital entries. I must admit I had a really hard time writing comments as objectively as possible regarding this matter. I applied for the creative critic and did not want my chances lowered by the fact that almost half of the builds were digital. I was really surprised by this amount. And when it comes to voting, I'm not a cheeky bastard, so I vote for the entries that are most visually appealing to me. As said, I put my digital problems aside for this contest and if the rules allow digital entries, I'm alright with it, just trying to suggest a change for this. Will have a second thought on commenting or participating next time though! No, that does not solve the problem. Digitally you can still use all the expensive and retired parts in all the colors ever existing even in small quantities. And I'm not saying that this was the case in any of the builds, so let's put this aside. Sometimes it can come to a very small number. Let's say you have 5 palm leaves but for your design you need 7. Digitally 2 more clicks and it's done. Physically it comes to bricklink orders and if they arrive in time or maybe in the best case you borrow them from someone. Or you redesign the thing which might not look as cool. In other words, physically you usually design your creation in your head in regards to your collection and thus can maybe not achieve the full potential whereas building digitally you don't have this limitation. I disagree here. I have a ton of sets and none are built. All are parted out and sorted and waiting for a MOC opportunity. While physical builders might already have enough bricks for MOCs another set always enhances their collection and therewith their future builds. Even if it's jut for the minifigs, prints or the few special parts which go for ridiculous prices on bricklink. On the other hand if one relies on prizes to build up his collection without any investment, the wait for that person to start building is pointless. Ok, this was my more sarcastic argument. I see sarcasm is commonly misunderstood here so I'll avoid it in the future. Yet still firstly, this is a hobby, not work. And secondly we have a debate between physical vs digital building. And what do you want to compare the programmers and cartoon makers to in your argument? Unless you imply that I despise all digital work which is absolutely not the case. As said I'm not neglecting the effort of digital building, I just can't look at them in a same way as physical builds. Now I see that all the arguments here can go either way and I agree that it depends on a particular case and individual what one will or won't do with the prize, how big ones collection is and so on. So I'd rather see the defenders of digital building focus on the aforementioned unfair advantage. If we take two builders with similar building skills I still think the person building digitally has an advantage!
  2. How is building a same creation digitally and physically double the effort?! As if the design phase, coming up with the idea and trying things out doesn't count?! I'd say that once the design is done it's like building a set using instructions which depending on the complexity and size of the set can be a very minor effort to build in the other media. Anyway, in the past few years I've been in quite some debates regarding this matter, yet still I see no success in convincing me otherwise. Contrary to the usual belief of the opposition, I'm not saying that digital building is not a hobby and that you're not a LEGO fan if you use it. Though I've admitted before that personally I'm not too keen on looking at digital builds in detail, as I've said they lack some character. But what I am trying to convince people here, is that digital builds have an unfair advantage over the physical build. And yes, I've also read some quite good articles about it and am well aware of most of the pros and cons in both digital and physical building. Be it searching for parts, replacing colors, replacing parts in the middle of the build, illegal builds, flexible parts, custom sails, prints, stickers, photography / renders and what not. I also agree that both building styles require a learning curve where neither is easier than the other and no one was born mastering either form of building. But when it comes to competition building, I think we must look at the very top level of builders, where I think that pros in digital building far outweigh the cons and thus create the mentioned unfair advantage! Usually I see excuses how people are not by their bricks and mostly how wealthy people can afford all the pieces thus they turn to digital building. Well to first, you'll just skip a contest or two until you get back to your collection. I too had no time nor space on my desk to make an entry this time, yet was still not allowed to enter with an older creation fitting the theme. And to the second, how is that fair then that you compete with the amount of imaginary bricks no one could ever afford? Every hobby requires some dedication and is costly and I just can't see digital builds in the same basket with physical ones. Especially when it comes to prizes. Being an organizer I'd much rather give a set to a physical builder who I presume will most probably use it in the upcoming projects, rather than just having it on display or boxed. Or maybe the digital builders would be satisfied with the Eldorado.lxf as a prize? Although I too have used digital programs for trying things out, testing some angles or color combinations, do some sketches, still physical building with bricks is the hobby for me. Digital building feels a bit like digital stamp collecting. So I'm absolutely rooting for separate categories obviously not minding if digital builds were gone completely. And if the former, absolutely different designs for each category as per the first paragraph!
  3. It's been a busy couple of weeks for me to finish all the duties and now getting another son kept me incapable of serious discussion for a couple of days and since now I'll be physically absent ... (; I've had this post here as a draft for a few days now. Editing it in the few spare minutes as the replies flew in and finally decided to delete it all after the last couple of replies. Although I agree with most points @F1stzz stated, I also agree with @Mazin to a degree. But I too am an idealist, always trying to improve things further, yet maybe it has gone a bit too far. And since I don't want to make another impression of neglecting all the hard work from @Mister Phes first of all I'll say kudos for the organization! So I've decided to just reply in a couple of lines with further discussion possible upon request. But first let me just add that I have some concerns about the below statement, although some more explanation would be appreciated, before expressing them prematurely. Or maybe it's a subject for another topic about activity? Please do mention me there if one arises, to attract my attention! Build an official set is a very bad theme. We're AFOLs, we strive towards realism and perfection, we build awesome stuff out of bricks we buy in sets we usually complain about, despite we all know and sometimes even understand the restrictions and strict rules the designers are working with. Either it is accuracy, poor design, wrong color choices and what not, and yet the rules want us to replicate all that? Also combining the "categories" of modern and classic style as well as set remakes and original ideas was a mishap. Both pairs are tough to compare yet here we ended up with a four-way. Quite some unnecessary work - an entry registration topic with links to all the entries by their authors would automatically build us an entry index. I too am a huge supporter of no digital entries and am really glad I'm not alone! My support also goes to only one entry per member per category if multiple! I've already written a lot about the voting rules in the other thread and would rather not repeat myself here. I clearly suggested a registration prior to the contest + at least 20 comments! The creative critic prize was too generous, considering more could be used for the builders. The mini category was a blast and with a few little tweaks it could become an awesome category for future contests!
  4. MstrOfPppts

    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - Vote Counting

    I'd say there's nothing wrong with the current voting system, as long as voting is restricted from the new or even barely active accounts. While the brackets idea might look fun, I think there's too much engagement expected from the voters. I think that towards the end, there would be less and less activity and winners would be decided by just a couple of votes in the end. There was already skepticism in allowing to vote for five entries rather than just three for people not taking the time. Imagine them having to vote multiple times and for all the pairs to come through 40+ entries in both categories ... At first I was a bit skeptical about the long voting period, but since the votes are still coming in, I'd say it was a good call. Also I think that over 50 voters, even if with a few suspicious ones, is a huge success for the competitions around here. And I think that the amount and diversity of votes is about right to say that we will get fair enough results.
  5. MstrOfPppts

    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - Vote Counting

    I'll wait for it then.
  6. MstrOfPppts

    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - Vote Counting

    @Horation: No it wouldn't prove that your entry wasn't the best, it would only prove that you did not put enough effort into propaganda. If voters voted tactically and that was the desired system, that is. Anyway using elections here is not the best comparison for I'd rather not write my opinion about the candidates "quality" in general, which as said is not something we should aim for regarding the entries! Some countries are a bit more lucky than others but, ... let's just leave it here. And the sad truth is that a lot of people vote against a candidate since there is no one they would really like to pick. Anyway tactical voting in elections is understandable and I agree that a lot of people do it since they benefit from it. Or at least that is what they think. Here I see no benefit for you to improve someone's chances other than feeling good for voting for the potential winner? I don't know, I just don't understand it. And besides aren't the votes in question from the other thread and the main cause of this discussion also just tactical votes? And I guess you think they are alright too? Well guess why everyone is making such a fuss about it, because they think it is not alright! Apologies for my statement of growing up. I see you are alright for not biting it and making a fuss about it. You do have some points, I just don't think they apply here in a strange plastic hobby community. Or I'm just too much of an idealist and besides I'm not saying only I'm in the right. I have no intention to argue, just expressing my opinion. And I'm alright with agreeing that our opinions just differ ...
  7. MstrOfPppts

    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - Vote Counting

    Well I think that the contest run here is primarily meant to spark some activity from old members to move their lazy asses a bit and do something. It is a bit utopical to think that there are people who so "desperately want" to vote that they will make an account and even more so, become active users after that. If they had any intentions to comment or otherwise engage in our community they already would. So I think that the before contest starts sign up should be mandatory for voting! Also 10 posts is a bare minimum and it's very simple to achieve by commenting on a few out of hundreds entries to at least show some interest in the contest. I don't see how one would be so eager to vote and not do a single comment other than being persuaded by someone to vote for him, which we do not want! Yes he will vote for others too, but will he vote for the actualy good entries or for the ones with the least chances to make better chances for a friend?! And you're proud of it? I think that the point of voting is to express your honest opinion on which entries you like most and not trying to enforce one of the entries you voted for to become the winner. The only fair point of a public vote is to determine which entry in average suits the most eyes and thus becomes a winner. Anything else is fraudulent! All I can say is grow up man and think about it, or at least refrain from making such comments publicly. Yes your vote is legal and all, but is it legitimate? I bet you wouldn't be happy actually building the greatest MOC for a competition and missing the prize because of such behavior? Anyway at most we can expect from a contest is to gain a new user signing up to participate in the contest. That I have no problem with, yet they still would not be allowed to vote. Just a precaution from new members making crappy entries just to gain the right to vote. And I am certainly against the somewhere mentioned facebook voting or at least hope that it will not have a huge impact on the end results. I have no idea how facebook works or the groups, but I imagine there is even less control on who stands behind the votes and favorizes people with more advertising or bigger friends and relatives circles. As I've said before, I don't think that we want a <insert your country here>'s got talent voting system. It's supposed to be from members to members and people who vote for competition entries should at least know what and why they voted for an entry - build quality and general appeal wise and not for a friend or relative nor against someone you don't like. At least this is how I see things being the most fair. And as long as the system is fair and the good entries will be winning, we are sure that in future competitions more good builders will stay and more will try harder and we will get even better quality creations. I think that this scenario is far better than seeing a decline of participants who are great builders for the system is making little sense. There might still be a ton of mediocre entries and then let the biggest influencer win. Is that what we're aiming for? Just for the sake of the numbers of entries / votes / apparent activity?! I hope not! Just sharing my point of view on the voting topic, will write some more about the contest in general in the other topic ...
  8. MstrOfPppts

    Vote for the bests

    That's what I've pointed out before the voting started and it's a common rule if not even in the general guidelines of eurobricks contests rules. Seems though that the Pirates subforum was always an exception with the voting for yourself and what not ... anyway, I agree if the entry in question does not get the prize I guess no action is needed. Still it'd be nice to get some explanation from any of the accounts in question for any further competitions around here!
  9. MstrOfPppts

    [ENTRY] Short Pork Island

    You welcome! Maybe skip a detail or two to make it more passable / available / cheaper. Also it might be a challenge for the BL program since as far as I'm aware you have to work with a predefined palete of parts where I doubt the mask piece is included? Maybe some more adjustments will be needed. Anyway, good luck with it, I really hope you succeed!
  10. MstrOfPppts


    Main category: 6260/6257 Pirates - Shipwreck Island/ Castaway's Raft Remake by _R_R_ 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up/Soldiers’ Tavern Remake by Aanchir 6271 Imperial Flagship Redux by Elephant Knight 6278/6292 Enchanted Island Remake by Danny_Boy4 The Lost Lagoon by The Brick Stop Mini category: 1464 Pirate Lookout Reborn by Elephant Knight 1872 Imperial Guard Camp Remake by thewatchman 6232 Skeleton Crew Remake by Jack Sassy Fortune Idol by Oky King Kahuka's Outrigger Boat by kritch My comments:
  11. MstrOfPppts

    [ENTRY] 6274 Caribbean Clipper

    A nice ship, I like the size and proportions of this build. Nice use of the older smaller and bigger ladder pieces. I particularly like how the short one is fixed at the bottom. Is it just the shading of the images or is this really not the ordinary blue color. It looks lighter? I used to tile or SNOT most of my builds but lately I decided that studs have some charm. Especially for a real set a full tiled floors are a bit too much on the MOC side. Although the color scheme is nice, I'm not too fond of the thick black line between the hull and the deck. Also the 45 degree wedge lines are too edgy, I prefer the style from the good old Imperial flagship with the snotted curves at the front.
  12. MstrOfPppts

    [ENTRY] Rockview Outpost

    An interesting concept yet it looks a bit unfinished. I like the idea of having the same doors, for LEGO usually also optimizes the sets so that same pieces are used multiple times. Besides it is clear that one is a prison and the other a storage for cannon balls. Why use a fancy wooden door here when it can easily be broken in. The idea of having a boat fit under the build is also nice. But as said it lacks some details here and there especially at the shore and. I like the inclusion of MDF masonry bricks they have a nice different touch from the usual dark red and are quite fitting. Also I think that there's a bit too much gray around the tunnel - maybe just the rocky parts should be gray and when the wall starts it should switch to white. The columns of the tower look a bit funny when 2 are build sideway. The brown tile to finish the roof works nicely. I think that the flag poles are far too short being positioned on the ground of the roof since you decided to build no fence. Also a set of this size I think would include the bigger flag piece.
  13. Wow, what a cute little boat! Must get my hands on that sail(s) (: I think that the lantern stand could be more elegant with this piece, a jumper and a plate with clip. The technic part is too thick for my liking. Also the front mast could use two 4L or 6L bars instead of the knights pole with the weird looking handle.
  14. MstrOfPppts

    [ENTRY] Sailor's Hideout

    Well I must admit that at the flood of all the entries some details must have slipped from my head. I didn't remember all the conversation from the other entry you offered the idea for the rudder. As a registered critic I had a look at all the entries as real competitors and expressed my opinion as such. Now looking at it, I must say I think your nephew might have some problems - unless he's extraordinarily skilled with the small pieces. I think that LEGO has it figured out and that those numbers on sets are there with a reason. A 1x2 tile is as little as it gets in the 4+ line and there's no 1x1 plates especially not the round ones. A kid who turned five was still struggling a bit with the sideways lights on city cars (6+ sets) but he's more of an occasional builder. All the technic stuff might be a bit problematic too. Anyway I imagine your nephew will like the set and hopefully you didn't take my previous comment too harsh.
  15. MstrOfPppts

    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - Vote Counting

    I used some black magic and found out that these entries are still missing from the lineup in the voting thread (I did not check the index, just the thumbnails in the VOTING thread!): @Mister Phes