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Found 3 results

  1. Here's my entry into the Expand the Winter Village contest. I chose to build a sporting goods store selling everything from winter apparel, to snowboards and skis. The shop has a light brick that lights up the showcase window, and the car features opening doors and trunk. I tried to keep it very similar in size, and complexity to an official Winter Village set. Brick's Sporting Goods is a very popular store year round, but especially in the winter. Come inside and buy a new snowboard, visit the hot chocolate and cookie vendor's stall outside, and then enjoy a day of fun in the snow. See more pictures here: link Thanks for looking
  2. For reasons that are utterly beyond me, we've been pulled off the front lines and tasked with delivering a message to some bounty hunter. Command wasn't sure how much of a head start the bounty hunter had, so we decided to visit the third planet on his flight plan. So far, nothing on the scanner. Ah well, I guess this is better than getting shot at... ...although I do prefer a place where the plants seem less interested in my passing. We'll poke around a little longer here and then, assuming we don't get eaten by a flower, move on to a different planet.
  3. This is my first build for Challenge VI, used quite a few techniques I've tried before and a new one that I haven't seen used by anyone else before. On the top floor windows I used plate modified with ring to attach the tiles at the sides of the windows because I'd ran out of headlight bricks. The neat thing is using those you can put tiles on the inner part of a 1 wide wall, the SNOT tiles also sit farther into the wall than those attached to headlight brick. Daydelon castle was built recently under the supervision of Glorfindel. After the elemental attacks his old castle was destroyed and not wanting to leave the town defenseless: Glorfindel ordered the construction of a new castle. Now he has rallied several clans that live in the mountains nearby and is riding out to attack Revolword: (scored build 1) And tons more pics including interiors here: After gathering as many men as possible, including Erikur and Sigolf Brimbane, Glorfindel headed for Cedrica. As the troops were passing through northern Avalonia they came across a small group of Avalonians. The group huddled together with the men on the outer edge when it first saw the army . Upon seeing the Mitgardian flag one of the two soldiers in the cluster stepped forward and adressed Glorfindel: "Will you give us aid? The fortress of Cameria was taken by The Hand of Corruption and Cameria has been ravaged. Only we managed to escape with our lives. You have enough soldiers to take the castle back, the army that took the fortress was not large and it is only several days travel from here." Glorfindel answered after some thought: "We will help you, we are on our way to Cedrica but every fortress is valuable." More pics: Glorfindel quickly planned the attack on the fortress and three days later the assault on the Fortress of Cameria began: (scored build 2) Defender's view: The dwarves and some clansmen attack the doors: Looking up the river, as far as I know the bridge design is new: waterfall: Armed with the element of surprise and outnumbering the defenders, the Mitgardian army soon had the fortress captured. Only a couple of the defenders were left alive, and only for questioning... This build was heavily inspired by Sirens-of-Titan's incredible Vostok Fortress.Lots more pics here: After taking control of the fortress Glorfindel and his officers interrogated the two Hand of Corruption soldiers that had survived: (scored build 3) The interrogation: The story these soldiers told was almost unbelievable... Only days before Revolword, with two bodyguards, had come to inspect the town and congratulate the Hand of Corruption forces on another victory: Little did the fool realize how near his doom was. As Revolword left, his own guards and the Hand of Corruption betrayed him: The two bodyguards left at once to tell Rellik Nam of the success of his plans. Revolword never realized Rellik, his supposed ally, was really using the wizard to further his own plan of dominance over Historica. The Hand of Corruption has grown strong while Historica has been weakened... Glorfindel realizing the importance of this event, after confirming the truth of the tale, quickly wrote to Elon Chorian: Then he gave the letter to one of his most trusted soldiers and sent him to find Elon: Revolword has fallen, yet the Hand of Corruption is stronger than ever before and seeks total control of Historica... Here are pictures of some of the other rooms not directly involved in the story: More detail pictures and pictures of the whole thing together here: And yes all these rooms are only one build, they all hook together to form the complete interior. All C&C welcome