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  1. Brickroll

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Some dude on Instagram is saying that we are getting a $300 Hedwig statue. Seems pretty suspicious to me, especially given no $300 sets were in the line up? Fake?
  2. Brickroll

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Agreed. Honestly, any of those would be pretty sweet, but I think the best thing would be a 3 foot tall posable Ant Man. /s
  3. Brickroll

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I’ll do you one better—no one has any idea why a Uatu is. Joking aside, I can’t see the d2c being comic based or something that has very little screen time in the mcu. Have any of the DC d2c sets even been comic based? They have had like 10 or so.
  4. A snowspeeder is actually a pretty good guess. The last one was way overpriced, it’s been out of stock for a while, and its pretty much the only one of the sets LEGO likes to keep on the shelf that is not there right now.
  5. The unknown figure doesn’t make a ton of sense unless the figures aren’t final.
  6. This totally makes sense—the question is, why wouldn’t the wait and release Slave One when the Book of Boba Fett comes out?
  7. On a completely unrelated note to the At At, this year officially breaks the whole seven year MTT pattern.
  8. Brickroll

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Ant Man and Captain Marvel could probably use new face prints...their heads are not very accurate.
  9. Something just occurred to me. Do we know whether the troop transport is a standard troop transport or the Trexler Marauder?
  10. Brickroll

    Future Star Wars Sets Is this what you mean?
  11. Apparently Slave One is back in stock. That makes this choice of sets even more confusing. The small X wing makes sense since the version on the market had a completely different color scheme. Maybe it is Jango Fett’s slave one? It would be weird to retire a perfectly good, if expensive set, and in only six months put another of the exact same version out.
  12. Brickroll

    Universal Music 2021

    What appears to be a robot just leaked, along with a box and a set of tiles.
  13. Could we expect the $30 set to contain Rex? This is a wave with a lot of focus on Siege of Manadalore, Rex is crucial to that scene and the Bad Batch arc, there seems to be a “give the people what they want” mentality, and Ahsoka was in last year’s wave and she was another crazily expensive minifig, $30 was the price of Trouble on Tatooine, which had a desirable character in it, not to mention the fact that LEGO just released the 501st battle pack. That said, it could also be an OT set given how there are relatively few. Maybe a sequel set?
  14. Brickroll

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I can’t remember who posted it but someone said that when people realized that this set was bigger than minifig scale and didn’t come with Bob, Rex, Cody, Fives, Echo, 99, Clone Force 99, plus 10 p1 and 10 p2 clones that they would not buy it, and I have to believe that will happen. I was hoping it would be minifig scaled as well, but given that it’s not I have little interest in it now. In essence, I agree with your point. When people don’t buy this it’s going to make LEGO less likely to make more prequel sets. And then the cycle will probably continue with people saying LEGO doesn’t do enough of them...
  15. I doubt it would go over well with gunship voters if they did the Nebulon B so much larger than the gunship, considering they would both be display scale.