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  1. I don’t see it, where’d he say that?
  2. Sorry if someone has already said this, but without further ado… I’d say since we’re getting the throne room, there’s no chance of the $530 set being an mbs Jabba’s palace, if it even is mbs. There is precedent of a set having a ucs and a fig scale set out at once as @Mandalorianknight references above me, but given these are both generally play scale sets, it’s unlikely Lego will shoot themselves in the foot that way. Now as to answer MandalorianKnight’s question, it might have happened in 2004 with the snowspeeder, but I don’t know which one came out first.
  3. Brickroll

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    We haven’t had too many sets based off of those, have we?
  4. Anyone think the utility belt might improve the clones? I don’t know if it would work since I think they’ve already got them printed, but does anyone know? Also, @BacktoBricks is this really the first? I think the Han Solo parts in slave one probably became pretty cheap after its release, even though it wasn’t the full thing.
  5. Alright, simply out curiosity, I have to ask—has Lego ever released a new mold for something while keeping the older one on the market? I’m wondering now since people have been bringing up how that would work for Cody and Rex and if they would really do that.
  6. This is making me want to replay LSW 3. I know many people will want p2 clones, but this is really pretty great too, especially if they have printed legs. I’m still curious what the third trooper—are we thinking just a generic clone, or something along the lines of a droid? Edit This does, however, make me think there is a much lower chance of AOTC anniversary sets next year. Although I was not too hyped since I didn’t expect it in the first place, it is my favorite of the prequels (I will die on this hill), so I suppose I just kind of got on the train. Double Edit Jeez p1 Rex is expensive on Bricklink
  7. I haven’t been the most trustworthy with my links in the past, but this one is exactly how I feel walking into the thread: In any case, I expected a bit more of a positive reaction, although I suppose it is a bit more expensive. I’m quite happy with these, the Rebel trooper will certainly be useful with all the imperial stuff we’re getting, and the AOTC clone troopers are expensive af, so this is good news to me at the very least.
  8. There’s this guy I follow that did some good coverage of this stuff, he had a full spread on how people treat lego figures like WSB (obligatory 🤮).
  9. I agree about the whole thing involving the aftermarket, but I’ve got one question: where I God’s name are you finding a captain rex helmet for five dollars?
  10. Don’t mean to get too off track, but where did that whole Krennic’s shuttle vs cargo shuttle thing start? I’ve been looking for if a designer or something said that, but I’ve never found it, although I don’t doubt it’s true.
  11. Brickroll

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I’ve been working on a list of customs to try to pull off the right look, although I doubt I’ll be able to afford it. I think it would look great, (plus I’m adding in other Raimi/Webb characters too)
  12. Brickroll

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    You know what, ignore this, I’ll write a more coherent paragraph tomorrow.
  13. Brickroll

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I’d say that even though there’s a real chance of Lego not doing it, there’s a bigger likelihood of them making a new mold for Goblin than not. Given how iconic the mask has become, and how often random side characters get new molds, I don’t think they will skimp out on NWH, unless the movie absolutely sucks.