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  1. I have no love for MandR whatsoever (although I can’t deny sometimes the forum goes too far too often), but I wouldn’t entirely throw this idea out immediately. Legos obviously intends to crack down on blatant leaks, and some may be trying to get around that. I would certainly just dismiss if it only happened once, but twice jumps from coincidence to a bit suspicious. Idk, maybe I’m completely wrong.
  2. I’ve been seeing a ton of comments in insta and Reddit saying this took up a space for Slave One, including MandR. Did I miss something?
  3. You know what, mad respect for lego for doing this. This is the ultimate troll, and it’s gonna po the community off so much…
  4. I wouldn’t expect that considering almost none of the ot films got that many sets other than what they usually do. Oh my god the memes have finally come true.
  5. Brickroll

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I mean…if you aren’t a completionist and you don’t want the last one, then going out of your way to get something you don’t want is sort of just mindless consumerism, no?
  6. What, you mean the new leaked photos for the kind of cool looking Star Wars overwatch ripoff with an epic stacked Jawa?
  7. Brickroll

    Updating Your MCU Minifigures

    Similar to @Mandalorianknight’s question above, anyone have a skin tone for the Shang Chi characters more, uhh, appropriate for them? The only one that I’ve found that has even remotely enough heads to be considered is nougat, which still doesn’t feel quite right.
  8. Brickroll

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Does anyone else think that the new Winter Soldier cmf head would work better as a Scott Lang piece maybe? Right now I’m using Poe Dameron’s but every time I see it I think it resembles him.
  9. So, uhhh, how bout dem Razor Crest micro fighter rumors?
  10. Brickroll

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Has anyone mentioned that there is a rumor floating around that actually seems reliable about an Infinity Saga game?
  11. Brickroll

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Ignore, accidental post
  12. Brickroll

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I have some old sets so maybe I’m nostalgic but aside from Harry/Hermionie, the old wave had characters pretty much on par and several that I think were better than the modern ones. The new waves are probably better with builds, though.
  13. Brickroll

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    “Make a Hogwarts Icon collection styled build about Throg. Don't tie it in with any movies or shows what-so-ever. Just do a rough, beautiful, emotional sculpture with Throg memorabilia. Have Nick V design it. Give him full control. Watch the lego market explode.”